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Anyone else getting extrememly slow response times from intermittently? I'm generally browsing the messageboards.

For me, sometimes a page loads fine, sometimes loads after about a minute, sometimes it loads without styling, and sometimes the connection just times out.

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Everything is checking out with the servers on our side, might just be a hiccup somewhere in the chain between us and you, but ping the thread if you keep seeing the problem.

I have. During the day it can feel like my whole connection is hung based on how responds until I load up another tab and sites load almost instantly.

Technology Manager

Are you seeing the slowdown on another access point (i.e. work vs home, home wifi vs cell phone, etc).

It has been slow on multiple devices for me over the last couple of days. I even got /nostore on my laptop today.

In my case, it's extremely intermittent. My recollection has me thinking all is good 90% of the time with 10% of the time having oddities. Sometimes it's slowness, sometimes that's mysteriously being plopped on page 1000+ (no joke), sometimes that's trying to make a response post only for the page to refresh and the text box be empty.

I've also been suffering from slowness from the site.

Both on my home and work PCs, both using Firefox, one running Win 8.1 one running Win 10. Internet speeds vary at home I have slow (7-10mb) speeds and at work fast (50mb). Based in South UK and ISP for both is BT.

On both machines however going to the basic site will hang for a very long time. I have as one of my home tabs at home and often have to just go to the message boards bookmark then click the Paizo logo to navigate to the main site.

Forums have sometimes been slow but seem faster to respond than the site.

Been happening for a week or so now.

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