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Has someone made an archive of the extra art they showed for this book in PaizoCon?

Yeah, I think it is shelved at least until they want to tell the story of Aroden since in PaizoCon they said they wanted to keep a mystery how Aroden died. Probably in 1-2 years might we get some info with this and an AP and another campaign a la Tyrants Grasps at the end of PF2E to tell the story of Aroden, afterwards PF3E or something.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Longer is not always better. *looks at Terry Goodkind*

I didn't expect Terry "That one scene" Goodkind here.

Its funnier because there more of "That one scene" than other things

Hi! I sent a mail some days ago about a sub order shipping, and if The Abomination Vaults Pre-Order could ship with it to get the pdf and buy the Foundry Module at the discount.

What is a Superscriber? Like having Pathfinder Advantage?

Any idea if the Abomination Vault AP Foundry Module will give the discount to previous owners of the pdfs? I read when this blog came out that it was only planned to give a discount to owners of the New PDF of the 3 books together but I dont really know if it has changed. Or a discount on the new PDF?

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Any hope for a silver edition? Or any other kind of edition thats not so premium

Hi, i would like to check if you could be running the authorization if possible on my latest subscription order, or just checking by if it could move along, thanks in advance!

Yoshua wrote:
benyar wrote:
Hey, is it cool if I join the "Anxiously awaiting the shipping notice and got totally excited for an email but then figured out it was for PFS so I was kind of let down but only a little" club?
It's more a cult than a club and it is bigger on the inside. Also, more the merrier!

Hey is there still space in the cult, was really excited to read about the mwangi expanse and then realized it was PFS, as wwe say in México, Chale

Stay safe guys and drink lots of water

Hi I ordered the PaizoCon 2021 Hero Point Token in the sidecart and it didnt move to the subscription order.

I´m in Mexico and have USPS Priority, dont really know if thats really the cheapest or not

Lets hope to get in those 21st day shipping to start reading some mwangi Lore and see the AP

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
The orders for subscribers should be generating beginning tomorrow,correct?

I believe so, hope to already get the PDF

Anyone already has it in its order history? Or am I missing something?

O man, with this AP and the Magic Book it will make spell casters way more versatile, and with the grand bazaar for items martials will be able to keep up, I do wonder how will this magic abilities will work for martials playing in the AP

KaiBlob1 wrote:
Erik Mona said on reddit 13 hours ago that the internal projection for a release date is somewhere around november

Nice, do you happen to have the link to the reddit post?

Did it got moved back? To April 7?

Zaister wrote:
Sasha Laranoa Harving wrote:
Zaister wrote:
So, this PDF also has the weird light green color scheme error. Hm.
Ooh, what's in the (tool)box, jack?

Here you are:

several magic items, including the Icons of the Roseguard and Seugathi alchemical items
2 new spells, daydreamer's curse and savant's curse
2 new weapons, the battle lute and the Tamchal chakram
rules for Infernal contracts
a new archetype, the eldritch researcher
new monsters: fleshwarp, gibtas, seugathi, shanrigol.

Wait, did I read correctly, rules for infernal contracts? Damn this is better than what I was expecting, hoping the shipping starts soon so I can get my pdf

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Grimm the Giant Slayer wrote:
LuisESR021199 wrote:
Will the digital edition update itself with erratas? And if not, will it release with the most recent errata?
Hi there! We are not able to update the PDFs after they've been released, but all the books - digital and print - will be published with the most recent errata at the time they are printed. Thanks for asking!

First time making a reply in the forums like this, anyway thanks in advance!

Will the digital edition update itself with erratas? And if not, will it release with the most recent errata?

Hi, i have sent some emails to the customer service for about a week or so and havent gotten any answer, tried resending them and all yet still havent gotten an answer. Is customer service down? Or is there an event happening? Aside from election and such

Hi, anyone with a pathfinder Society subcription that hasnt have this months price for scenario 13 and 14? Or have them not been released?