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Amiri feels like Wormtongue...

I see, thanks.

Thought they might combine to make a somewhat better free-style fighter with full martial flexibility, sneak attack, and free fighting style.

snakebite striket

Sneak Attack (Ex)

At 1st level, the snakebite striker can make a sneak attack. This is as the rogue ability of the same name. At 1st level, her sneak attack damage is +1d6. This increases by 1d6 at 6th, 10th, 12th, and 20th levels. If she gets a sneak attack bonus from another source, the bonuses on damage stack.

This ability replaces martial flexibility.

Martial Flexibility (Ex)

A free-style fighter gains martial flexibility as per the brawler class feature, treating his fighter level as his brawler level for the purposes of this ability.

Is there any synergy between these two archetype?

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It would become a philosophical question, whether to cast animate dead or animate object on the unhatched fledgling.

SheepishEidolon wrote:

Hmm, is it actually possible to reduce an object to negative HP?

A fertile hatching egg, maybe?

Gory Finish (Combat)

Prerequisite: Dazzling Display, Weapon Focus.

Benefit: When you use the attack action, you can use a weapon with which you have Weapon Focus to make a single attack at your highest base attack bonus. If you reduce your target to negative hit points, you can spend a swift action to make an Intimidate check to demoralize all foes within 30 feet who could see your attack.


It doesn't seem to specify whether your target needs to be a creature, an equipment like sword and shield, a wall, or merely a candle.

Nor does the rules say anything about the target have to be on the enemy's side.

Can a character just gory finish an object he brought like an egg then intimidate enemies in the radius?

Just curious but will the game have stamina & combat tricks, automatic bonus progression, and/or variant multiclass?

Unless I miss it, there seems to be little to no talks about these.

Why are plants immune to curse?

I meant, even Jesus cursed a tree. :o

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So no pup shape (self only) at level one? Sad.

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I think the idea of chaotic neutral / evil seems to differ from people.

Once in a campaign I played a "chaotic neutral" barbarian, but the DM claimed the character was "evil" so the character got banned and I had to reroll a new char.

Why was the character evil? Because he didn't save a dwarf child cased in magical crystal during one quest.

In a magical world with all kind of foul sorcerery, curse, etc., not being paid handsomely to do a quest that may endanger the character's safety seems none persuasive, unless he's aligned toward good. In my opinion, the character I played was chaotic neutral.

But in my DM's eyes, he was chaotic evil. So, maybe communicate with the DM first to get the idea of chaotic neutral/evil in his mind.

To play a witty&smart chaotic neutral character, I would say plot against everyone who seems profitable, but not necessarily trigger it at any chance.

Medieval mercenary might fit the role with them raiding on their ex-employers' land once unemployed, slack off when possible, fought without passion when pitched against fellow mercenaries, Chevauchée on villages, etc.

Delightful wrote:

Video games almost always make it easier to be good by sometimes literally
stating which dialogue options are good and which are bad.

I would say video games tend to grant players who do good deeds with better rewards while taking less risks.

Good aligned quests will give more exp than evil acts. It's weird because evil seems to be a easier way to gain power, glory and wealth, but most of the time it would not be implemented in video game.

You cannot even rob the magical sword you just saw from the shopkeeper because players are often blocked by magical dimension shop space so murdering shop keepers grant you only a few useless trinkets.

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Stratagemini wrote:
Mirage Wolf wrote:

IT looks like you cam. you can, alternatively, make it more turn based with the auto-pause system.

Auto-pause system don't work well though with RTwP games from past experience.

For example, arcanum. You can get more tactical that mode but it makes the game feels frozen, due to no (breathing) animations when auto paused.

Now I just hope there is a choose one character and rest of party controlled by AI mode.

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Seeing this line from the update

*Our AI can help you control the characters in battle.*

I wonder if we can simply choose a character and let the rest of party follow the chosen leader.

Really lazy to control a full party in cRPG,unless it's turn based, then I can play it as a war board game. Much prefer NWN: HOU or DAO style.

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Dragon shaman, to make the class deals with dragons instead of lizards.

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Stratagemini wrote:

Minimal system requirements

Video: Intel HD Graphics 3000

Glad the system requirement isn't as high as Pillars of eternity.

POE required a HD4850 minimum. I could use that card to run witcher 2/crysis etc, and you cannot even rotate camera in POE. ..

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I was really hyped when I saw the news, then I saw it has real time with pause system.

Playing none casters in said system seems to be rather uninteresting and none responsive imo.

The only RTwP crpg with okish gameplay was dragon age origin, and it added many mmo-esque cool down abilities for the none casters.

Still waiting for a TOEE sequel with enemies that can grapple...

thejeff wrote:

AD&D 1E had Plate armor for 400gp. No price for cheese is given.

2E has cheese at 4sp. No quantity given, but it's under "daily food", so it's more likely a serving than a bulk purchase.
2E has Plate mail for 600gp, field plate for 2000gp & full plate for 4000-10000gp. Plate mail is described as "a combination of chain or brigandine with metal plates (curiass, epaulettes, elbow guards, gauntlets, tassets and greaves) covering vital areas. Field plate is "shaped and fitted metal plates riveted and interlocked to cover the entire body". Full plate "is the impressive, high Gothic-style armor of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance".
Looks to me like Plate mail is what PF calls half-plate & field is what PF calls full.

Dunno how much that helps.

It definitely helps, thanks.

Not sure if I'm correct, but 2E seems to have 2 editions?
The price tag with items seems to change a lot.


4000 / 10 (assuming it's still priced at this)= 400 cows
10000 / 10 = 1000 cows

There seems to be more deflation with cows in this edition!

With cheese I'll have to guess with 1 day of servings = 3 meal (though medieval people usually have 2 meals, rich got 3 or more and adventurers belong to the 1% rich)

1 serving = 1.5 ounce x 3 = 4.5 = 0.28125 lbs = 4 silver

1lbs = 14.222 silver


2 ounce x 3 = 6 = 0.375 lbs = 4 silver

1lbs = 10.666 silver

Seems cheese become overpirced in AD&D..

Does this still use the vigesimal system?

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
Mirage Wolf wrote:

Did earleir D&D already have this close number, or was it a later change to make the economy more realistic?

Plate armor in AD&D (1978) cost 400 gp, but there were also 20 sp to to the gp (which is actually a more reasonable historical relationship, IIRC). However, there was no price listed for cheese. A "merchant's meal" cost 1 sp, and if you assume that costs about the same as a pound of cheese, then plate armor was substantially less expensive in AD&D 1st Edition. (Source)

For what it's worth, from the same source
* A cow cost 10 gp.
* A small helmet cost 10 gp.
* A great helment cost 15 gp.


The old vigesimal system looks like how shillings to £ worked. :P

7500lb of cheese equivalent to 400 gold would mean 8000 sp, about 1.067 s/lbs. About the price of a merchant's meal.

Just a little conversion with plate armor to cows.

real life England

10 gp: one cow

Cow (good) 10s 12 cen(?) [7] 30
Cow 9s 5d mid 14th [1] 99
Cow 6s 1285-1290 [3] 206

6s = 0.3£
10s = 0.5£

16/0.3 = 53.333

16/0.5 = 32

3.0 and later

1500 / 10 = 150 cows

1st edition

400 / 10 = 40 cows

So the earlier edition is actually more close to the actual English number!

I wonder why price of cows got deflated in the later edition.. >_>

Hi, recently I did some easy (google) search and found the price gap between cheese and plate armor is nearly identical in pathfinder and D&D 3e as in 14th century England!

price of plate armor

From one of many quotes

Although examples of the price of armor, weapons, and equipment are known from several periods in history, it is difficult to translate historical monetary value into modern terms. It is clear, however, that the value of armor ranged from low-quality or outdated second-hand items quite affordable to citizens and mercenaries, to the cost of an entire armory of an English knight, the contents of which were valued in 1374 at over £16. This was equivalent to about five to eight years of rent for a London merchant’s house, or over three years’ worth of wages for a skilled laborer, a single helmet (a bascinet, probably with aventail) being worth the purchase price of a cow.

Many website has this but not sure where it comes from.

price of cheese

80 lb cheese 3s 4d late 13 cen [3]

1 lb = 0.5d

In D&D and pathfinder, 1lb of cheese costs 2sp.

Plate armor costs 1500 gold, 15000s, aka 7500lb cheese

7500lb x 0.5 = 3750 d

3750d / 12 = 312.5 shillings / 20 = £15.625

Yeah, I know later these armor got their prices inflated but still I would say it's pretty close to the £16 figure.

Did earleir D&D already have this close number, or was it a later change to make the economy more realistic?

In the elemental annihilator's ability description, it says you can not get utility wild talents.

Dampened Versatility (Ex)

An elemental annihilator can never gain utility wild talents.

In the Augmented element feat description, it says if you've tread utility talent away, you can gain the wild talent back.

Augmented Elements

You have the spark of psionic power, allowing you to broaden your elemental abilities.
Prerequisites: Kineticist level 1st.
Benefit: You learn a simple blast from any element (including your primary element, if there is another blast for you to choose). Unless you later gain access to this blast through another method, you increase its burn cost by 1 whenever you use it.

In addition, you gain the psionic subtype, allowing you to take psionic feats, metapsionic feats, and psionic item creation feats.

If you do not have your primary element’s basic utility talent (for example, if you have traded it away with an archetype), you also gain that wild talent.

So do these two work together? Or is augmented elements a specific feat for blood kineticist since no other archetype trading away utility wild talent from what I read.

BTW, Is Kineticist's level eligible for taking feats with manifest level? Some descriptions in Kineticist's page did mention about manifest. In the description under psionics, manifest was mentioned 9 times while under kineticist's page it was mentioned 5 times.

Didn't know that line, thanks for the correction.

This seems to be a buff to plant shape, at the same time makes the vermin shape worse. Many vermin have higher DC with poison DC ranged around 17~19, now it drops considerably.

The thread is about worthless spells though, not worthless ability.

Stinking cloud also has better DC, which equates to 10 + 3 (spell level) + dependent ability to cast modifier + any feat the character may have with a 100+ feet range.

With a 16 casting dependent mental score, the DC would be 16.

Weedwhip's poison DC equates to 12 + con modifer +1 (from the con +2 buff from spell)

You would need CON 16 to get to DC 16.

You'll need to be almost MAD (only charisma to dump) to boost this attack's DC, to hit, and have a decent AC while being able to cast.

Avoron wrote:

I think that weedwhips are one of the most terrifying Medium polymorph forms in the game. You gain three tentacle attacks with a brutal nauseating contact poison, and you get all the benefits of their 15-ft. reach without being limited by the extraordinary ability that prevents them from taking attacks of opportunity.

It's a wizard/sorcerer/alchemist spell though. The minimum level you obtain it would be at level 9 and above, even with a druid you can only get it at level 8 through wild shape.

Since it uses fortitude save, it probably might work on totally unprepared enemy casters with low fortitude saves.

Might be decent if you gain it at level 4(it's from a cr2 creature so doesn't seem overpowered even at lv3 and may stay relevant for a few levels).

Otherwises, just cast lv3 stinking cloud is better in every possible way other than duration. (the spell doesn't even get resisted by spell resistance)

*plants shape also don't grant immunity unlike element body and other spells

Element body III specifies this.

You are also immune to bleed damage, critical hits, and sneak attacks while in elemental form.

None of this had been said with plant shape.

The only thing plant shape got is this line.

Plant Shape II

This spell functions as plant shape I except that it also allows you to assume the form of a Large creature of the plant type. If the creature has immunity or resistance to any elements, you gain energy resistance 20 to those elements.

At level 11 with 1 slot of level 6 spell, or a level 10 druid, the shape can finally gain energy resistance of 20.

I was in a 3.0 campaign and we encountered a werewolf but no one in the party cann bypass its damage reduction, so the fighter bullrushed it from the top of tower and called it a day.

We also bullrushed a villain in plate armor unto a pit so he cannot climb up and we just shot him to death from above.

It's rather situational but may come handy sometimes, such as pushing enemies into traps that they avoided.

Azten wrote:

Kinetic Fist Damage would only be 1d6, and it's still a point of burn. If you're gathering power, you aren't full attacking,mane that means less damage.

Kinetic Fist wrote:
You deal an additional 1d6 points of damage per 3 dice of your kinetic blast’s damage (minimum 1d6), and this damage is of the same type as your kinetic blast’s damage.
6d6 blast would get you 2d6 fist.

Agh, I see. Thought it gave 1d6 minimum then having 3d6 kinetic blast damage would grant additional 1d6 damages.


Do psychic with mutation mind archetype get tentacles?


I think you add the attack bonus to the synthesist shape so it would be +4 bab (+1 from eidolon and +3 from kineticist), same as a full e6 kineticist would get.

Well, in 14th century I believe European forests had been shrinking down considerably due to human society's usages of wood till black death spread out.

While pathfinder and D&D aren't a direct conversion of medieval real life, the amount of population would probably pose a threat to nature like what happened in real life.

It's odd that plant creatures and nature preservers don't fight back against human society. But then, the treants in LOTR never did anything when humans were doing it. Guess it's only evil when baddie does it.

Yeah I know it's a game but it feels like odd to me. If I put the feeling into words, it would be a pacifist living in ghetto beating people up to promote peace.

Recently I beat the game age of decadence and the idea of playing a alien-like humanoid with tentacles and jadi like ability comes to mind.

Here is a rough build.


DEX 14
CON 10
INT 13
WIS 12
CHA 12

The stats's not really optimized for RP purpose.
(such as a regular person in today society thrown into a fantasy world, only finding got 10 points and the stats are spread out)

1st level summoner synthesist

Biped 3 evolution points.
2 would be used for 2 tentacle (mass)
1 for reach, unnatural aura, or improved natural armor (all seem pretty good in low level campaign)

Known spells - shield and Rejuvenate Eidolon, Lesser

The rest 5 levels go to kineticists, taking elmental water as focus so he would get the an equivalent +4 armor bonus as mage armor replacement.

Once at level 6, the tentacles (and claws) would have +2d6 damages from kinetic fist, not counting further improvements taking extra evolution twice.

The blast damage would be at 3d6 + eidolon's con modification.

Using gather power would also be safer due to synthesist's superior ac.

He would be able to use 5 levels of synthesist abilities regularly. And if the eidolon gets banished, his kinetic blast actually gets a boost due to having higher dex.

Will this build be any good in a e6 party or would he fall behind later?

Going a straight 6 level synthesist seems easier (and probably stronger) but he has no telekinesis ability other than cantrip, which defeats the idea of a tentacle telekinesis user.

Due to manufactured weapons mostly require furnace, which is fired(and maintained?) by the usage of charcoal, I thought it was the primary reason for druid not using metal gears in order to preserve nature.

(no idea why scimitar is exception though)

Since druids are supposed to revere nature, does the act of using human society currency counter against the code?

Assuming trees are cut down to make furniture, houses, tools, toy, cart, ship or used as fuel to keep fire/maintain furnace etc., human society probably does more damages to nature than evil baddies.

To keep road safe, trees beside roads were also trimmed down in order for safer passage during medieval.

In cities, much excrement was collected and poured down in river which further damage the ecology system.

Why would a druid even use currency which not only goes against contact with man made metal, but also promotes trade flow which would require the usages of cart/ship that use woods?

Plant shape spells.

The rules grant little useful abilities with them, being slow and don't hit as hard as the beast shape, while being lv 5 to lv7 spells.


They don't get overshadowed by big cat as animal companion in 3.x

Some creatures also have physical stats that I find hard to agree with.

For example


Doppleganger STR 18
Gorilla STR 15


Doppleganger STR12
Gorilla STR 21

I also like the fluff write ups in 3.5 about each class attitudes toward the other classes. It's a bit stereotype but also brings up some imaginative ideas.

Where do I buy the soundtrack it mentioned on the official website homepage?

It doesn't list soundtrack on the product page nor here.

--official website home page

Now selling: the campaign setting book in print or PDF, as well as the original soundtrack! Buy separate or as a bundle.

--- follows the link to the product page

Purchase Options for Pure Steam

Purchase PDFs from Paizo, DriveThruRPG, or!

Purchase print copies at your local game store!


soundtrack is nowhere to been seen.

Bump. And since we got occult class, hope we get the starting age for the new added classes as well.

Purple Duck Games wrote:

I think that supplement was produced by Ronin Arts. I don't know if its available anyway anymore.

Just checked Ronin Arts's category and cannot find it there either. Too bad it's no longer available. Thanks.

The supplement pdf rumors & lies isn't here? Cannot seem to find it on the pages.

Thanks for the link. The guide is also really helpful especially with the whole list of creatures.

Two pools seem reasonable and a variable choice for p6. Always kind felt variant multiclassing blends well with p6 since it's only 1 feat trade.

Sorry to bump this old thread, but since now we got Variant Multiclassing, does a cleric with wizard (necromancy) as focus combine their level for determining how many undead they control?


A character who chooses wizard as his secondary class gains the following secondary class features.

School Power: At 7th level, he gains the 1st-level powers of his chosen school. If any of those powers grant an extra effect at 20th level, the character does not gain that extra effect.

A fighter multiclass varianted wizard (necromancy) at level 7 gain command undead and get 7HD undead under his control.

So, when a cleric multiclass varianted wizard (necromancy) and gain command undead at level 7, would he have 14 HD or 7HD undead under his control?

Didn't notice the shield, my bad.

Read its other attack involving 4 claws, so didn't assume it had a shield in hand. :?

4 claws +13 (1d4+3 plus grab), bite +12 (1d3+3 plus paralysis)

Jeraa wrote:

Xill only have 2 short swords, not 3.

They should have:
2 attacks with primary short sword (high BAB)
1 attack with offhand short sword
2 claw attacks
and 1 bite attack

Thanks for the quick reply.

My mistake, but a Xill still misses one claw attack it seems.

Melee short swords +13/+13/+8 (1d6+3/19–20), claw +13 (1d4+3 plus grab), bite +7 (1d3+1 plus paralysis)

Melee short swords +13/+13/+8 (1d6+3/19–20), 2 arms wield shortsword

claw +13 (1d4+3 plus grab), 1 claw, should be 2 claws here

bite +7 (1d3+1 plus paralysis), 1 bite

Hi, I've already searched about multiattack threads, which most discuss about Eidolon.

Then, I just checked Xill's status chart on d20srd and found this.

Melee short swords +13/+13/+8 (1d6+3/19–20), claw +13 (1d4+3 plus grab), bite +7 (1d3+1 plus paralysis)

Multiweapon Mastery (Ex)

A xill never takes penalties to an attack roll when fighting with multiple weapons, and treats claws as primary attacks even when also wielding weapons.

Since Xill holds 3 short sword, wouldn't it have +13/+8 from primary arm, +13 sword x 2 from secondary arms, +13 claw from the last arm?

Or am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.

Baki the Grappler and Terra Formars.

I hoped the upcoming pathfinder crpg play like temple of elemental evil. Giant frogs grappling and swallowing whole were already more exciting than the time I had spent with NWN2.

A free mode (not interfered with main campaign though you can choose to have the original campaign on as an opinion)with an open isometric world (like storm of zephir but with more realism instead of monsters spawing out of air, no real population growth/loss so caravans don't really matter, etc.) which player creates a character (or a party) and there would be random events happening to the world.

It would be great if it's moddable so all kinds of ideas could contribute to the (modded) gameplay. Adding festivals, adventure hooks, disaster, dynamic events that you or even npc (depending on the npc's strength or a country's national power, etc.) may have an impact on.

There are many records about people having head injuries which later "unlock" a talent of some kind of news all the time. Adventurers are going to have their head smashed often so nothing sounds abnormal here.

I've a question regarding the cold cone.

Are skeletons supposed to be immune to cold damages?

Back in 3.5 monster manual, there were always a line showing the probability of said creatures' alignments. (for example, goblins were listed as "usually" neutral evil) But I cannot seem to find this kind of phrases in bestiary, is it simply missing or is there a new way to determine this?

Animate object so I can enslave a million brooms. :p

Summoner (synthesist), alchemist (beastmorph), and maybe barbarian archetype because they fit into the transformation hero types. (not so much with druids due to the alignment restrictions... and there are no master of many forms in PF)

Samurai Champeloo? The main character is pretty much a *commoner,* of course a fighter has no problems simulating it...

But then, in most anime fighters are crap. The hero (yussha) usually has some form of magic while being able to weild sword like magus, charismatic personalities like the bard, utilities spells like the wizard (except the most powerful spell so wizzies still got a place in the party while "regular fighters" just don't exist there), or super power like the barbarian... sometimes they even get healing spells, and let's ignore the "protagonist plot armor that grants bloodline heritage powers" that could be from a sorcerer

Unless you mean some less popular manga like Sengoku Tenshouki or Hawkwood which pretty much has the main character as a fighter (or samurai/cavalier in more specific terms), or some old anime that are based on DnD like Record of lodoss where a fighter is a fighter, no more no less. Popular anime/manga tends to grant protagonist special power like guyver (can be emulated by synthesist), shapeshifting in Terra formars (could be done by beastmorph alchemist.. though they lack the mean to turn into insectoid despite the fluff ), blood heritage that grants phenomenal skills / spells / shifting, etc.

I want to see frost giants with their trained remorhaz on the way to hunt white dragon and alike, though this seems to be out of place.

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