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P.27 Multiclassing:

Casting spells is an exception—when determining caster level, a character adds together his levels from different spellcasting classes (such as mystic and technomancer).

Lets say a Kasatha carries a 2h melee weapon, a 1h ranged wepon and a shield (from the playtest rules).
Does the Kasatha get the AC bonus from the shield if it attacks with the 2h melee weapon?

With so many mistakes in the books I am not willing to buy the physical copies.
I was reallly looking forward to hold the limited editions in my hands, but I guess next printing will do! Do Paizo not have any proof readers?

Unfortunatly the next printing will take years, I am still waiting for the updated Starfinder books and they came out 2 years ago.

Dragorine wrote:
My guess is you grab a 2nd specialized companion since you can take it 3 times. Or whatever lower level feat you may like.

Oh, I totally forgot that you can take lower feats aswell :)

Is it intended, that a druid of the animal order doesn´t get a druid feat at level 18?
What does he get instead?

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Sorry, was in a bad mood last night, but please fix the books :D

Will there be updated printed rulebooks or PDF´s in the near future?

I really like the bonus system regarding magic weapons. For every plus you get an extra weapon die. I find this fantastic :)

AtlasSniperman wrote:

1) FAQ update

2) A book on starships and more starship options(like what about ships without life support, for the snotty undead or android crews)
3) An expansion on the computers stuff. Atm owning a computer does nothing for you
4) The Veskarium
5) The Swarm
6) General other non-pact worlds stuff

That's what I want anyway :P

In general I just want more to gorge on. I'm liking Starfinder far more than Pathfinder but find myself starved for content, despite the number of books so far

What he said :D

Yes, why don‘t you take 30 mins of your time and update your core rulebook pdf, especially starship combat dc‘s?
That would be awesome, thank you very much

I just don‘t get the logic behind the math.
Low level armor is easier to modify and harder to repair and later on,
higher level armor is more difficult to modify but easier to repair .

Since the DC‘s for Starship combat were updated from x2 to 1-1/2, could it be that most, if not all, DC which have the x2 multiplikator are wrong?


Page 196 - Adjusting armor, the DC is 10+2x armor level.

Page 142 - Repair item, to repair a piece of armor the DC is 15+1-1/2x item level.

Which is right?

When are the corrected PDF´s, Fantasy Grounds documents and physical rulebooks coming out?

When I see the amount of errata in the faq sections it is really about time, especially the starship-section.

If I understand it right, when you score a crit on an attack roll with a laser gun you deal double damage and apply the burn condition.

When does the ceature get the burn damage, immediatly with the crit or at the beginning of the creatures turn?

Thank you in advance for the answers

Are there no more attack bonuses for magic weapons?

So, what you mean is, that only the knowledge in between the Gap, which lasted several 1000 years, is lost?

One thing is bothering me.
If the Gap wiped out all knowledge about history, how do people know there was a planet called Golarion?

Question about range:
If the range says 25 feet + 5 feet for every 2 levels,
does it mean at 1st level the range is 25?

1st lvl - 25 feet
2nd+3rd - 30 feet
4th+5th - 35 feet.....

Is this right?


1st+2nd - 30 feet
3rd+4th - 35 feet etc.?

Is there no official answer regarding double slice / power strike ?