To Indy, And Beyond!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wait, it's already August again?! It's almost time for crowds of gamers to converge in Indianapolis for Gen Con 50 and Paizo officially releases our newest roleplaying game, Starfinder! If you're on your way to the show, we've gone ahead and collected a list of all things Pathfinder and Starfinder that you'll be able to check out over the weekend.

What's at the Paizo Booth?

First, you should definitely stop by our expansive booth in the Exhibitors Hall (#103), where we'll be featuring all of our new Starfinder and Pathfinder summer releases and a wide variety of other Paizo products to choose from.

Illustration by Victor Manuel Leza Moreno

If you're going to be purchasing a Starfinder Core Rulebook from the Paizo booth, you can also get a PDF copy added to your for just $5! We'll also be handing out collectable pins, a new design each day, available on a first come, first serve basis. And, attendees who make a $50 or more purchase at the booth will receive a free Pathfinder Battles promotional figure (limit one per customer, while supplies last).

Looking for a fashion bonus? We'll have the brand new Starfinder Logo, Starfinder Space Goblin, Starfinder Society: Year of Scoured Stars, and Pathfinder Society: Year of Factions Favor t-shirts at the ready. Plus, we've teamed up with Scotty's Brewhouse bring Gen Con attendees a Starfinder themed pub menu and special Space Goblin t-shirt, exclusively at Scotty's over Gen Con weekend. You can get more information on their website.

Gimme the Books!

We're also providing Gen Con attendees another way to get their hands on Starfinder with a Grab-and-Go kiosk just outside of the Sagamore Ballroom. This card only kiosk is will be selling all the initial Starfinder launch products. There are no subscription pickups at the kiosk, and it will not be carrying our "merch" items (like lanyards or t-shirts).

Our Partners

A number of Paizo's partners are also in attendance! Ben Loomes of Syrinscape (booth #343) is proud to announce they'll be launching their Starfinder sounds at Gen Con, making Starfinder the first tabletop RPG to launch with a full audio companion on day one. Syrinscape will be giving away a free Docking Bay 94 SoundSet with Starfinder Core Rulebook purchases while supplies last. All around Gen Con, you'll be able to hear their epic sounds and music, including at the Friday night special in the Sagamore Ballroom, the Music & Ambiance in Gaming panel on Sunday. Plus, if you top by the booth on Sunday, you (and your voice) can get a chance to become immortalized as Lovecraft's insanity-inducing Shoggoth.

You'll also get a first look at Ninja Division's line of Starfinder miniatures in both the Paizo and Ninja Division booth (#2827). The first wave of miniatures are planned to land this fall. We plan to show off some previews over the weekend, so stay tuned!

And, we can't overlook that this year is a big year for Gen Con! To celebrate the 50th anniversary, we teamed up with Games & Gears and Gen Con to bring you Heroes for High Delve by Paizo author, Amanda Hamon Kunz. You can pick up your copy of Heroes for High Delve from Games & Gears at booth #2402, and the companion Flip-Mat, Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Cavernous Lair from the Paizo booth.

Be sure to also check out offerings our friends from Black Book Editions, Q-Workshop, Ulisses Spiele (including a peek at the Aventuria Card Game), and WizKids! There's a lot to see over these four days, so don't miss out!

Organized Play

Y'all are ready to play some games right? Head up to the Sagamore Ballroom where we'll be hosting the weekend's launch of new Pathfinder Society Roleplaying and Adventure Card Guild seasons and of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild. Get the full schedule of Organized Play events on Gen Con's website.

Many updates for Organized Play have also been trickling their way onto This is a big and exciting time for our world-wide campaigns, and we appreciate your patience and incredibly valuable feedback as we expand these programs.

Wait, There's More?!

You bet! Paizo is also hosting an array of panels and seminars over the weekend in room #212 (that's next to the Sagamore Ballroom). These include topics covering both Pathfinder and Starfinder, and include all sorts of great information about the universe of both games.

Additionally, we'd like to take a moment to recognize the Gen Con Industry Insiders of the Paizo staff: Developer Crystal Frasier and Editor Lyz Liddell! Congratulations, you two! Be sure to keep a look out for their events on the schedule.

Not Going to Gen Con?

Follow along on Paizo's Facebook and Twitter! You can also track the tags #starfinderrpg, #pathfinderrpg, and #gencon50.

UPDATE, August 17: The Grab-and-Go Kiosk has sold out of its stock of Starfinder product and has packed up for the weekend. Additionally, we have sold out of our convention stock of the Starfinder Core Rulebook. If you are a Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber, and opted-in for Gen Con pickup, we do have your copy reserved at the booth.

Chris Lambertz
Community & Digital Content Director

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Dark Archive

Any chance of anyone providing times for any of the seminars? (Mostly Ap related ones or aby other pathfinder content)

Iseph in that art looks kinda....weird

Scarab Sages

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure, Maps, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Maps Subscriber

In previous years the scotty's tshirt has been available here for sale after that true for this years?

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber
Kevin Mack wrote:
Any chance of anyone providing times for any of the seminars? (Mostly Ap related ones or aby other pathfinder content)

they went on Twitter at the weekend

Ultimate Wilderness preview on Friday(1:00pm-2:00pm);)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Wow! I sooo wish I could be there this year!

So will orders not be shipped until you guys get back to the offices????

Community & Digital Content Director

No. We have a limited crew here at the office and are still shipping today and tomorrow.

Liberty's Edge

I wish that I was there, but I am starting a new teaching job this week. When will the Starfinder Society scenario downloads be ready later today? I already scheduled #1-03: Yesteryear's Truth for Saturday at Games Inn in Hobart, Indiana.

Is Tanis O'Connor at Gencon this year? I want to get her to sign my Apocrypha promo.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Tanis hasn't been with Paizo for a while. I'm not sure if she's at Gen Con.

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