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Scarab Sages

So here's something to ponder:


In a game I'm running the party encounters a Dryad and Satyr who need the groups help to kill an evil plant running amok. The pair are fully stated up because if the PCs don't help the pair will atempt to magicly compel them. Instead as is this groups habbit they make friends and go off to slay the plant.

The grateful dryad rewards them with loot (coincidentally most of her combat gear) and agrees to help them out later. I award quest XP and XP for the monster. Should I also award them XP for defeating the Dryad and Satyr?

I didn't and it seems that the groups progression is fine but I was wondering what the other DMs on these boards thought.

No, you shouldn't. As for the why: You wouldn't give XP for every ordinary NPC that is befriended in a social situation; this encounter is equivalent. Besides, they get quest XP which they wouldn't otherwise get, and a bonus to their kingdom's score.

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