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For me, witches hands-down.

They have the most flavorful and unique class abilities through their hexes, and, while any class can be played in a humorous or frightening way, I think the mechanics of the witch give itself the highest potential for playing a gag character or playing a terrifying nightmare.

Prehensile Hair. Child Scent. COOK PEOPLE. The ability is just called COOK PEOPLE.

Magus, for me. (Though Monk is a close second)

Arcane Pool makes up for not having full BAB, prepared casting is a bit restrictive (I loved Duskblades in 3.5, who were INT based spontaneous casters) but the recall ability helps with that. Channeling spells through weapons is amazing and Spell Combat is too.

Hexcrafter archetypes give the Magus witch hexes, so its a win-win.

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Wizard because I like telling physics to sit down and shut up.

It's cliche, but it's still true.

I have always been partial to paladins, though the magus also shines to me.
The overall power and amazing defenses of the paladin make it stick out to me, but the seemingly limitless potential that the magus class has really makes it stick out.

I love playing a sorcerer. The Bloodlines are the best thing Paizo has done to the class, I love it. And on top of that, you've got spontaneous casting! Who wouldn't want to have the ability to toss out a whole bunch of spells they know at a moments notice? The spells known per level are less than great, but human FCB helps with that.

The Shadow Assassin by Super Genius Games. It's not super strong, but I'm in love with the archetypical shadow warrior, and this hits my spot like few other things can. Combine that with some cool mechanics like the ability to summon shurikens made of shadowstuff that have magical abilities you set, and I just love the class :)

Rogue: because i like the underdog feeling.
Wizard: because i like to be smart and do magic.
Figther : because Stern Warriors with a grim out look and a touch of fanatisim is great.
Barbarian: because of Total Viking Power!!!
And recently Magus: because combining the Stern guy and the magic guy turned out to be great.

Magus, I just like playing a versatile character who has an answer for everything even if it isn't THE answer, ie if I don't have a spell ready, I have an enchantment for my blade. I always play melee-casters, I don't like playing characters that a half blind goblin with a bum leg can kill me with one arm tied behind his back, once I enter a non-magic zone.

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aceDiamond wrote:
I love playing a sorcerer. The Bloodlines are the best thing Paizo has done to the class, I love it. And on top of that, you've got spontaneous casting! Who wouldn't want to have the ability to toss out a whole bunch of spells they know at a moments notice? The spells known per level are less than great, but human FCB helps with that.


Depending on how the arcanist shakes out after the final class is published, it might give the sorcerer a run, but for right now, it's still the sorcerer.

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Favorite class: Alchemist because of the myriad of archetype that can totally transform the class into any role.

Favorite Prestige class: mystic theurge, nothing is better than being able to cast wishes and miracles at the same-time. That said I never had the chance to play one past level 3.

Seems I'm the first to say Bard. I like skill-based characters, I like characters with at least a measure of social usefulness, and I like spontaneous spellcasters. Bards tick all my boxes. Admittedly, Inquisitors have more flexible spellcasting due to their domain, and most bards have pretty lacklustre combat ability due to their charisma requirement and the lack of either feats or combat-focused class abilities - but I keep coming back to Bards. Guess it's the historian in me.

Now, I'll directly admit that neither of those is as strong as, say, an Oracle (awesome class) or Paladin, but there you have it: I'll pick flavour over numbers any day of the week. [Also, Paladins really struggle with skill points. I did mention I liked skills, right?]

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Gotta say I'm a fan of clerics, since you can do just about anything with them. I currently have a 9th-level melee cleric that I love, I've played alongside really nifty healer/buffing clerics, and I'm also itching to try an offensive caster cleric or an archer cleric.

Honestly, do we even need the other classes? ;)

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Bard. I like being able to do a little of everything and support the team. Their potential is limitless.

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Monk. I'm big on wuxia and power rangers.

Second place is Alchemist because science.

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Fighters and rogues

Wizard is my favourite, I definitely prefer it to the other flavours of magic since it's based on knowledge and learning. I see them as the scientists of the D&D world.

I'm also quite partial to Paladins. I like to play heroic characters and you can't get much more heroic than a warrior dedicated to the forces of light.

Might not be the most popular, but I loveeeee Oracles.
The flavor, with curses and mysteries, is just awesome. along with not being connected to one deity, but an idea.
There is so much you can do with the oracle. Versatility helps a lot.

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Magus (Bladebound) because I love Elric. Also because I miss the Swordsage and I still hope for an archtype or alt-class that fits that image someday. Though if they flavor it with a little arcanist in the ACG that would be awesome.


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Why should I have to pick between cheesecake, pumpkin pie, and ice cream when I can eat all three delicious desserts and contribute to the party while doing it!

wizard - because I know the laws of physics and get to tell them what to do

Magus; the best fusion of martial & arcane, a true intellectual warrior.

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Summoners, you play the relationship between the summoner/eidolon many different ways. Tactically, you have so many options and ways to make a flavorful character.

Unfortunately, Paizo doesn't support as well or as skillfully as they could IMHO. The iconic hasn't even had his story told or gone on an adventure path.

Next Oracles and Alchemists. Both are potentially flavorful. Also, I think there are some very cool historical figures whose natural fit class wise in Oracle.

I like every class, more or less.
My favorites are Fighter and Wizard: the most iconic and classic, and the most customizable. Maybe Fighter edges out a bit because he's the underdog. Anyway, Eldritch Knights for the win (I prefer them over Magi).

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bard and barbarian

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I don't wax poetic about them, but I often seem to gravitate toward the bard. The idea of combining a longsword, mirror image, and lots of non-combat utility just scratches that itch for me. I was a big fan of the chevalier bard kit back in the AD&D days; sometimes I like to drop a feat on MWP (lance) or take a level of Fighter to create a fighting dandy with the gift of enchantment. It's kind of a fairy tale archetype, the brave warrior who is also a little guilesome and is not above using magical tricks to one-up his foes.

Evolutionist Summoner. Nearly limitless artistic/stylistic/thematic license. Arguably more versatile than any other class. Can be reconfigured on the fly to be decent as a front line, healer, buffer, skillmonkey, crafter, tank, scout... You name it.

If you dont know what role you want to play.
If you want to play more than one role.
If your party needs an x and you need to fill that role without being restricted to that role?

Evolutionist summoner.

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Airon87 wrote:

I like every class, more or less.

My favorites are Fighter and Wizard: the most iconic and classic, and the most customizable. Maybe Fighter edges out a bit because he's the underdog. Anyway, Eldritch Knights for the win (I prefer them over Magi).

I agree with the goat; Eldritch Knight is my favorite. While Magus might blend things better, I'm really more of a sword *or* spell guy. I like having nearly full casting while having my sword on the side in the event that maybe I wanted to hit people today.

As far as base classes I enjoy just about any kind of caster, whether it be Inquisitor or Summoner, but Sorcerer is kind of my go-to class.

I think my Paladin of Shelyn 2/Arcane Duelist (till 20) is my favorite character yet. So much flavor and an atypical paladin to boot.

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Magus. I love melee spellcasters. There's a surprising amount of things you can do with the class depending on what weapon you utilize.

cleric. i love the flexibility of the class. also, let me touch you and make you feel real good *wink wink*

we just recently switched from 3.5 to pf so i haven't tried out some of the new pf classes yet. i'm currently playing an alchemist and i have a barcheologist skill monkey waiting in the wings should the alchemist die. i also want to try a summoner and an oracle--that oradin build looks badass!--so it's possible i might decide one of these is my favourite. it's unlikely though, i've loved clerics the most for 29 years now :)

Summoner (synthesist), alchemist (beastmorph), and maybe barbarian archetype because they fit into the transformation hero types. (not so much with druids due to the alignment restrictions... and there are no master of many forms in PF)

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The bard. Because it's the bard. 'Nuff said.

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I choose Rogue - its a form of deviancy.
I choose Arcane Trickster - as a complimentary fetish.
I choose Magus / Rogue / Arcane Trickster - a fashionable Trifecta.

Honor guard, Order of the Dragon Cavalier because it is the charismatic leader who shines and makes others shine.

Inquisitor because it just does so much so well.

Fighter is my favorite. Always good to great in combat and with the class abundance of feats can easily grab some non combat feats to increase his low base skill set. I have yet to have a fighter character that I regretted making.

It is also one of those classes that you can take a single level dip into and get a lot for a low investment. One level lets me use all the martial weapons, all the armor, lets me pack around a tower shield if so inclined, and gives me an extra feat!? Yes please.

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Bard. You can easily be awesome at pretty much anything. Make that mediocre party into an unstoppable force, have all the skills ever, have a great spell list, and be a strong combatant - all of it possible at once. What's not to like?

Wizard, baby. Every day, memorize new spells, you're a completely new kind of threat. Familiars. (Looooove my familiar!) Scrolls like crazy so you have something in your pocket for every situation. The man with the knowledge, the man with the plan. Crafting. And, of course, godlike power ftw.

The majority of all the PC's I have ever been were Clerics. The Domains and Subdomains offer unrivaled options for RPing. Your god gives you a foundation to build on. So many choices!

Also, you offer the power of life and death for your party. When the Cleric tells you all it's time to rest, you unpack your bedroll and set watches.

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Monks because they have so many cool abilities. Are they incredibly useful? No. But they are cool. And an archetype fixes that.

Then oracle, because say what you like about clerics, oracles have just as much, if not more, flexibility. Plus, I get to be insane and randomly whisper my plans for world domination/destruction in abyssal while fighting.

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To quote a certain guide:




Easy method to full attack with in pounce, Spell Sunder sunders spells, doesn't have to worry about that pesky Will save thing Rangers and Fighters keep talking about with superstition, has a couple of good archetypes and Titan Mauler, gives a nice flavorful counterpart to the ranger, AND of course smash. Can't forget smash.

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Fighters. They're such a basic class, and completely dependent on your vision of the character for flavor. Other than that, Oracles and Sorcerors are both very interesting and fun to play.

Wizards. While they are not as adept as those with bloodlines are, the fact they can craft from level 1 makes them desirable. Even if it's just scrolls and wands, I can make a wizard prepared for most situations.

Master of Many Styles Monks.

Because punching people >>>>> your puny weapons (at least in my head...=(), and Styles are awesome and let you narrate your attacks really well. "Okay so I block, then retaliate with a punch, while he's off balance I slam him in the face with my elbow...okay, then it's MY turn now".

Also, Barbarians.

Because they can smash anything. People. Objects. MAGIC ITSELF.

Barbarians for the all out mighty rage!

Rogues because if there is one thing I hate in RPGs and IRL it's a locked door.

Samurai for the sheer "I will not die yet!" motif.


Because when you can walk into an ex-Assassin's shop, threaten her, take a Flurry of Blows coupled with Sneak Attack damage and live to the tell with Resolve to spare, you don't need anything else.

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Monk. I know they are not great mechanically, but I love the mobility and flavor of the class despite its weaknesses. Favorite archetypes are Martial Artist and Tetori.

Personally I am fond of Magus and the Shadowdancer PrC.

In close second is the Inquistor.

Personally I am glad Paizo is creating more and more 6 lvl casters. I always hate playing pure casters( it always seems so unfair, and my group is not the best at optimizing so it makes it all the worse) but I hating being like the fighter and just go "ok guys, I guess I am full attacking this round... again..."

If you are including the ACG classes though, I have fallen in love with the Arcanist (I made a MEAN dispel focused caster with it that was fun), the bloodrager, and the warpriest.

Big fan of Rangers here despite not getting a chance of playing one for a long time.

My top favorite is probably Cleric.

Rogue and Druid. I've always believed adventurers should have way more skills and love playing "talented" characters with lots of skills.

Druids, for me, are just a lot of fun to play.

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Druid, hands down, because Wild Shape mostly

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