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I recently got to play a year three mod that opened with what I promply realized was my least favorite sequence. I realized my character have experienced it multiple times and its never been fun.

We were given a list of three NPCs of no real import and told to find out what they know.

90 minutes then progress as we try to piece together the plot from a scattering of sources but making diplomacy checks. Any effort to deviate from the script (such as though the use of intimate) is promptly penalized. Its a snore for everyone who isn't a face and not much fun for the faces. All three vital clues are required to progress to the next stage of the module.

We've all seen this play out dozens of times and mostly year five mods avoid it - Good! I'm just made sad every time it happens.

Anyone else have a sort of mission that makes them groan when they realize its happening? I know some people hate dungeon crawls but I always have a blast.

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I recently got the opportunity to play 3-18 The God's Market Gamble. The build is here

The first part of the mod was an tedious iterigaton of witnesses. In this stage the warpriest was actually fun to play due the fair charisma and ranks in both intimidate and diplomacy. There was the expected GM reluctance to let intimidate do anything at all, but that was eventually overcome and hardly the warpriests fault. I as a player do not love this sort of gameplay though I feel as though I was able to confribute.

In the next stage of the mod we use chase mechanics to try and catch as suspect. In this area I did supprisingly well due to a bit of luck and carefully avoiding the line with required a nigh impossible climb check or complexity impossible disable device check. Overall our dice were however not hot and the GMs were so the villain escaped.

Next we fight some and my warpriest performed well enough. Dispite the annoying tactics of hit and run casters using vanish - thanks to a plume-kin aasimar we actually stood a chance.

In the final combat however we got to face down a high level ranger-archer with supremely advantageous terrain. I was hoping I might be able to bring my weapons to bear using the lesser Magic Blessing but no luck. Her ability to hit overcome both my AC and entropic shield. I lacked the skills to even try and climb up the tower she was in to engage her so was reduced to a cure light wands bot. This was not fun.

Eventually I steeped out from cover to stabilize another PC and got critted to death in the face for my effort. I never once had the time to activate my Copycat blessing as the fight started far far away. I told my companions at the table to save the gold for a raise dead - I was done with warpriests.

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Warpiests everywhere.

We ran in with a Shaman, Arcanist, Investigator, and three Warpriests. I ran my Asmodian and was joined by warpriests of Gorm and Abadar.

A link to my character sheet is below if you would like to see my build:

The module is a fairly straight forward dungeon crawl. Myself and the Goromite had fun smashing things with a high strength and watching them explode. Like anyone with 18+ str and a two handed weapon does at low level. In short we drove our enemies before us. The only challenging encouter featured a wight, though our anarchist had necromantic focus so his Chill Touch DC was reasonably high and it fled while we cut it down. The investigator seemed to do very little and his player was obviously frustrated by it.

Personally I found myself shepherding my blessing uses like they we precious. I think adding the wisdom modifier to number of blessing per day would not be amiss and would have let me activate copycat a couple of times when I didn't necessarily need it.

In short a warpriest brings little to the table at level 2 that a fighter 1 / cleric 1 does.

I do want to give a quick shout out to our GM Mr. June Soler ran a fun game and it was a privilege to sit at his (virtual) table.

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The channel spirit ability gives channeling a number of times per day equal to 1 + cha mod. This is just like the life oracle revelation of the same name. Unlike the oracle however, shamans are primarily wisdom casters. I suggest that the shaman's channel ability should be usable 3 + cha modifier times per day like a cleric.

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Many hexes use charisma to set their number of uses per day. This seems to be the only use of charisma by the class. I can't help but wonder if its a find-replace error from an earlier in house version of the doc. I sort of reads like one.

Specially I'm looking at the following:

Healing Spirit
Enemies' Bane
Paragon of Battle
Touch of the Grave
Touch of Flame
Manifest (heavens)
Quick Healing
Arcane Enlightenment
Brain Drain
Confusion Curse
Share Knowledge
Entangling Curse
Friend to Animals
Life Leach
Touch of Acid
Wave Strike
Sparking Aura
Shocking Touch

Its seems really odd to set the number of uses or duration on one stat (cha) and the DCs on a different stat (wisdom).

*Channel is the only ability that seems like it might reasonably require charisma. It however has other issues I'll address in another post.

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I'm sure the vast majority of you guys who choose to play a Paladin look at what campaign your in. I thought I'd share my experiences with those 'paragons' of Lawful Goodness. What follows is a spoiler mostly spoiler free IC account as was submitted to the fellow who sent us out.

We were wandering the countryside in [REDACTED] and following the trail of our attackers we encountered a non-humanoid creature. She was a [REDACTED] who lived in the area and agreed to lead us to the lair of a vile [REDACTED] who we were in pursuit of. All was going well until the paladin used his detect evil ability. He then demanded to know why we shouldn't kill her. My suggestion that she was a sentient being who was helping us did not reassure the 'champion of good.' He eventually stormed off in a huff saying that she would betray us. No great loss in my mind but I was wishing that [REDACTED] had sent a fighter of less sure morality that I knew on this mission.

Later a fellow Silver Crusader, by the name of [REDACTED] went back to fetch him after we had found the entrance to the lair of the vile [REDACTED]. Soon we encountered a group of [REDACTED] and one surrendered after I skilfully thwarted his attempt to flee. I was unsure of the wisdom in accepting but another of my companions had an unusual veneration of life itself as she explained it to me. Fair enough. Hope she does as much for me when I need it.

Things got interesting at this point. After interrogating him and declining to rearm and re-armor the fellow I suggested we use some convenient manacles to lock him up and bring him back to town with us. His fate in town was hardly likely to be long.

Instead our paladin started to stab the guy with a dagger! He wasn't even asking questions! When his fellow Crusaders stopped him he explained that he wanted the prisoner at the verge of unconsciousness so that he could proceed our party and die to any traps the prisoner failed to mention. I was shocked. It is my recommendation that venture captions think twice before sending this fellow on any more sensitive missions. Our directives to explore, report, and cooperate seem lost on him.

I hear noble sacrifices are needed in Mendev.

May Desna smile on us all,

Trophel Durst

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My witch is about to embark on a piratacle adventure and I was thinking that it would be fun when he reached an appropriate level to acquire the Tidepool Dragon as an improved familiar. Unfortunately he is not listed as available.

I hope this is simple oversight and can be easily rectified.

The Wormwood Mutiny wrote:
Aquatic dragons similar in size and fickleness to faerie dragons and pseudodragons, tidepool dragons rule as whimsical tyrants over miniature realms comprising coral forests, sand dune mountains, and low-tide menageries.

How awesome is that? I know I want of these cute buggers.

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Greetings fellow followers of the Sapphire Sage! May his wisdom light the path for us all.

I come to you this day with a warning to be weary of the Silver Crusade. That group of supposedly holy individuals has come to my attention of late. A fellow pathfinder needed help retrieving a book of late (he lacked the strength of character to penetrate its wards). As I'm sure most of you would also do I used my mystic training to retrive said volume. It turned out to be a veritable manual on things Demonic and Diabolic and Daemonic! What a valuable find!

Can you believe that he then asked me to destroy said store of knowledge?! At a time when demons are being sighted with growing regularity across the inner sea and Mendelv's ward stones are failing?

Naturally I refused his demand, but be warned our goals of preservation may soon come into conflict with the forces of so called "good."

May knowledge be your guide,

Edmar Finn

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So, it looks like some VO somewhere has decided to make up an home rule inflict it on his local players (link if you missed it). At what point folk given inordinate authority get checks placed on them?

I realize its probably not necessary in this case (assuming the unnamed VO is receptive to correction from the campaign staff), but I think it raises an interesting question. Most of the time I see any criticism of the campaign staff squashed and eddied away. I am distressed at the culture of authoritarianism I see growing.

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Edmar is a Wizard specializing in Evocation. His opposition schools are Enchantment and Abjuration. Having just leveled to 5th he has realized that he keeps wanting to memorize abjuration spells and doesn't even know an illusion so decides to retrain his opposition school.

Ultimate Campaign wrote:
You may instead retrain your arcane school (including changing to or from a universalist). Doing so replaces your school's bonus spell slots and school powers. This training takes 5 days for every school power you loose from changing schools.

I see several ways this might be accomplished. Some readings might interpret the opposition schools as a power. If so its clearly 5 days of retraining to switch an opposition schools.

On the other hand it might not be so. If not then retraining from and evoker to an evocker with different oppositions would take 0 days. If allowed to do so.

At the same time that smacks of cheese. One could take a hard line and say that oppositions schools must remain the same unless retraining into or out of universalist wizardry. If that were the case then it would take 20 days to achieve the change. Ten days to train to universalist and ten day to train back to evocation.

Personally I favor the first interpretation as it seems to be most in-line with other classes retraining. However this is a PFS character so I thought I would ask and see if I am missing anything or the consensus was otherwise.

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I was inspired to by a boon I picked up at GenCon to build a witch. Having recently picked up the Ultimate Campaign Guide, I start reading though the background questions and come up with a dark and flavorful back story. While its open I go ahead and pick out my traits. Now I print off a character sheet and start filling in the blanks. As I'm writting down the elf abilities I wonder what options are in the Advanced Race Guide and pull it off the shelf. One seems especially apropos and a quick check of the website verifies that its allowed. Finally I recall that Infernal Healing is a very good low level heal spell and a check of the Inner Sea World Guide shows that it is indeed a witch spell. Now I realize that to play the character I need to bring an extra four hardback books with me.

If I'm just hauling the bag to a local shop for a gameday this isn't end of the world bad, but when going to an event like GenCon or Pax where I wish to do more than just sit in one ballroom rolling dice all day its inconvenient to the point where it distinctiveness playing PFS at all. Especially when the majority of these rules are available on the PRD mobile site with quick access.

I propose that players be allowed to reference the PRD for rules they use.

Note that in the example above I'd still bring my copy of the Inner Sea World guide to the table (or if forgotten at home I'd only be out a single spell). As the current rules stand if I forget my APG the character is entirely unplayable.

Alternately if photo copies of the pages I'm using were allowed this would also alleviate the problem. Each of those books only has a handful of pages I'm referencing, but per the Additional Resources website I am being penalized for not buying the products twice (once in hardback and then again in PDF).

Finally, I strongly dislike the current requirements because they are both easy to circumvent (replacing a watermark on a printout is child's play), and assume a level of dishonesty among the player base which is unhealthy.

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When you encounter the villain of Brigandoom! and recharge two cards does the adventure effect cause you to draw one card or two?

Scarab Sages

When do you perform the check to recharge a card?

It seems to be as soon as played though that creates nested checks during other checks when for example Lili (Gnome Druid) casts Inflict to fight a Scout. And another nested check could happen if she decided to cast aid on the recharge roll for inflict.

Alternatively it might be correct to resolve the check with the scout completely and then move on to any recharging. If Lili looses though she may no longer have an Aid card.

Finally, can Lili use the druid power of revealing an a Animal card to add 1d4 on all three of these checks?

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The target number to recharge Detect Magic is 14. That seems a bit high for the effect. Is this correct?

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So, its been 5 years now has it friends?

I so fondly recall the excitement at the new 4E announcement back in the day. Ah those glorious rumors from GenCon and the excitingly looking forward to all the glory the new dawn of gaming would provide. Ooohing and Ahhhing at the idea of a fully supported electronic tabletop and a freedom from grapple checks. Such exciting times.

Sadly in 5 years I've played in zero 4E campaigns and only a handfull of one-shot adventures. Perhaps I should have worked harder to convince my friends that it was as amazing as I wanted it to be, but their counterpoints that the adventures were just dreadful (and they were - both LFR and the published line started off weak at best).

Then the electronic table top died a quiet death.

Then it rapidly became clear that the material printed in the core books was to be rapidly outstripped in power by supplements available first (and sometimes for years) only though the subscription model with the character creator software making those of us who bothered to buy books look like chumps.

That said I do like most of Monte Cook and Mike Mearls' work and so will be paying the new edition a fair bit of attention. It will honestly not have the same hooks in me that 4E did.

One significant note is that the announcement came not from any of the industry events (not even their own D&D experience) but via mainstream journalism. The jaded part of me wonders if this means that they no longer think the RPG customer is deserving of attention or if marketing at WotC is so terrified by their sales numbers that they don't think we're out here anymore.

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Many tasks in a high economy game are often dull. The classic example of this would be player vs rock combat that is mining in eve. It is aproxamatly as exciting as watching paint dry.

Some games have however made what are in reality tedious and unfun tasks into exciting mini-games that challenge and reward those who excel in them. One of the best examples of this is Puzzle Pirates specifically the bilge pumping minigame. I served on a ship in the USN and there are few jobs more unfun than bilge pumping. In Puzzle Pirates is an exciting game of matching like things with escalating challenge as you become proficient.

Now Puzzle Pirates possibly went a bit far in making the entirety of the game about mini-games. That is clearly not called for in PFO. I do however think that some tasks could be made both more fun and more legitimate by creating minigames. The example brought up in another thread was chopping wood. I think a simple mechanic where you had to time the swings of your axe to either maintain a rhythm or hit a precise zone would add an aspect of gathering that simple player vs tree combat would be lacking.

We could extrapolate it further and perhaps accelerate crafting jobs by scoring critical success in a matching game or a tetris-like fit the pieces game for manufacturing or enchanting more refined goods.

Downsides to this idea would be the difficulty of implementing quality minigames (thats a whole separate field of game design and would probably require their own team). The other major flaw in the system is that it tests player skill vs character skill. For example no matter how good a set of boxing gloves or bonuses I get in Puzzle Pirates I will never be a good brawler that minigame just doesn't click for me. Therefore I think it essencial that these minigames only be noncombat in nature.

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Step 1: Install the paizo board ignore app.

Step 2: Put three people on the ignore list

Step 3: Watch Scott appear to argue with himself.

Step 4: Enjoy the message board experience again

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This is probably a sufficiently large topic to merit its own post on the goblinworks blog, but I can't help but wonder what direction the team is planning to go artistically.

I would love some hints please. :)

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concept: Inspired by the creatures in Magic: the Gathering with the same name. I first consider where it makes sense for elephant like people to hail from. Since I already put linonfolk in southern Garund and I don't want to fill that continent with anilmalistic peoples the other obvious choice is Vudra. Assuming a caste system on that little known continent and with the simularity to Genesha (a very cool deity ripe for inserting) it seems that perhaps we can consider the entire race to be part of the preistly caste at least as far as humans are concerned. Its somewhat amusing to me that in their own communitys they don't think so much of themselves and the idea of a simple loxadon baker being flustered by everyone treating him as superior is nice. With that in mind and the art from magic we think that perhaps this would work better as a primarily NPC race and set the goal of an advanced 20 point race build.

Trait choices:
Type: My inital impulse was to go for humanoid (elephant) but as read over the Monsterous Humanoid entry that seemd to fit a bit better.
Size: Elephants are big. The magic cards are generally a higher power and toughness than most humans. Considering both of those large size makes sense.
Speed: Elephants aren't noted for being exceptionally slow (espeically once they get moving) so I think I'll pick a normal speed of 30ft
Ability Mods: We've conceived of them as being of the priestly cast so a + wisdom seems right. Also the magic creatures are normally either clerics or soldiers so + str and + con also seem reasonable. Nothing about them screams high dex, but then we've already got a -2 to dex from size. As I see it the reasonable options are to go for advanced modifiers or flexible modifiers. I think the more intresting option is to go for advanced modifiers so we'll try that first. I see elephants as being really tough so +4 to con and the +2 to all mental stats keys into the reverence humans show them and some of the old folkore ("An elephant never forgets.").
Languages: considering that they are in peaceful contact with human setlements the standard array seems correct.

Ability Choices:
Defensive abilites: The thick hide of the creatures and terrable dex definatly justify getting Natural armor and at least one level of Improved natural armor to help them not be terrable at soldiering (one of their perfered professions). Hardy would also make a lot of sense, but by a strict reading of the playtest doc is not allowed becaue we have +4 con rather than +2 con.
Movment abilities: the only one that I even considered was sprinter to reprsenct the stampeed effect of a massed rank of loxodons charging but in the movies there always seems to be time to just barely get out of the way of a stampeed of elephants so I decided they don't necesarlly go that fast.
Offensive abilites: The single most iconic card associated with the loxodons in magic is not actually a loxodon but their two handed warhammer. Looking at d20pfsrd the Earth Breaker seems the closest fit.
Skill and feat abilities: The loxodon in magic are noted artificers and if dwarves are lacking in verunda thats not a bad nitche for them to fill there. It would be more intresting if the ability would let me pick two materials such as metal, cloth, stone or gem.
Magical Abilities: Dreamspeaker, Lightbringer, and a spell-like ability all seem like options to really push racial inclination to the clergy. Unfortunatly a quick tally of points shows that I'm at 19 and none of them really scream super aproprate to me so I think I will pass on magical abilities. +2 to all mental stats should encourage a fair number of casters.

Finalizing I have 19 points left and could just leave it there, but with one more point I can buy another point of natural armor and get my unarmored ac up to 10 base, so I think I'll go ahead and do that.

Price Breakdown:

Monsterous Humanoid - 2
-- Darkvision 60
Large - 7
-- +2 str, -2 dex
-- -1 AC and attack rolls
-- +1 CMB and CMD
-- space / reach : 10 / 5
Normal Speed - 0
Advanced Modifiers - 4
-- +4 con, +2 int, +2 wis, +2 cha, -2 dex
Standard Language Array - 1
-- Loxodon and Common (BL: Verundi, Sylvan, Elven, Gnome, Gnoll)
Natural Armor and Improved Natural Armor x2 - 4
-- +3 Natural Armor
Weapon Familiarity - 1
-- proficent in Earth Breakers and loxadon weapons
craftsman - 1
-- +2 bonus on Craft or Profession checks to make metal or stone items

Closing thoughts: It should be more clear that Hardy can be taken if you have greater than +2 con. Also I'd really like craftsman more if I could have picked it for cloth and metal.

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The skill and feat ability skill bonus seems just ludicrously overpriced. First it assumes that all skills are created equal. 2 RP for a +2 to perception seems fine, but 2 RP for +2 to ride checks is just silly.

If the trait gave +2 to any two skills for 1 RP then I think it might be worth taking. As a side note its telling just how few times this ability gets used in player created races in the sample race thread vs how frequently its used in core races.

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Inspired primarily by the leonin art in Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed books, magic cards, African folk tales and getting our paws on the shiny new rules me and Melissa went to work building a new race.

Lionfolk: Living in southern Gerund the reclusive natives to that continents plains are a young race. Newly emerging from mysterious origins the lionfolk's first encounter with humanity was a group of Chelish slavers who decided they would serve magnificently in chains. Capturing a lionin (as they call themselves) proved almost as difficult as keeping it alive afterward making them a rare but prized site in the slave pens. Some few have escaped captivity and make their way out of Cheliax and to the plains of Varisia where the naive nomadic peoples have shown these rare few a different side of humanity. Though the greater majority of the race still resides on the plains of Gerund.

Lionfolk (humanoid (leonine)). +2 str, +2 cha, -2 int. +1 natural armor. Lowlight vision. Speaks Leonine only base, bonus languages Mwangi, Gnoll, Common. +10 movement on a charge. +2 vs. fear. +2 dodge bonus to AC and CMB checks against humans. Perception and Stealth always in class.

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Previously in another thread I was concerned about everyone being a dervish dancer if they wanted to be a dex biased melee combatant regardless of background.

Naturally the agile weapon enhancement was brought up, but I don't feel that a magic weapon (and defiantly not a +1 enchantment) is the right way to go about it.

I find myself in agreement with James Jacobs when he said that he would like to see more ways to add dex to damage, but am unsure how to go about it. Is a feet the right answer? Something akin to Improved Weapon Finesse that uses dex for damage with finessable weapons?

The only other option I can think of would be a rules patch that lets you choose to add dax to damage, though that seems kind of strong at first blush.

Anyone have other thoughts on how to encourage a more diverse set of dex fighters?

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It was mentioned in another thread that there isn't a lot of beefcake shots of various male iconics. Is there any chance we might see say Lem wraring not much more than a thong or Valaros on the beach wearing short (and tight) trunks? The gays (and presumably the ladies too) are firing here.

No one bathhouse scene isn't enough.

Also feel free to forget about the old man wizard when making this art buy, okay? ;)

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Jade Regent Players Guide wrote:
You’ll have opportunities to take on passengers for payments several times during the Jade Regent Adventure Path—your GM will inform you when such opportunities arise.

As there is no mention of it in the first to parts of the AP, should I assume that no one wants to travel from Sandport (if they head back first) or the villages along the way to Kalsgrad via caravan?

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I have a small problem in that the archer character in my game (yes you there) murders any critter / npc up to cr +3 in about one round and this seems to be reducing the amount of fun that other characters are having.

Any tips on how to build an encounters to make melee or blaster characters shine at average party level 14?

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One of my current goals as a DM is to incorporate the first rule of improv to my games. For the unfamiliar the first rule is to never say no. Yeah. My players immediately put this to the test. The witch in my game has recently learned charm monster and starts digging through the monster index for the most amazing minion he can find.

Don't you love gamist PCs?

He promptly hits on Rune Giants prompting a strong no. I elaborate that the difficulty will be one of ecology. Still I go out with the goal of being an enlightened DM and find myself squashing player ideas in the first two hours. Perhaps I should try to make them more aware of this concept or just trust them more?

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Reading the recent monk thread about what role a monk fills I realized that there is no consus on what the roles even are. After a bit of thought (at least like 30 seconds) I came up with what I consider my views of what a groups roles are.

  • Heavy Meele - this group normally like to move forward and confront the enimies directly relying on thick armor and a large stack of hit points to not die. Fighters, paladins, cavaliers, some cleircs and orcles, and some barbarians, some magi do well to fill this role.
  • Light Meele - This group forsakes the heavy armor to gain hightend mobility and a tactical advantange from moving around these foes. This group excells at high terrain encounters (catwalks above vats of acid, crumbling ledges in a volcano, etc). They are not as druable as the heavy meele but often bring useful skills to the table. Rogues, bards, monks, inquisitors, some fighters, some rangers, barbarians, some alchemists, and magi fill this role well.
  • Ranged Damage - These guys very sensably kill things from over there. They bring the noise so to speak. Wizards, alchemists, rangers, some witches, sorcerers, gunslingers, some fighters.
  • Healing - Everyone takes damage. These guys make sure the opponents die first. Clerics and oracles are the top tier of healing. Druids, bards, paladins, inquisitors, witches and alchemists can also contribute depending on their build.
  • Combat Control - These guys keep everything under control though use of magic (walls, charms, wards, etc) or combat manuvers (grapple, disarm, trip, reposition, etc). Wizards, sorcerers, witches, summoners, figthers, monks, magi, druids, and bards all do well. The smoke bomb ninja also gets a nod here.

This is simply my opinion and may be subject to change. But I'm super happy if my group has these bases covered.

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No PCs:
My PCs began their assault on Iavori's Palace of a Hundred Doors (evocative name but painful map) by charging the towers from the sky. This didn't work so well and they set of the alarm. They are now running around inside searching doors for traps and kicking them down. Yeah.

Anyway, I was inspided by the Chronicles: Pathfinder podcast and have decided to rework Irovetti as a sundering magus (yes, I am evil).

Anyway, an issue I'm having is that the Rod of Razors being a halberd is completely unsuited to magi. My thought is to shift it to being a battleaxe with reach vice a halberd that can hit adjacent targets. Would it be appropriate to increase the cost of the weapon in this case?

Its worth noting that I don't expect my PCs to care much about the weapon nor to do more than sell it when they're done beating him down. No one uses either axes or halberds as primary weapons.

The next session with the showdown happens tuesday so any input is appreciated.

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I would enjoy being able to never see posts by people who are allowed to be insulting and rude to other players. I'm not sure why this is allowed but it is.

Regardless I think that an ignore function would make the boards a much more inviting digital space and I advocate its implementation.

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So I'm reading UC and one thing that struck me was how odd it was that gnomes were a listed as a prerequisite for both the Earth Child style and Twin Thunders Flurry alongside dwarves. I though we were done with gnomes being dwarves smaller brothers.

These feets don't resonate at all with the first world flavor of Galrion's gnome population nor was the tie to earth and stone all that strong in the APG gnome writeup. Yes I know that the core line is 'setting neutral' but this looks like stuff recycled from 3.5. And I like my gnomes all feyish.

OTOH, the Haunted Gnome feet chain is so awesome I want to go build a character to use it. Maybe a paladin or a samurai.

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I play the party cleric. I would love to memorize a non-domain spell that is not Lesser Restoration at some point in this hateful adventure path.

Please stop using the most obnoxious ability that should have been cut if Paizo had had more than two ounces of creative power when converting from 3.5. No one likes to continual recalculate their hit bonus and hp biased on random luck of hitting odd numbers or not.

Rage Rage Rage.

It is not cool to make the clerics job so freaking miserable.

BTW can I look forward to meeting Richard Pett at Gen Con? 'Cause I just want to meet him.

Edit: removed inappropriate actions after meeting

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I was reading though Ultimate Magic and was glad to see exactly zero prestige classes being forced down my unwilling throat.

While I was initially enamored of the concept when 3.0 premiered by the time 3.5 was mature I was so sick of the 6 class dip builds that so many were fond of.

Thanks to Paizo the core classes are interesting and the archetypes provide more flexibility for a huge number of character concepts.

I couldn't be happier.

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For Refrence:

Diamond Soul:

Diamond Soul (Ex)

At 13th level, a monk gains spell resistance equal to his current monk level + 10. In order to affect the monk with a spell, a spellcaster must get a result on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) that equals or exceeds the monk's spell resistance.

Spell Resistance:

Spell Resistance

Spell resistance is the extraordinary ability to avoid being affected by spells. Some spells also grant spell resistance.

To affect a creature that has spell resistance, a spellcaster must make a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) at least equal to the creature's spell resistance. The defender's spell resistance is like an Armor Class against magical attacks. If the caster fails the check, the spell doesn't affect the creature. The possessor does not have to do anything special to use spell resistance. The creature need not even be aware of the threat for its spell resistance to operate.

Only spells and spell-like abilities are subject to spell resistance. Extraordinary and supernatural abilities (including enhancement bonuses on magic weapons) are not. A creature can have some abilities that are subject to spell resistance and some that are not. Even some spells ignore spell resistance; see When Spell Resistance Applies, below.

A creature can voluntarily lower its spell resistance. Doing so is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Once a creature lowers its resistance, it remains down until the creature's next turn. At the beginning of the creature's next turn, the creature's spell resistance automatically returns unless the creature intentionally keeps it down (also a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity).

Emphasis mine.

So, in summery the only way for a 13th level or higher monk to be reliably healed other than by channeling positive energy is spending his standard action to lower his SR every round. If the monk is unconscious and didn't lower it last round... well better hope the cleric has more channeling left.

This is monumentally stupid.

Most DMs will probably house rule that a Monk's SR stays off once he shuts it off that that's enough to make the ability simply useless. If it could be turned of with a swift action (even if it had to be turned off every round as a swift action) that would be interesting. By the RAW though this is an actively detrimental ability.

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I was wondering if the Theologan archetype for clerics is any good? What's it do (give up and gain)? I'm trying to decide if I need to start petitioning my DM to let me switch.

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What is it?

'Cause I really don't grock what's going on. I'm halfheartedly hoping some designer may deign to enlighten me. Topics that confuse me:


A part of me wonders if there isn't an ugly baby in the house but these rules are prohibitively bad.

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I was just wondering if anyone liked the gun enchantments (Lucky, Reliable, and Steadfast)?

I know my group doesn't. Lucky feels weird as a weapon enchant. It seems wrong that the magic way to enchant grit costs more on a lawman's Axiomatic Pistol than a common thugs enchanted rifle. I do like increasing the grit pool but it feels weird here. I'd rather see Lucky as a flat cost increase (like many armor enchants) or divorced from weapons all together. I think an Ioun Stone that increased grit would be cool, as would a slotted item such as boots or a shirt.

Reliable guns still explode so its name is a lie. (Though if it could make the misfire mechanics go to zero I'd be a fan of it).

Both reliable and Steadfast do make the weapons they enchant do more damage so they make sense as weapon enchants, but I think steadfast is a bit overpriced. For a +3 I want to be shooting alchemic whammies from my shotgun with no misfire chance.

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So, in another thread there was a discussion on ditching the grit recharge. I propose going a step further and ditching the grit mechanic entirely.

I'm not saying that grit ability is bad, rather I'm proposing that most would work better as class abilities untied to a resource pool. Some would be usable at will such as Gunslinger Initiative, Lighting Reload, Evasive (becomes Evasion), etc. Some abilities work better as 1/day abilities: Startling shot, Menacing Shot, Bleeding Wound, Slinger's Luck, Dead Shot, etc. And there may be ability that work as three times per day such as Targeting.

Yes this would in fact increase the gunslingers power. As it looks now, I don't think they'd be stronger than a bard.

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Do you like weekends?

Do you like being safe at work?

Do you think an eight hour workday and paid overtime is just?

Do you think child labor is bad?

Then join me in lifting a glass for the US Labor movement. And remember that they're on our side.

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So here's something to ponder:


In a game I'm running the party encounters a Dryad and Satyr who need the groups help to kill an evil plant running amok. The pair are fully stated up because if the PCs don't help the pair will atempt to magicly compel them. Instead as is this groups habbit they make friends and go off to slay the plant.

The grateful dryad rewards them with loot (coincidentally most of her combat gear) and agrees to help them out later. I award quest XP and XP for the monster. Should I also award them XP for defeating the Dryad and Satyr?

I didn't and it seems that the groups progression is fine but I was wondering what the other DMs on these boards thought.

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Please don't make 'm.

One thing that I've learned from WoW is that leveling up is only part of the fun. I think that characters at level 20 are still able to progress via gear upgrades and have a blast. Some inevitably broken epic rules won't make our game any more fun.

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I posit that the gunslinger is currently less good with guns than a fighter. Its especially bad if the fighter takes Armature Gunslinger feat (mostly just to quick clear).

I think that two things of fix this are more bonus feats. I'd recommend start at 2 and going every 2. Another possibility is to give Rapid Reload as a bonus feat at level 2 and keep the current bonus feats though I don't think that's as good an option.

Also I believe that the Gun Training feature needs to level up and continue to provide increasing bonuses on the first guns picked similar to a fighters Weapon Training.

As a side note Deadly Aim clearly needs to work better with guns but I hope that you guys are already on top of that.

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How do you deal with monks?

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My actual concern about the ninja is that rogues should have a trick like Rogue Trick:

Ninja Trick
Pick one Ninja Trick of your choice. This cannot be a master level trick and you do not get any ki.

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Reads as never gona use this ability. Please replace with something that will be used. Anything really would work. Anything at all would be better really.

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Its probably my L5R influence, but I don't see most samurai being mounted.

OTOH, the new cavalier orders seem good and i can probably simulate Lion clan with Fighters and make very effective non-mounted samurai. And these guys are ideal Unicorn clan samurai.

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After a quick read and trying to draw up a few mid level npcs it seems clear to me that gunslingers have a much lower damage output than fighters using guns and one that only gets larger as they level up.

Fighter pros:
Extra feats at 2 and every four levels over gunslingers.
Armor Training means you can wear medium armor (or possibly even plate at high levels) and make full use of your dex. And move faster than a gunslinger.

Gunslinger cons:
Deeds don't do any extra damage except for aimed shot (torso) and beeding shot.
Unlike Weapon Training, the extra hit and damage from Gun Training never goes up.

How to fix:

Add the following to Gun Training:
In addition, the bonuses granted by previous weapon groups increase by +1 each. For example, when a gunslinger reaches 9th level, he receives a +1 bonus on attack rolls and adds his dex modifier to damage rolls with one firearm and a +2 bonus on attack rolls and adds his dex modifier +1 to damage rolls with the firearm selected at 5th level. [it might be simpler to have the ability add +1 to attack and damage rolls and add dex modifier to damage initially]

A gunslinger also adds this bonus to the Pistol-whip deeds attack and CMB. This bonus
also applies to the fighter’s Combat Maneuver Defense when defending against disarm and sunder attempts made against firearms chosen.
Add a deed that actually makes the gunslinger do more damage in the level 3 range.

All this is just my two cents. But it would make me sad to see another fighter variant that is less good at its specialization than a pure fighter.

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Doug Doug wrote:

The scenario went fine even though they played Tier 3-4 with one 1st and five 2nd level PCs.

Is this legit? I had thought you ran at the tier aproprate to the math for average party level. If so I know some of my PCs would be glad to play up for extra challenge.

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Things I recommend buying with prestige:

At 2 points (750gp or less)

Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Wand of Magic Missile
Masterwork Mighty Composite Longbow (+2/3 str bonus)
Wand of Enlarge Person

At 1 point (150gp or less)

Potion of Lesser Restoration
... crickets ...

This is mostly useful to very low level characters but can seriously help them get a leg up and stay useful especially if your society mods often include the bonus encounter.

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Are players allowed to buy a partially full wand?