Stop flyting, you two!

Friday, March 18, 2011

As you may recall, last month Pathfinder fiction author Kevin Andrew Murphy temporarily lost his mind and wrote us a full heroic crown of sonnets featuring 15 of our iconic characters, then sent it to us as a Valentine's Day present. We posted it on the blog, and folks seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps too much.

Never one to back away from a challenge, Kevin has now written another poem dealing with the Pathfinder iconics and posted it on the messageboards, this time in honor of St. Patrick's Day. The poem—made up of linked limericks—is of a tradition known as "flyting," a very old practice in which two parties exchange over-the-top and often lewd insults in verse. (Think of it as a medieval rap battle.) In this case, the two competitors are Alain and Lem—apparently, nobody told the cavalier that it's unwise to take on a bard in an insult contest.

While things get a bit bawdier than we can post on the blog, those who don't mind a little crudity in their poetry may want to head over to the thread and read it for themselves. Having such a thriving fan fiction community is always fun and flattering, but this... well, this is definitely a new sort of animal!

Kudos to Kevin, and let us all hope they continue to offer internet access in his padded cell....

James Sutter
Fiction Editor

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I'll be reading this out loud tonight! :)

Great read!
Read it out loud and could nearly imagine music in the back and Lem and Alain doing the "rap-battle" in the middle of a pub. :)


Glad you enjoyed it.

I write all my poetry (and fiction as well) to be read aloud. Best way to capture the music of the language, even if it's only being spoken in someone's head.

Liberty's Edge

I enjoyed it greatly, and I think it helps with the personality of the iconics. Hmm, maybe flyting can be mentioned in a future product and the post used in it. Then we can perhaps discuss how to conduct such a contest in game.

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