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Hi guys!
I'd like to create a human cavalier who kinda rose through the ranks from farmer's son to the full fledged cavalier. I'm not sure about the nationality though, since I'm new to Pathfinder and absolutely overwhelmed with the selection and vastness of the world.

I need a nation where this background would make sense - a monarchy, or a similar rule. I need a countryside with farms and villages and walled towns with town militia and / or knightly orders. Also, I'd like for my character to be of sort of an eastern european / russian - like heritage.

Ulfen will not work for me, but something similar. Dark hair, pale complexion, grey eyes. Physically, think of him as Punisher with moustache, he's supposed to be around 47 yrs old.

I hope this helps and I hope there will be a nation or two to kinda tie the concept together.

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You are right your choices are vast. Ones that could possibly work are ustalav, for the darker european feel, Taldor and Andoran would works as well, the river kingdoms and nirmathas have possibilities for what you've described. If you are looking for a knighthood type deal for this character check out Mendev. There is also a book you additionally might want to look into-Knights of the Inner Sea. I would post a link but am on my phone atm.

Of course since you are new to the setting I feel obligated to point out for cavalier types the Silver Stable Company Marines and the Mammoth riders

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Krky77 wrote:

Hi guys!

rose through the ranks from farmer's son to the full fledged cavalier.

My first thought is Andoran seems the coolest for your concept, as they are a democracy and you could rise through the ranks. In Taldor, born a farmer's son, so you're not a noble but perhaps you were adopted as a squire for a knight.

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Ustalav, Taldor or Andoran?
Thanks for narrowing it down a bit, guys! Now I at least know where to start. I'll research these three and I'll check which one fits the best.

Oh, Mendev as well! Just re-read you answer, DaWay, so I had to edit my post. :) I'll also be sure to check out those Cavalier Orders you mentioned.

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I would take a look at Lastwall as there are a couple cool mounted feats that require "Lastwall Affinity".

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Thanks for the suggestion!

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