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Hey howdy, everyone! I'm Derry, your gender non-comformiest GM, and I'm here to present (for your listening pleasure!) the third campaign of the award winning Dice Will Roll podcast!

Do you have what it takes? To stand among legends? To overcome impossible foes and challenges? To be the greatest fighter in the world? Then prove it... AT THE RUBY PHOENIX FIGHTING TOURNAMENT!

Once every 10 years, adventurers from around the world are invited to the eastern continent of Tian Xia, where dragons rule nations and kami live in sprawling forests of spirits. It is here that they compete in a martial arts tournament organized by the mythical sorceress, Hao-Jin, the Ruby Phoenix. The prize? One of the infinitely powerful relics she collected over the millennia, from weapons that have felled nations to handwoven demiplanes, artifacts anyone in the world would do anything to own. 32 teams will compete in the trials of Danger Island, 8 will compete in the finals in the city-state of Goka, and only ONE team will stand victorious. Are you ready? Then FIGHT!

Join Masami Takahara, the Kitsune Magus, Xie Chuji, the Dhampir Monk and Sangku, Witch-Prince Of The Sea, the Undine Witch, as they take on the dangers of Danger Island, the trials of the tournament and adventures beyond! Lots of references to anime, JRPGs and more by folks who grew up on the stuff. We've previously run Kingmaker and Extinction Curse, and our newest show is angled to be the best one yet! So come along, and keep it rollin'!

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I recommend!
Have listened to Extinction Curse and now Ruby Phoenix, is a really fun podcast with highs and lows and seriouses and sillys. Ended up throwing my money at them, which is not something I’ve done for a podcast before.

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