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It says this has been answered in the FAQ, but I can't seem to be able to find it.

Anyone else?


Please cancel my Adventure path subscribtion after the next shipment.
(Before the next AP starts)

Thanks! :)

Thanks :)

I would like to keep subscribing to both the RPG line and the Adventure Path line.

Heya people!

I found a module, called "A knot in time" on the interwebs recently, and decided to update it to Pathfinder.

It is a groundhog-day kind of adventure, where doing something wrong generally means starting over again.

There were a lot of problems with this module, and I'm sure I've not been able to catch them all, and would like your input.

The language was pretty bad, and I've tried to fix much of it, re-writing some parts and spell-checking others. That being said, English is not my first language and I'm sure many parts could do with more revising.

I've credited both the original author and the guy who updated it. But I've not been able to find their contact-info to clear it for posting.

If anyone know them, or is able to get hold of them I would very much appreciate it.

I need input on this module I've rewritten for PF, please comment on general stuff, language and CR.

Link: Knot in time

I just got my replacement copy a few days ago and wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful service! :)

Oh, wow. Thank you so much :)

I've just started Serpent's Skull, and we're currently playing the second adventure.

Loving it so far, but there's a problem.

The second book is falling apart, seems like it isn't glued together properly. :(

It's not something I can't fix with some tape, but quite annoying none the less.

I don't understand why people are still discussing this.

There are many gray areas in the rules of PF, but this is not one of them.

1. The rule of choosing to continue or abort a full attack is a general rule that counts for all attacks.

2. The rule for manyshot, and similar abilities set certain restrictions to the general rule.

How is this hard to understand?
Use your energy trying to make sense of stealth instead :D

The Healing.

That was what I was hoping for :)

(I didn't subscribe today ;) )

I am a bit puzzled by this one:

Pathfinder Adventure Path #60: From Hell’s Heart (Skull & Shackles 6 of 6) (PFRPG) Print Edition (subscription copy) Backorder

The rest of the order is at "Pending"

Can anyone shed a light?

My group postponed the last installment of the AP just for this book. I'm not regretting that :)

Curious about how these are declared.. if they are declared as a paper product I'll pre-order it, but if not I'll have to wait till it comes on sale here in Norway to buy it.. not really interested in paying an additional 25% + expenses for it.

I WILL get it though, this is the perfect supplement for my games, and I'll definitely buy the others as well.

Love this productline!

Carrion Hill, but the very same author. One of the best and most fun modules I've GMed.

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I just wanted to stop by and say:
Thank you!

Thank you for sticking it out, thank you for making Pathfinder a reality.

I played D&D ever since I was little, and while I had a long break for school etc, Pathfinder was what was waiting for me when I got back.

Since that day, I've more or less bought everything you make, and I even resorted to Ebay to get hold of all the RotR volumes.

I love your products, and I love your company. I love that it feels like we, the fans, get an insight into your buisiness, your way of doing things.

I wholeheartedly believe I've become a better GM thanks to Paizo, and I KNOW we've had tons and tons of fun with what you're continuing to give us.

ATM I'm anxiously avaiting the RotR re-release (It's my 30ieth birthday-gift for myself!) and my group is waiting as well, as we've postponed concluding the AP in anticipation of this revamped edtion.

I thank you once more for all you've done in making my life more fun, and I wish you all the best for the coming 10 years. I hope I'll be along for the ride :)


I too would love this. But only as long as it doesn't hurt the full version PDFs :)

Eric Zylstra wrote:

The idea of making the gala have possible effects on the kingdom's position is good. A few thoughts:

1) Will you allow the players to, e.g., change the DCs/types of rolls based on their actions? If they're all static DCs, it doesn't seem as if the PCs can influence the results by good play. If I were a PC at the gala, it'd be more satisfying if my choices (as well as my great rolls) could make the gala more successful, or if I could sometimes choose which of two tactics to pursue (cf. chases, which usually have two alternative possibilities per card).

Very good point!

I think I'll just leave the DC as is, and instead give a bonus or panalty on the rolls. But you're right one way or another, you should be able to influence it by making smart choices/plays.

Eric Zylstra wrote:

2) Do you have any mutually antagonistic countries/groups/factions that may change their attitude to the PCs based on the PC's relations with their enemies? For example, if the PCs are best buddies with Restov/Rostland, that may make it harder to convince House Surtova to make deals with them (and vice versa). Is it possible to keep everyone happy, or do the PCs have to pick a side?

I was initially going to include representatives from all the grat houses in Brevoy. But I figured my players kingdom just isn't big enough for that yet.

The bard is a baroness for the time beeing, and this ball is meant to showcase to the swordlords, who gave them the charter in the first place, that they are doing ok.

So I won't be involving any hard political decicions at the moment. Though I probably will later, for now their relations are focused on Restov, and not so much the rest of Brevoy.

Eric Zylstra wrote:

3) Are flat BPs the best/only way to reward success? I might consider giving less BPs, but then follow up with related good or bad events depending on what happens. (Maybe you were planning to add these anyway.)

Also a good point. I did it with flat BPs for two reasons:

- It is simple :)
- They are a bit short on BPs, since they made some bad decicions in the beginning. This is a way of giving them a bit of a second chance :)

Eric Zylstra wrote:

Alternatively, they could get some of the BPs as aid for a particular type of activity. For example, if they impress the Swordlords, they get a discount on the next Arena (or some other similar fighter-related building) because their contacts refer them good people.

Good idea! I think I'll incoorporate that somehow.

Eric Zylstra wrote:
Good luck!

Thanks, and thanks for taking time to offer your thoughts :)

Now for the ball itsself:

In attendence:
My 3 players, and their servants, among them Nariel, Kyra and Harrison, my players 3 closest "servants"

3 of the sword-lords (Still need names)
3 of the wealthiest merchants from Restov. (Need 2, already have Ezekiel, a gnome who runs a magic-shop in Restov. My players have asked him if he don't want to expand into Akiros' Salvation (the name of their main City)

Their hanger-ons, I reckon 3-4 each, plus servants.

Svetlana, Oleg, Akiros, and the other NPCs mentioned in the books.

As for events / checks:

1) Diplomacy DC 15 to get Ezekiel to start a magic-shop. Reward: 3BP AND half cost in building a Magic-shop.

2) A series of checks to determine their overall good-will with the swordlords:
- 3x DC 15 Diplomacy (1 each) To improve trade-relations between Restov and Olegston (2 points each check)
- 3x DC 18 Diplomacy (1 each) To improve trade-relations between Restov and Akiros' Salvation (4 points each)
- 2x DC 15 Bluff (Witch and Bard) To convince the Sword-lords they will never be a threat (1pt each)
- 3x DC 15 Knowledge(Nobility) (1 each) To blend in and talk about current events (2 points each)
- 1x DC 15 Knowledge(Engineering) (the Witch) To speak of the buildings in the kingdom etc. (2 points)
- 1x DC 15 Knowledge(Nature) (The Ranger) To speak of the natural resources in and around the kingdom (2 points)

Rewards: if they make all the checks they get 30 points. How many they DO get, determines a bonus to their BP.

Points => BP
30 => 40
27 => 36
24 => 32
21 => 28
18 => 22
15 => 18
12 => 12
09 => 8
06 => 4
03 => 0

With the archery contest and the diplomacy-check for Ezekiel that adds up to a potential 50 BPs gained.

So... Thoughts ?

Good ideas! Here's what I have so far:

The guy playing the Ranger, has expressed interest in holding an archery-competition.

So before the ball, there will be just that.
I reckon there will be about 150 entering, rich and poor. I'll just paraphrase the initial rounds, and we end up with two "heats" in the end with 10 archers in each.

The plan is to have my rangerfriend (Devon) in one of these, along with one of his friends, a ranger named Harrison who is part of a group of rangers Devon has organized into a sort of law-group.

The two best in each "heat" goes to the finals. Where the final four square off with 3 arrows each.

The target is divided into 5 sections and each section gives a diffrent amount of points.

ac 5 to hit at all => 1 point
ac 10 => 2 points
ac 15 => 3 points
ac 20 => 5 points
ac 25 => 8 points

As said, 3 arrows each, combined sum determines winner.

What is needed: Names of the two other finalists. Harrison and Devon will be the two first ones.

Reward: If devon places in the competition he gets a boost in their kingdoms BP, as a result of better relations etc..

1st: 7 BP
2nd: 4 BP
3rd: 1 BP
4th: 0 BP

Heya good folk!

I am currently running a Kingmaker campaign with heavy focus on the RP bit.
We are three players, a Bard, a Ranger and a Witch. They have lived in their own little slice of land about 1.5 years now. We're on the second module, and we're coming up on a gallaevent they are hosting for the Swordlords, and some of the local nobles.

I figured it would be fun to make this a bit fun, and also "make it count" a bit. So here's what I came up with:

A series of checks which give a bonus or a penalty to their economics. I figured I'd start with 25BPs and add or subtract to that total, depending on whether or not the PCs manage to "win" or lose the encounters.
I have a ceiling of max 50bp gained, and a floor of 0. I don't want to go into the negatives.

What I need help with:
- I need 2-3 viable checks for each character (6-9 total)
- 2-3 checks where the PCs can cooperate to impress/fail.

Im thinking: diplomacy for sure, knowledge(arcana) perhaps for the witch? Knowledge(nature) for the ranger etc..

- Names of the swordlords, are there any in the AP? I don't want to make up names, only to find they are named later. If they are not, help me generate a few of them with names and short descriptions.

Thoughts and/or help is appriciated :)

Resubbed :i

I dont care and proceed to have fun ;)

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Those are not smurfs, fools! They are mites!

Just ignore them manually? I don't see the problem.

There is a decent app out already. Its called "initiative" and works fine

Hm. What to say.. :D

I'm GMing RotL atm, and we're at the last part of part 6. I've spent hours converting the monsters and balancing the encounters.

I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep now, I just don't know if it's from happyness or sadness :D

TBH, as long as the PDFs are included for us subscribers, I don't mind the paper versions taking ages to reach Norway :)

Well well well, christmas just got slightly better!

That's awesome, I'll be sure to dl this and look over it :)

First of all: Many many good posts with good advice here, kudos to the community!

Most seem to go to one of two solutions though: - Change the adventure or kick the player out / make him stop reading the adventure.

As a GM with limited time on my hands, I can see that changing the adventure is just too much work, it's hard enough trying to weave the pre-written story to fit the characters with the limited time one often has.

As for making him stop reading the adventure, it's fairly certain he won't do that. Once he's done it once, he'll keep doing it.

I myself have read all the AP's (I'm the one in our gang that GMs most of the time, and I'm the one buying all the APs) but I don't let that stop me from playing from time to time.

The key is being able to let the other players work out the IMPORTANT puzzles, and perhaps drop suble hints if the rest are completely off base. (my group mainly likes to SMASH! their way through a riddle :D )

The point is this:
My having read the adventure doesn't hurt the game for the others (it actually does a little for myself though... The only AP I haven't read is Curse of the Crimson Throne, and we're running that atm, and I'm enjoying it alot as a player)

I know it is difficult going in to a confrontation like this, but it is the BEST way to resolve the situation.

Pull him aside before (or after, if you want to give him some time to think about it) your next session, and tell him in a friendly way:

"Look, I would appreciate it if you let the other players lead the way some of the time as well. I know it can be frustrating rambling on when you're certain you're going in the wrong direction, but you have to allow the others to lead some of the time as well. That way we can all enjoy the game"

If he doesn't catch on, fine, at least you've told him how you feel, and if he keeps it up, or grows difficult, THEN you can confront him with his reading the module more directly.

for instance:
"Look, I was trying to be tactful, but I think you've read the module, and thats fine, but please don't spoil it for the others by leading them by the direct route to every solution."

Thats how I would handle it anyway...

TLDR: Be nice and, and ask him not to ruin the fun for the rest of the group, yourself included.

I don't understand why this is such a hot topic.

Answer the man, and move on. Whether you disagree with the man or not doesn't really factor into it. You think you're gonna convince him to like the art on a internet message board? Hardly.

To the OP: The short answer is no.

The long answer is.. maybe.

The framework for Pathfinder is open source, so you can find all the rules, spells etc on (as somone already mentioned)

The setting however, is a diffrent matter and might be harder to find a solution to. But you could always just buy PDFs and print the few pages you actually need. With or without images.

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The fact is, most of us do police ourselves on these boards, as we do elsewhere.

Your (the OP) problem is not that the people here do not police themselves, but the fact that you want YOUR beliefs enforced upon the rest of the collective.

The mere idea that WE should police ourselves to YOUR taste, is completely ridiciolous.

Sure, you might think certain posts are worthless, and many times many of us will agree with you. But for every one of those times I'll guarantee you there are one or more people who don't.

Once you accept that, you'll see I'm right and you are wrong.

(forgive me if this has already been mentioned, but while I do disagree with the OP in principle, I just couldn't be bothered to read all the replies ;) )

I'm also in the bookindustry, and can relate to what you're writing DeathQuaker.

That being said. At one point you as customer (talking about the OP here) should have learned your lesson. Especially if this happens time and again.

I order alot of books from Amazon, but everything I need (or want) to get in a hurry I usually don't. Unless they have it in stock.

For instance, I buy all my PF stuff right here. Sure it is more expencive, but I know they ship it as soon as they can, and most likely sooner then anywhere else.

I know delayed orders are annoying, but with Amazon, unless they have the product in stock, you kinda have to expect it. That's the price you pay for those low prices :)

I type p, hit enter and I'm here ;)

as mentioned earlyer goes to
and goes to the games page.

Happens to me as well, on 3 different computers i use. (work, laptop and home)

Also the messageboards link at doesn't work :)

That's the ones!

Flip-mat: Necropolis is dead now though :)

Title says all :)

Sorry for the slow reply!
Everything seems to be working as it should again :)

Forgot to add, this has always worked in the past. But I'm not sure if I've upgraded Opera since the last time I tried downloading. (Although I'm fairly sure I haven't)

And they are both wonderful! :)

When trying to download stuffs in Opera, I just get a long period of waiting (10 seconds, roughly) and then the "my documents" folder opens.

I'm on Windows 7 32-bit running Opera 11.01.

Everything works well in Internet explorer (version 9)

I'll be reading this out loud tonight! :)

I GM'ed skinsaw murders not long ago (we're on Sins of the Saviours right now) and I'd be one of those who praise it. It is probably one of the most fun modules I've GMed so far in my career. Possibly only beaten by "Carrion Hill" also by Richard Pett.

I'm also playing in a slower going Curse of the Crimson Throne game, and I'm really looking forward to "Escape from Old Korvosa" which we're starting next session :)

Mr. Pett has found his way into my heart :D

The book looks fantastic. Looking forward to it :)

You need to learn to count though, James. That's five screenshots of a total of SIX pages ;)

I've looked over the PDF, and I have to say I'm very impressed :)

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