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Wolfie, KC's #2 Buddy wrote:

Gark is a goblin, KC is a kobold, and yes they are both brothers by blood. What'll really bend your noodle is they have a third brother... Jon Snow (who apparently knows nothing).

"Bubble, bubble, bubble is coming." [/Doodlebug Stark]


Wolfie! There you are! You left home without taking your last immunity booster! Here it is! {quickly injects Wolfie with needle}
hey...who's your new friend? With that skull hat and narrow face he could almost be...KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kobold Cleaver wrote:

*Clicks on a Bookmark to my favorite game publisher website*

*Ends up here*
Et tu, Paizo?


::Crying tears of joy::

Wolfie, Wolfie! Look who I found!!!!!!!

::He drags KC into the thread, gripping him tightly in a manic hug::

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

*Has finally lost the dot*

Why can't I escape this place?!

KC!!!!! Where have YOU BEEN?!?!?!?


Go Wolfie!

Oh, that was just Gobble Leaver. I wish KC were here.

I've missed you!
I wish Wolife were here, so our joy would be complete.

Wolfie, KC's #2 Buddy wrote:
Reckless wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
You're all a bunch of smnrfing idiots.




Stuck as Smnrf Cleaver. I frickin called it!

His mom warned him that if he made that face it would get stuck like that.


Where have you BEEN???

Has anybody seen my hero? Or my friend the pooch?

Has anybody seen my hero?

Cheel Vorastrix wrote:
Kobie, KC's #1 Buddy wrote:
Wait...we have a pet dragon now?

I'm not a pet, frost it. And I'm only half-dragon. But I'm 100% kobold baby!

And you... those are some really nice traps. I hereby declare you an honorary kobold. Welcome to the tribe, horned one!

You're half dragon? Get her, Frosty, use your breath weapon!

And watch out for that devil...he probably wants something for those traps.

Wolfie, I thought you knew the way? Well, just go! It can't be worse than this!

Wait...we have a pet dragon now?

Wolfie, I think that's a rust monster thing, not a poodle thing!

Looks up and sees June


Jumps on Wolfie's back

Let's grab KC and get out of here!

Am I a kobold!!!

Sir, I will have you know that I am the NUMBER ONE BUDDY of the bestest kobold in all of history: Kobold Cleaver! You must not know him.

Wolfie's a pet! Not a monster or a stew! And he's also not a monster stew or a stew monster.

Pets Wolfie behind the antenna.

Wolfie! I was starting to worry about you! (Plus, I think KC was getting kind of lonely...)

I wonder what we'll do for fun in this thread? Everybody seems to want to build traps. If they're to catch new pets, I should bake some treats for them!

UGH! Who's this trapper? Flesh ooze doesn't sound very nice.

Kobolds should be able to bring their pets into this thread...anybody seen Wolfie? I'm worried about him.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Kobold-Cleaver is an exceptionally strong name. Best of all, it works for both genders, so you can have a whole family with the same name! Get cracking!

/standard kobold diplomacy
Also, grats!
Cobie could work.


But spell it with a "K".

Fawn post

Thanks to me and KC's cleaver!



Kobold Cleaver wrote:

*Runs in, on fire*

Son of a b*tch!
Oh, and where's my Cleaver? I seem to have misplaced it.


*Slash* *Slash*

Look at me, I'm KC the Conqueror!

RAWR! Take that, you nasty zombies!


Wait KC! Wolfie's got something special for you!

I'm sure he's around here somewhere, Wolfie

turns corner



Spiders! Lemmesee! Lemmesee!

Comes splashing into thread, wearing a hippocampus floatie around his middle, mask and snorkel, and flippers on his feet.

Hey, KC! C'mon, let's go swimming! The water is nice and cold, now that summer is over. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I think it's a game.


Hey Wolfie! KC's Aunt is Esmarelda, unless he has another one named Dew.

Grab on to KC's other leg and go swinging with me through the threads as he runs.




KC...whatchya DOO-IIN'?????????????????????????

Searches for lock to the sliding glass door, unlocks and opens it for Wolfie.


Lots of fluffy friends!


What kind of idea, KC ol' pal?




Peers down into hole.

Excuse me, Mr Dragon?

Still clinging to KC's leg.


Man, is Wolfie missing out!


What great friends you have, KC! Why didn't you tell us about these guys before? I LOVE Kool-aid!!!

Wolfie, do you like Kool-aid? Maybe your friends will want to watch this DVD with us. Miss Spider is my favorite!


Runs like lightening and wraps himself around KC's leg.

KC, we've been looking everywhere for you! And look, I got another disk: James and the Giant Peach!

Are you sure he went this way Wol-

Hey, I think I saw his tail disappearing at the other end of the thread!

We're coming, KC!!!


We in business now!

beep beep beep

Wolfie, you're the sharpest chuul/wolfhound I know!

By the way, I brought my Jeff the Spider plushie you wanted to borrow.

Just don't bury it, okay?

Hey, do you think my Acme™ metal detector would help us find KC? I bought it at a Jack garage sale.

Wolfie! Where you been, buddy?

Watchya doin?

Have you seen our heroic buddy anywhere?

Wow, KC!

You saved little Timmy even before Lassie did!

You're such a hero!

Gazes in adulation and wonder, eyes a-star.

A runt even for a kobold, Kobie grips KC's leg, squeaking, whining, and moaning piteously.
Pressed between his arms and KC's leg is his Jeff the Spider plushie.

Runs away, crying for his hero to protect him.

KC! KC!!!

lastknightleft wrote:
Mouthy Upstart wrote:
lastknightleft wrote:
Pshaw, eventually someone will create the laughing man cult, because I am clearly superior to all of you. In fact I think my roomate might start one any minute.


I laugh at you.

See it starts, and I bet they didn't even realize they became my cultist in trying to put me down.

What's your position on kobolds and spiders?

A sad little kobold mopes into the thread, dragging a plushie Jeff the Spider.

Kobie's face drops, a small moue at the bottom of his long, taunt, sad mug, topped by two enlarged watery orbs, glistening heartbreak up into his hero's face. Somewhere, a violin plays.


Great idea, Scrappy-Doo.
I love them, but maybe we should start KC off with a stuffed Jeff.

Hey Jack Hammer, what game is that? I bet KC would love to play that game with you. Let's do that after we watch the DVD.

Bounces up and down, eyes rounded and spittle flyin'.

oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy !!!!!!!

Oooo...awesome place, Jacks. No wonder KC loves to hang out here so much. Hey, that cinema room looks brand new!
Do you want to watch "Wrath of the Spider Queen" with us in there? I've been dying to watch it with KC.

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