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I'm rather disappointed with Ultimate Equipment overall. It reminds me an awful lot of the 3.5 Magic Item Compendium, with insanely cheap items and an overabundance of swift actions.

I find UE nearly useless for treasure generation since "common" Core items end up being so rare, and 80% of what else it generates are broken (too powerful), over-exotically flavored, or too niche. The Treasure Tables themselves, while useful for certain situations, seem turn every NPC into a Christmas Tree of items, half of which I would have to look up to even know what they do.

There aren't quite so many over-powered/dirt-cheap items as the MIC, although the exceptions are pretty exceptional (e.g. the PFS-banned Quick Runner's Shirt and Bracers of the Falcon). At least it fixed the APG staff prices though, and yes, the layout is useful, though I find it encourages metagamy "fill every slot" mentality

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I just had a chance to listen to this for the first time and am blown away. With just one hour, I thought the story would be rush, and the characters hollow if flavorful. I was blissfully wrong. Having played through the AP, and seen the Burnt Offerings stageplay, this was thrilling.

The adaptation is incredible, incorporating lots of great concepts I recognized from the forums. It turned the plot into a real adventure, not just a narration of a story.

The voices were excellent - I'm not good at picking out voices typically, but I was able to easily distinguish all of the characters most of the time. The one occasion of 4-5 fights happening simultaneously was less successful audibly, although exciting narratively.

I highly recommend this for any ROTRL fan or GM. It's worth the price just to have Kendra's speech at the beginning, and the best characterization of Harsk yet. It's by no means perfect, but I can't imagine a more successful beginning.

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Invaluable for some, a treasure for others


One of the wonders of the Pathfinder setting since the very start, have been the incredibly in-depth Deity write-ups in about 1/3 of the Adventure Path volumes. Written by Sean K Reynolds, they were full of deep and clever detail that helped to truly evoke the wonder of the gods.

Inner Sea Gods is all of that, updated to the present, and including the unique Heralds of each deity. Beyond that it includes a huge swath of crunch, including what looks like every religion trait ever published, and a few that haven't been. Also new Feats (three for most of the core gods) with some delicious Channeling ones. New magic items and spells, both deity specific and general.

If you play games in Golarion and don't have a library of every or almost every issue of the Pathfinder AP, this is a required resource. If you *do* own them all already, it's still a great resource, with updated information after 7 years of growth in the setting.

That said, this book does have a few editing issues. The second sentence in the book appears to be missing a few words, and the feat "Potion Glutton" is delicious (pun intended), but flubs on the rules. I may revise this as I read through more of the book, and see if these are isolated incidents.

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A great time for the right players


I didn't know what to expect going into this one, but I had a fabulous time, even with a young newbie GM. Good role-play, nice suspense, *real* choices, and fun new mechanics.

A few coincidences of the right skills and some good rolls (or poor GM rolls) made this an exceptional stand-out scenario for me personally, but I'm fully confident that with the right attitude, even the dullest barbarian's player will have a lot of fun playing this one.

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Doesn't live up to the wallpaper


The Mummy's Mask Wallpaper is awe-inspiring, a fantastic 'shot' of action and danger.

This poster really fails to capture that awe - it divides the action into two nice-looking but unexciting vinettes, scrunches in the NPC-of-the-book, and then divides the whole thing with large pictures of the supplement books. Admittedly, the original image does seem pretty hard to shift into a portrait orientation.

I've purchased other marketing posters before because they are awesome - this one I do not plan to, even though I do plan to run the AP (first to run since Second Darkness).

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I just finished reading this a few days ago and was very impressed. This is an exciting romp with fantastic dialogue, great visuals, and a classic plot that still keeps you guessing.

Bravo to Tim for taking up the challenge of living up to Fritz Leiber's legacy, and a far more immersive effort than City of the Fallen Sky. Like the best of murder mysteries, nothing is hidden from the reader and the clues are there but you still can't be sure what is going on until the very very end.

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Disappeared a Disappointment


I got to play this one last Thursday and ended up heavily disappointed that:

the deciding factor of whether the paracountess was rescued or not was party based instead of character based. I was playing a halfling former slave of Cheliaxians, and had absolutely no interest in aiding the rescue of the paracountess. But out-of-character I ended up being the one to figure out the puzzle and not helping with that would have been a huge jerk move.

Well-built (if quite short) scenario, but that part left me more disappointed than any scenario I've ever played.

High Quality, beautiful glass


I got two of these beauties, and ended up making it a matching set of 8. They're a great commemoration of the Con, but they are also *really* solid glasses. No chips or cracks, dishwasher safe - not even any wear on the artwork.

I'm very pleased with these, and plan to keep them quite a long time.

Update: After over three years of constant and not in-cautious use, I have only lost a single one of these glasses to damage, and the majority have very little wear on the graphics/logo. Top notch.

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A Good Romp


I found this to be a good introductory adventure, with a diverse set of encounters and layouts, with tactical issues to consider (especially for a group of 7 as I had).

The story has a broad range of responses possible, based on the group you have (from pure hack n' slash to lots of roleplaying), encouraged by the missions.

None of the missions were contradictory to each other, but at least one could be difficult for the group to swallow should they notice - I like that.

See Product Discussion notes for two slight #'s issues.

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Puzzle me this!


I was really looking forward to playing this module, having had an Osirian faction character who had never managed to adventure in Osirion itself.

Rebel's Ransom was worth waiting for! In a delightfully unexpected turn, this scenario is heavy on puzzles that will challenge players and PCs alike, and there is also more roleplaying to this dungeon than most.

A great start for the new season!

Chock full of (balanced) goodness


I finally got to read Strategists & Tacticians on the plane ride to PaizoCon, and was extremely impressed. I am usually very hesitant/conservative about adding too many new options, wary of balance issues, etc. This one put my fears at ease.

S&T is very well put together, with solid B&W art from several solid artists -- kudos to art director Hugo Solis -- and more content than you'd ever expect from an 80 page book.

The Class options are all well balanced, including the "Schooled Bard" which looks over the top, but just works so nicely. Prestige Classes are fascinating and go in some truly new directions. The new Combat Maneuvers are well-designed; while I'll admit I still shy back from limb-severing as an option, the option itself is handled nicely.

All in all, a great addition.

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More useful art, lower quality cards


This is the set of cards I was waiting for - fewer of the big bold faces that are too specific for using for generic PCs. There are many more faces with intriguing looks, that can be a variety of people your PCs might meet. Much more useful.

That said, I'm sad to see the card quality drop - the feel of the cards is pretty important to the whole presentation. If possible I'd like to see a return to the previous quality.

Edit: Glad to hear this change in quality has already been addressed for the sets going forward!

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Best Set Yet


This set just blew the lid off all the previous sets in quality.

I've been using item cards in my Runelords game since '07, to rather good affect. There have been some great cards through the years in different sets.

The artwork, the choices, the combinations included in the Kingmaker set are extraordinary. Definitely a Must-Have if you're going to run the campaign (just for the crown and sceptre), but for any game these are just great cards.

Some are brilliantly magical. Some are for mundane gear, but all are intricately detailed. I'm planning to show them all to my Kingmaker group (spoilers or no), just to inspire them.

The only thing I hope for beyond this is a list of where each card can be found in the campaign (for ones that are specific to an item).

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Very well-written, poorly-designed


I played this scenario today. For the first 90 minutes or so, I had a lot of fun with the puzzle and details - extremely vivid. Running around Cassomir is what *several* mods should have felt like, but only this one did.

Following that, it stumbled on a number of fronts. The main fault seems to be an absolute assumption of

a good cleric in the group.

First the puzzle, where we did the exact right thing, but wrong deity. Then the final encounter (Tier 3-4), where our *large* group was nearly slaughtered, based on that assumption.

I was also expecting to see more on the chronicle sheet, from regular items to the purchasable bits in-scenario.

Again, high praise to the feel of this mod, but this was very painful at 6.5 hours (perhaps 5.5 of real play from initial scene to end of final battle).

Edit: I originally posted this review 3/7/2010. This remains in my top 2 worst experiences in PFS.

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Great Introductory Scenario


I've run this scenario three times now, and each time was an exciting, fun, and challenging game for me and the players.

Great evocative details, perfect pacing, and lots of roleplaying opportunities.

A thousand kudos to the author - great job!

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Wow - always useful but this one is great!


While I love getting the map folios normally, when I opened up this one and opened up the exquisite large map of Zirnakaynan I was blown away. So so beautiful.

Maps for all the important locations, very nice to have as easy references - keeping track of page numbers for them otherwise gets tiring.

The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars for this is the disappointment of not getting a large size map of Riddleport - but I'd never trade the Zirnakaynan map for it!

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More and more useful!


At first I got these cards as something of a lark - just to see the art, and maybe use on some special occasion.

Now I hand out just about all magic item item treasure as an item card (and masterwork items early on too).

While particularly useful combined with the item packs for the Pathfinder Adventure Paths, these packs contain enough cards to do the job for most items in most games, homebrew or not.

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So good!


These things roll so well I barely roll anything else anymore when DM'ing (I've been banned from rolling them while playing).

I got two of them and roll lots of 20-20's. Other than rolling great they are smooth, a great purple color, easy to read, and not overly heavy for their size (no loud "bangs" when they hit the table usually).

Get one while they last!

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Easy paint job for great effect!


I got this mini just in time to paint it for running Pathfinder 2 - The Skinsaw Murders and it is fantastic!

The Skinsaw Man miniature has clean lines and surfaces, easy access to all the important and excellent details. Definitely captures the original inspiration delightfully.

I'm a slow painter and this guy took me only four hours to finish and call one of my best works yet (I've painted maybe 100-150 minis ever). Well worth it!

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