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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that Iron GM Games is bringing Grimmerspace to Paizocon to celebrate with you! We'll be running games, sponsoring an actual play streamed to the Paizo Twitch channel (thanks RollForCombat!), and hosting a late night party!

Myself, Greg Vaughan, and two amazing members of the Iron GM Games staff will run Abattoir 8 3-4 times per day, every day of the con (after clicking the link and arriving at the event schedule, select Organizer>Iron GM Games to see them all).

Strap on your armor, charge your environment protections, and toss some extra magazines into your backpack. They might do you some good before this all ends. With this adventure, forget heroism… can you race through the pandemonium and escape in one piece?

Can't make it to Paizocon? That sucks and we'll miss you, but you can download Abattoir 8 for free here, see what all the fuss is about, and then follow along during the actual play as we stream it to both RollforCombat and Paizo's Twitch channels.

After the Paizo Banquet, why stop the fun? Join us into the wee hours for drinks and laughs at the Grimmerspace Launch Party in Cascade 13. We'll hand out prizes, spot you drink tickets for free designer cocktails straight from the Votikun Empire, and offer a chance to schmooze with top designers.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Did we mention free drinks? Just sayin'

Sounds fun.

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It will be fun! You going to be at Paizocon?

Louis Agresta wrote:
It will be fun! You going to be at Paizocon?

No, I'll be squaring away the WotC settings I'll be buying. And getting Greyhawk something organized. ;) I'll be at GenCon (hopefully).

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