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WatersLethe wrote:

I have rules questions! I'll start by trying to avoid the super nitty gritty ones...

Q1: Can animal companions use magical items without the companion trait?

no, the CRB on page 535 states in fairly direct terms "items are assumed to be worn by humanoids, any item that can be worn or must be worn by a different type of creature either states this in the description or has the companion trait"

so if the items description does not call out "can be used by animal companions or it does not have the trait, RAW the item cannot be used

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Can we get this confirmed by another staff member - while I agree with that (it was what happened when I bought the pins) the page clearly says otherwise and the tenuous statement that "it's a different heading" does not fit well with me when it comes to arguing and not letting a reroll happen.

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the locate spell states
If there’s lead or running water between you and the target, this spell can’t locate the object.

The Unrelenting Observation spell states
The tracking creatures can see the tracked creature or
object through all barriers other than lead or running water,
which block their vision.

but it does not seem to be just mentioned elsewhere in the game - so based on that info, running water and any amount of lead blocks Scrying and Divination magic - which is interesting to note.

so a magic sword, sitting on the floor behind a waterfall - is undetectable lol

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and yet the scale was inside a box that was lined with lead that from what the text says stoped or limited the effects - to overrule this they have stated that the lead has shaken loose.

So mundane metal can block it but an extradimensional space can't? it smells to me like this is a massive oversight that has no in game answer - thankyou for your advice I am defiantly going to take it onboard.

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okay, so the Scale is located in the box - I (playing my druid) had bought a bag of holding and placed that box into the bag.

The GM played the scenario as is - stating the scales magic was--- well able to effect the material realm from an extra dimensional space.

Based on everything that has happened previously (PF1) an extra dimensional space should have nullified the magic of the scale.

to prevent this (as it did nto sit well with me at all how my GM ran it) do people agree that the box is emitting some sort of magic that prevents it from being able to be put into a bag of holding - ie as you attempt to move it into the bag, a force acts against you, the harder you push the less movement you make and then you hand with the box flies back from the bag.

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this is great, anychance for an additional resources for PFS - PF2 anytime soon, I love having these options, but what can I use in PFS????

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Sadly you have to wait for the additional resources page to be updated, and well there is not even a off of the pf2 society guide let alone additional resources.

So you simply have to stick to core until further notice

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So still no pdf or print version

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breithauptclan wrote:

Are there any damage spells with emanation areas? I haven't looked through the entire list of spells yet.

If there are, I would hope that you could exclude your own space when dealing damage. If not, then that would be a good reason to not cast that spell...

If there aren't any damaging emanations, then I would think that an emanation should always include your own space unless the spell says otherwise.

But the description specifically says otherwise. It issues from the edges of your square outward.

And in the example of play it says bless "effects all my allies beside me" not the cleric.

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okay, I have only skim read the pages buuuuut

On the chronicles it says "items sold" and that you right a value (1/2 purchase price)

Does this mean players can sell enemy gear etc? I cannot see anything written in the PF2 guild.

lets cancel this - I found it says they can "purchase or sell items between scenario's" so this is to track things like selling your chain shirt when you upgrade to fullplate etc.

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thats what I was thinking, cool, I had someone ask and I went through all my PDF's and was thinking I needed to spend more money at Paizo lol

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a friend linked me to this site, I can't find where they are getting their info, any insights here?

most of the stuff is from the PFS guide but the race stuff is, well I can't find it mentioned anywhere;

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The action economy is sounding very similar to other D20 games.

TBH the reaction system seems more confusing than the current system. It also seems to me that the magic classes are being targeted, pretty much all spells have 2 needs which means 2 actions.

I won't make a judgement until the release of the playtest but this seems to swing the favourism towards the melee. they get more bang for their buck. It will also kill off things like the Harrower class (who using the new rules - would use 3 actions to cast a spell).

an alchemist like a feral vivisist one would use all actions in the first round
1) pull out potion
2) Drink Mutagin
3) move....

I feel if you add items or skills your going to create a system inherent to break. If you add that Alchemists can do the mutagen pulling and driunking as one action you undermine alot of your action economy...

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it does not sound too bad, can I make one request!

DON'T SCREW THIS UP!!! I have real concerns that you are going to make this like 5E. The simplifying of things is good, the action economy has promise.

I like the removal of initiative and the use of other skills for initiative but it does seem clunky ie the GM will need to spend time asking everyone what they are doing this will be both good and bad.

I would like something like the crypt released as a proper PF2 module in the playtest so people can give it a proper workout.

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Crafting time is something of contention, a small item cannot take 4 hours like it says,

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I win... I mean thankyou GM Blake for explaining it for me :)

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Starfinder society.

if effect, i I have 1000 UPB's

Can I use a handful to make a blank swipe card without a Crafting station?

RAW states in Crafting
"Crafting items requires you to have access to tools and a workshop or similar space."

however under UPB
"Each UPB is a tiny multifunction component, not much larger than a grain of rice, capable of being configured to act as a brace, capacitor etc etc and dozens of other constituent parts"

So does this mean
I can use UPB's to make the components - casing, witcuits, but not actually the swipe card?

or can I make the whole swipe card -

either way do I need a "workshop"?

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Awesome work mate, AWESOME!

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see this is what I tell my players "it is not Pathfinder"

People keep comparing the two, but Starfinder has consequences, often (90% of the time) a Pathfidner Scenario allows you to murder hobo with no consequences or sometimes you might require a attonement cause you ignored the "that is evil" prompt.

In Starfinder, you can kill the NPC you needed to keep alive, you can screw up a scenario by not stealthing or bluffing.

I love this, it means players cannot approach with the same attitude they once did, and that in turn means people are having to put some thought into their actions, which is imho enabling more inclusion of other players.

Last night in PFS we had a Diplomacy character and 2 murder hobo's - 5 pages of scripting was skipped because the MH's went "I charge in" which meant the other players were not having as much fun...

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thanks heaps Thursty \I will let my friend know, as long as we have not gone mad (the conversation was intense as we all read it then back tracked and then came up with a new approach lol)

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isn't there info in the ruins of Azlant AP? I think I read a Paizo blog about it somewhere

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bump! Official help would be appreciated, GM Blake does provide some good advise but comeon Paizo people! Thirsty you out there?

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So the issue causing a tonne of confusion that I need assistance with is Fusion Seals.

RAW says (spoilers used to make post neater)

A fusion seal affects only weapons of a given level or less, as
noted in parentheses after the name of the fusion seal. For
example, a holy fusion seal that could be applied to any weapon
of 10th level or lower would be written holy fusion seal (10th).

so I can if I have the dosh at level 3 or 4 buy a level 10 Seal except in the SFS guide

You may always purchase the following items or equipment as long
as you’re in an appropriate settlement (see above).
• All equipment listed in the Starfinder Core Rulebook with an
item level equal to your character level + 1.
• All equipment listed in sanctioned Starfinder content with an
item level equal to your character.
• Any equipment listed on your character’s Chronicle sheets
with an item level equal to your character level + 2.
• All items and services purchased with Fame.

So in SFS I can not able to buy a level 10 at PC Level 4 I can only buy Seal (4) or Seal (5) at best. The arguement that my friend is having is that this makes the purpose of buying seals for 110% of the Fusion price unlikely to be worth it (why pay more if I cannot benifit from it as in a level or 2 I will just completly change my weapon)

I guess I am asking What am I missing and is there an explanation of Fusion Seals in SFS terms as the SFS seems to counter or break the purpose of Seals?

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so a revision

Mesmerist - Spirit Walker 1
Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus


2nd Level - Sorceror - Fey Bloodline
3rd Psychic

The DC's in most of the spells
DC's 17 to 20

with the neg 2 this means most DC's are really 19 to 22 at level 3 which I can live with easily.

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Thansk for the advice, I want to give the Psychic a try and when I was just fiddling with it.

My idea is a Charles Exavier type Psychic who can battle fiend control by locking down the bad guys, preferrably steering clear of the standard classes, and yes this is for PFS.

I am thinking of a level dip (or more) in mesmerist for hte -2 for wills, effectivly boosting the DC by 2 so with fiddling a DC 15 is actually 17 at level 2..... kind of fun.

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Hey I need the skills of those far greater than I!

I am wanting to make a Bad Guy control PC - so I am thinking spells like, Charm Person, Control, Suggestion etc.

I feel the obvious starting point is atleast a1 level of Mesmerist for the free -2 for the will saves.

I am thinking Human (2 feats), however I do have a Samsaran boon....

beyond this I am at a lost, I am thinking the psychis class might be fun and blends with the mesmerist well. Any advice?

so far I have a
Mesmerist - Spirit Walker 1 To beable to effect undead
14 or 17 Charisma
12 Dex
14 Int
spell focus enchantment as a feat

Dunno about Race - Human for 2 feats and +2 to 1 skill or
Samsaran - =2 int and wisdom....

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I will admit, I was so excited to get this book.

then Read it
The shifter is horrible. It has some fun theatricallity but as far as actual class or archetypes, nope it is horrid. I will be rating this book a 1 star and I recommend everyone does cause noone ever reads this page

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ok to bump this, cause I am doing a home game and wanted to touch on aroden, how we know he is dead?

the wiki states

and all presume Aroden is dead

no confirmation! where is the stuff about pharasma seeing him to be judged?

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my only grip with this, and I literally mean only, is the restriction of the classes used.

The newer classes, including those on the soon to come book. so thats disappointing cause the base classes I find a little bland (I love my arcanist, well both of them they are dead, but the third would be better I swear)

but oh well, the rest of it sounds great

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Merry Christmas and have fun, maybe we should try not to just murder hobo this time of year?

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umm, you mean level 4 right?

My level 4 Cleric has 20 fame, which means that he can purchase 5250gp worth of items, meaning he can purchase a 2nd level wand at level 4 not 6!

unless I am completely missing something.

as for the cost, well you get 50 of the spells instead of 1 or 2 that a class who can cast that spell can do.

so if you do the whole math thing

4500gp / 50 = 90gp per spell for a spammable spell, means that the wands are somewhat game breakable. ie if you cast 50 2nd level spells (extreemly hard to do) but you would be able to make a level 4 wizard or sorcerer seem inadequate.

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The Fourth Horseman wrote:
Jayson MF Kip wrote:
Threads like this?
This. Haters gonna hate. ;)

Shake it off, shake it off!!!!

meh I think enough is banned

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this is great, I am on the edge waiting for more! I must make a druid monk mega smasher!!!!

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it's a level 1/2 I think so yes replayable

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Does a knife master rogue gain the d8 benifit from using Quadrens?

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thanks for the advice guys wonderful info, back to the drawing board for me lol

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you do speak very good reason!

is there any way you know of that can increase Arcanist (cause I like the class) survivability and utility once your spells run out!

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weirdness, cookyness, and a more combat orientated character once the spells run out (which can happen alot).

The issue is I like the Magus, and I like features from the Arcanist (ie the counterspell and the Dimensional slide - the two main reasons for Arcanist)

I am more than anything, looking at a good combo, I have not dabbled in multiclassing and the combo's do look good sometimes.

the Magus/Arcanist combo I think will not be a bad combo, but I doubt will achieve the survivability that I am after, maybe monk/Arcanist combo.

I am after a boost in AC as casters are very squishy, but also some viable combat should I run out of spells.

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Good Day

ok I am thinking/toying with creating a Arcanist/Bladebound Magus multiclass, (3 dip of Arcanist and 3 of Magus seems an interesting combo) but the problem I have is finding the rules regarding...

arcane spell failure. the text reads

" He can cast magus spells while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance."

so if I multiclass, this would mean that the arcanist and magus spells would need to be tracked differently, and that the Arcanist spells would still suffer a arcane spell failure yes?

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Tsriel wrote:


*sigh* Honestly, Emerald Spire should've had a campaign mode.

agreed thanks for the help

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My Blades purpose was to seek revenge on the one who slayed it in life, turns out my black blade was an azlanti like 5 or 600 years ago, who got killed by a demon of some description. With the opening of the world wound the soul returned and formed the black blade for the purpose to slay all demons and to seek out the demon who slayed him and seek revenge!

To this end, the blade took an advisary role and also a protectory one for it's master, including a massive desire to slay a succabus!

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just a level or 2, it's a mini con and we are running 3 levels over 3 days so apart from me whom will be GM'ing 2 of the levels, there may not be many continueing players, I am thinking of goign with the shared prep dark archive intro.

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I will be running this (and level 2) shortly for PFS, how do we introduce it? The quests don't seem to relate to PFS!

So whats the best method to introduce it, do we skip the fort stuff and just go with the pfs gm prep (you have been sent to the emerald spire, murder your way through)?

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for the reference to 3b

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Ok, so I played the Mod "Master of the Fallen Fortruss"

1 Barbarian
2 Kyra's
1 Psychic (me)

Well it was not too bad,
The main offensive spell was Bleed, which was unfortunate. Mind BLast was good, and using the abomination form was not bad.

It was ruled by the GM that the spell Bleed if cast with "Dark Half" stacked the bleed damage, though a offical ruling would be nice.

Basically being a modual, I had
Mage Armour
Mind Thrust 1

Using Mage Armour gave me 2 more level 1's for ALOT of fights, and basing my character Charisma and Intellect, meant that I needed to look at point blank shot etc otherwise once I had cast 2 spells, the character was largely useless.

I did not have the defense to risk Melee, when I did I died (twice) the final time was a crit.

More Offensive spells or the ability to do a spell like, I dunno, dominate mind or something, a psychic version of a grapple to make the Character more useful after burning it's spells.

The DR would have been nice at level 1, so at first level DR 1 rising to DR 3 at 3 and then DR 5 at level 5 (you are a caster, you have low HP and die very fast)

More "Psychic" type spells, the class is great fun, but lacks flavour, the spells I have access to are extreemly limited and with only Bleed as a level 0 spell, offensivness is mute.

The way I would like to see this character is either

1) Play on the psychic idea - turn it into an offensive caster - more damage spells or abilities to boost damage spells

2) Make the class more defensive - maybe the ability to do a psychic dual with the person attacking you, liek a swashbuckler - if you roll and attack and if you win the attack goes astray!

As it stands the class does not feel very fluid, it feels almost thrown together and not powerful, or strong!

Or free up a level 1 spell and give them the ability to cast mage armour X amount of times per day for free.

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oh a few things chatted to my VL and VO about this

1) not illegal just a weird idea
2) not rincewind, Rincewind would actually have low Wisdom, he could cast spells he was just a dull person, which is wisdom not intellect (ie socially inept)

but I am liking the builds lol.

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Well first game...level 1 mod

The psychic got crit and died.....30pts dmg. 7hp and 10 con.

Toon was fun. But very very limited.

At level 1 bleed was my friend.
The mind blast 1 was good and abomination form was a hoot.

Despite dying the level 1 psychic did significant damage to everything with bleed. . I would like see more offensive abilities.

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Auriea wrote:
Meadow lark wrote:
Auriea wrote:
Meadow lark wrote:
I am working on a psychic.....chuck xavier
Am I allowed to make fun of your receding hairline?

Go for it, but I will probe your mind!!!!

I am trying to work out if I can get a whole levitating wheelchair lol

Guess I'll have to wait for another level so it'll be harder for you to do so...... Or, get my hat lined in lead and make it impossible! Wait, that'll be heavy......

ROFL I am loving the idea now, a bald human, sitting in a nice yellow sofa or better still once I get the dosh (maybe) a cauldron love it lol

I assume you might be able to use a mithril helm or something, technically the ability to block psychic powers is due to the

technology wired into the helmet itself.

so you could use a normal helm and maybe claim it has all sorts of wiring etc inside it!!!

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hmm that explains abit a facebook argument brought here!

I agree with the whole "run it" but the tone of various posts, including the one I quoted implied that the usual GM discretion would not be followed.

I agree a toon for PFS (or any RPG) should be able to contribute, but hey if someone wants to make a weird and cooky toon like a wizard with 9 int, I say go for it.

Also do we absolutly know it was a wiz with 9 int. I have a guy who is playing a Dwarf Barbarian...but the thing is it's actually a Human Rogue....sure he did not live long, but the flavour was a dwarf barbarian, he had done up other sheets etc as the toon believed him to be a dwarf barbarian.....

I saw if it's a public game we have very very limited options, if you are going to behave rudely then sure kick em, if they are going to run a broken toon, then be a good gm and let the scenario run, and be fair to all. if the tier gets stepped up, fudge a few rolls if the scenario is getting too much, or play down teir, there are 1 billion other options before you even go to (as so many did) not letting him play!

There have been some immensly valuable and sound posts here, but there are alot who have just wanted to kick the poor guy without in my view, just cause.

Oh and Belafon, you tried exiting, but got eaten by a gru :P

Liberty's Edge 3/5

Ok then, hows this I know a player who has a mist based toon, that is only deadly when it has cast obscuring mist? this character literally screws over all others to do it's best.

now this could be called "being a dick" but the build is awesome and even as a wizard I was somewhat stuffed by this character, but who cares!

Guys, I am going to say this, it is a game, use it for socialising and do not take it so seriously, it's a concept, let the concept play out, I have built toons that are terrible on paper, but hey they rock cause they are designed for other purposes!

Oh and one more thing, what the hell is with the idea of even floating the concept of banning someone, work with it, don't be a dick simple.

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