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The pugwampi ruined this adventure


The encounter in the monestary with the pugwampi is so incredebly unfun, that it completely ruined the whole evening for our whole group.

Does not live up to the standard ive gotten used to from Paizo.

I will not reccomend this to others

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Very very nice!


Paizo has learned alot in the five years they've been at this, and it shows.

I have the original 6 books, and I love them. But this... This is a much much better product!

They've updated some of the art, and kept the pieces that were good. The result is a beautiful book!
The map design is better, the room blocks with their descriptions are updated and much better, the design is more in line with the more modern Adventure Paths.. Everything is better.

The originals were a bit confusing at times, but it looks like the updated version have clarified quite a few things (especially in the maps)

All in all, I'm really really happy with this, and wish the rest of the 3.5 APs vere updated as well. One of the most impressive products I've seen from Paizo to date!

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Wonderfully creepy!


I'm not a good horror-GM, I'm not good at scaring my players. But this module makes it easy to atleast repulse them a little :D

This is probably my favourite module to have GM'ed so far, possibly with the exception of "The Skinsaw Murders" also by Pett.

The only negative I have, is that the BBEG is a bit hard to identify as such, not that it matters :>