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BigNorseWolf wrote:

Local rumors started up about some haunted ruins so the starfinders launched a big archeological dig of the place. Turns out

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks BigNorseWolf! I'll throw all that together and make something happen.

In a homebrew campaign my characters are needing to go to Akiton, and I thought I'd throw in that this event was occurring when they went. I was disappointed to find out I couldn't buy the module. I still thought I'd try to do an approximation of it (they are higher level anyway so I already would have needed to modify it).

I played this at GenCon Online but I don't remember the details; can someone remind me what the basic plotline is and some monsters that were encountered?

I saw this new item in Galaxy Exploration Manual, which gives a different power depending on which deity it's attuned to. My current character happens to worship Talavet, so I was looking over that power.

Sacred Seal (Talavet) wrote:
Three times per day, you can begin animatedly telling a fable that reflects your actions; doing so doesn’t require an action. When you do, choose one of the following: charge, combat maneuver, covering fire, feint, harrying fire, or move your speed. So long as you perform the chosen action before the end of your turn, allies within 30 feet of you who perform the same type of action before your next turn gain a +2 morale bonus to AC and a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and skill checks while performing those actions (such as a bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity while charging, but not against subsequent attacks).

So, I guess if I move my speed (for example), anyone else who does so on their turn can get a +2 to their AC to opportunity attacks triggered by moving. Or if I do harrying fire, anyone else who does harrying fire gets a +1 to their attack. Sorta useful I guess?

It says I could give a bonus to skill checks. The only thing in the list of activities that involves a skill check is feinting, so I guess it means if I feint, anyone else who also feints that turn gets a bonus to their bluff check. So not a bonus to any skill, just to bluff.

Am I interpreting it correctly, or am I missing something?

So, the Nihilis on the Eternal Melody. They have this ability:

Decompression Gaze wrote:
A living creature that can see and breathe that begins its turn within 15 feet of a nihili must succeed at a DC 15 Fortitude save or take 1d4+3 bludgeoning damage.

It seemed unclear from the wording, to me, but do the characters have to roll for each Nihili they're in range of, or just once?

Similarly they also have this ability:

Gravity Well wrote:
Any creature entering this aura from an area of zero-g must succeed at a DC 15 Reflex saving throw or be knocked prone.

Once, or for each one? (There are three of them.)

Is Tanis O'Connor at Gencon this year? I want to get her to sign my Apocrypha promo.

Could an Archetype be used to add an animal companion option usable with any class? That would be nice to have.

I have, both for Ranzak's wisdom and Lini's strength.

So, the Open is listed now on the GenCon site. When I try to get tickets I get the message "Ticket could not be added - event is not open at this time." (This is a different message than you get if it's already run out of tickets.)

So what's the deal? Will it be open at some point?

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elcoderdude wrote:
The app crashed twice -- not sure if this is due to the application or the emulator.

Only twice? That's considerably better than it's doing on my tablet.

How about "if a card summons a copy of itself, that copy can't summon another copy"?

Have you ever noticed that Yoda looks quite a bit like a Pathfinder goblin?

Also, when I saw this post yesterday I wished for a goblin caster deck, and today my wish came true! So now I'm wishing for a Kobold class deck.

I'm looking forward to the Hunter and Summoner decks, because I want to see what they do with different cohorts.

There's a promo cohort? We got ours yesterday and the only promo was the Pig from Hell.

I was reading some older threads on this forum and there seems to be some uncertainty about how mounted combat is supposed to work. I'm trying to make a mounted character for PFS (a gnome cavalier riding a boar) and want to see if I can get some clarifications.

If I charge, do the cavalier and the mount both get to make an attack, or just the cavalier? I had assumed they both did, but then I read some dissenting views on it.

(If they normally both get to attack, then) what if I'm using a lance, but the mount doesn't have reach?

Who should take feats such as Improved Overrun, the character or the mount?

The rules say I (as a small character) can't take a boar as a mount until level 4. But, the intent behind that rule is obviously that the mount needs to be big enough for me to ride. Would I be able to start with the boar if I take the Undersize Mount feat, or do I still have to start with a pony or wolf even though I'm capable of riding a small mount?

My rapier-using investigator has a level of Swashbuckler, the Inspired Blade archetype. It's very useful and gives you the first two feats you the two prerequisite feats for Fencing Grace for free.

elcoderdude wrote:
One thing to note: Whether the power says "when you play a spell" or "after you play a spell", you perform the action specified by the power before you attempt to recharge the spell you played.

Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

Maznar, the druid:
He can reveal an animal ally to add a D4 to any check by a character at his location. Combat-wise, he was pretty much a caster, but once I ran out of spells (which was inevitable) his strength was like a d8 I think, so not too bad with blessings.

ChaoticBlue wrote:
Anyone know if the Druid deck was demoed at GenCon? I can't place the race of one of the male Druids, but he looks really cool, sort of Groot like.

Yes, it was. I played the male dwarf druid and he was awesome. I don't know much about the tree guy though (I didn't look too closely at the two I wasn't playing).

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So, I actually used Temptation of the Big Die tonight. To defeat the villain in The Elven Entanglement. I decided Balazar would rather die than play it again. But I rolled an 11 and 1, so Balazar both defeated the villain and survived, and we won! So, see it IS useful.

Thanks, that's very helpful.

What about wizards who have a power like "when you play a spell look at the top card of your deck..."; would that also happen at the same time?

What if both of these things are happening; do we choose what order to do them in?

So, I play a blessing on someone's check to defeat a bane. This triggers my power to choose a character at my location Rio shuffle a random card from their discard pile into their deck. I choose me. Is the blessing I just played in my discard pile.

Also, when exactly does the card get shuffled in, relative to other things that are going on? Say I play the blessing on someone fighting a Carrion Golem, and also choose that person for healing. They still lose, despite my blessing, and have to discard two cards from the top of their deck. Is that before or after they shuffle the card in? And if the Carrion Golem specified that it did this "after you act", would that change the answer?

nicholas storm wrote:
You could use the animal companion to simulate a rat familiar (you can pick dire rat). Then get leadership and ask to get a blink dog from leadership.

That could work! Except I want the rat to have familiar-level intelligence rather than rat-level, so I'd have to figure out a way around that.

Yeah, the Blue goblins look pretty good, I'll see about using those.

Dasrak wrote:
...Eldritch Guardian...

Oh cool, I was not aware of the Eldritch Guardian archetype. That does look like a good option.

Dasrak wrote:
Your bigger issue is that no ranger class abilities are charisma-based, so you can't afford to invest many points into it.

Yeah, the ideal thing really would be if there were some sort of ranger-ish class that did charisma-based arcane spells. Might there be a Bard archetype that would work?

(Probably not, I still need extra combat feats for my bow.)

Yeah that's what I figured. I could probably get the GM to make a new goblin race without the charisma penalty (since they're not Pathfinder goblins) but that doesn't solve the problem of needing all my feats to counteract ranged penalties.

I think you can get a blink dog with monstrous mount feat, or something.

And would you go the Variant Multiclassing route to get a familiar, or Eldrich Heritage? (the character's mother was a witch who tried to teach him magic but he didn't really catch on. But he did get a familiar out of it. So I was thinking of doing variant multiclassing witch.)

So, what I'm trying to figure out is, is it possible to be non-useless at archery even while spending most of my feats on other stuff like getting a familiar?

This was a character I had in 4th edition; the GM suggested I play a reboot of him for his Pathfinder campaign, and I like the character but I'm not sure if I can make him effective in Pathfinder. But I don't know Pathfinder as well; maybe someone can help me build it.

I need:
To be reasonably good at fighting with a shortbow, even though I won't have the points to raise my strength very high. (Ideally, I would also be able to do tricks like 4th ed.'s hunter ranger, like tripping with a ranged attack.)
A blink dog companion.
A rat familiar.
To be good at social skills. (He was sort of acting as an ambassador for the goblin kingdom.)
Some magic.

I could switch to a class other than ranger if it works out better, although ranger seems like a good base since it has an animal companion and spells (and the character was a ranger before.)

I want: Research Specialist, Ancestral Ally
I have: Some of this year's GenCon boons:

I wrote:

Two Arushalae boons for PACG.

#3 Soothsayer: once per adventure insight bonus on skill check, ac, attack or saving throw. (2 copies)
#7 Psychic awakening: pick an item and upgrades to it are cheaper. (2 copies)
#13 Share the wealth: transfer a boon that grants a type of animal companion or familiar to a different char uacter.
#15 Pathfinder apprentice: if you have a level 12 or higher character you can give an extra trait (from a list) to a starting character. (2 copies)
#16 Psychic bastion: bonus to Will saving throws against mind affecting spells and spell like abilities.
#17 Aspis defector: you can choose one of several benefits (2 copies)

Thea Peters wrote:
LizD wrote:

If I remember right .. Ratfolk was a tier 1 GM boon from Gencon a year or two ago.. you might find one possibly two .. but those are probably going to be almost as rare as finding 2 of 30 goblin boons that haven't been used.

Not trying to dash your hopes, just hoping you are being realistic about your chances on those two specific races

Well, that's disappointing. Still, if someone has one, I'll trade whatever it takes. I have minis too.

Yeah, I played in the kobold scenario, was optimistically hoping they'd give us a kobold boon but it was something else. The scenario was fun though!

Okay, as I said above, I'm mainly looking for two Ratfolk boons (so the husband and I can both play Ratfolk). I have no idea what the availability of those are, so, sorry if I'm asking for impossible things. (Second choice would be goblins, but apparently there aren't any.)

Between the two of us we have:
Two Arushalae boons for PACG.
These GenCon 2015 boons:
#3 Soothsayer: once per adventure insight bonus on skill check, ac, attack or saving throw. (2 copies)
#7 Psychic awakening: pick an item and upgrades to it are cheaper. (2 copies)
#13 Share the wealth: transfer a boon that grants a type of animal companion or familiar to a different character.
#15 Pathfinder apprentice: if you have a level 12 or higher character you can give an extra trait (from a list) to a starting character. (2 copies)
#16 Psychic bastion: bonus to Will saving throws against mind affecting spells and spell like abilities.
#17 Aspis defector: you can choose one of several benefits (2 copies)

Let me know if you want the full text for one of these.

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I have an Arushulae boon I'm not gonna use, since some of you said you're looking for it. Also a handful of other new GenCon boons that I'll post later when I have more time.

What I want: I really, really want a Ratfolk race boon. Also, Goblin. (Actually I'm looking for two copies of each.)

skizzerz wrote:
It doesn't generate an exploration, it just makes you encounter the top card of the deck if it matches. Encountering a card is not the same as exploring, so after that encounter is over you still have your free explore to utilize.

But, doesn't Detect Magic have the same language on it (encounter the card, vs. explore)? And I thought it was ruled that that took the place of your free explore, if you played it before your explore phase.

pluvia33 wrote:

The Wizard deck sort of needs it in general. I'm sorry, but I don't know what happened when they were designing that thing. Rapier and Cutlass? Really? Unless Melindra was originally going to be a Finesse fighter that at least had the option to get Weapon Proficiency on her base card, I have no idea why those cards would be anywhere near a wizard deck.

Yeah. Another decision I didn't get was, I was playing wish someone using the rogue deck, and they had an Amulet of Life as one of their basic cards. No one in the rogue deck can make the recharge check on that. I, as a wizard, would have liked to have an Amulet of Life, but I just had a crummy Bracers of Protection.

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Since all the classes are eventually getting class decks, and the Gunslinger one hasn't been announced yet (that I know of) I thought it might be worth a try to put in a request: I'd really like it if one of the characters was a Ratfolk. They have their own racial archetype, Gulch Gunner, that specializes in close quarters combat. I'm sure there's some way to translate it to the card game mechanics.

(Alternately, I'd really like a Ratfolk Investigator, but there's no special archetype for that.)

I wanted to revive and add my support to this thread, because I just played Melindra through the first adventure of this season, and boy does she suck. But a few cards from the rogue deck would solve all her problems! She could get some decent ranged weapons and not have to rely completely on attack spells to kill stuff. She could get the Cloak of Elvenkind and have a decent chance of making her stealth check to evade. Etc.

Ah, okay, just checking. I thought maybe I was missing something. My group was disappointed the paladin decks weren't out in time to start this season.

So, a couple of people have said they're using Seelah in OP. How are you doing this, with the paladin class deck not out yet? Is there something I missed that makes her playable with one of the other decks?

Oops, hadn't checked back to see if anyone replied. It's only the goblin lockpicks that are missing; I got the others. I was a subscriber at the time although I'm currently not.

I have a subscription to the adventure card game but didn't get the Goblin Lockpicks promo from deck 6 (or whichever deck it was from).

I thought someone said in another thread that it was two more ships.

I have another question about Agna's power. I had been assuming I couldn't use it with two-handed weapons. But I realized today the power doesn't actually say anything about that. The main-gauche says it can't be played on a check with a two-handed weapon, but recharging a card for a power doesn't normally count as "playing" it. So is it okay?

I'm switching to Lem for my organized play group, and I'm leaning toward using Skull & Shackles Lem because he can aid his own checks from the beginning, and I like his Sea Singer role. But I wish he got more spells (the maximum is 4). Whereas CD Lem can get a lot of spells, and is good at casting them, but can never aid his own checks.

So which of the three Lems do you like best, and why?

My September subscription order for PACG, starting with the character add-on, is still pending. Please fix.

Sharaya wrote:
The tech team is working on a fix for this. We'll update the thread that Hawkmoon linked when it's working or we have more info.

Please submit the subscription in my shopping cart.

I have a subscription to the PACG in my shopping cart, and haven't been able to complete the checkout process. It just stays in my shopping cart.

I have a subscription to the PACG in my shopping cart, and haven't been able to complete the checkout process. It just stays in my shopping cart.

I haven't played any of them yet, but these are the ones I most want to play:

Bard: Siwar
Cleric: Zarlova
Fighter: Tontelizi
Ranger: Agna
Rogue: Olenjack
Sorcerer: Seoni [CD]
Wizard: Melindra