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looking for rules on what happens with Skills and saves when a Druid changes with Animal Form Does anyone know where to find that in the CRB

Does the damage of and animal canine form go to 3d8 at level 4?

Id there a battle card blank template anywhere? I'd like to get some of the Age of ashes monsters on cards.

anyone have a map of the repaired Alseta's ring and vault area?

What VTT? and how would that work? Any thoughts

I have the PDF of the Rise of the Runelords pawn set. I am struggling to determine what is interactive about the “interactive” pawn set pdfs. Can someone clarify

This seems like it shouldn't effect undead but I can find any info to support this. Help

Emmit Svenson wrote:

There’s a 75% chance of any given item of the settlement’s base value or lower being up for sale.

The major, minor, etc. items you roll up can have any value.

So in a town with a 2,000 base value, the players have a 75% chance to find a cloak of resistance +1 for sale, but can’t ordinarily buy a cloak of resistance +2. But if you rolled a cloak of resistance +2 as one of the items for sale in that town, the players can buy it.

I'm confused the rules state

"This line lists the number of magic items above a settlement’s base value that are available for purchase...wouldn't that mean the rolled items should be above 2000 gp each? (virtually impossible with random minor items btw)