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You could always upload it to Google drive and set the permission to public, then just share the link.

TheZombiePunch wrote:
Hunter Rogue multiclass with Boon Companion & Accomplished Sneak Attacker is a solid build.

I second this strongly, hunter can be absolutely brutal when combined with Unchained Rogue, but just remember that your sneak attack is going to suffer a bit. Pick up the teamwork feat for +1d6 precision damage, share it with your companion, and just wreck enemies.

Bonus points for using Butterfly Sting to pass crits to a t-rex animal companion.

Unable to link it, phone is acting up, but here is Effortless Lace, which once applied to a weapon will allow you to treat it as a light weapon for most purposes, including feats. Just make sure to buy a spare in case someone destroys your weapon and you need to use a backup. ffortless-lace/

EDIT: Looking at your post again, I should stress that Effortless Lace isn't allowed in PFS, but is not third party or anything like that. Don't know if this is a PFS question or just wanting a RAW answer, so figured I'd clarify.

I've always had good luck with throwing axes and the Sliding Axe Throw feat for opening volleys or tripping melee combatants for allies. Another fun tactic involves the Equipment Trick feat and Lanterns, using the light to blind enemies quickly.
The "favorite" of my players is when enemies use Fragile weapons, typically daggers, and the feat that lets you break them for bleed damage.

So looking at the Weapon Modification rules, a player asked if they can add Serrated Edge to their Egoistic Butchering Axe. While I have no problems with that, would Egoistic make them automatically proficient (as they have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat for Butchering Axe already) or would they still need to take the Weapon Adept feat?
I'm just not sure on how to rule it.

Sissyl wrote:

TE: You actually DIDN'T show that a cleric loses all class features for having an out-of-alignment identity. At least not in a way that any cleric/vigilante would like. The text you pointed to was the ex-clerics section, so I interpret your argument as "if the cleric ever gets an alignment more than one step from her deity, she is an ex cleric and needs to atone." This is obviously a far worse prospect for a cleric/vigilante. See.. ex clerics do NOT get their powers back. Your so-called solution means they are screwed EVERY SINGLE TIME they assume their other identity, requiring reparations and getting back into the God's good graces etc.

You were wrong. It won't get more right for repeating it.

To be fair, even if it screws the vigilante over that doesn't mean it's not RAW. Just from reading over the abilities in queation, it does indeed appear that if you choose to have a social identity with an alignment outside your deity's allowed range, when you switch into it you are shifting alignment and becoming an ex-cleric willingly.

Summoning your eidolon with the Summon Eidolon spell however should allow it to gain the benefits of the feat, albeit for a limited time.


So I was wondering how the Luck of Heroes feat would interact with Hero Points used from a Hero's Blade. Would you roll to see if the blade keeps the Hero Point?

I would honestly suggest trying out a swashbuckler build, as Opportune Parry and Reposte can be incredibly useful.
Human Swashbuckler 5/weapon master fighter 2
1) Weapon Finesse (bonus), Weapon Focus (human bonus), Combat Reflexes
3) Slashing/Fencing Grace
4) Weapon Spec. (Class Bonus)
5) Extra Panache, Improved Critical (class)
6) Dirty Fighter
7) Improved Trip (fighter), Improved Disarm

This is just a basic hodge-podge build based on using either a Rapier or a Scimitar for the greater crit range in order to help regain panache quickly. Using trip or disarm tactically can help to even the odds, and depending on your campaign you can adjust the build accordingly.

In a campaign I'm running, very much a sandbox style game, a local area of interest is a field of petrified warriors. In the center of this field is a large petrified beast of some kind, with a Khopesh lodged in it. Originally meant as one more area of curiosity, two of my players have become fascinated with it, and want to remove the blade from the petrified monster.
While I have figured out some of the outlines of all this, as well as the blades cosmetic features (the blade is broken off just after the area that is in the beast, and when restored the blade reforms out of a ruby-like material that acts as non-fragile obsidian) but I can't figure out it's magical properties.
The blade is meant for a 4th level party, but they're pretty under WBL at the moment. Any suggestions?

GM looking for 2 more players for a homebrew campaign. We play Mondays from noon to 4:30 pm, sometimes stretching to 5pm if needed.

Just lost a player do to changing work schedule, and might lose another soon for same reason. Any interested players in the area?

You pretty much answered it yourself, it can use feats for either weapon, so you can use all those feats just fine.

UnRogue/Swashbuckler/Synthesist Summoner is my vote.
Let's you get plenty of skills, and you can focus on your mental stats while letting your eidolon shell be the Dexterity booster. Sneak attack, Dex to damage, and you can even take archetypes depending on weapon of choice.

What is your He's opinion on summoner? Using a synthesis summoner you can crank out some pretty nasty builds, in my own experience.

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1) there is no mention of different creatures doing anything, simply that larger corpses count as two of the next smaller size.
2) they specifically call out corpses multiple times, so either should work fine. If you have the ability to command undead, running into a horde of mindless undead just saved you some digging.
3) as far as construction points go, I suggest 2 points for 2 more claws, 2 point for Grab, 1 point for Constrict, and 2 points for Blade Fists on each claw.

Additionally, I'd doesn't state anywhere that you can't add more CP, just that it increases it's CR by 1 for every 2 CP added.

MagicA wrote:

I'll take that into consideration, thanks man

Not a problem, I enjoy setting up builds like this.

A basic build would look like this.

1st- Weapon Finesse (bonus), Weapon Focus (starknife), Starry Grace
3rd- Point-Blank Shot
4th- Precise Shot (bonus)
5th- Startoss Style
7th- Startoss Comet
8th- Startoss Shower

This build would come online a lot faster with a few levels of fighter, but that's up to you. If you do go the fighter dip route, you could take Dodge, Mobility and Shot on the Run and take advantage of maneuverability.

Unfortunately, Precis Throw only allows you to use Precise Strike at range but doesn't remove the only attacking with one hand restriction.
If you're okay with building around hitting multiple opponents, you could use Startoss Style and it's chain and get Precise Throw and be able to use Shot on the Run.

It's possible, but not ideal. You'll lose out on one of your biggest damage boosters, and take a pretty decent penalty to attack rolls.

A human swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) gets both weapon focus and weapon finesse for free, and can than take Fencing Grace and Two-Weapon Fighting, and at 3rd level take Two-Weapon Grace. Build from there as normal for a two weapon fighter, and rock dual Rapiers.

At 5th level, your build would probably look like this.
1st - Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Rapier), Fencing Grace, Two-Weapon Fighting
3rd - Two-Weapon Grace
4th - Weapon Specialization (Rapier)
5th - Martial Focus (Light Blades) or Combat Reflexes

You'll want to invest in an Effortless Lace, and other normal Dex-Boosting items and such as normal.

You'll have 4+dex to damage, and a net -2 to attack rolls.

Louise Bishop wrote:

Since it has not been mentioned a Brawler does pretty decent at grappling and would have flexibility enough to do OK in other situations where grappling is not effective. Strangler gets Sneak attack damage while grappling to damage or to Pin. They do not take the negatives for the grappled condition, and they get a sleeper hold and Neckbrecker moves.

Not the best but because they can do more beyond just grappling I think it is a worthy mention. Martial Flexibility is a decent ability.

I've played a character like this, and it can be pretty effective. Rock a high strength and use a pick or other high crit multiplier weapon, then take Dirty Fighter, Improved Grapple, Grabbing Style, Throat Slicer and Greater Grapple, Rapid Grappler when you can.

This lets you grapple with one hand with no penalty, pin them, swift do damage (with sneak attack) and then next round use Throat Slicer.
I also used Martial Flexibility to grab the Bushwhack feat.

I really like the wizard spell list for debuff and crowd control, and we already have a Cleric on the team.

And we are only restricted to CRB at 1st level. Once we hit 2nd level we can branch out to anything other than the banned items (Occult Adventures, Magus, Summoner).

Basically, I like having access to buff spells and crowd control but I don't care for direct damage spells. Mostly going to be in the thick of it, and use spells for utility/tactics.

Long story short, our new GM has a hatred of Magus, and has banned them (along with Summoner and any Occult classes) leaving me with Eldritch Knight as my primary choice. The only problem I'm having is that we're limited to CRB only at 1st level, and that takes away some of my options. Should i just go wizard and then into Swashbuckler, or is Fighter into Arcanist a better option?

Not in unearthed arcana, but rather in a book called Weapons of Legacy.
I'd suggest just using it like a wizard's Arcane Bond, an item that they can enchant without the feat or even being a caster.
Maybe even let them pay price differences to transmute the item into a special material if they so desire.

An idea I once used was the idea that players could place weapon enchantments onto specially created gemstones, and incorporate those into a weapon to grant it the magic qualities. That way if they later found a really cool item, or had something given to them that they liked for roleplay reasons, they could make a craft check to place the gemstone into the new weapon.

I'd put it around 9,000 and put in the restriction "can be activated as a free action as part of entering rage by spending an additional round of rage." But that's just me.

If you're okay with being either Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Good, I'd suggest going with Desna as your deity and picking up Butterfly Sting asap. Because it requires combat expertise, you can later go for tripping them, and Kukri makes for a great Critical Fishing tool.

So, are you looking for damage or debuff effects?
If you are interested in damage, going swashbuckler 1/UnRogue x and taking Canny Tumble and Confounding Tumble Deed will really hurt other dex-based combatants.
Go for bleeding attacks and use bebilitating strike to make them less accurate or slow them. I would also suggest taking Dirty Fighter to open up combat maneuvers without many of the prerequisites.

So after a suitably epic encounter, a player was awarded a single wish by a genie. I was expecting the typical bonus to stat or magic item, when my player instead asked to be able to make a composite metal of Adamantine and Cthonic Steel, something less than Adamantine as far as hardness, but more than Cthonic Steel and letting it count as both.
What would you say to such a metal, and how would you stat it out/price it?

So, I had a similar thought at one point while making a custom race for a campaign I was running. I'll link the Google doc with the magus Archetype below, but if you're interested in the full race just ask and I'll see if I can't post that as well.

Twilight Blade

What is Deadly Shot? Is that Deadly Aim, or a feat not on the PRD?

Thanks everyone, some of these ideas really helped. The programmed illusion idea in particular sounds like a great idea, and a contingent spell for getting away could be used to extend the fight (teleporting into another chamber further in the lair, and healing up a bit could be annoying).

No minions unless she summons them, though I have no problem with that happening. She has plenty of wealth to play with, so scrolls and wands are on the table.

My players are rapidly approaching the point in our campaign where the head of the BBEG group reveals themself, and after a player made a comment in passing of "man, I have always wanted to fight a lich, but they're kinda weak.", I decided to make that wish come true.
Now, I have the lich mostly built, but it's time to make her spell list. The lich is a Mystic Theurge (wizard and cleric) with a caster level of 13 in both.

While I can play casters pretty well, building a spell list of this level is pretty daunting, so I was hoping to crowd source it. Any ideas would be helpful, and appreciated.

No answers?

So I was wondering if anyone has already tried to convert the 5e D&D barbarian to Pathfinder, and if so how it plays.
I really like the idea of a barbarian getting Con to AC.


It's mentioned in a few spots that ley lines can intersect in places, but it's never mentioned if you can attune to (and gain the benefit of) multiple ley lines at once. Is there a rule for this, or is it a hard cap of one ley line at a time?

Basically, I've been the GM of several homebrew adventures back to back, and with a new one starting I'm hitting creative road blocks. I'm in need of the help of the kind people of these forums to come up with a villainous group, leader, and magical McGuffin for the PCs to try and stop them from acquiring.
Bonus points if it requires multiple items to complete, but each has an effect.

I humbly ask this of my fellow forumites- what does the evil McGuffin do?

So, due to one player no longer being available and another not having a vehicle anymore, our party of 4 is now a party of 2. The other player is playing a neutral cleric that's focused on channeling and casting (versatile channeling) with some combat ability, and my paladin died soloing the boss room at the end of Crypt of the Everflame. The GM is letting me come in at 3rd level, and with an extra 7,000 Gp to spend to help offset the lack of players (cleric got the extra cash too). Any ideas on what to make?

Edit: stats are rolled as 2d6+6, I got 18,18,16,15,12,11.

Summary: Party fights against an elemental that creates more elementals

CR of the encounter: mine was for a CR 7 encounter, but could be modified up or down

Typ of encounter: Boss fight/mini game

Background: had a party of 5th level characters that put out way too much damage per hit, but had little teamwork. This aimed to correct that.

Encounter: A group of elementals battle the party near a source of their material (works best with earth elemental, but I made it work with fire) from which a more powerful elemental conjures more of the smallest sized ones (1d4-1 per round). Once there are 4 of the same kind, they combine into one fully healed elemental of the next highest CR, and this continues until either all elementals are destroyed, the elemental lord is killed, or the resource is rendered useless (such as by extinguishing a forest fire).

Comment: my players had a really hard time with this fight, as none of them wanted to work together. Instead, they all tried to do their own thing (fighter kept trying to charge at the elemental lord, Druid kept trying to put out the fire, etc) until one of the dropped. Once that happened, they started working together more.

Kinda late to this party, but remember that the Amatuer Swashbuckler feat does exist, and would allow you to have a point of panache available.

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The armor (which can't be removed) makes the wearer feel no pain, even allowing them to fight through broken bones or torn muscles. Because of this, the wearer is oblivious to how much damage he's taken (the GM would track his HP).

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

Why would anything about a reincarnated character's new form feel right to that character? He or she has a lifetime of experience in a different form and suddenly finds himself or herself in a different form, permanently. Gender is about the only thing that a reincarnated character can change cheaply, easily, and painlessly -- that character pretty much has to learn to accept all other physical changes.

A human reincarnated into a centaur does not find having hooves confusing... it's the memories of a time without them that seem out of place.

I would be extremely interested to know where you got that interpretation out of the spell. I read it as getting a new body and (possibly) keeping your old memories. If I woke up and had webbed feet and gills, or fates forbid all new limbs, I think it would feel quite unnatural considering that until just that minute I did not have those extra appendages.

And no where in the Druid code does it say that you have to let someone die, which is effectively what you're saying. Revere nature does not automatically mean you can't bring someone back to life, it just means that you revere nature - so no laying waste to forests and fields, or salting the earth, or exploiting creatures for the fur trade.

As it seems like you have the willingness to solve the problem, might I suggest just saying that you're not digging it (give the other players and the GM a patsy) and suggest that you guys try something else. Usually no one wants to be the one to end the campaign, but if someone else suggests it and says their not having fun, they will go along with it without feeling like their "killing the fun for everyone else".
This has happened in our game group maybe a handful of times, usually when one of the newer GMs tries to run a more elaborate or sandbox style adventure path.

Basically I have a player that's interested in crafting magic items, and we use the dynamic magic item creation system from Pathfinder Unchained. He asked if there was any way to influence the results of the rolls for perks or quirks, and I honestly have no idea.
I was hoping the lovely people here on the forums might know of some way, or have advice on how to do this if there are no rules.

Sah wrote:

Alright, so I have the cleric side set up, what I need now is wizard stuff. Few of the archetypes appeal to me so I'm thinking vanilla wizard, does anyone have any favorites they think I should check out?

I'm not too well versed on wizards (I usually play spontaneous casters or martial characters) so what schools do people suggest? I'm thinking maybe universalist for flavor, but I worry I might lose out on something that works well for this that I haven't considered.

As is, I've got 3 levels of ecclesitheurge 3 of wizard, half elf with multi disciplined and bifurcated magic for traits.

Oh and I just remembered, my dm will allow my bonded holy symbol from ecclesitheurge also be my bonded object for wizard of I choose that, but I've often heard people advise against a bonded object on wizard, so thoughts? If I did I was thinking am amulet that is Nethys' mask. Any better bonded objects?

Remember that you can enchant your bonded item without the relevant feat, as long as your caster level is high enough. This means that a Holy Symbol amulet could be enchanted as a wonderous item, and you could make your wizard bonded object a wand.

Does your group use third party materials?

Our group is starting up a round-robin style game where GMs switch off after each arc, and since everyone agreed to be good guys (as in good alignment) I'm taking a crack at paladin. I really want to go dual-wield build, as I have incredibly good stat rolls (15, 16, 16, 18, 18, 13) but I can't decide on archetypes for a two-weapon paladin. Any suggestions?

Huma4President wrote:
I am gming a god-killing campaign, and my players have reached level 22 now and the recurring bad guys aren't cutting it anymore. I need cross class suggestions for antipaladin, half fiend cleric, half dragon two weapon fighter, and sniper rogue, though I have their mystic theurge planned out to thirty easily (9th level divine and arcane yes please) up to thirty (which is our level cap)table rules only official pathfinder rulebooks.

I'd start having the npcs take levels in prestige classes, such as Holy Vindicator for the antipaladin or cleric, and maybe have the two-weapon fighter start taking levels in Unchained-Rogue and eventually start going into shadow dancer or assassin.

Honestly, the sniper rogue is the hard part. If he uses a crossbow I'd say go into Bolt Ace gunslinger.

So after realizing how bored I am with core classes, I've branched out into other books. Upon reading the kineticist, I became intrigued - can a kineticist be the "Big Gun" of a party?
I'm looking more for ranged builds, but I'll do Melee if it's the only option for good damage.
Mostly, I'm looking to go either fire or air, though that is almost entirely for aesthetics.

But having never played a kineticist or even seen one played, I'm looking to the good people of the forums for help - how do I build this character?

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