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I got the email and tried to download the PDF, but the file had no data inside it.

I want to get on with the game!

The first edition kineticist had a chance to ignore critical hits based on how much burn they had accrued. Here's an idea to bring that forward into Second Edition and give Constitution something special for the class.

Elemental Fortification: Whenever the kineticist would be critically hit, the attacking creature must make a flat check with a DC equal to the kineticist's Constitution modifier. On a failure, the attack is instead a normal hit.

Sovereign Court

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An excellent story to lead into Quest for the Frozen Flame, with a good message. I'm looking forward to this AP

Chances are good my party will be interested in Lord Tegora as a sponsor for the tournament. So I wrote him up as an alternative sponsor.

Lord Buken Tegora
Male Tian-Shu magnate
Perception +30
Will +27
Discovery DC 29 Merchant or Underworld Lore, DC 32 Society, DC 34 Perception
Influence Skills DC 34 Athletics or Intimidation, DC 38 Performance or Society, DC 40 Deception or Diplomacy
Influence 1: Lord Buken Tegora bids 8,000 gp and a greater fearsome rune.
Influence 4: Lord Buken Tegora adds boots of speed and two doses of purple worm venom to his bid.
Influence 8: Lord Tegora’s final bid includes another 4,000 gp and a wondrous figuring (obsidian steed). In addition, if chosen as sponsor, Lord Tegora can use his connections to help the party spy on or harrass other teams.

Resistances Lord Tegora dismisses appeals to his emotion. In addition, he finds overly deferential treatment a sign of weakness. He has little patience for contenders who attempt to win his favor with courtly manners or formalities.
Weaknesses Lord Tegora enjoys contenders as ruthless as he is.
Background Lord Buken Tegora, also known as the Spider of Goka, is a cold, calculating magnate who operates a generations-old private lending company who exploits the poor and hires unscrupulous mercenaries to collect overdue payments from them on a regular basis.
Appearance Lord Tegora is a middle-aged man with long, slender fingers. He dresses in a fine foreign suit no matter the weather, always accented with a silk kerchief.

What do you think? Let me know if you have suggestions for improving Lord Tegora's bids, especially.

I added a fifth member of Tino's Toughest to keep the challenge of the team for a five player party. My addition was a samsaran staff magus (yes, I was excited to try out the Secrets of Magic rules).

What other character ideas do you have as potential additions to Tino's Toughest?


Sheet

Please fill out the character questionnaire with your character alias.

What is the first thing other characters notice about you?
Why is your character in the Pathfinder society? A few sentences about your character and his or her previous adventures, either in or out of character.
What ancestries and genders are your character attracted to?
What are your strengths, interests, or skill sets outside of combat?
What are your go-to combat tactics?
What special rules, boons, or corner cases should I know regarding your character?


Just after midnight, one of Heidmarch Manor’s servants, a young man named Jardan, gathers you all, apologizing for the late hour and informing them that the venture-captain needs to speak with you.

Jarden leads the way to the library, where Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch stands waiting, along with two seated guests: an elderly man and a woman in uniform. The venture-captain finishes reading a paper with a satisfied smile, and dismisses the servant. “Thank you, Jardan. Welcome, friends. I apologize for the hour, but Aspis spies are about, and this matter requires they suspect nothing. As you know, we have struggled with the Consortium’s stranglehold on city politics. Maiveer Sloan and his agents still hold sway with Lord-Mayor Grobaras; fortunately, the Council of Ushers has grown tired of the Consortium’s illegal smuggling of Thassilonian relics and the LordMayor’s failure to enforce the law.”

She gestures toward the seated man, “Lord Deverin represents members of the Council that would see something done. They have provided a writ empowering the Pathfinder Society as their agent in this matter. We are to investigate a smuggling operation, find evidence of the Consortium’s complicity, and, once we have proof, tear apart Bronze House to uncover the rest of Sloan’s illegal activities.”

Lord Deverin speaks, his words interspersed with rasping coughs, “Please, Lady Heidmarch. You are merely authorized to search for evidence and defend yourselves if any resist. We don’t want a war in the middle of the city.”

Heidmarch offers a placating gesture, “Of course, I understand. Pathfinders, remember you are acting as the city’s agents; do not literally tear the building apart, and absolutely do not harm Maiveer Sloan. This is an investigation, not an assassination.” She turns to the seated woman, who rises. “Kasadei is a member of the city guard and she will act as your liaison. She has some authority to request assistance, but is primarily an observer. Kasadei?”

Kasadei moves to greet each of you in turn, and then continues the briefing. “Thank you, Lady Heidmarch. I’ve read of your Society’s exploits, and heard much of its actions around the city, mostly good things. I’m eager to see you in action. The city guard recently identified one Thassilonian site we suspect the smugglers are looting. I will guide you there when you’re ready.”

Lord Deverin grumbles about the hour and needing some wine to soothe his throat and departs. Kasadei escorts him out. Lady Heidmarch turns toward you, waiting for the others to depart before speaking again. “Officially, we’re working for the city to stop this smuggling operation and, if you succeed, we can drive a wedge of public embarrassment between Sloan and the Lord-Mayor. More importantly, the Aspis dared attack the Grand Convocation. We’ve learned from an inside informant that Sloan was instrumental in planning that attack. The Grand Convocation should have been a celebration of our achievements, but thanks to Sloan, Pathfinder agents lost their lives that day, and the Society lost valuable artifacts that we’ve spent the last year collecting. Sloan must pay. Physically harming him is not an option, but find as much evidence of illegal activity as you can, and any information on Aspis activities while you’re at it. We have a rare chance to legally go in and look at his books. You aren’t authorized to seize property that the Consortium obtained legally. That being said, if a particular object catches your eye, well, I’m sure I can explain away one item disappearing from the Bronze House, as long as you can prove it is not of Thassilonian origin. If you do meet Sloan, trick him into revealing as much as you can. He’s a cunning old fox, but he’s not infallible; the Council turning on him and our knowledge of his complicity in the Absalom attack might shake him. Desna smile on you, Pathfinders.”

Sovereign Court

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Please cancel my Starfinder Rulebook subscription and remove the Alien Archive 4 from Order 36292910.

Thank you

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The party!
A: an alchemist who favored pepper bombs
B: a dragon summoner
C: a gnome flickmace magus
D: a human sustaining steel magus

I played the gnome flickmace magus. I built the sustaining steel magus for a player who didn't have time to build a character for themself. It is largely a conversion of their ranger character.

Gnome Slide Caster Magus Build:
Gnome Magus 8
STR 16
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 18
WIS 12
CHA 12

AC 26; Fort +14, Ref +14, Will +13
hp 88

Slide Casting Synthesis
1st- Gnome Weapon Familiarity
2nd Spirit Sheath
3rd Gnome Obsession
4th Striker's Scroll
5th Gnome weapon innovation
6th Energize Strikes
8th Runic Impression

Skill feats went mostly to downtime activities

4th- phantasmal killer, vampiric maiden
3rd- haste, shocking grasp
cantrips: daze (staff), chill touch, electric arc, produce flame, prestidigitation, ray of frost

Additionally, scroll of command on the +1 striking frost flickmace, goblin pox on a hook hammer kept in the spirit sheath, and hideous laughter and touch of idiocy on a pair of kukris.

Human Sustaining Steel Magus:
Human Magus 8
STR 18
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 18
WIS 12
CHA 10

AC 26; Fort +14, Ref +14, Will +13
hp 88

Sustaining Steel Synthesis
1st- Familiar
2nd Fighter Dedication
4th Attack of Opportunity
6th Energize Strikes
8th Runic Impression

4th- phantasmal killer, vampiric maiden
3rd- haste, shocking grasp
cantrips: acid splash, chill touch, electric arc, produce flame, ray of frost, shield

+1 striking wounding halberd +17 (reach, vers S) 2d10+6 P plus 1d6 bleed

The other magus had a bad experience with Plaguestone, so the GM went a little easy on us for the encounters.

The theme of the night was lizards. Up first were a couple frilled lizards and a hodag, then a pair of hydras, and lastly a Krooth.

Against lower level foes, we got by with Striking Spell on cantrips. The summoner summoned a bear in the first encounter that distracted the frilled lizards long enough for D to clean up the hodag with a lucky crit.

Against the hydras, I used both my focus points to add a corrosive rune on top of my frost rune. A +2 frost corrosive striking flickmace does a very satisfying amount of damage. I was about to Energize Strikes with fire to just make extra sure those hydra heads stayed dead, but the summoner and alchemist finished it off. The halberd magus didn't bother with magus potency before turning his wounding rune into a corrosive rune. The hydra was bleeding already. D basically soloed that one.

I still had most of my spell slots for the Krooth encounter. The alchemist failed a skill check and managed to get himself separated from the rest of the party across a fast moving stream. I caste haste on the alchemist to kite the creature and when I got across and closer, hit it with paralyze (4th). It succeeded on the save, but I think it died before it had a chance to suffer from the stunned condition.

Overall both I and the other magus were impressed with how much damage we could deal to on-level or below creatures. We each had several critical hits on our Striking Spell Strikes.

One question we ran into was whether the Strike and the Spell were separate for the purposes of proc'ing the Hodag's Ferocity. The GM ruled them separate, so when D reduced the Hodag to 0 with a Strike, it used it's reaction, and then died to the spell damage.

I am GMing for a group of new players and helping to build their characters. This Ancient Elf phantom Summoner plans to wade into melee with their eidolon and play the tank. How does it look? I've been debating whether to swap out Tandom Move at 4th level for Lay on Hands or Cry of Destruction, but sticking together is important for the concept. Any advice?

Ancient Elf Pilgrim Phantom Summoner 8

STR 18
DEX 12
CON 12
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 18

Perception: +12
hp: 94 AC: 27 (+1 full plate)
Fort: +13 Ref: +11 Will: +12

1st: Champion Dedication
1st: Elven Verve
2nd: Reinforce Eidolon
3rd: Prescient Planner
4th: Tandom Move**
5th: Defiance Unto Death
6th: Champion's Rection [Glimpse of Redemption]
7th: Prescient Consumable
8th: Ranged Evolution

Plan on using a +1 striking greater mentalist staff as a weapon, or telekinetic projectile at range.

The iruxi have a level 1 class feat for a 1d8 unarmed attack. How can I leverage that as a magus?

Building out to level 8 for a playtest session next week.


Post your starting deck lists here.


Faction's Favor - Chasing Yellow Sails

Still recovering from the fierce battle for Absalom, the Pathfinder Society was appalled to hear reports that a former ally—onetime faction leader Pasha Muhlia al-Jakri—helped coordinate the betrayal and subsequent two-pronged attack that had threatened the city. Though citizens, soldiers, and Pathfinders alike rose up to thwart the foul plot, the assassin al-Jakri managed a narrow escape. Not only is the Pathfinder Society embarrassed to have trusted a betrayer for so many years, but it is horrified that she used Society connections to nearly bring Absalom to its knees. Uncertain whether she may possess other secrets or allies, the Pathfinder Society desperately needs to track down and capture al-Jakri before she can hatch any other sinister plots. You have been set the task of bringing her to justice.

After some preliminary investigation, it becomes clear that most of al-Jakri’s lieutenants perished in the battle. There is one who was seen escaping, however: a Keleshite man named Satyar Siddique. He was last seen boarding a ship that was then intercepted by a large galley bearing the infamous yellow sails of an Okeno slaving ship. Siddique is now undoubtedly being ferried to Stonespine Island off the coast of Katapesh to be auctioned off at Okeno’s notorious Fleshfairs—markets where slaves of all races and nationalities are sold like chattel. If the Society wants any chance of stopping anything al-Jakri may be setting in motion, you must track down Siddique and convince him to share what he knows. Every moment you delay brings him a greater risk of being traded, tortured, or killed by slavers who are unaware how valuable he is.

Venture-Captain Roderus of the Winding Road Lodge, one of the Pathfinder Society’s local headquarters in Katapesh, has done all he can to equip you for your mission and warn you of the cruel gnolls that are seen as villains elsewhere yet are welcome in Okeno. You’ll cross to Stonespine Island on a merchant ship, and from there you must keep a low profile to avoid unwanted attention. Into the Yellow City of Okeno you must go, with hopes you will not fall to a slaver’s noose.

In PF1, player options are evaluated without the assumption that retraining is available. Changing your build was done by the grace of GM. This means that niche options are not considered valuable for players. Feats that are only valuable for part of a campaign aren't worth including in your build over more generally applicable options.

This time around rules for retraining your build choices are going to be included in the Core Rulebook. Does having retraining as a defined Downtime activity from the start change how we consider situation feats and abilities?

Sovereign Court

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Finally! Oh, I could just sing!

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Isn't Wis mod of Spell points to few? or are all powers going to add additional Spell points?

Speaking of powers, each one cost a class feat right?

Sovereign Court

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Navigating to "" loads the home page, both from my bookmark and links from the messageboards.

Edit: It seems the whole Pathfinder forum is not working correctly.

Sovereign Court

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Online play tools are really neat! I'll have to give it a go sometime.

Sovereign Court

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Intriguing write up. I want to know more about the mysterious Zova.

Well done!

Sovereign Court

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I see a lot of favorites on the list, and several new things to check out, as well!


Incense hangs heavy in the air in a meeting chamber of Manaket’s Swordmeet Lodge, where Venture-Captain Obo stands before a low table. “I won’t mince words,” he declares as he strokes his graying beard. “This mission is of vital importance to the Pathfinders’ success in the Worldwound. The Society has many powerful spellcasters, yet few can compare to the Riftwardens in feats of demon-banishing. That Abyssal scar spawns many demons, and the aid of capable abjurers would be a great boon in our march to Jormurdun, the newly discovered Sky Citadel . When our leaders requested the Riftwardens’ aid, we were denied; too many of their wizards are already committed to Mendev’s cause.”

Obo’s face betrays his chagrin, and he continues. “However, in saying no, they tantalized us with a means of securing their trust and alliance. Several Riftwardens led by Jahani Jodinaj and stationed in Azir were recently preparing for a dangerous task, but they recently stopped responding to magical missives. Were we Pathfinders to investigate these Riftwardens’ disappearance, we would have performed a great service to be repaid in kind. Ah,” he notes with some pleasure as two servant carry platters of drinks and fruit into the room, “We have refreshments. May you find them to your pleasure.”

As he begins peeling an orange, he frowns and adds, “We have one potential ally in this investigation, though I doubt he will leap at the chance to help. A contact of mine recently spotted the former Pathfinder Eando Kline in the sook of Azir. He has donned the guise of a copper merchant and likely prefers a degree of anonymity, but he is also a very well-connected man; if anyone knows what ills have befallen the Riftwardens, it is he. Should he not wish to speak, tell him, ‘Sasha Antif-Arah sends her regards—healthy and alive from Andoran.’

“Beyond that, be careful, Pathfinders. The sands of Rahadoum are unforgiving, and the Pure Legion is even less so.”


DC 10 Know(history, local, religion):
Azir is the capitol of Rahadoum. The entire nation upholds the Laws of Man, which make worshipping the gods illegal. The country adopted these laws following decades of religious wars, and although this has driven away the most devout merchants, Rahadoum is nevertheless the home to many influential businesspeople.

DC 15 Know(history, local, religion):
Although often referred to as atheists, the people of Rahadoum accept that the gods exist but simply refuse to venerate them, believing that the price of worship is too great. An elite militant organization known as the Pure Legion enforces the ban on religion.

DC 20 Know(history, local, religion):
Despite the Pure Legion’s best efforts, there is nevertheless a considerable trade in smuggled religious paraphernalia. Punishment for breaking religious law ranges from a fine for possession of forbidden texts to public humiliation or deportation for proselytizing or displays of divine magic.

DC 25 Know(history, local, religion):
Rahadoum has experienced several terrible plagues and other disasters in recent memory, leading some to speculate that the gods are displeased with the nation. Additionally, while the Pure Legionnaires have a reputation outside of Rahadoum of being merciless hardliners, they are educated, humane, and far from being bloodthirsty killers.


The Story so Far


The Pathfinder Society discovered the location of Jormurdun, a dwarven sky citadel whose very existence had been lost to history. Following the monumental discovery that Jormurdun was in the Worldwound, Pathfinder agents flocked to neighboring Mendev to prepare for an expedition. However, an invasion of demons interrupted the announcement of their grand foray into the abyssal wasteland.

With the Fifth Mendevian Crusade underway, the Pathfinder Society knew they could not reach Jormurdun without assistance. To gain support, the Society sent diplomatic envoys to recruit influential luminaries in Absalom, the Eagle Knights of Andoran, the elves of Kyonin, and the Riftwardens. At the same time, Pathfinder agents gathered histories of Taldan victories against evil forces, gained control of powerful Jistkan artifacts, and acquired a powerful relic to rally behind.

5-07 Port Godless includes Dark Archive, Scarab Sages, and Exchange story elements
Player's forum handle:
Character name:
Day Job Roll, if any:

1) What special rules, boons, or corner cases should I know about regarding your character?
2) Why is your character in the Pathfinder society? A few sentences about your character and his or her previous adventures, either in or out of character.
3) What are your strengths, interests, or skillsets outside of combat?
4) What are your go-to combat tactics?
(Please also include this on your character sheet as a Bot Me! spoiler.)
5) What deity does your character worship? Do they carry religious texts, holy symbols, or other symbols of their faith?
6) What time(s) of day are you usually online to post?

Sovereign Court

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That thief looks awesome.

Sovereign Court 3/5 **

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Well done. I'm looking forward to seeing the results!

Sovereign Court 3/5 **

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Whirling Dervish wrote:
In Qadira and throughout the Padishah Empire, Sarenrae’s worshipers praise the Dawnflower through dance. Her more warlike followers adapted these dances into graceful martial forms, and their swashbuckling style is feared throughout the Inner Sea region and beyond for its ability to devastate foes with a scimitar through motion and agility regardless of strength of arms.

The Whirling Dervish archetype in Advanced Class Origins does not include a restriction to worshipers of Sarenrae in its text. However, it is clear from the description of the archetype and description of the abilities that it is strongly tied to Sarenrae.

Should a restriction be added to the Campaign Clarifications document?


Discussion for The Darkest Abduction.

Please make your Day Job rolls here!

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A young halfling runner enters the lodge at a trot yelling, ”Urgent missive from Karcau! Lady Kalistoff needs our best in Ustalav.”

He waves a perfumed letter in the air, then pins it to the notice board.

Pathfinders, there have been several unexplained abductions in Karcau recently. Given our reputation in the city, it will not be long before the Society is blamed. Without the benefit of a noble patron, the consequences for pathfinders in the area could be severe. Please meet me at the Cloisoi Theatre in Karcau at 6pm on the seventh day of Gozran. With your help, we can find the perpetrators, clear our name and perhaps keep our few friends in the process.

Venture-Captain Basia Kalistoff

If you dot, please delete.

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Recruitment for a standard table of 6-23 The Darkest Abduction (7-11).

The occasional unexplained disappearance is common enough in Ustalav, yet a rash of unexplained abductions has led to fearful speculation on the verge of panic in the streets. Hoping to improve the Pathfinder Society’s reputation in Ustalav, Venture-Captain Basia Kalistoff has offered her lodge’s services in putting an end to this crime wave.

“The Darkest Abduction” contributes to the ongoing storyline of the Scarab Sages and Sovereign Court factions.

*This scenario calls back to 1-47 The Darkest Vengeance

Already confirmed are a lvl 11 sorcerer, cleric, and a large cat. Game to begin around April 7.
Application Form
Player's forum handle:
Character name:
1) What special rules, boons, or corner cases should I know about regarding your character?
2) Why is your character in the Pathfinder society? A few sentences about your character and his or her previous adventures, either in or out of character.
3) What are your strengths, interests, or skillsets outside of combat?
4) What are your go-to combat tactics?
(Please also include this on your character sheet as a Bot Me! spoiler. You can even have your dice rolls ready to go.)
5) Will you be able to post 1-2 times a weekday, barring occasional days off (Cons, Work, Vacations, etc.)? What time(s) of day are you usually online to post?
Bonus! Has this character played 1-47 The Darkest Vengeance?

Sovereign Court 3/5 **

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Please help N N 959 by gathering links to relevant FAQs, blogs, dev comments or previous discussions.

We can discuss how this tricky topic might be codified for PFS.

Branched from Compilations thread here.


Discuss here!



Sovereign Court

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I also sent an email, but in case anyone else has the same issue:

My PFS scenario subscription has been processed; I have an email and the product pages indicate that I have purchased the most recent scenarios, but they have not been added to my downloads. The email says the PDFs have yet to be shipped.

Will the system figure it out, or does it need a kick?


A place for out-of-character discussion or tangents. Keep the gameplay thread heavy roleplay, please.


Decades ago, a group of affluent Pathfinders founded the Restful Pathfinders’ Lounge, a members-only club in the Petal District of Absalom where they could relax when not adventuring, while simultaneously avoiding having a venture-captain tell them they weren’t busy enough. Without the riffraff of a public tavern present, they may spend time with their closest companions and enjoy a good brandy or a light smoke in peace and quiet.

A well-stocked bar runs the length of the room. On the far end, the embers of a fire warms the room. Elegant sofas and easy chairs surround several low tables. Opposite the door, a bay window with a cushioned bench looks out upon a small garden. The torches in the wall are magical, and yet the air smells faintly of smoke. Smoke and spice.

Sovereign Court

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Anyone else getting extrememly slow response times from intermittently? I'm generally browsing the messageboards.

For me, sometimes a page loads fine, sometimes loads after about a minute, sometimes it loads without styling, and sometimes the connection just times out.

Sovereign Court

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I got inspired by the new Legacy of Dragons book to make a Charisma based Monk/Sorcerer. The alternative bloodline arcana for imperial dragons gives a bonus against shaken, frightened or panicked foes, so I included an Intimidate focus.

This character is a Tian half-elf descended from the ruling family of Xa Hoi. He studied martial arts in the ranks of the imperial army before his magical abilities expressed themselves. He takes after his Sovereign Dragon heritage in many ways, not the least of which is the divine wind his mightily destructive voice.

I'm looking for advice on feats, spell options, and items. This build is mostly for flavor, but anything to make it more effective is welcome.

Here is a sample build (without items) I've been tinkering with:

LN Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist) 2/Sorcerer(Eldritch Scrapper) 4/ Dragon Disciple 2:

Half-Elf (humanoid(elf), dragon)
STR 15 (+1 @8) (+2 DD) = 18
DEX 12
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 15+2 (+1 @4) = 18

AC(w/mage armor): 19 t: 15 ff: 18
Fort: +6 Ref: +6 Will: +5 (+2 v. fear, sleep, paralysis )

Flurry: +7/+7 ( 1d6+8/6 )
Claws: +9/+9 ( 1d4+4 )
Ranged: +6

Traits: Magical Knack (Sorcerer), Omen( 1/day swift action demoralize)
1. Mercenary Company Tattoos (take 10 Intimidate)
B. Dragon Style
M: Improved Unarmed Strike
3: Shocking Bellow (surprise round: free action Intimidate)
B. Intimidating Prowess (add Str to Intimidate)
5. Draconic Manifestation ( while claws active: +2 Intimidate. Immune to fear)
7. Dragon Ferocity
Bl: Improved Initiative

Skills (28 ranks +2 FCB):
Acrobatics 11 ( 7 ranks, 3 class, 1 Dex )
Intimidate 22 ( 8 ranks, 3 class, 4 Cha, 4 Str, 1 trait, [2 feat] )
Know(arcana) 9 ( 5 ranks, 3 class, 1 Int )
Perception 11 ( 8 ranks, 3 class, 0 Wis )
Spellcraft 5 ( 1 rank, 3 class, 1 Int )
Use Magic Device 8 ( 1 rank, 3 class, 4 Cha )

Spells (CL 8):
1- mage armor*, charm person, chill touch, ear-piercing scream, true strike,
2- resist energy*, mirror image, scorching ray

Class Abilities:
AC Bonus (equal to Cha), Evasion, Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist( 3/day DC 18),
Martial Flexibility (Combat Feat, or Arcane Strike, Combat Casting) 5/day 1 minute
Bloodline Weapon (9 rds/day claws 1d4 + Str)
Bloodline Arcana(Draconic [Imperial, Sovereign]): Whenever you cast a spell that affects a creature with the shaken, frightened, or panicked condition, increase the spell’s save DC by 1.

Sovereign Court

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I'm building out an elemental ally druid and am looking for suggestions. Without evolution points, I was planning to specialize each with different combat feats and decide which to use based on what tactics would work best with the party.

What are some combat tactics that might be useful depending on the party?

Ideas so far:

Fire eidolon (movement - + 20ft base speed)
Quadruped - 40ft, bite
Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack
Fast mover to chase foes and position for flank

Air eidolon (movement - fly speed)
Quadruped - 40ft, bite
Power Attack, Step Up, Death from Above
Flight is super handy on it's own

Water eidolon (movement - Swim speed)
Serpentine - 20ft, bite, tail
Combat Reflexes, Bodyguard, Stand Still
Use Dex for AoOs, boost ally's AC

Earth eidolon (movement - burrow speed)
Biped - 30ft, slam
Power Attack, Blind Fight
Basic damage dealer, eventually able to burrow and fight from below

What else could I do with them? I'll probably just rotate them unless I have a reason to pick one over another.

Are there feats the eidolon could take to make it a better mount? I'm not sure if I'll run into many small sized cavliers in need of a flying mount. But, I have the flexibility to build it. Alternatively, I could have my elven archer mount up on an Undersized Air Elemental.

The Exchange 3/5 **

The Exchange wrote:
The Exchange seeks to rule the markets of the Inner Sea. The Exchange’s board of directors merges the independent wealth of Qadiran merchant-nobility and the resourceful cunning of Sczarni smugglers. There are countless ways to earn a fortune, and the Exchange rewards Pathfinders for any number of them. Not all of the Exchange’s dealings are legal or even honorable. Members of the Exchange often must choose between an aggressive approach and a more reputable one, and those choices help to shape the faction’s practices.

The current faction goals and rewards for the Exchange faction lean a little more toward the merchant side of the operation than the cunning smuggler side.

What sort of goals might be appropriate for a character less interested in Profession(merchant) than Profession(smuggler), Disable Device, Bluff, and Sleight of Hand?

Current goals:

Goal (2 boxes) wrote:
Visit one of the following centers of trade during the course of an adventure: Goka, Katapesh, Katheer, or Kerse. While in the city, purchase or sell an item worth at least 100 gp per character level.
Goal (2 boxes) wrote:
Recruit a named NPC merchant, trader, smuggler, or similar figure to cooperate with the Exchange. Doing so requires a successful Diplomacy or Profession (merchant) check with a DC equal to 15 plus your character level.
Goal (2 boxes) wrote:
Resolve a combat encounter nonviolently through diplomacy, trickery, bribery, or a similar tactic.
Goal (2 boxes) wrote:
Earn at least 50 gp as the result of a Day Job check.
Goal (1 box) wrote:
Know how to speak and read seven or more languages, at least one of which must be Dwarven, Kelish, Osiriani, or Tien.
Goal (1 box) wrote:
Undermine a rival entrepreneur or merchant so that you can claim his market share. Doing so requires a successful Intimidate or Profession (merchant) check with a DC equal to 15 plus your character level.
Goal (1 box) wrote:
Acquire a merchant’s license in a city with a population of 5,000 or more other than Absalom. Doing so requires spending 25 gp per character level and succeeding on an Appraise or Profession (merchant) check with a DC equal to 15 plus your character level.

This reward is particularly merchant focused as well.

Reward (4 goals) wrote:
Once per adventure, you can use your Profession (merchant) bonus in place of your bonus for a Disable Device, Knowledge (engineering), or Use Magic Device check as if you were trained in that skill.

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I am looking for fellow Pathfinders to play-by-post high tier 6-09 By Way of Bloodcove.

I have a Skald 6/ Barbarian 1.

Silbeg was kind enough to offer to GM if I can form a table.

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Taldor is thriving! All "evidence" to the contrary is the result of lies and deceit by the enemies of the Empire.

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The thread you've all been waiting for!

While our talented top 32 +4 work furiously on our map round, this is a chance to post your item and get some feedback on what you did well and what you can do better next year.

Let's all learn together.