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Hi all!
I don't know if you guys noticed, but going through the Organised Play lore and information about Pathfinder Training or Pathfinder Schools and Factions, I've come across plenty of NPCs with special titles, classes or archetypes. I don't know what these are exactly, but I don't think they are available to the players themselves, at least not right now.

Things like Negotiator, Raconteur, Corsair, Explorer, Ritualist, Astrologer, Loremaster or Commander. I'm sure there are plenty more besides. Does anyone know what exactly are those? Are those exclusive professions reserved for high-level NPCs, or are we talking about names for the builds that we as players could also go for? Does anybody have any official information regarding this?
Thanks in advance!

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Seem like just a description of an NPC's schtick.

Like, a one-word summation of what the person does.

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It also occured to me that it might be a good idea to show you guys exactly what I'm talking about. So, under this link you'll find a ton of info, and in the section about Pathfinder training (a whole new piece of flavor I was previously unaware of, but that's probably just me :)) you'll find some of those examples I mentioned.


Specifically, this is the relevant part. Might help.

Pathfinder Training
Although drawn from diverse backgrounds and regions, the vast majority of Pathfinders undergo approximately 3 years of training at the Grand Lodge, in the process learning the key skills they need to survive on the road, explore dangerous sites, and understand their discoveries.
The deans of the Society’s three schools +oversee this training, each promoting particular techniques tied to their respective schools: the Scrolls, Spells, and Swords.
Kreighton Shaine (CG male elf loremaster) is the Master of Scrolls, who instructs his pupils in history, languages, sciences, and academic esoterica.
Sorrina Westyr (N female oread priest of Nethys) is the Master of Spells, who lectures on magical basics, overcoming supernatural hazards, and the proper handling of artifacts.
And finally, Marcos Farabellus (CG male human commander) is the Master of Swords, who guides initiates through endurance drills, teaches the finer arts of infiltration, and ensures each Pathfinder has enough combat training to stay safe in dangerous lands.

The thread title made me think of the staples: Warriors Experts and Commoners. Not sure if they will go that route this time, or if they will have more specific NPC "jobs" like in D&D 5

Yeah, those aren't classes or even mechanical things. They are just narrative indicators of their day job.

Captain Morgan wrote:
Yeah, those aren't classes or even mechanical things. They are just narrative indicators of their day job.

This is what I love about NPCs in PF2. Narrative indicators + a general table of level appropriate DCs = infinite NPC classes as necessary for everything that most characters will require for them. No more shop keeps with 60+hp to be competent when a PC is trying to deceive them.

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Thanks for the clarification, guys!

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I've been curious about those too, because the gamemastery guide will have NPC statblocks, and you have to call them something. I could easily see an entry for a "Commander" lets say, with one full stat block and a side bar that tells you how to build that NPC at levels 0-20, similar to how class grafts work in the Unchained version of the monster builder rules.

It could be a middle ground between a class graft and a monster graft, at the same power level as the monster graft but with more guidance as to what you pick up, and when.

IN fact, even if I'm 100% wrong and these don't exist, they should probably think about including them when they make the Lost Omens NPC Codex or whatever.

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