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Solnes wrote:

I have decided.....

Cosmo is a lie...


Don't you talk that way about my baby boy! Just because some of his parts have independent lives, and he wrongfully unfriends people on FB, is no reason to call Momma's little snoogums a LIE!!!

Puh-lease. He can't hold a candle to either one of my little snuggums, even with both of his eyes.

I always knew that Byers kid was headed for trouble. That's why I didn't want my little snuggumses playing with him!

My eldest baby is growing up!

He's not getting any taller, and he's not getting any more mature, but he sure is growing up!



I always cry at weddings!

Ashe Ravenheart wrote:
Solnes wrote:
Solnes wrote:
Ok, now I can relax.
or not....whats the baby oil for?! O.0

Don't worry. It's not what you think. I used to think the same thing.

But they actually DON'T squeeze babies in a wine press to make baby oil. Turns out that's just really hypoallergenic and less irritating than normal oil.

Well, I for ONE like my baby oil made the AUTHENTIC, old school way! Better for my delicate skin...

Give me the EYE!!!

Ignores those idiots, baby. Everybody knows you gave your extra eye to your poor mama, like a good boy.

::Cackles malignantly::

I've turned into a germ called malagolintomontorosis and YOU caught me, Sebastian's Mother!

People, keep that crazed Louie PJ away from my Peaches!

I said handsome, not cute, you degenerate palm people.

Snoogums looks so handsome!

His mustache reminds me so much of mammy's... too bad we were forced to eat her, many sabbaths ago... he never had a chance to see it. <sniff>

Huginn wrote:
Mona & Cosmo's Mama wrote:
There you are, you bird brain! Don't go spreading tails, I mean, wings... argh! Shut up and come back here, you!

{dips wings in bleu cheese dressing} Mmmm, I'm tasty!

Whö in the Niðafjöll dö yöu think yöu are, öld bitty? {haughtily crunks the Pigeon}

Are you sure you aren't Muninn? Because Thought can read my name tag. Of course, if you're good in bleu cheese, perhaps I don't require you for conversational purposes... <smack, smack>

There you are, you bird brain! Don't go spreading tails, I mean, wings... argh! Shut up and come back here, you!

Sonny boy's eyes seem to be multiplying. One of these must be the one he took from his big brother.

Don't you nasty things be talkin bout my precious baby!

You filthy things just watch what you say about my dear boy!

Sebastian's Mother wrote:
Mona & Cosmo's Mama wrote:
Sorry you were not as lucky as I in the son department, dearie.
My special wittle boy has been hanging around with the wrong people lately! People like Tarren Dei and and Celestial Healer and Mothman and that no-good Hugo Solis!


*Fans herself furiously with her large, gnomeskin fan.*
Hekate's mercies! What hooligans!
What is worse, now is I have to figure out how froggie boy got out of my cauldron. And I was so careful to feed the fire slowly...

Sorry you were not as lucky as I in the son department, dearie.

None of you can hold a candle to my boys.

Why would anyone want to fight Mama's little angel?

You leave my baby's remaining eye alone. Can't you see he gave me the other one? That's a devoted son!

Just stay away from my boys, you beaked harpy!

My boys are perfect just the way they are!

What's a matter, dearie? Can't ya see the resemblance? Can't ya read my name tag!

You people leave my sweet boy alone!

Celestial Healer wrote:
taig wrote:
David Fryer wrote:
There are some really classy people on this board. :(

I apologized for my post yesterday. :)

Maybe we should apologize for the Ladies' Afternoon Tea thread, too. It's the antithesis of classy, even if it wasn't what David was referring to :)

Why can't I have anything nice?

I dozed off for a second. Is the water still hot?

Shifts in chair, sending spiders scuttling about.

June Cleaver wrote:
But I'm a proud mom, too! I have Wally, and the Beave, and that other one I try not to talk about.

I haven't seen the Beave in such a long time, but I don't believe I ever saw Wally. My boys run the greatest company in the Emerald City. What do your boys do?

Oh, dearie, why pay for something that men will give away with the proper motivation? Of course, at my age, and after producing two fine boys, I've turned my energy to other matters.

Why look, Sebastian's Mother just walked in. Hellooooooooooo! [cackle] Here's another proud mum who knows what I mean. [Gets cup and saucer for SM.] One toadstool or two?

Sachiye, darling!

Absinthe! You shouldn't have!

Well, I've had so much tea, maybe just a little!

[Starts honkin' down giant glasses of the green fairy like nobody's business.]

That's right, SUSie.

[Readies mallet.]

[Witch Hazel]

Have a spot of tea...
[/Witch Hazel]

Hmm... isn't there some use for fake healers? It's not remove warts or curse wells... what is it?

[licks toad to take the edge off the tea]

Why doesn't that surprise me, dear?

More tea? Slurps her toadstool tea as the spiders scurry through her hair.

Golems are to be seen, not heard, so get to serving and plug your pie-hole, big boy. And NOT with out sandwiches.

SUSie, you're such a darling pooch. What breed are you?

Bitty, why are you so upset? Is it one of our golems? Such useful creatures. Be a dear big boy and go fetch the pastries from the oven.

Poor dears...little do they know we started out as goth chicks, hundreds of years ago...

Pat Buchanan wrote:
Hey, Bitty, don't you have an apointment with a death panel coming up?

You're not a lady!

Begins merciless pummeling amorphous politician with giant handbag.


Hmm...but she makes great sandwiches!

Are these virgin fingers?

Ooh! The ones with watercress are toddler's fingers!

Dig in girls. The samovar is hot, so brew your own cups.

But SOMEONE signed up for finger sandwiches, and I was so looking forward to them. And the fingers better be fresher than these biscuits!

Jack's Right Hand Man wrote:
What is this? An ugly broad convention?

Sir, this is gathering for ladies of REFINEMENT. Please take yourself away from here, lest we turn you into a condiment dispenser.

By the way, girls, who brought the biscuits and the finger sandwiches? I have a tray all ready for them, on the lazy susan.

Thankee, dearie: I hate it when condiments hop away. Puts the tray of toads on the lazy susan, in-between the samovar and an empty snack platter.

I love your new do. Who's your stylist now?

Oh goodness! I'm so excited! The girls will be here any minute. The toad stools are where did I put the toads?

I'm so proud!

Hello, dearie. It's just come to me that we should start a Ladies' Tea Society thread.

My boy is SO handsome, everybody wants to look like him...but a mother can always tell the difference.

My other boy, well, he's a whole different kettle of fish...

Erik Mona wrote:

That's what happens when I'm 3000 miles away from my editorial staff.

My powers... they are.. WANING!!!

Give him the eye!

My boys may not be big, but they're shore nuff powerful!

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