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I recently got to play a year three mod that opened with what I promply realized was my least favorite sequence. I realized my character have experienced it multiple times and its never been fun.

We were given a list of three NPCs of no real import and told to find out what they know.

90 minutes then progress as we try to piece together the plot from a scattering of sources but making diplomacy checks. Any effort to deviate from the script (such as though the use of intimate) is promptly penalized. Its a snore for everyone who isn't a face and not much fun for the faces. All three vital clues are required to progress to the next stage of the module.

We've all seen this play out dozens of times and mostly year five mods avoid it - Good! I'm just made sad every time it happens.

Anyone else have a sort of mission that makes them groan when they realize its happening? I know some people hate dungeon crawls but I always have a blast.


I do not hate anything specific. A great DM can make everything entertaining for everyone.

When I DM those types of scenarios I create moments where characters with no social skills can participate and help.

The idea is it should be fun for everyone, not just one type of character. If players need help being creative to think of ways to help as a DM i help them. Be it in combat or skill challenges.

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