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Silver Crusade

Hi all!
I'm thoroughly confused with how Magic Armor works and how much would it cost to get what I need.

I have a masterwork Full Plate armor and a masterwork Heavy Steel Shield. Adding masterwork to them didn't really buff my AC, it just reduced Armor Penalties. What would one have to do to actually augment one's AC through enchanting or otherwise buffing armor?

Also, I've just recently heard about "Hosteling" properties of armor and shields. As a cavalier, I don't even have to tell you how relevant to my interests this is. :) Now, what would I need to enchant my Full Plate armor to +2 or +3 and would that mean that my AC would also be 2 or 3 points higher, and how do I give it a Hosteling trait? How much would something like this cost?

I scoured the net but I can't find the answer anywhere. I've seen plenty of tables that list the special armor abilities, I've seen the bonus numbers, but nowhere is it explained in a coherent way.
Thanks a million in advance!

Ah, while I'm at it, just so I don't have to pollute this board with another thread. :) If masterwork weapon actually does give a +1 bonus to the attack and damage values of that weapon, does every subsequent enchantment raise that value by additional +1 or are the enchanting and getting additional +1 bonuses two separate processes?

Right, the prd armour section.

To increase the armour class/armour bonus, you need to add a numeric enhancement (+1 to +5) at the cost shown in the first table.

Once you've got at least a +1 enhancement you can add special qualities. These either have a flat cost, or a cost equivalent to an enhancement (e.g. Light Fortification costs the same as adding a +1 enhancement). To work out the total cost, add up all the enhancements and enhancement equivalents, so +1 Light Fortification costs the same as a straight +2.

Only the numeric enhancements increase your AC.

Hosteling is a flat 7500 GP cost so that's a bit simpler.

For the edit:
The +1 to hit from a masterwork weapon does not stack with the +1 from the magical enhancement; the difference is that masterwork doesn't do more damage, but magic does

For your +3 Hosteling Full Plate:
Full Plate 1500 + masterwork 150 = 1650
+3 enhancement 9000
Hosteling 7500
Total cost 18150
AC is +12, ACP is -5

Silver Crusade

Oh my.
Thank you so much for that awesomely detailed explanation! I totally love this forum! I should probably ask my questions here more often! :) You even did the math for this absolutely amazing piece of armor. Well, I recently bought Horseshoes of a Zephyr for my mount, so some 19000 is all the money I have left right now, but I think this is well worth it. The AC bonus is insane and the Hosteling ability will at the same time protect my horse and enable me to take him with me everywhere. I just have to stay alive for the next few sessions after that until I save some money for a resurrection, just in case. :)

Say I use 'dispel magic' to make the fighter's armor non-magical for a couple rounds. Then I use 'shatter' on it, and it fails the will save. Is the armor totally destroyed? Do I deal some amount of damage? What is meant to happen? The 'shatter' spell is causing us some confusion.

I'm not sure of the answer, but my guess would be that the armor, if it fails its saving throw, gains the broken condition, meaning it's down to 50% hp and doesn't work as well (see CRB Glossary). But you'll probably get more useful responses if you start a new thread about shatter in particular.

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