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You guys are off the chain!
I'm going to need at least 48 hours to work through all these numbers and combinations! :)

Manbearscientist, this comparative evaluation and examination belongs in a compendium somewhere! Aspiring archers everywhere can consider themselves outright blessed by this community's thoroughness and willingness to help! I don't know what to say. I never expected this level of expertise. This is absolutely precious!

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Greetings all!
In Pathfinder 2.0 I'd like to try something that I never got the chance to do in Pathfinder 1.0. I'd like to build a sort of medieval Hawkeye or Green Arrow, the best and most efficient non-magical, strictly skill-based archer / ranged fighter that the new game rules can produce. What would you guys suggest? The Fighter route? The Ranger route? Or a multiclass combination? Would multiclassing considerably slow my progress in any way?
Thanks in advance!

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numbat1 wrote:

Are you aware of Hero Lab Classic and Hero Lab Online? Both are by Lone Wolf Development. I believe they are officially approved by Paizo and LWD currently provides the Character Creation Station for PaizoCon and GenCon for Paizo.

HLC supports PF1, HLO supports Starfinder and Playtest/PF2E.

Classic has the GM tools that allow them to have a copy of the players' characters to include in the encounter builder with the opponents/monsters when running an encounter.

HLO has the GM tools under construction with an announcement expected at PaizoCon and hopefully a release by GenCon. They also plan to some form of real-time sharing between characters if desired.

While not everything you are looking for is currently supported, much of it is. I enjoy using these tools and the ease of real-time adjustments during the game.

Thanks for the info!

I've heard about it, but kind of suppressed that information, because I was told that it was quite expensive. :) Now I've tried the free demo, and yeah, it looks much too close to what I had in mind for my idea to ever see the light of day, I'm afraid. Or rather, I think that Pathfinder would have to be considerably more popular than it already is for something as ambitious as my suggestion to actually get off the ground.

Ah well. One can dream! Perhaps one day the circumstances will allow for something akin to the "Pathfinder Keep" to exist. In the meantime, I think I'll create my Playtest character via Hero Lab Online. :)