Who would you fight?

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This thread was historical until Celestial Healer told me I should bring it back.

I would fight my wife.
Technically, stats wise, she should kick my ass.
But she would fight fair, while i wouldn't. Therefore i would win.

Of course that would result in no more

boobs to the head. :)

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Callous Jack wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:
Oh actually now that I think on it. Yeah there are four guys I would just love to jump in a back alley. Won't name them here. but if any know me you can guess real easy who I am thinking of.

My guesses:

Calvin Coolidge
Kanye West
The movie trailer voice guy

No. Zombies try to eat my brains.

He needs a god b&+&* slap but no not from me.
oh he just grrr gets on my ever loving nerves.
I think I can take him, but then my orders would get lost.

Not even close.:)

Why would anyone want to fight Mama's little angel?

Lilith wrote:
Jack Chick.


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I agree with whomever said Hemingway. Not that I dislike Hemingway, but that would just be an epic brawl, an incomparable experience.
Fred Phelps. Unlike Hemingway, it'd be personal and dirty.
The guy who writes Stuff White People Like. What a smug, preening, little turd burglar. All his face is missing is my boot.
Time was I would have said Conan O'Brien but I gained a lot of respect for him after his goodbye speech.
I could list a bunch of terrorist types, but a fistfight just wouldn't suffice for them.

I think Nevada's state Senator Harry Reid could use one or two to the chops. As would any smug lawyer and politician.

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