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Like I said, 20 point buy. I'm thinking Kitsume with Int for Cha or vanilla Tiefling (leaning towards tiefling) I think I can get away with a:

(Assuming Tiefling)

Str 12
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 18
Wis 10
Cha 6

Have a trait to make at least one cha based skill Int based.

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Was looking at the Sylvan Trickster who gets witch hexes and Rose Warden, who is Roguey but also gets a lot of Int based abilities.

So my thought is, how practical is an Int based build based on this? I'm thinking an 18 on a 20 point build.

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Bodythief: Not because I ever saw it used in Pathfinder, but when I was nine, I saw the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

It was seared into my mind and scarred me for life.

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Adding/looking at eidolon evolutions could definitely be a way to go.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

Well, as long as we're doing Thread Necromancy:

Kerney wrote:
Seldriss wrote:
ThatWeirdGeckoGuy wrote:
I am currently writing up a "Dog-man" race for Fat Goblin Games, in their Racial Ecologies line. I'm about 75% done with the text.

Interesting. I will probably check that when it comes out.

However, as much as I know there are quite a few dog races from third party sources, and many might be good, I am actually looking for an official Paizo race.

I know there is a third party coyote race. That could perhaps be adapted to serve your need.

Now I want to see a Roadrunner race . . . .

Funny, I came to this thread, not recognising the necromancy until I saw my long dead post. I was going to suggest Nushiwa (Coyote People) using the same feats and archetypes as Kitsume, only with +2 Int, +2 Dex, -2 Wis to reflect Wile E. Coyote.

Roadrunner could be do with Tengu with some home brew speed buffs.

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3) Perform: Singing, My Oracle met Zyphus at the Opera.
5) Profesion:Orcish BBQ Chef. He was an alchemist and craft alchemy but I all ways put points into this and made my roles on this.
7) Profesion:Rancher(give new meaning to got to catch them all for a Summoner).
10) Craft: Taxadermist She took it up when her parents, Clerics of Sheyln told their demon spawn tiefling daughter that bloodstains on the snow did not qualify as "art".
11) Perform:Dance, She's Golarions first cheerleader
12) Profession:Begger He's a Cleric of Groteus who's holy symbol is a wooden plackard with "The End is Near" written on it.
13) Craft: Drawing he sends his Eidolon ahead and paints through her eyes.
16) Perform: Oratory "Have accepted Razmir as your personal savior" Skald "cleric"
17) Paladin of Andoletta Profession:Baker always has Pie ready.

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BretI wrote:

Treating other people as pawns or obstacles rather than people doesn't sound sane.

Although a chaotic person may not respect hierarchies and institutions, that doesn't mean they can't treat people with respect.

I think a good example of this is Utred of Bebbenberg in The Last Kingdom. Utred may hate the Church, but he two of his best friends are a Priest and Abbess because they are friends. He doesn't like the LN Alfred but he sees value in working with him. He marries and loves his wife, but he married to prevent the social structures from being used against her and would happily continued informally. After his wife dies, he eventually begins a relationship with the Alfred's married daughter, not something a Lawful person would do.

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Chosen One Paladin, having a familar is fun and useful.
Twinned Summoner, Having an Eidolon which you can play misdirection with is awesome and lets you share his evolutions. I wish this had been one of the first Summoner Archetypes because it would encourage a very different play style for the class.
Thug Rogue makes intimidation awesome.

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Because in myth and legend as well as real life there is a tradition of figures giving up normal attributes or coming from unusual backgrounds in order to tap into divine power. Good examples---

Moses having a stutter (something removed from movie versions) could be seen as a Oracle "Curse".

Simularly, The great peacemaker of the Iroqious Confederacy is said to have a stutter.

Odin giving an eye for wisdom.

Tiresias loosing his sight but also having the experince of living life both as a man and woman.

Joan of Arc could be considered to have a campaign specific "wrong gender" curse.

Francis of Assisi's voluntary poverty could be seen as tied to his holiness.

The Itako, blind Japanese mediums.

Beserkers, loosing themselves in frenzy to tap into Odin's magic. Yes, it is the Barbarian's class but it is also a "divine madness".

Many cultures consider madmen to be holy.

Cassandra, being cursed to never being believed.

Now you may not see all these characters as Oracles, but you can see why all of these could be inspirations for an Oracle Curse. I think these experiences collectively are what the curse mechanic is trying to emulate.

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Wonderstell wrote:

You're using PFSRD, right? I made the same mistake.

Shared Evolution does have a requirement of being a Twinned Eidolon, so I'm not sure you can take it with Evolved Familiar.

Evolved Familiar wrote:
Select an evolution from the list of 1-point evolutions available to a summoner’s eidolon. Your familiar has this evolution. The familiar must conform to any limitations of the evolution. For instance, no familiars can benefit from the mount evolution and only familiars with wings can take the wing buffet evolution.

No wonder no one is doing cool stuff with this. One sentence in Legacy of First World and I could have my way.


Twinned Eidolon is still one of the best Summoner Archetypes out there and it might be cool to do a "Muse" summoner who is always giving their summoner cool abilities.

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Take a Figment Familar, who starting at 3rd level gains evolution points that are changeable each day (1 at 3rd, 2 at 7th, 3 at 13th) and more often with a feat but cannot be the source of spells like a witch's or shaman's familar.

Use the Evolved Familar feat to get:
Shared Evolution (Su) 1 point

Select a 1-point or 2-point evolution the eidolon has. As a standard action, the eidolon can touch the summoner and transfer the selected evolution to him. This functions as the summoner’s aspect ability, and the same limitations apply. The summoner can touch the eidolon as a standard action to return the evolution. The evolution returns to the eidolon automatically if the eidolon is dismissed by the summoner or sent back to its home plane.

Essentially, you can provide the character with whichever 1-2 point eidolon evolution they want.

My question is, which kinda character would benefit most from this type of combo?

I'm thinking things like Carnivalist Rogues, Eldritch Guardian Fighters, or some kinda cleric, might be fun on the otherwise wimpy magical child vigilante.

But I'm wondering what others think.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Kerney wrote:

In game, it should come under 'creative solutions' and not be disallowed.

Creative solutions are solutions for solving a problem in the scenario, like in this case if there was something 9 feet off the ground or to have the barbarian get the gnome across freezing water. They are not for empowering general munchkinry, which is something this can fall into feasibly.

Letting them try reasonably weird stuff is not the same thing as letting them always succeed.

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If players riding players will attract more players to PFS, it should be allowed.

If it will get us kicked out of the venue or cause serious medical issues it should not be allowed.

In game, it should come under 'creative solutions' and not be disallowed.

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I was looking at the Monk rules and noticed there wasn't an alignment restriction (and they had gotten tougher on other alignment questions). So, I thought, gee, let's make it a CG "bar fighter" and screw the RP suggestions, multiclass into rogue at second level.

And she's so totally a Cayden Cailyn fangirl.

Seriously, I want to make a HtH character and have always hated monk fluff (no better reason than it's not to my taste).

So my question to you:

Is this idea something that will be killed because I just pointed it out?

Have anyone else any cool and interesting twists in the play tests?

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Aldarc wrote:

It's not just a mechanics issue but also about the messages that it sends regarding the place of half-elves and half-orcs as ancestries. It made my players who liked playing these half-ancestries feel like their preferred choices were being half-arsed, no pun intended there.

The one thing I like about the 1E half elves and orcs (and why I play them a lot) is that they feel distinctly between the races i.e. something distinct. You can see a half elf become a summoner because as a child she longed for friends her age and getting a distinct advantage to be summoner. You can see a half orc shaman take up calling upon spirits because they can't compete physically with your full orc peers.

That is what is cool in 1e and is likely to be lost if the half races are not distinct. Half elf/orc will likely be ignored as more Human-ish options are added with a 2e APG and Ultimate Books and there are less options for half races, who are essentially ignored/forgotten.

It encourages the game to return to the bad days of 3.0-3.5 DnD when the half elf/orc were such poor options that they seldom if ever saw play.

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To me a cleric seeks out the gods or the institional church and if they are inspired or feel guided, they feel guided to go to seminary.

An Oracle feels or is touched by something they cannot deny, the "still small voice" of intensely personal life changing vision that makes them who they are.

Joan of Arc (assuming she's not a paladin) is an Oracle with a campaign specific "wrong gender" curse, not a cleric.

Odin (looking at him as potential PC, not a god) gives his eye at the well of knowledge to know all. Most people will not remove an eye for ultimate knowledge. That sets him apart.

Moses with a "studdering" curse and an encounter with on Mt Sinai is an Oracle while his brother becomes a cleric.

So in game, do something weird like have dead saints come and talk to you or inflict the blindness curse on yourself in game and roleplay it out, and go hiking and meet a diety.

This is also why, in my "headcannon" more oracles are Chaotic and more clerics are lawful.

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I am supposed to run on Saturaday and is currently unavailible. Will I have it on time?

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Once played a Lantern Lodge Paladin and she fit brilliantly without issues. Know some other factions Paladins would not fit well. Any take on how Paladin friendly is this faction yet?

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701) You were just offered a part on your favorite show, and production is elsewhere.

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315)Because the surrounding hills will eat you.
316)Because the gods told you to stay.

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I kinda get the feeling your character should marry him in game.

You sound like your in love.

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Jesse Heinig wrote:

This is a fascinating read, especially because our experiences were so different. I think that the online play format has also created some different expectations, which may alter how collaborative play functions.

In my time in PFS back in season 0 & 1, I played with several friends and we built a themed group so that we could play as a family of adventurers. We frequently got flak from players who derided our role-playing or even became upset and angry that "you're taking away from the time slot, I'm just here to get my rewards." We had people derisively tell us that because our builds were not peak optimized, they wouldn't let us play at their tables because "I don't want my character to have to carry yours and risk failing the adventure."

My experience was that the local PFS players were about... 35% fun and engaging people who played interesting characters and were happy to game with anyone with a cheerful attitude, about 35% indifferent folks who were just there to play the game and either lacked the motivation or the social skills to play a character or bring any life to the table; and about 30% players who were so socially dysfunctional that they clearly played PFS because they couldn't get into a home group.

The last time I happened by a PFS group was at a convention two years ago when I passed by the PFS organized play room. I peeked in to try to find out which room it was (they weren't well labeled) and someone asked if I was there to play Pathfinder. I said no, I was looking for the D&D 5e room, and the individual literally swore at me and told me to get out.

I guess this could be considered "table variation"?

For awhile I had a job where I was on the road a lot and I found that community variation was a big thing. I played with supportive and friendly people in most places, but sometimes I did sit at a table where it was not so welcoming, snide or whatever. I had a 5e player who I was asking for directions give me the exact same treatment you describe.

I remember one game session years ago where two players were planning on killing off an absent player's character in the next session when one would be GMing because he was playing an f---ing Summoner. I winced because my favorite character was a Summoner. I then went to the local pfs website. I was in the city for another 2 months but I never went back.

Hearing Henry's version (and living in his community) rings true. Unfortunately so does your experience.

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Suggestion: go anti hero

I have a pre vigilante class "vigilante' that might give some ideas.

Character started out as my summoner's herold vanity/daughter (other "twin" daughter was my squire) who adventured in the summer to to pay for his daughters first class Taldan Education.

My character "played hooky" in the fall and joined the Silver Crusade (rather than Daddy's Soverign Court) because Paladins are naive and a little unskilled in figuring things out, and she could beg forgiveness if they did figured it out (some of the values have since stuck) and with an 8 wis, this seemed like a great idea. Besides, going on adventures let her earn money for really awesome shoes and a great wardrobe!

If I were to do a variation of this as a real vigilante, I'd do a NG "good girl" social identity and a CN vigilante identity. I might buy her as a vanity another PC. This could be really twisted with something like a splinter soul social gray paladin ID and CN Callistran Zealot vigilante id (and if anyone knows how to make that work for PFS, I'm impressed).

I could come up with a lot of variations of this type of anti hero vigilante.

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Some work arounds for a melee character.

Always have a composite long bow as a backup, even if you have no feats to archery. Your smite is nice at a distance.

You're a paladin. You have lay on hands. Put that favored class bonus into skills.

Potion of fly, boots of striding and springing.

Dip a level in a skilled class, then concentrate the skill points in 1-2 skills. My best on this concept is my fighter 7 rogue 3 (intimidate build).

Think about 2-3 work arounds for different situations.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
Rosc wrote:

I ♡ the Summoner. Eidolons are super fun to customize and they have limitless RP potential. They're really powerful when you want them to be, offering lots of leeway for oddball, flavorful builds. Even the Unchained version shares these benefits, aging like fine wine as more and more interesting options are created for it.

{. . .}

I would love the Summoner, but find it irritating that you can't adjust the Eidolon's ability scores, except for changes that you get from picking a different base form -- they're all dumb brutes (except Aberrant is a dumb Toon) without much in ANY of the mental scores, with Intelligence dumped so hard that you would have to invest a prohibitive amount to get it into positive modifier territory (apart from what you might be able to get out of items). Spiritiualist has almost the same problem, except that a Phantom's Charisma is actually noticeably (although not greatly) above average. And then Unchained Summoner had to restrict Eidolon themes instead of making Eidolons associated with specific planes an archetype (or set of archetypes).

For what it's worth, I designed an Archetype for Wayfinder 17 that increases Int by 4, Cha by 2 and reduces Str and Dex by 2 each, and makes a mental stat your increasing stat. Check it out. I would love to see an honest reaction. I slapped some Hell's Rebels fluff on it. I also did a witch archetype that effectively dumps int (Elder Gods don't need a functioning brain to have a meat puppet to say the words and make the signs at the proper time).

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Suede wrote:

On December 30th at my local biannual big PFS get-together I ran Salvation of the Sages for a bunch of regulars who are fun to play with and had a great time.

But better than that was the game I played before I ran mine. Raid on Cloudborne Keep with a party that wasn't really meant for that scenario. My overrun specialist Bulette Man with a pair of foxes riding on his back and his intrepid partner The Tumbler, with Goldilocks and the The Bears joining in. Also an alchemist who was Mostly Inconsequential.

It was a riot watching the party bumble through every step of the adventure and still come out on top.

My last game was his Salvation of the Sages. We got saved by a counterspell specialist. But I intimidated

a Dragon and GrandMaster Torch. We also got gold Dragon armor.
Considering my day job is Taxidermist, I just get this even though it is a downgrade.

It was a good game.

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301. The town is on a hellmouth and you and your friends (including the chosen one) are sworn to protect the town from all the demons and undead attracted to the town.

302. The town is on a hellmouth and you are one of the demons and undead attracted to the town.

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Orville Redenbacher wrote:
C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Y'all are using anecdotal evidence and nobody cares....

Oddly enough, I agree. What I thought would be one comment turned into a major thread derail that I didn't realize I was in until it was a derail.

My appologies.

Please ignore the thread derail this turned into, partially on my account.

As for level dips, I wish more classes encouraged it. I've had a lot of fun with them. My 2 handed fighter/Thug Rogue has a +33 Intimidate at 10th level and is a blast to play.

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Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Kerney wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Perfect Tommy wrote:
Syries wrote:
Perfect Tommy wrote:
Absolutely dip for martials. Damn near never dip for casters, at least not levels that give a cl loss.
Counterpoint: Non-delayed full spellcasters (wizards, shamans, etc, but not Oracles/Sorcerors) can do just fine with Magical Knack and a 1 level dip in something else important for whatever build they make; they have the same spell level progression as a sorcerer at that point.
Counter-Counterpoint: The vast majority of play is PFS; Knack is not PFS legal. Ergo this still falls into the area of "damn near never."
Counter-Counter-Counterpoint: the vast majority of play is NOT PFS.
Counter-Counter-Counter-Counterpoint: In your universe. In mine and a lot of peoples, it is.
C-C-C-C-Counterpoint: you and that "lot of people" are the minority


A) If it is a minority it is not an insignificant minority. i.e. not a vast minority like you claimed originally.

B) I have traveled and played in 6 U.S. cities, so I have some experience. I know in some cities PFS is very big (running twice as many tables at the major conventions as Living Forgotten Realms in my former home city), and others, not so much. So I suspect your sample is one city where it is less popular and that is effecting your bias.

C)That said, you strike me as a person who, no matter what I evidence I present, you will tell me I am wrong. Therefore, arguing with you is a waste of time.

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Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Perfect Tommy wrote:
Syries wrote:
Perfect Tommy wrote:
Absolutely dip for martials. Damn near never dip for casters, at least not levels that give a cl loss.
Counterpoint: Non-delayed full spellcasters (wizards, shamans, etc, but not Oracles/Sorcerors) can do just fine with Magical Knack and a 1 level dip in something else important for whatever build they make; they have the same spell level progression as a sorcerer at that point.
Counter-Counterpoint: The vast majority of play is PFS; Knack is not PFS legal. Ergo this still falls into the area of "damn near never."
Counter-Counter-Counterpoint: the vast majority of play is NOT PFS.

Counter-Counter-Counter-Counterpoint: In your universe. In mine and a lot of peoples, it is. It is a YMMV kind of thing.

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I love the summoner. I love being able to create and define the relationship between summoner and Eidolon.

This is followed up by oracle for simular reasons. You define the relationship between the Oracle and the divine. My favorite was a bone Oracle who had Zyphus wanting to be her boyfriend. That can be played so many ways.

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Trinam wrote:
What I'm getting from this thread is that Unchained Rogues are technically better, but the Palanin is the true force for good in this universe.

Only CG Paladins of Milani and LE ones of Asmodeus.

Shadow Lodge

I think I'm Gnostic rather than Orthodox in my divine class preferences. I like the ones that feel like the person talks/feels/understands the divine at a bone deep level, as opposed to those who have gone to seminary for four years or so. So I tend to like---

Oracle/Shaman--This comes closest to what I feel like a close personal relationship with the divine looks/feels like. This is the person who talks to god or seeks it out or are asked.

Druids--the connection to the natural world feels.

Witch--Though it's not technically a divine class, the feel is there.


As opposed to---

Cleric, War Priest, Inquisitor, Paladin. That said if I can come up with a good background to make the connection feel "organic" I'm okay either way. For example, I'm using my changeling boon in PFS on a Chosen One Paladin of Falayna because the origin story of her future familar warning her off from her "mother" seems organic.

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Ventnor wrote:
Knights in shining armor with a goody-goody code of honor who can do no wrong is an ancient trope that's basically ingrained in pop culture and that's what the code was referring to.

I think the flaws in this though are why people are looking to other sources, be it Steve Rogers or Superman, or perhaps making a chosen one paladin who resembles Cardcaptor Sakura in a lot of ways. Even Brieanne of Tarth is functionally a paladin in a lot of ways at the same time being a deconstruction of this troupe.

A knight in shining armor is only one Paladin.

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Letric wrote:

2017 where everyone gets offended by anything and you want to play that? Please, dont.

People rage at Paladin, could you even start imagining about a character with insert whatever it is, i wont say it might offend people.
No, no, no. Dont.

You know, this statement makes me sad, and a couple of the posts make me sad. I wish I didn't live in a society where everyone one was offended so easily.

It is telling that a lot people here assume I mean to mock, even though I though it was clear I wanted to avoid that. But that is their problem, not mine.

Crystal Seas wrote:

Have you ever lived with someone who is developmentally disabled? Do you know their strengths and weaknesses very well?

Or are you simply going to go by your own stereotypical ideas of what you've seen in movies and on TV?

I tend to see the half races being very simular to being on the autism spectrum (like myself) i.e. being "out of phase" with the society around them and have portrayed this in two of my favorite PFS characters, though never directly mentioning that I'm doing it. Both were fellow player favorites.

Perhaps because of that I was considering this.

So, no I haven't done Down Syndrome and only have known people slightly with the condition, but believe me I was starting to study it.

The idea that I'd just go with "stereotypical ideas" wrong headed because my very asking is an indication that I hope to do it justice, which is a pretty good indication I'm trying to do just that.

This has made me realize, that it is a big 'if' but even if I could pull it off, but is even more likely some people would assume the worst right off.

So no, I will not be doing this character. But I'm not sure I like some of the reasons.

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I, for awhile, have been thinking of creating a developmentally disabled character, perhaps having Down Snydrome and representing this by dumping Int. It would be possibly a Chosen One Paladin of Andoletta or a spiritualist whose spirit is his guardian/protector.

In both cases, I'm thinking of making the familar and/or Spirit sometimes the senior partner in decision making.

On the other hand, if handled badly, this character concept could be offensive. I wonder how others would handle such a character?

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On the eleventh day of Critmas John Compton gave to me:

Eleven Changelings changing

Ten Vorpal Falchions

Nine Daggers Stabbing,

Eight Monks A-Flurrying,

Seven Shifters Slaying,

Six Quirky Boons,

Fi-i-i-ive Quite Damp Friends,

Four Bards Performing,

Three Factions,

Two Raging Orcs,

An Archetype and Carnivorous Tree!

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Wevi wrote:

I do need to work on bring in Disabled people into my settings. When I made this thread, I forgot about Disabled people. That just says how lacking they are in my games.

I've often thought being a half elf/orc would be a lot like having aspergers/autism and have played my characters as such. Being "out of sinch" with those around you would be isolating, encourage eccentric interests etc.

I have thought of dumping Int on several characters and having their eidolon or familiar being their caretaker/brains of the operation.I designed a witch archetype for Wayfinder 17 around this concept. I also thought of making a chosen one paladin (you get a familiar) with down syndrome with this but have wondered if it would be taken wrongly. I also had a summoner idea of a Cheliaxian dissident who is mentally damaged and has a devil eidolon that spouts government propaganda.

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Rajnish Umbra, Shadow Caller wrote:

You know that I've literally never seen a Drizzt clone in play? I know the jokes about them, and that's it.

Whether they're overused or not depends on you and your surrounding. It's not universal.

I think contempt for Drizzt clones has reduced the number of Drizzt clones.

That said, someone mentioned "good" vampires, good werewolves etc and it is a perfectly reasonable to dislike those concepts. If I mention Sparkly Vampires, I'm sure some of you shutter.

It is not prejudice, it is not racist, or wrong, it's simply a matter of taste. I, for example, ignore many of the revised Pathfinder lore like good drow or Erastil
no longer believing in gender roles because of my taste.

I've also been on the other side of this when someone at a PFS table tried to insist that my Kitsume's human form must be Tien ethnically. I frankly thought he was utterly full of bull droppings.

But some one else may feel the same way about my opinion on the various revisions in Golarion, So I think no one should vilify anyone over this.

What is the reality of the situation is that,if you're going to go against a negitively associated trope like with good drow, you had better realise you're going to have to work extra hard and put some real thinking into your character and if all you can come up with as to why your not evil is tru wuv, you may not be the person for that character.

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Add a verse,

On the first day of Critmas, John Compton gave to me, an archetype and carnivorous tree.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Have not played Unseen Inclusion yet but have to concur with Steven about The Shores of Heaven.

It's somewhat somber, it's obvious there's a lot of important stuff at stake, and how many times can you ** spoiler omitted **.

Do not recommend The Cost of Enlightenment. It is a bit too involved for such an event.

My PC had died in the previous scenario, so she died and went to heaven, literally.

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Philippe Lam wrote:
Kerney wrote:
I had the luck to live in two communities large enough have a lot of GMs. I have met one GM who I've had a serious disagreement with along these lines and a few others who aren't as open as I think they should be. My solution is to avoid that one GM in the future and if there is a choice, go with the 'other' GM in the other cases.
Part of the problem is nobody should shun a GM because "not open-minded enough". Is opposing two sides of the coin the best idea to move forward ? I don't think so. I don't shy of arguments as I won't always avoid the problem and actively doing so will only amplify these when forced to face it. I'm on the minority unpopularish opinion on that, but players and GMs alike can't retreat forever to their comfort zone. Disagreements are part of the game and I evolve only with facing what I don't like. In the group where I am, disagreements are common, but we can discuss of it later or not letting disrupt a game. Not that I have much choice either, the group isn't that big.

Some disagreements are worth discussing and you can have a civil discussion. I'm all for that. There are also times where there doesn't need to be a conflict.

In the case of the gm I choose not to play with, I don't vocalize my opinion. Part of this is thier rulings as a GM. But suffice it to say, I think we dislike each other. Why should I spend time with a person I dislike?

As for "shunning", its more a matter of seeing two GMs setting up to play the same scenario. All other things being equal, shouldn't I play at the table where I think I'll have more fun? Is flexibility one of those factors I consider? Yes. I don't shun them, in fact one of those GMs is good friend. Sure, there might be another factor, like accommodating a new player or making allowing a married couple to play together, no problem. But all other things being equal, why shouldn't I play at the table I think I'll have more fun at!

Kerney wrote:

Part of the work as a GM is to realize that players can use creative solutions and your job is be reasonably accomodating, because it is literally in the rules under creative solutions.

It is reasonable to say, "hey, is we have another two hours, we should move on" after 5 minutes of consideration that is going nowhere. It is unreasonable to say I'm going to take the time limit as an excuse not to take 2 minutes to try to understand your creative solution and take another 30 seconds to consider if it would reasonably work.

There is useful creativeness and negative creativeness. The former is when the GM can quickly think it's possible and reasonably successful, moving forward. The latter is...

I think we're more in agreement than we think.

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Philippe Lam wrote:
Anything which can't find into a 4 or 5-hour game slot (because this is the time scenarios should last except for some exceptions) can be eliminated, ditto for something which would add more work to the GM. Organized Play don't really need some chaos experiments.

Part of the work as a GM is to realize that players can use creative solutions and your job is be reasonably accomodating, because it is literally in the rules under creative solutions.

It is reasonable to say, "hey, is we have another two hours, we should move on" after 5 minutes of consideration that is going nowhere. It is unreasonable to say I'm going to take the time limit as an excuse not to take 2 minutes to try to understand your creative solution and take another 30 seconds to consider if it would reasonably work.

I had the luck to live in two communities large enough have a lot of GMs. I have met one GM who I've had a serious disagreement with along these lines and a few others who aren't as open as I think they should be. My solution is to avoid that one GM in the future and if there is a choice, go with the 'other' GM in the other cases.

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Darafern wrote:

Reading through the blog gives me a picture of a planes faction, not a nature faction. The only reference to nature I see is when effects of elemental forces are mentioned, and even then the elemental planes seem more in focus than nature and life. The faction seems more suited to a wizard or a kineticist than a hunter or even a druid.

As such if feels that the faction is a nature faction only because it's called such, not because of what it actually is, or what its goals are. Because of this I feel that the Concordance does not fill the need for a nature inclined faction in Pathfinder Society.

Oddly enough, my Whimsy Oracle and my Cleric of Groetus seem like naturals for this faction, and neither are 'elemental based'. The first is first worldly in origin (and including a first world adventure would be awesome) and the latter is all about balance between the elements because the end is always balanced.

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Corwin Icewolf wrote:
I'm really getting burned on this as 5 characters of mine won't fit in any other faction. It's essentially character death for all of them. Why can't we lose one of the more boring factions?

One one hand, to me the Scarab Sages is the boring faction that I never connected with and I've tried to do cool stuff all my factions (my low wisdom character joined the silver crusade because if you lied to a Paladin, they might be merciful). But at the same time, I get this because my beloved Shadow lodge character has never been played since that faction change.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Already have a kitsune with RL,

You have a kitsume in real life? I didn't know they existed for real! I want to meet them! Can you post pictures? I'm pretty sure they could get free tickets to Gen Con or Paizo Con.

More seriously,the whimsy oracle or lunar oracle might work well for the kitsune.

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Scenario: 3-18 Godsmarket Gamble
Venue: Enchanted Grounds, Highlands Ranch, Co.
GM: Emily Something or other
My character, half orc alchemist with profession: BBQ chef tries to comfort a distressed halfling.

Me: Look, this is tramatic, but food will comfort you. Here, have a coupon for free BBQ at MARVs!
Halfling: But I'm a vegatarian.
Me: Is that a disease?

Scenario 5-09 The Traitors Lodge
Venue: Momocon 2016, Atlanta Georgia
GM: Not a regular

We are running through a maze being chased by Minotaurs and, due to fear effects, are separated. I see illusionary (unknown to me) soliders being chased by another minotaur. I run one way and then yell to the soliders "Guys, I this is the way out," In order to get soliders between me and the Minotaur.

GM: That's not exactly good.
Me: No, it's not. I then erase the "good" on my Neutral Good alignment on my sheet. (This was the same character, a 16 year old female, who spent an entire scenario refering to Erastil as "the old horney god".)

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Congrats to everyone. Even if you only submitted, you still put in a lot of work and you learned something and are better for last next time, I think.

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There is a Cavilier archetype that works better as a swashbuckler than the swashbuckler and I'm sure there are a million people who can name it. But right now it's Sunday morning and I was up til 4am, (and I'm probably a little b+&+&y, sorry) so I'll let someone else look it up.

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Hythlodeus wrote:
No, I don't think there are enough classes since there are still niches and concepts yet unexplored by the available classes. So I still care. It is just a matter of finding those niches and machanically constructing a class to fit them.

I disagree with this. I think too many classes cover the same ground.

Take the concept of a swashbuckler. To make one you can use the swashbuckler class. Or make a duelist or a Cavilier or figher or rogue with some kind of archetypes combos and come up with the same thing concept wise.

You can make members of classes that play totally differently. For example, I have two old school Summoners (one retired). The first is the Combat Eidolon Type which got the class hated. The other, the Summoner counts on summons and when it's suggested the 12 int Eidolon should be fighting (she's very much a skilldolon) his reaction is "and endanger my wife and the mother of my children."

I have a lotus geisha bard who worships Kurgess and is Golarion's first cheerleader. And she is not Tien and neither is my kitsume. I had a Vigilante before there were Vigilantes.

So the idea that we need a million more classes to support new ideas is not one I agree with at all. And I think yes, there are probably too many. Skald is pointless. Spiritualist could be a Summoner/unchained archetype. Swashbuckler sucks and can be done already and I could definitely keep going, but the fact is, you can create pretty much anything you want.

And if you're not new to the game, it's not my fault you don't use all your options or have bought into the mentality that what I just described is somehow reskinning.

So yes, I don't usually pay more than passing attention to the newer classes.

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