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Horizon Hunters

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As a non-USian, this is very cool to hear. Paizocon International!

Horizon Hunters

I recommend!
Have listened to Extinction Curse and now Ruby Phoenix, is a really fun podcast with highs and lows and seriouses and sillys. Ended up throwing my money at them, which is not something I’ve done for a podcast before.

Horizon Hunters

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Hopefully this is okay to add onto the end of this question, but it’s directly related.

As Brigh is Bry (like fry), is Brighite… Bry-ite? Doubled “eye” sound?

Just starting Outlaws of Alkenstar so am seeing Brighite in the player’s guide.


Horizon Hunters

Danger Club woo! Love the podcast.

Horizon Hunters

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United Paizo Workers! Yes! You have my support in this. Love to see it.

Horizon Hunters

This is quality content. Love it.

Horizon Hunters

Lost Omens Character Guide, p.127
Pathfinder Venture-Captain (Khoumrock Blackthane) has the trait Human, despite clearly being a Dwarf.