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fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

Yeah, what Rik'tik said:
The automatic builder seems to agree that AC uses the same proficiency as everything else -
"Base 10 Item +1 Dex +3 Proficiency +3" for Pfil. (the item is her armor).

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

I also vote full. As said, you were quite generous. If we still find ourselves in over our heads, it would be better sooner rather than later.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

got held up today, I'll try and get a post in tomorrow(both here and at my game.).

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

I hate it when I'm right on that kind of thing -_-
Good luck.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

Pocket Money: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4

@GM: Could you try and make a post in gameplay? Can be an OOC test post.
The "thread" is empty. So I figure you created the thread, linked it, then removed your original post with which you created the thread?
Since the posts are sequential(e.g. this is page 2#55), the "reference" point may be missing, causing both mine and other dots to have gone into the void. My post is not listed on character, but counted. I think the thread may be "broken" because deleting the first post may have removed the "anchor" to which all other posts are tethered.
I may be mistaken, but if we do need a new gameplay thread, I figure you'll want that "figured out" before you start writing a proper post, because I also don't exactly know how swapping a gameplay thread would work, or if it kicks out our registration, or if support from paizo would be needed.
As said, I may be seeing ghosts but believe trying now and finding out what's needed to fix it would be preferable over trying to start the game and finding out it's broken then.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

I had odd stories on the radar due to the chosen background, but Dawnflower Lib works as well.

Regarding the purchase - I'm perfectly fine with the old gal being more than what she seems, or having had a different role among some of Absaloms societies. We can leave that open, but unravelling some plots that she somehow was involved with way down the line could be fun. (Also could explain why she stayed in the Puddles...)

That said, Pfil has no strong feelings on it - as said, she was more of a "novelty pet" that the kindly old lady treated well(even reading aloud to her, rather than silently to herself). (think cat-lady, only with a sprite) So that part doesn't seem all that different to how other young beings, like children, also have very limited autonomy and have to do what they are being told.
Plus it's almost a certainty that in a slum-like district she witnessed mistreatment of children, by their own parents or others, including physical violence and maybe worse. So she sees her own 'property' status as "quite nice" in comparison as she has few chores, is safe with food and a place to sleep. Also because she never really lived on her own and would likely not make it long in the city if left to fend for herself.

I can also see her being left "off the leash" in Otari, seeing how there's less dangers than in the big city, so she gets to explore and do things on her own, and be curious about things outside of books.
And she'd definitely pick up on a variety of interests, as well as trying to help out by finding a job, or performing in the tavern(she's got some plays memorized, and a couple of she can be a living puppet theater if someone handles the other dolls on sticks.)

But since she's just running errands and jobs as they come up, with no fixed work, she'd by quite available and interested in whatever Tamily Tanderveil inquires about. And as you say, she will have proven to be quite reliable and capable in the things she did do as odd jobs, so there can certainly be recommendations - as long as it's not for moving furniture or something similar -

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fluid fey-touched Dreamlord
Lessah wrote:
MordredofFairy wrote:

My intent was for Phil to essentially have been captured and "sold" when she was still very little. Certainly there's people paying for curiosities like caged sprites, not really caring that they are sentient creatures.
Perp was an elf of few words clad in green. Also wanted for several cases of pottery vandalism :p

Never quite understood. The little Vandal keeps them in bottle for hours or days. And when he's finally about to bite the bucket, instead of finishing him, they rescue him? Did they like being constrained?

Must be...bondage fairies or something.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

The death row inmate one sounds suspiciously like the intro of Way of the Wicked. Of course, the alternative offered to them is becoming agents of Asmodeus, if memory serves.
That was fun - a spheres-game with a mute pyromancer modelled after Witch Hunter Robin. Unfortunately flickered out around Level 6 or so...

As for why I'm there - my second background is a regional one from Absalom. Primary is Bibliophile.
My intent was for Phil to essentially have been captured and "sold" when she was still very little. Certainly there's people paying for curiosities like caged sprites, not really caring that they are sentient creatures.

Only it was a kindly old lady running a library that bought her, and basically set her free in the building and had her provide non-fire-based illumination. (Pfil is a flying little torch, after all). She read aloud and Pfil got to listen and she loved all the fancy stories. (And partially as thanks, partially to cosplay or act out characters, she got into performance stuff, singing to the lady, acting out her favorite parts of plays, or trying to dress up and behave like some characters she liked). Eventually, years later, the ladies health got worse, and she decided that she did not want to spend the rest of her days in the big city, instead opting to return to the village she was born in - Otari.

I can have been there for a while with her, she can be alive or deceased, but I'll have some lingering knowledge about Absalom as well, for later.

Also I'd like to draw your attention to the total lack of that backstory. As said, Phil has never even seen a Sprite Boy. She believes children happen when a girl spontaneously decides to become pregnant, which she does all by herself. That's how innocent my little Sprite is.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

I apologize in advance - there's another kids birthday later this week, it is my last week at home with plenty of stuff left to do, before I start working again next week - where I estimate that about 3000 emails will be waiting for me, and I was already advised by a colleague that all topics that had remained unresolved when I left are still unresolved, but with higher priority now.
So this and next week will not be fun. I'll do what I can but I'd prefer to be allowed to do the background in detail afterwards. I know that is inconvenient but I'd also like not to rush things because I do have some rough ideas.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord
PF_GM_23 wrote:
Pfil wrote:

Mordred, I know exactly what that name is referencing. I just want to make it abundantly clear, this is NOT that sort of campaign :D.

Also, if you're going to have your corgi familiar mount, let me know. I'll see what I can dig up by way of a special token for you to use when you're mounted up.

*whistles innocently* I have no idea what you are talking about, you degenerate weeabo :D

That said, you really want me to mount that Corgi, hu? I decided on Wings first - I'll consider picking the Corgi by Level 3 via Feat, but it's no guarantee, I'll first have to dive into mounts/familiars/etc in PF2 to see if I really want to step into that territory.
Hm...makes me wonder - what kind of insect would make a good familiar for a little fairy? Keep her company, you know?

All that aside, I'll have you know that my Fairy is entirely innocent. Virginal, even, having never even met a Sprite boy in her life. Bookish and curious, but entirely with no experience on THAT kind of stuff. You know, since it's not THAT kind of campaign.

Hey poly, I'd love to have you. No hurries here - as you may know from the RotRL game I've recently had another little one and slow is good, right now :D

We can, of course, also adapt things to your preferences as GM (within reason), but in general it's awesome to hear from you.

Seems like a close finish. I decided to re-use the profile of Finja.
Still working on background and shopping needs to be done.
(The latter being a minor thing considering neither side of the build is very gear-dependent).

Oh my...been ill this week, wanted to be finished prior to the deadline, but I guess I'll come in close to the end.
Just wanted to give a sign of life, regardless, even if I got no work done this week.

Jereru wrote:

I can't help but to make you guys notice:

Submit what's fun -> Good

Submit to fulfill a role that's already fulfilled by a player who you know is gonna have preference over you -> Maybe not that good

Specifically when the GM manifested preference for a classical party composition.

All true. But "classical composition" would, I believe, simply mean all angles are covered. You can still have significant overlap despite that.

And despite the GM's intent to "adapt difficulty" I avoided completely cheesing things. So yeah, bring on more Frontliners so we can share that burden. Even other monks - we can do some sparring.

My magic will also be quite limited in versatility, as is the nature of Sorcerers. Another arcane caster is perfectly welcome.

Maybe not a Monk/Empyreal Sorcerer, though. But as long as overlap is limited to one side of the Gestalt it should be all fine. There's not 10 roles in a classical composition, and I don't mind if classes are doubled up.
Can't speak for GM on that last part, of course, but I imagine they would have said so.

@therenger :

to be fair, I did state my intent pretty early in the thread, also stating I will be prepicked.

That said, some overlap IS to be expected. That goes for everybody - in a 5 player gestalt game, it's simply not viable to have a niche by oneself.(unless everybody goes against the spirit of gestalting and doubles up to supercharge a single role).

What I'm trying to say: If you feel Monk/Alchemist is too close to my concept, you could tweak into Monk/Cleric and suddenly you are a party healer and buffer - go cleric of Irori and pick up Guided Hand(+Mythic) and be SAD on wisdom.
Or drop the Monk and go Unchained Barbarian/Alchemist, maybe add Beastmorph to get Pounce, and go to town.(incidentally the last submission I made for a similar game - (Alchemist(Beastmorph, Vivisectionist)| Unchained Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager))

What I'm saying is there's many ways to tweak your submission to somewhat keep the core idea but slightly shift towards a "niche" that seems to have less competition. Don't be discouraged so easily :)

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"If it is in your power to destroy it" - going on a suicide rampage is lawful stupid, not good.
Paladins are allowed some leverage when it's "for the greater good" and if not, there's always atonement.
You are not an avatar, you do get to make your own decision. One of those decisions might be to violate your code of conduct and seek atonement for it later.
Might even score you bonus points with trying to impress someone.

Unlike a certain ploy involving virginity - considering there is no reason for the target of that ploy to be celibate in the first place)

I think the code as written would be fine and simply offer additional RP potential, instead of getting a free pass to be best buddies with evil outsiders anywhere outside the material plane.

@RobertHenry: Pity to see you go, but I almost expected it when you mentioned your own long-running game. See you on the Wormwood.

Also, I am confirming my initial build plan hereby. I'll go with the Scaled Fist Unchained Monk/Tattooed Sorcerer(into Dragon Disciple), but will dip a Level of Oracle just to pick up the Curse down the line.
(as per alignment with GM, I will start with the negatives of the curse, positives will be active once I take a level of Oracle).

GM Turin wrote:
MordredofFairy wrote:

Do you allow Variant Multiclassing on top of everything else? :D
I'm going to say no to this one as we already have gestalt shenanigan's going on.

Totally reasonable. But in that case I'll have to withdraw my earlier statement regarding Sorcerer/Monk.

At least I'll have to ponder some more.
Thanks for the swift reply.

GM Turin wrote:

Ok, this is what happens when you make a recruitment thread at three in the morning. I forgot to mention that if you decide to play an aasimar or tiefling but want to be from halfing or gnome stock (or some other small race), you have a choice. If you pick up the heritage feat you can pick the small size racial trait as a variant trait.

Also, if you want to choose a variant ability it replaces your spell like ability.

Also also, If you choose to play an oracle you may choose the Child curse.


That changes everything!
I love the child curse.
Do you allow Variant Multiclassing on top of everything else? :D

Hej. Thanks for the invite.
Could you elaborate on this one: "will be able to select one variant or roll three time and take one."
You mean if we pick up the Feat we can select which variant ability we have? Any limitations there? Just making sure(eyes Tiefling 16 and Aasimar 90 with sparkling eyes) :D

That said, AFAIK I will be one of those given preference.

I tend towards Aasimar Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist)/Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline, Tattoed Sorcerer).

I'll get the build, background, and questionnary done within the next couple days, but figured I'll throw that out there if people want to avoid overlap.

I'll also throw in an character.
Dotting for now, but she'll be a human cleric of Erastil using an Longbow(mentored by Rantal Prasst).
(I settled on that based on the monday list, before Jhessa came in - I wanted to avoid doubling up on classes so everybody has their niche, so just posting now before a third person decides on a cleric :) )

It DOES sound interesting.

But I'd have to look into the stuff more to move from interest to commitment.
I know it's only an "interest" check, but I think while the setting is a nice one(even if cloned from galactica) many people may not be familiar with the system, and be reluctant to voice interest in something they'd have to look into first.

I think giving it some days may be a wise choice. I'll check the humble bundle and try to be back in a few days with a more informed opinion.

Edit: Could you add a humble link? I seem to have been unable to find the relevant content - I am willing to search more but I assume others may run into the same issue.

4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 4, 2) = 14 = 12
4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 6, 6) = 17 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 1, 5) = 8 = 7
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 6, 6) = 22 = 18
4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 1, 5) = 18 = 17
4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 1, 3) = 11 = 10
4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 5, 1) = 12 = 11

So 18, 17, 16, 12, 11, 10 -
Oh my.
That would have been mighty fine rolls. But from checking further info, it seems you guys are already done. Or is this still open?

Dotting in, I'll whip something up in the next couple days.

Thank you for the opportunity, and congratulations to those who got in.

Mei should be done. As per your request in the initial post, I tried to keep things brief but still tried to give a general idea of who he is.
I did manage to do my reading and can flesh things out more as needed.

Ah, excellent, I'll make sure to add the backstory to Mei tomorrow, then, so I can do a final pass before the deadline.

I will apply to this with Mei Houwang, an Elven Brawler. I have a rough concept for the background, but will freshen up on my Osirion knowledge before putting it in writing.

Will definitely also apply with something here.
I got 2 or 3 ideas gestating in my mind, but I'll try and wait to see what your friend comes up with before finalizing anything.

Either Falcata Swashbuckler/Oracle(Spirit Guide), Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist)/Sorcerer(Tattooed), or maybe Alchemist(Vivisectionist)/Unchained Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager)...something like those.

I would be interested in providing an Oracle as replacement after taking a closer look at the current crew.
I also see you have a 13-year old Arcanist.

Would you be inclined to allow the Child oracle curse(gladly nerfed if you feel it is not balanced, more about the flavor)?
Or a young character?

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One more question: How will snatching stuff with Character Build Points work?
To be more accurate in my questioning, I was thinking about needed requirements - you mentioned PRC's - would we have to qualify for a PRC to take something from it?
What about classes? If my Oracle wants to go after the Paladins juicy Divine Grace or Lay on Hands, will it have to be Lawful Good, or follow fitting tenets?
Specifically, will we already need to take care during the build process to not 'block' us from certain options in the future?

I am still here and working, hoping to find some time near the weekend.

Updated List:

Mightypion - Skinwalker (Fanglord) - Rageshaper(Bloodrager)1/Fractured Mind 1
Lapyd - Human - Aegis 2
Daniel Stewart - Android - Tinkerer 2

Andostre - Nagaji - Slayer

CucumberTree - unknown race - Inquisitor(Monster Tactician)
Michael_Hopkins - unknown race - Fire Kineticist (possible Air)
MordredofFairy - unknown race - concept open(pondering Sphere Oracle(Spirit Guide)/Flame Mystery)

CrusaderWolf - Dwarf - Gunslinger1/Inquisitor1

Initial dot by:
Galahad0430(no new posts here, but seems to have gotten into 1 or 2 other games in the meantime)
Expressed interest post-deadline:

@GM: Are you open to "flavoring" a certain combination of traits as a race? Specifically, I am referring to Aasimar/Tiefling, who gain a variety of physical traits (nonfunctional wings, cloven feet, fancy shadow, ...) - could a certain "set" of those traits be a "race"? No mechanical change from the base race is intended, just if, say, a race with "unusual light", "feathered forearms", "feather hair", "Feathered wings" could then be some antropomorphic birds race(akin to Tengu, but I just used that for an example).
What I mean is that there could be a whole population with exactly those features, and not necessarily a extraplanar heritage - and they could have a history/culture by themselves. (even if mechanically they would still be native outsiders/Tiefling/Aasimars). If you have two parents of that race, you are a member of that race. If you have one parent and one of another race, all the regular racial tomfoolery happens.(or they can't crossbreed in the first place). But nothing with "you have to have some powerful extraplanar being in your lineage to be able to be a member of this race"-stuff.

Ayaal wrote:

He's picking two teams of 4. The first group, that will die horribly in the first battle, he's calling the Suicide Squad.

Pray you are picked for the second squad.

Ha, would be a fun idea, to have all of the applicants go up against the invading demon army, then only the picked applicants actually survive that battle :D

(Maybe someone was retroactively only heavily wounded if it turns out a replacement is needed in the near future)

Philo Pharynx wrote:
Venmo? Paypal? One warrant and the feds are all over that. I always give Black Perigord Truffles, delivered by an unlicensed courier travelling on a diplomatic passport from Montenegro.

Ah, so thats YOU! Now we got you. Teams Bravo and Delta, move out!

One first glance, here's what we have (not all locked in, but exist as concept) - sorry if i missed someone, but I wanted an overview to get a better idea of what might be needed:
CucumberTree - Inquisitor(Monster Tactician)
Michael_Hopkins - Fire Kineticist (possible Air)
Mightypion - Rageshaper(Bloodrager)1/Fractured mind 1
Andostre - Nagaji slayer
Daniel Stewart - Dragoon
CrusaderWolf - Spellbreaker/Sanctified Slayer

Lapyd - concept open
MordredofFairy - concept open

Initial dot by:

Thats plenty of niches still open, it would seem.

@GM/Daniel Stewerd: Regarding the Centaur: I understood we had to pick an existing race with a limit at 20RP - not that we had 20 RP to work we HAVE the option of creating a custom race if we provide lore?

@GM: Second question - you specifically OK'd Spheres of Might/Power. Are both Archetypes and classes from those systems acceptable?
Or only the Archetypes for regular classes?

Oh, interesting take on recruitment :)
But I won't complain - as said I'll re-familiarize myself with E6, then work on a character. It may be a few days before I have something to post, but I will do so.

@Michael Hopkins: Are you already locked into the Fire Kineticist?
I am asking because I had a Flame Oracle that initially I had planned to rework for this, but I would prefer to avoid too much overlap.
(Just to be clear, I'm not even sure I'll go with her...just checking if it's even worth considering on my end :) )

tentative dot.
This does seem plenty intriguing, and interesting.

How long do you intend to run the recruitment?
I would like a.: some time to consider options(and re-familiarize myself with E6) and b.: to see how many people submit characters before deciding.

Aye, and it will be very interesting to see which school of Gestalt GM prefers.
There's quite a couple builds doing e.g. double Martial, really reinforcing the one thing they can do well.
But also a good number that make sure to cover 2 different angles with their gestalting.

It's likely that either of the approaches will seem preferable and win out. A mix may make balance...delicate, for a couple of reasons. Will be curious to see how it turns out.

@GM: Thanks for the answer. Guess that means I'll have to spent that one we have on Savant, then. :)

It does sound intriguing. But a bit more information would be welcome.


Would there be a "plot" we follow, some overarcing storyline? Or just survival with chapters/unconnected arcs? That is, would we stick with our 'tribe' and help them prosper? Or be alone, pursuing something/one across the lands.

In combination with that: How "soft" do you intend to make the world to not offend anyone/the forums?
To clarify: Laws were non-existant, as well - the tribe mattered. Anybody outside the tribe? Competing for limited resources. I would expect murder, rape, pillaging and similar activities to be quite...widespread, but of course there's certain lines people would not want crossed even in a fantasy game.
So how to handle that? Or will we be the only "evolved apes" around, with only creatures to go up against?

And lastly: In such a world, Sorcerers would be like gods. Arcane magic in infancy is fine, but if we only have furs and non-metal raw materials(such as bone, stone etc...) I feel that would further empower casting/create a gap between martial and casting classes. Do you have thoughts on how to address this? (Also, magic items etc - do they even exist/can they be crafted? Or is a +1 metal sword the equivalent of a major artifact?)

Finally, in what level range would you assume it would take place?

I know it's just an interest check by itself, but those are quite relevant questions in my eyes. I am generally interested in seeing the setting, but depending on some of those aspects I would or would not be interested in playing in it.

Dotting in, I will also provide a character by tomorrow.

Currently working on a Paladin(Hospitaler, Tempered Champion)/Oracle(Spirit Guide) of Battle;

One question: Drawback for extra Trait possible or not wanted?
(Specifically, I really want Savant for my Musetouched, to get Class-Skill for Perform skills - but since they won't have any mechanical effect it's a bit hard to justify to use the only "free" trait slot for it.)

Also: Usually the campaign traits are linked with Mystic Paths - I know this will be non-mystic, but will the campaign traits have some effect later? Or are they effectively just flavor/storywise, beyond the initial benefit they provide?

Haha, nice one, cucumber. But it is mainly about getting people we save to...Well, safety. In-city may be the safest option after all but we will have to weit and see.

Oh, i was not suggesting the seas would be safe - only that the total amount of undead faced that way would be fewer than on land - and once past those it may be easier to put some distance between the hordes and the survivors.
But harboring nö illusions that such an attempt would be easy.

Hej Liam, interesting take, but your fourth point is exactly what is worrying me the most about STAYING in the city. We may need magical needs of sustenance before long. If there was any food storage it was likely raided, and it's a logistical problem all large cities would share if civilization suddenly collapses. You only get so far with plundering/scavenging, especially if no advanced conservation processes exist.

Can be alleviated via an NPC(or PC of sufficient level) with access to Create Food and Water, but it will harshly limit the amount of rescued people we can sustain INSIDE the city as whatever food we can procure will swiftly run out and there will likely be no supply lines to provide fresh produce to the city. At the very least until we can secure a part of the harbor and try via ship...which may be moot as well if it is a global zombicalypse.
which incidentally also was what I was thinking about leaving...get to the harbor, get a ship(by liberating it from the undead that overrun it) or try to build a raft from whatever empty barrels or tables can be acquired from nearby buildings(if all ships already left by the time we saved our important NPC's) and move on water along the coast until it seems save to land.

Thanks, GM.

CucumberTree wrote:

It says in Orion's profile that he's an Undead-Nuker.

He'd be deep in nuker territory.

Oh, absolutely. He would consider it his calling to purge the city to the best of his abilities.

But for a home base? Something somewhat save would be preferable, even if it would mean travel time to and from the city. Especially considering that non-combatants may need to be sheltered somewhere.
If we rescue a bunch of kids from an orphanage, I'd rather not a.: leave them alone in some fortified one-entrance home base while we go do our thing nor b.: have them tag along in a attention-attracting convoy :)

But yeah, Orion definitely does have personal motivation to return to the city -

@GM: I was opting to update my background, but one thing kept bugging me.

Could you perhaps offer a small piece of insight as to why our characters will want to hunker down in a city when the zombie apocalypse strikes?
It would seem the sensible thing to do is get the people you care about and put as much distance between large cities and you as possible, maybe get a fortified mountain cabin or an island. But that wouldn't make much of a game. So I believe there will be an in-game reason to stay in the midst of it.
If you could offer us a a bit of insight on that, I feel it may help with adapting the backgrounds. Will people we care about remain in danger? Will outside forces trying to contain the outbreak prevent us from leaving? Is there a divine barrier restricting travel? I mean, depending on what will prevent us from leaving(even if we want to be "good" and "heroes", it may be safer to have a home base outside the zombie-infested metropolis) it might make sense to have certain contacts in the background that could be relevant down the line.

If you'd prefer to keep it a secret for now, all good, but figured it won't hurt to ask.

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Haha Henry, you just made my day. When I saw you submit something I wondered if I should mention our Giantslayers-Heritage, but figured it's been too many years, who knows if you'll even remember :D I see you do, and doubly so.

But yeah, would be fun to get back in a game together.

Currently working on a Aasimar Cleric(Angelfire Apostle) following Sarenrae - going for Sun and Glory Domain to really annoy those undead.
Tally option B for me.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

Hello, I am one of those contacted - apologies for posting instead of sending a DM, but my question may be relevant for others interested as well - what are the creation rules for the submission? Those on first discussion post?
From the lack of a recruitment thread and the inclusion of a heirloom item in the rules from first post in discussion, I believe this started as a follow-up game with a different GM?
Are the creation rules from that post still current (except for being Level 4) or were other rules or systems included at a later time? (or altered, during a GM switch).
I'll try and create a character in the next couple days, but at least one more person already expressed interest, so there will likely be options.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

@Sacred Geometry is a Feat that should not be.
It is the opposite of fun. In a table game, it delays playing.
In a pbp game, there is almost no way you can fail to reach a prime constant given enough time(heck, there's even autosolvers for that).
Getting 2 essentially free Metamagic Feats added is an abomination for balance. Heck, I'd take the Feat 3 times for extra flexibility.

@Blood Money: It depends on what the player is going for. It has potential for abuse, but that does not mean any use of it IS abuse.
I was in a game with a player that used his entire downtime to buy normal weapons/armor, cast Blood Money/Masterwork Transformation, then sold them for profit and bringing home some pearls of power for the cleric using lesser restoration to keep him going).
We were based in a sufficiently large city and travelling enough that it was unreasonable to declare the market 'saturated', but it was easily a strong influx of wealth for level 3...
Anyway, really depends on case-by-case. Can be fine, or not.

@Alternate Death: Well, I brought it up, so sign me up as 'pro'. As said, players tend to have increased Damage output compared to CR-equivalent encounters - and especially when dealing with other players, tend to nova-strike/alpha-strike. Rocket Tag FTW. On both the dealing and receiving end, I would prefer lethality to be an option, not compulsory for competitiveness.
(I think taking someone prisoner has much more potential for RP over killing them and having their daughter/son swear revenge)

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

@Alvero: Oh, WILLING participants excluded, of course. I was rather referring to the uninitiated :D

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

Sire, reporting in!

I'll get working on the details ASAP.
Alas, I will be gone over the weekend - back and available on monday.
When possible, I'll also try to take a closer look at who else joined your service recently, and find some avenues of "foundational relations".

@Maurice: Definitely 8. It has some wonderfully sinister vibes. Like, you do not KNOW what's going on in this guys cellar, but regardless you are certain you want no part in it.

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