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Hi all!
I don't know if you guys noticed, but going through the Organised Play lore and information about Pathfinder Training or Pathfinder Schools and Factions, I've come across plenty of NPCs with special titles, classes or archetypes. I don't know what these are exactly, but I don't think they are available to the players themselves, at least not right now.

Things like Negotiator, Raconteur, Corsair, Explorer, Ritualist, Astrologer, Loremaster or Commander. I'm sure there are plenty more besides. Does anyone know what exactly are those? Are those exclusive professions reserved for high-level NPCs, or are we talking about names for the builds that we as players could also go for? Does anybody have any official information regarding this?
Thanks in advance!

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Greetings all!
In Pathfinder 2.0 I'd like to try something that I never got the chance to do in Pathfinder 1.0. I'd like to build a sort of medieval Hawkeye or Green Arrow, the best and most efficient non-magical, strictly skill-based archer / ranged fighter that the new game rules can produce. What would you guys suggest? The Fighter route? The Ranger route? Or a multiclass combination? Would multiclassing considerably slow my progress in any way?
Thanks in advance!

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Now, this is closely related to questions about Pathfinder expanding its market and making itself more accessible to new audiences, but I think it deserves a separate thread.

The basic notion is simple. I think Pathfinder would greatly profit from an official virtual character builder, but perhaps on a bit more ambitious scale than what is seen so far. And Pathfinder 2.0 would be the perfect time to launch something like that. Perhaps not right away, but during the first year or two, as 2.0 finds its legs and hopefully becomes even more popular than 1.0.

This could go far above D&D Beyond, for example, especially when it comes to visual representation. It would even go beyond WoW Armory. The concept I'm proposing also sounds very Kickstarterable, if you ask me, but feel free to correct me if you think there would be no interest in something like that. With growing popularity of D&D and related systems, I think the timing is ideal. And the very nature of Pathfinder lends itself organically to something like that.

Like... what exactly?
Now, a bit more elaborate idea is this - the Pathfinder is all about having all the stats easily accessible, anywhere you are. This app / site would be a place where the Pathfinder players could create their characters, with full range of stats and skills and feats and everything else already programmed in the app. All the choices and options in drop down menus. And GMs would have all the info readily available as well. It would look like a keep, with very nice UI and slots for everything your character has. Sort of like what happens when you press "Character" and "Inventory" in any fantasy RPG on your computer. :)

You would have a visual representation of your characters, and if you hover over their helmet - for example - a box would appear that would tell both you and the GM and all the other players who are looking at the mobile phone / tablet at the moment, exactly what kind of helmet your character has. The same would go for weapons, equipment, potions and the like. It would be your virtual character sheet, in essence, but there would still be an option to print it out as a regular character sheet.

There would be no intricate animations, the whole thing could be like a glorified character sheet, - or it could be much more in-depth - but in any case, it would look amazing, it would be incredibly accessible and transparent and would be very easy to update.

Playing itself would be much more fluid, no more - Oh, you had that necklace? Ah, no, then you're not actually dead. - the GMs could see the virtual sheets of players before the session, and if it isn't in the sheet, your character doesn't have it. The GM could even have all the players' sheets open during the session, and they would, of course, have them as well, so everything could be double-checked in an instant.

With much fuss and preparation, I suppose something like that could be done even now, with PC Gen or other unofficial programs, but I'm talking about an official push, an official Paizo approved app that would be regularly updated, with content extensions as new things come out and nice visuals. That way, you wouldn't even be able to equip irregular stuff, just pre-approved equipment. Can you imagine how accessible the boons would be? Or names of sessions you played through? Your animal companions and everything they carry?

You could truly showcase your character to the world that way. It would be a breeze to update as you level up, with no room for mistakes, since the app would calculate everything for you, sort of like progress in a video game. Something like that would be a true marriage of pencil and paper and new technologies and I think it would appeal to new audiences who want everything right now, easy, approachable, user-friendly.

There's no end to the heights this could go to if the initial idea finds purchase amongst the players - for example, visual packs could be added so that you can actually SEE that cool new mace you bought, not just see stats change in the tool tip box, but those are bells and whistles for another day. I don't want to bore you with the details even further, so I think I'll stop here. :) Besides, perhaps something like this is already in the works - or perhaps even exists and I just haven't heard about it. :)

Just in case it isn't, and it doesn't, what do you guys think about it?

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Hi guys!

Just a few quick questions.

1) I've been playing this game for a long time, but I still don't know what is the current official Pathfinder standing when it comes to Hit Point calculation. When I calculate hit points for my Cavalier, do I take 10 on d10 every time I level up or do I approximate rolling and take 6 on d6 every time and add the CON modifier? He's now level 12 and his CON modifier is +1. For the life of me, I still don't know if he should be at 94, which is my calculation using that d6 method, or considerably higher.

2) When it comes to animal companions, is the formula for their HP calculation Hit Dice x 4.5 plus Hit Dice x CON modifier or am I also crippling my horse by some half-baked method of calculation?

3) Now, this one should be simple common sense, but the wording - or rather, the implication of numbering - is all wrong. When leveling my horse, it says on the table you'll see on the link below that, for example, my horse gets +4 on his STR/DEX scores on level 12. If he had STR of 22 and DEX of 16, does that mean that the scores will get to STR 26 and DEX 20? What happens at level 13? Don't tell me that I add these numbers again? I'm supposing that the next time these numbers will go up is at level 15, when I will add +5 to the scores of STR 26 and DEX 20, getting them to 31 and 25 respectively, but not before. What this table would suggest is adding those numbers on every level.

This is the table in question:

Thanks in advance!

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Since Mammoth Lance is currently out of my price range, what other magic effects would work well on a lance? Something traditional, like Keen or Menacing or is there a more creative effect to be placed on a lance? Any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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I have a Heavy Masterwork Mace.
How much would it cost to get it to +2 and give it Valiant ability?
Would I have to pay just for +1 Enchant bonus since the Mace is already +1 from being Masterwork? Or do I have to pay for +2 Enchant bonus, but still calculate additional +1 Masterwork damage bonus when I deal damage, so in essence the mace deals +3 extra damage (+1 from Masterwork and +2 from Enchant) on top of its other standard bonuses such as base attack and strength?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi all!
Once more, I have to turn to this awesome forum for help! Even my DMs suggested this option, since the think tank here really has the answers to all the questions! :)

My Cavalier is level 9 now, and so is my mount, a combat-trained horse. I finally managed to get the horse's INT score to 3, and I picked a few skills in addition to the eight skills the mount can normally possess.

But for the life of me, I can't find the skill progression for mounts anywhere. Do the mounts get ranks in skills like the standard PCs? Or do I just assign the ability bonus to the skill? Does the mount get +3 bonus for "class" skills same as PCs? And how many skill ranks - if any - does a mount get on each level? The druid's animal companion chart is pretty clear and very helpful in many regards, but I've drawn a blank in this particular case.

I'll try to make my Masterwork mace a Valiant mace, as soon as I financially bounce back after spending everything I had on +3 hosteling full plate armor :), and I think Valiant ability can do wonders for a cavalier, but what do you guys think would be a good choice for the lance? How best to enchant it? On level 9, I'm more often than not faced with enemies that only a magical weapon can hurt, so I need a bit of a boost here.

My mount has Horseshoes of a Zephyr equipped on its hooves. Do the horseshoes count as magical weapons if the horse was to perform a hoof attack while wearing the Horseshoes of a Zephyr or do those horseshoes count as magical strictly for the transport purposes, but don't really add a magical effect to the horse's attack?

Thanks a million!

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Hi all!
I'm thoroughly confused with how Magic Armor works and how much would it cost to get what I need.

I have a masterwork Full Plate armor and a masterwork Heavy Steel Shield. Adding masterwork to them didn't really buff my AC, it just reduced Armor Penalties. What would one have to do to actually augment one's AC through enchanting or otherwise buffing armor?

Also, I've just recently heard about "Hosteling" properties of armor and shields. As a cavalier, I don't even have to tell you how relevant to my interests this is. :) Now, what would I need to enchant my Full Plate armor to +2 or +3 and would that mean that my AC would also be 2 or 3 points higher, and how do I give it a Hosteling trait? How much would something like this cost?

I scoured the net but I can't find the answer anywhere. I've seen plenty of tables that list the special armor abilities, I've seen the bonus numbers, but nowhere is it explained in a coherent way.
Thanks a million in advance!

Ah, while I'm at it, just so I don't have to pollute this board with another thread. :) If masterwork weapon actually does give a +1 bonus to the attack and damage values of that weapon, does every subsequent enchantment raise that value by additional +1 or are the enchanting and getting additional +1 bonuses two separate processes?

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Hi all!
Now, let's say a 1st level human Cavalier picks a horse for their mount. What do the rules say - does it have to be a light riding horse?

Or can they start with a heavy horse?

Or even an advanced horse? ced

I've seen several of these variants, but I don't know what's within the rules, and I'd really like to abide by them.

If these other variants are legal, do they also progress through the levels according to this table, so all the bonuses listed here apply to them as well?

Also, can I raise my horse's intelligence to 3 by any means?
Even by raising an ability score once it reaches level 4?
Thanks in advance!
You'll help me a lot!

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Um... I want to build a maniac. :)
And I need your help. I've always been more into flavor than into function, and I'm not all that experienced in the ways of Pathfinder. I have a level 4 Cavalier, and that's it. So I'm hoping I could tell you guys what I had in mind, and you can tell me if that's plausible.

I want to build a martial archer. I want an archer who's obsessed with archery. No spells or magics of any kind, so no Arcane Archer. He would be utterly obsessed with honing his skills. And it has to be about skill and marksmanship prowess. If somebody can help him in a fight by increasing his focus or something, that's cool. Even some sort of magic items at higher levels could be conceived. But for the most part, he would just be a one-track-mind martial maniac of archery.

I even wanted to have him scar himself every time he misses his target by a great margin - a small cut on his forearms to remind himself to be better next time, so I'm talking sheer dedication here. Imagine those fanatical WW2 snipers who think about nothing but their next target - that's what I'm shooting for. Pun intended. :) A fantasy sharpshooter of the highest caliber. Legolas on steroids. Hawkeye and Green Arrow rolled into one.

It's okay for him to be a one-trick pony. He doesn't need anything else, no armor, no protection, no spells, no melee weapons, nothing. Everything should be dedicated to the mastery of archery. He won't be the guy you call to have a pleasant time on your adventure, but he's the one you call when you absolutely and positively need to have something stuffed with arrows as soon and as often as possible.

So, do you guys have any suggestions? Which path should I take? Which feats should I use? What's the best way to go?
Thanks in advance!

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Not sure if anybody'll know what I'm talking about, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I was absolutely unable to find this on Google. Not too long ago, there was a post on this messageboard about 10 questions that every player should answer in order to better flesh out his or her character and help the GM with the flavor and potential storyline hooks. It was something to do with reasons for joining the Pathfinder Society, defining qualities, background and stuff like that. Does anybody remember that?
Thanks in advance!

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How many feats does a human cavalier start with on the 1st level? I can't find this anywhere. Also, do you have any suggestions regarding the choice of feats? Thanks in advance!

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Hi guys!
I'd like to create a human cavalier who kinda rose through the ranks from farmer's son to the full fledged cavalier. I'm not sure about the nationality though, since I'm new to Pathfinder and absolutely overwhelmed with the selection and vastness of the world.

I need a nation where this background would make sense - a monarchy, or a similar rule. I need a countryside with farms and villages and walled towns with town militia and / or knightly orders. Also, I'd like for my character to be of sort of an eastern european / russian - like heritage.

Ulfen will not work for me, but something similar. Dark hair, pale complexion, grey eyes. Physically, think of him as Punisher with moustache, he's supposed to be around 47 yrs old.

I hope this helps and I hope there will be a nation or two to kinda tie the concept together.