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Is that a figgy pudding in this pic?
Combat this terrifying monstrosity (see link above) in Scavenger's Voice, the sequel to Grimmerspace's bestselling sci-fi horror adventure Abattoir 8.

Only Until December 31st!
Hi everyone! Lou and Rone from Iron GM Games, here, and we're excited!

As some of you may know we've finished playtesting Scavenger's Voice, a 4th level sci-fi horror adventure set on a disabled starship and the sequel to Abattoir 8, Richard Pett's terrifying tale of an an orbital meat processing plant gone wrong. They will appear together in our upcoming, 3-in-1 hardcover Grimmerspace Adventures Vol. 1

And Xeno Files, the definitive Grimmerspace bestiary, is getting closer to layout! It features 40 unique monster, all deeply steeped in setting lore. Xeno Files contains tantalizing reveals about the Gliding Rim Galaxy found nowhere else!

Progressing like this also means it's time for us to close our store and stop taking pre-orders. And that makes December your last chance for deep dish discounts on Grimmerspace! Not to mention we've got some amazing holiday bundles going, but only until December 31st.

Please check out the new Grimmerspace pre-order store and holiday bundles today, because they'll be gone just 7 days from tonight!

Happy holidays to all and to all a good fright!

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You may be excited to hear that Owen K.C. Stephens (Design Lead for the Starfinder Core Rulebook, Development Lead for the Character Operations Manual), author of our Grimmerspace classes and races, will run an open playtest for Grimmerspace player options, starting... today!

To participate and get a first look just register with the forums and jump right in!

While we didn't plan to host an open playtest initially, we feel formally involving the Starfinder community in the development of classes and races will, among other things, improve their quality while granting the early access so many have requested.

The playtest is open to all players and GMs, regardless of whether you backed Grimmerspace on Kickstarter.

As of this post, you'll find beta versions of the Recombinator and the Voti Marine classes ready to download from the newly launched Iron GM Games forums. We expect to upload more options in the coming days.

See you there and thank you for your support!

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Over 2,600 Backers have unlocked amazing Grimmerspace values and made us the single most backed Starfinder KS (by # of backers) ever!

And there's less than 7 hours left to get in on it!

For example, the Grimmerspace ALL-IN pledge contains:

  • * Our core book, Grimmerspace Setting & Adventures book (Print), now 256 pages thanks to stretch goals! In this book, every setting location comes with a unique, short adventure. These adventures range in length from 1 to approximately 3+ sessions.

  • * The Xeno Files (Print), our bestiary now including 40 monsters. Thank you, backers!

  • * The Grimmerspace Adventures Vol. 1 adventure compendium. Adventures Vol. 1 contains all the module-length Grimmerspace adventures, including Abattoir 8, Scavenger's Voice (together comprising the adventure arc Casket of the Cull by Richard Pett) and now, because you brought us past $150k, Greg Vaughan's Somnium Meld adventure.

  • * The Xeno Deck. Laminated, tarot-sized cards with art prints of all 40 monsters from the Xeno Files (thanks, stretch goals!) on one side and stat blocks on the other. Puts the monsters in the palm of your hand, no more hunting for stats and pictures during a fight!

  • * The Denizen Deck. Not everything is a monster. Laminated, tarot-sized cards with art prints on one stat blocks on the other. Contains 40 NPCs (thank you, stretch goals!) drawn from Grimmerspace adventures of all lengths. No more hunting for stats and pictures while roleplaying!

  • * The Grimmerspace Player's Guide (Print), a softcover with enough detail to ground your players in the Grimmerspace setting that also duplicates player options from our core book for their convenience. Includes 3 bonus copies, our gift to you.

  • * 24x36 art poster (Print), "Delicious Slab of Thunk"

  • * 24x36 map poster (Print), "The Muckraker"

  • * 24x36 map poster (Print), Navigation Map. Use its unique coordinate system at your table to calculate travel times, air, provisions, and fuel requirements when traveling between any two points in the Gliding Rim Galaxy.

  • * 24x36 art poster (Print), "You Keep Them Working"

  • * The Sci-Fi Immersive Battle Maps book from Yarro Studios. This Grimmerspace Kickstarter exclusive contains a 4-page foldout of the Muckraker plus a special edition cover designed by Tanner Yarro that incorporates Grimmerspace polity logos and iconography. Backers also receive digital copies of the Yarro battle maps.

  • * Abattoir 8 Quickstart version, containing the first Quickstart for Starfinder by a third party and a step-by-step walkthrough of how to GM the first section of this adventure. Helpful for anyone, especially great for those new to Starfinder or new to GMing.

  • * Abattoir 8 for Roll20. Includes one unlock key for the Abattoir 8 adventure content on the Roll20 platform. As seen on the Roll20 Indie Showcase actual play.

  • * Three 35mm metal miniatures of the Hodrak, shock troops of the Sundermage invasion. From modeller Chad Hoverter and Effin' Cool Minis.

  • A Premium slipcase that holds all three hardcover Grimmerspace books: Settings & Adventures, Xeno Files, and Adventures Vol. 1

  • * PDF copies of all Grimmerspace books

  • * All Digital Rewards, which includes VTT support, as well as PDFs of the "Delicious Slab of Thunk" art poster and the Muckraker ship poster, but not PDFs of the Navigation Map or the "You Keep them Working" art poster.

Not to mention pledge levels that include the Starfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook or the Starfinder Beginner box.

I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin' maybe check it out before its over?

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There's only 1 week left in the Grimmerspace Kickstarter, and you don't want to miss Sean Astin's Grimmerspace News, with Rone Barton (the Jade) and Lou Agresta.

More accurately, I don't want you to miss it!

We had a hoot making these, and I know they'll make you laugh...


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We'll be blasting off for Grimmerspace next Wednesday 5/22. Thought some of you might like to know.

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that Iron GM Games is bringing Grimmerspace to Paizocon to celebrate with you! We'll be running games, sponsoring an actual play streamed to the Paizo Twitch channel (thanks RollForCombat!), and hosting a late night party!

Myself, Greg Vaughan, and two amazing members of the Iron GM Games staff will run Abattoir 8 3-4 times per day, every day of the con (after clicking the link and arriving at the event schedule, select Organizer>Iron GM Games to see them all).

Strap on your armor, charge your environment protections, and toss some extra magazines into your backpack. They might do you some good before this all ends. With this adventure, forget heroism… can you race through the pandemonium and escape in one piece?

Can't make it to Paizocon? That sucks and we'll miss you, but you can download Abattoir 8 for free here, see what all the fuss is about, and then follow along during the actual play as we stream it to both RollforCombat and Paizo's Twitch channels.

After the Paizo Banquet, why stop the fun? Join us into the wee hours for drinks and laughs at the Grimmerspace Launch Party in Cascade 13. We'll hand out prizes, spot you drink tickets for free designer cocktails straight from the Votikun Empire, and offer a chance to schmooze with top designers.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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I am pleased and excited to announce that yesterday Abattoir 8 was released to early access subscribers of the Grimmerspace newsletter. With handouts, player maps, and pregens this entirely free adventure clocks in at 90 pages.

Written by fan-favorite master of dark adventure, Richard Pett, for 4-6 characters of 1st-3rd level, Abattoir 8 introduces you to Grimmerspace. And, while we plan to explore over fifteen different subgenres of horror in our setting and adventures, expect a lot of Splatter and Survival horror in this one.

It’s the kind of adventure that leaves you thinking, forget heroism… can we race through the pandemonium and escape in one piece?

In Abattoir 8 we created tools to help make GMing easy, saving the horror for the adventure, not for when you try to run it. And, on the advice of our allies in the industry, we also threw in a digital map pack with all the maps and art in the adventure already extracted and zipped up for GMing convenience. Also free.

Expect to hear more from us soon about Abattoir 8 and other Grimmerspace News.

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Rone Barton (The Jade) and I put together a video series, filmed with his old half-busted camera at the Underground Beacon, my warm and wonderful local game and comic book store.

Each 1 minute video reveals another facet of Grimmerspace, our RPG project for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game that we're developing with Sean Astin. We shot 54 of these little monsters, and plan to release one or more per day from now until just before Paizocon.

You can watch the first vid introducing the plan on our Iron GM Games Facebook page, here. Eventually we'll collect them up in batches on youtube and vimeo for folk who don't facebook.

We're premiering our next vid on Grimmerspace tonight. If you want to chuckle along with us for a hot minute and hear something about the Sci-Fi horror galaxy we're building for Starfinder, please join us on our facebook page when we go live around 7pm EST 4/19/19. You can and even get a reminder about it by visiting the page beforehand and clicking on the announcement post.

The short length of these vids sometimes forced us to rush, but we laugh, we cry, and we aim to inform!

I sincerely hope you'll join us and that you enjoy our short video chats when you do.

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MODIPHIUS named as the worldwide distributor of Grimmerspace for Starfinder! Thanks to Big Mo as we pull together an award-winning team to bring Grimmerspace to the widest possible audience! You can check out the full press release here.

You can learn more about Grimmerspace on our website, which has a vid from fellow creative developer Sean Astin hitting the project highlights.

The Jade and I are excited to announce this deal and happy to answer any questions about what this means (and doesn't mean) for backers of the project.

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Hey everyone,

I thought I'd take a moment to make a formal announcement here. Some of you may have heard The Jade and me talking about our upcoming Starfinder scifi-horror project, Grimmerspace, which will also help launch our company Iron GM Games.

You might not have heard we teamed up with Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things) on it, that we launched a new website, or that some of our writers might be *cough* familiar *cough*.

On the site you can check out a bit of what we've been up to, catch a first look at Grimmerspace art, and watch a short video of Sean explaining the project. The Jade and I pop in briefly at the end of the vid, see if you can spot us!

We really appreciate you taking the time to check out our efforts. The site is over at:

Thank you,

- Lou

PS If you want to stay in the loop or be first to get the free Richard Pett adventure we'll be giving away, please consider signing up. We'll notify you when it's out. And if you like what you see at, please consider sharing the site with gamers who might like it too. Shares mean the world to us.

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If I tossed your PC out an airlock in orbit, could your companions locate you? If you had a personal comm unit they could talk to you. But could they GPS in on your location? Or just listen to you as your Tier 1 armor's air ran out or you eventually began reentry and burned up?

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So there is unconsciousness from dropping below 0 hp, unconsciousness from non-lethal damage that drops you below 0 hp, and the unconscious condition.

It's clear from Staying in the Fight that resolve points can be used to pop you out of unconsciousness brought on from being below 0 hp, but what about if you just have the unconscious condition but it hasn't affected your hp at all? What if you just have the condition?

Can resolve points "clear" other conditions? As far as I know they cannot; so, I imagine if you gain the unconscious condition through some route other than "hp below zero" (an electrical charge, an alien energy, magic, a drug, gas) than resolve points would avail you naught?

Or is the unconscious condition the one exception?

Any RAW ruling on this?

The Unconscious condition entry reads "You are knocked out and helpless. Unconsciousness can result from having 0 hit points." Emphasis added.

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As posted elsewhere, the voting for the Ennies is now open:

Vote the Ennies

Please consider voting for Razor Coast and Heart of the Razor. It would mean the world to the team who worked so hard to save the day and make sure these books saw the light.

Voting is only open for a short time, so if you plan to vote, please do so now.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and support!

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This was an amazing way to wake up this morning -- five Ennie nominations. I'm thrilled. Overwhelmed. Excited. Humble, and just plain happy. Gonna ride this high all day.

We're up against some amazing work, so I really am just happy to have been nominated into their company. I think I'll have that on my headstone:

"That's 5x Ennie Nominated Lou Agresta to You..." :)

Here's the link:

2014 Ennie Nominees

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Interested in seeing what Razor Coast is about?

I created a facebook event, where I'm releasing sneak peaks of the Razor Coast campaign book.

Not just art -- that too, of course -- but useful bits right from the manuscript. I'll be sharing some of the original sneak peaks, but entirely new material as well. Stuff that conveys the flavor and writing packed into the volume.

I hope to add something every other day or so, and when I do I'll announce it here.

I figure if I keep this thread relatively clean, it makes it easier for people to see if there's anything they want to check out. Instead of forcing folks to wade through 15 pages or more of posts to check for an update. ;)

So here's what I put up already that you can check out if you feel like it:

1. Old and New Weresharks Art from Andrew Ho and Cynthia Sheppard conceptualizing the weresharks that terrorize the Razor Coast in one of the campaigns many plotlines.

2. The Isle of Maht Enough text to use this in your game, today.
This island is named for a deadly black root that grows all over it. Maht — also called ‘Granpappy Blackskull’ — creates a terrifying transformation when chewed or smoked...

3. The cover laid out Not just the popular Wayne Reynolds art but the logo and trade dress we've been playing with.

4. Undead Cannibal Pygmies The full monster Adam Daigle and I created (mostly Adam). Anthropophagi. Fah-Jee for short - very short.
“Do we dare grant them humanity, these shrunken fiends who devour man’s flesh, by calling them cannibals?” – Alexandre Grevo

5. The Kiss of Dajobs New art preview. Get bit, you're it. By Chris Malidore.

5. Undead Cannibal Pygmie Pics New art preview: the Fah-Jee Totem warrior in the melting flesh. Also from Chris Malidore.

Stay tuned for more...

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So I'm doing one last development pass on the Razor Coast manuscript, mostly because I'm anxious to please and a little OCD. That said I keep coming across these little vivid imagery gems that slide a frisson down my spine. Thought I'd share one.

Otherwise inform the PCs they hear screams, abruptly cut off, and that a fountain of blood jets from the ship’s hold like a whale spout. Then silence: the wind rustles in the rigging. Wood creaks.

I know it's a small thing, simply written, but the phrasing makes "writer me" smile.

Do it for anyone else?

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If you were wondering, we took the list of pre-orders and put a little query window on it. You can plug in your email address, and it tells you whether we have a record of your pre-order. It also asks if you want to get emailed more info.

Do I have a pre-order?

If the system says you don't have a pre-order but you think you do, just email me at

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As of 10/19/2012 all refund requests received at the address, as described in this thread, have officially been paid.

*queue applause*

With one exception. A refund request from Brazil ran into a snag because Pay Pal apparently cannot send money to Brazil. I'm continuing to look into this, so I can get this fellow his money.

I also want to announce that as of the end of October 31st, 2012 at 11:59pm EST I will no longer handle any refund requests for Sinister Adventures. If you still want a refund, please send that request to before that date.

Again, as of 10/31/2012 11:59pm EST -- I'm declaring, "Mission Accomplished" and returning the accounts and controls to Nick.

I will continue to handle any requests received before that date and time on Nick's behalf. After that, I'm on to other things.

I'd just like to take a moment to thank Bill Webb for lending some help in the 11th hour that let us overcome a monkey wrench Pay Pal through into the mix.

And I'd like to thank, again, a true pillar of the community who wants to remain anonymous. Still, this fellow made a substantial donation that allowed me to pay a bookkeeper to unravel this mess. He did it for no other reason than to help the community. I wish he'd step forward and take a bow, but he's humble as well as helpful. That said, thank you!

And thanks to the rest of you for your patience, understanding and support.

I am SO glad this chapter is over. :)

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Hey all,

If I could get Razor Coast out (that's still a BIG if - no promises), what would you say is ok for me to leave out?

I'm assuming if its even possible that not everything can fit. So would it be:

A. Less art, if that's what it takes.
Just get me my book!

B. Lou, pass on your last edit. I'll deal with some typos.
Just get me my book!

C. If you have to, skimp on a map or two. I can draw my own.
Just get me my book, already!

D. I don't need my art in color. B&W is just fine.

E. Don't bother updating the Indulgences, creating a player's guide, etc. etc. Just get me my @#$%&# book!

F. Razor Coast? What's that?

G. At this point, Lou, stick Razor Coast where the sun don't shine.

What do you think?

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Hey all,

There is now a new way to get your money back for any purchases you made from Nick Logue's Sinister Adventures.

Email your request to

I expect to be able to start sending people their money back by the end of the month. I will update everyone here if there are any delays to the start of that process. Money will be refunded in the order requests are received. Everyone who wants their money back can get it.

I extend Nick's apologies if you've already emailed and need to email a second time.

I need to let everyone who purchased know that there is a tiny, tiny possibility that I might be able to put out Razor Coast for Nick. If I do it will be more expensive than the pre-order price, by a significant factor. The book got a LOT bigger under my development. One of the primary issues preventing this is recovering the art from Nick's crashed hard drive and/or getting his artist's to resend it, years later.

Am I committing publishing RC as this time? NO. Absolutely, not.

If you don't get your money back, and I do put this out you get RC for whatever price you originally paid.

If you do get your money back, and then (by some miracle of personal goodness) decide later that you want RC anyway, you'll have to pay full price. Whatever that is at the time.

If is a tiny little word with a really big meaning, but IF I can help Nick in this way, I don't want anyone to feel they got fooled or ripped off.

Again, this is NOT any kind of promise to release RC in any shape or fashion, whatsoever.

But I have to make you aware of this possibility, now, even if the chances are fairly small. Transparency is important. Anything else would be dishonest.

I've been working with the Logue to help him recover from a computer disaster and otherwise get his ducks in a row.

He agreed -- and did -- release to my management his email and paypal accounts from Sinister Adventures, solely for the purposes of processing return transactions on his behalf.

What I've got is a giant stack of thousands of unsorted emails across multiple years -- many filled with understandably inventive imprecations -- plus a few years of PayPal statements. I've hired a temporary assistant to sort everything. He starts next week. Then I've pre-arranged extra hours for my bookkeeper to stay on top of payments. And I've got to make sure they do everything right and don't miss anything. It's an extra project I wasn't planning on, and it's going to take a while to get all set. Sorry.

I would like Nick to survive Paizocon with all his body parts reasonably intact. He'll have a hard enough time surviving his mud wrestling match with Rich Pett. Pett + a pitchfork mob VS. Logue? No way. He'd never win.

And I only recently had the idea.

And it took me a while to work up the courage to offer him my help with this.

No. Nick owes you. Always did, always will. I did not buy Sinister's accounts from him. I have no legal obligation to anyone for the money. I am not and have never been an employee of Sinister. I was a freelancer. Now I'm a payment processor. Think of me as an unpaid freelance bookkeeper handling the mechanical and accounting steps of refunding people's money. I'm just helping a friend (finally) do right by the community.

Figure that out, and I will shower you with accolades. :)

I'm sure there are questions I didn't address: please fire away.

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Just moving the thread over here as promised, as these products-in-the-works, are now separate and distinct from their Sinister roots.

Damon Griffin wrote:

Repeating this part of my previous post as it got lost in the shuffle. If there's someplace else I can go to read about it myself, just point me there --

I wasn't previously aware of it but this KUG thing, specifically a Pathfinder edition thereof, sounds like it could be very cool. Is it "near future/near space" (say within 50 LY) or does it cover a significant portion of the galaxy? Does it reference actual nearby stars appropriately or jump straight out to unknown reaches, in the manner of Star Trek, Babylon 5 and indeed most SF TV series? I confess I would prefer a "near space" grounding though not have the setting limited to that.

Oops - sorry to miss this in the shuffle. The KUG is sandbox space opera/space horror with a drizzle of both cyberpunk and the truly alien. It's set in its own corner of the universe. Sorry, but its not near future/near space. It is, however, grounded in hard science and set in a barred spiral galaxy. Technology has been set so that as you tool between the inhabited zone (an area centered on a barbell shaped zone at the galactic core) and the frontier (a cubic region enclosing the barbell) travel times are roughly equivalent to Age of Sail travel times.

Venturing beyond the frontier to the tip of one of the two unexplored galactic arms and back might take a decade, round trip -- and no one lives who has ever done so. No one credible. After all who believes that crazy old ancient mariner with the funny black alien tentacle leaking from the back of his head?

The farther one ventures from the civilized bar at galactic core, the stranger and less predictable the cold void grows.

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Call me blind and stupid, but I can't seem to find on which advancement track to run my Pathfinder APs? Fast track? Medium?

Also, if I pathfinderize a 3.5 AP (by bumping every encounter 1 level, etc.) does the track stay the same?

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Hey all,

Trying to shortcut my new campaign by using existing materials and tweaking them. Normally I use a group collaborative method of my own devising to create the campaign setting. My group has expressed their intention to use that process to go in an Arabian-pirates-and-airships direction. Well and good. However, I lack the time right now to develop the campaign/adventure from scratch. Maybe I could pathfinderize and adapt Legacy of Fire. Heck, I wrote a tiny bit of it. Any other suggestions that might be a quick adaptation? A good (and easy - I've got noob players) set of airship rules, so I don't have to write my own?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Thanks in advance for thoughts and ideas!

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Hey all,

Some of you probably heard by now that I'm helping Nick Logue polish off his Razor Coast manuscript and get it to publication. As part of that, I'm running a little contest to see who can produce the best, short d20 ship-to-ship combat rules with an Age of Sail feel. You can read about the details here, but the short of it is: 5,000 words; no player left behind; must be OGL compliant; entry due by the end of March; winner to be included in the Razor Coast core book and perhaps receive other prizes (TBD).

To save you the click I've replicated the text of the link, below:


Fire as She Bears! A Dark Challenge from Lou Posted at 2010/02/22 12:10

Grapeshot! Rigging! Long nines and the weather gauge. d20 ship to ship combat rules with an Age of Sail feel. Are they necessary to Razor Coast? No. Would they be cool? Yes, by the Kraken!

So, as newly minted editor, I'm issuing my own Dark Challenge. There is not a minute to lose, so I'm skipping the fanfare of the former challenges: not waiting on the webmaster, not getting art to pump you up. I hope you forgive me. After all, if you're reading this, I have to figure you're pretty hardcore!

Well, here's your chance to dazzle me with full broadsides of your gaming brilliance. Submit fun, easy rules for fighting a ship before March 25th, and I'll include the best rule-set in the core Razor Coast book and credit your RPG work.

I'll also see about adding some other prize as well, but we're pressed for time so no promises. Email your submissions direct to me as a Word document at: Be sure to include your name and email address in the header.

Winning this is harder than it might sound. Here are the design challenges.

The rules must:

1. Grant every player the opportunity to make fun and meaningful choices nearly every round of the ship to ship combat. Just like every player has the opportunity for a meaningful -- therefore fun -- action in party versus monster combats, so must every player have choices and actions in a ship to ship combat.

The worst, most boring thing in the world is for some players at the table to sit around twiddling their thumbs while some other player or players make all the choices and have all the fun. Failing this criteria is the death knell for your submission.

2. Incorporate the importance of "getting the weather gage". Not sure what that means? Weather Gage
3. Give smaller, faster vessels fought with pluck, skill and courage a fighting chance against larger, better-armed, slower vessels fought by arrogant morons.

4. Involve at least four kinds of guns: carronades as well as 6, 9 and 12 pound "longs". Not sure what that means? Naval Artillery

5. Include at least two kinds of shot: grape and ball.

6. Be submitted in a Word 97-2003 document with 1" margins.

7. Account for at least four characteristic of vessel: speed/sea worthiness, endurance under fire, strength of armaments -- also called "weight of guns" -- and quality of crew.

8. Be simple and fast for players to learn. If I can't figure it out scanning the rules in a half hour and explain it to players in 15 minutes? *queue sad trombone*

9. Be OGL compliant.

10. Remain D&D. We don't want an historical simulation or an Avalon Hill game! Remember that spells still work, monsters are summoned, etc.

11. Max rules length: 5,000 words.

12. Max length of a handy reference to all possible player actions: 2,500 words.

Avast and have at 'em!

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Hey all,

For what it's worth, I just heard from my publisher, Supergenius Games, and my new Call of Cthulu adventure is due to be on sale here next week. I'm pretty stoked! PDF first, followed by dead tree. It's 118 pages of creepy Cthonic goodness (I think so anyhoo, though I might be slightly biased *whistles*) set in NYC, and if anyone picks it up, I'll be very grateful to hear what you think.

- Lou

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Originally brought to my attention by Tom Ganz, I saw, and I knew. Sebastian's new campaign.



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Anyone? Anyone?

Squeee! It's out! It's out! I may be a writer on this, true, but oh my I think it's beautiful! Can't wait to hear what my lovely fellow Paizoans think. Many Werecabbages on this one!

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