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Iolth Taknith wrote:
Just an idle thought: in the Asch vs Father sequence, it was speculated that Keaton was unaffected by the Agarthan sun because his vampiracy was extraterrestrial. Would this mean that Agarthan vampires are now immune to the sun's effects?

Back then the Sun that gave Agartha light was not a real sun, so it had no effect. This is no longer the case.

I'll have you know I was an adult!

This is a good one for me though.

Slightly. Less. Paperwork.

Still. Grading. Essays.

*sigh* A religous debate and I'm at Avalon.

It's not as bad as you might think. You'll just have to stick to a low calorie diet. You'd be surprised just how fattening draining the blood from an adult human once a week can be.

Ori Reading wrote:
Johnny Panic wrote:
Adon Derro wrote:

Didn't want this to happen. never expected all this power to be forced out at once, but with the circumstances, i couldn't think of anything else that would happen...

i just hope I'm not screwing this up...

No you did not Adon

but Johnny did,

and not just you, dear sweet old lady of a teacher had a little thing that needed to be set free as well.

20 Years spent up rage, + a Godling busting it with Divine Null power and a teacher with a massive p***ed off earth elemental, AND IT ONLY THE 1ST DAY OF CLASSES

loving it!

Ya you broke a teacher Adon you so broke her.

OLD?! Honey, I'm barely older than the students!

Ori is one of the newbie teachers, she joined the staff late last term after a large staff defection due to folks freaking out after a demon attack on the school. She's in her early twenties, emphasis on early, and originally lied about her age when she was hired, although ended up fessing up to the Headmaster when she finally told him about her 'little problem'.

Which made it funny when she found out we already knew all that and hired anyway.

As the Theology teacher here at Avalon, I'd like to point what others have said about the room you were given being mutable. So, if you don't want to go to the town of Kuros(one mile from the school, the have a catch-all temple), you can make a temporary/permanent shrine in your room.

narrator wrote:
A harried looking young lady carrying an excessively large stack of papers hurries down the hall carrying on an animated discussion with a red-haired gentleman on the nature of magic.

Had this strange moment where I thought I'd been roped into a magical theory discussion.

I no longer required blood. Which is good, since not drinking any was driving me insane.

So yes, it should help.

Lumiere Dawnbringer wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:

I meant mechanicly, in pathfinder, do dhampirs have blood dependancy.

Not trying to nit pick, just asking :P

Krays may be able to help with that...

not really.

Young lady, I use to suffer from the blood thirst. Here at the academy we have a serum that negates it quite effectively. If you are interested that is.

Um, I saw that Miss Jones had beat me to the post and removed it. Sorry.

Ori Reading wrote:
"Why are you not yelling at me? This is usually the part where I should be getting a lengthy and surprisingly thorough lecture on my irresponsibility and general lack of worth as a person. That's how it always went before."

"And look what happened to those people." Keaton says dryly. "Look, did you get what you were after?"

Ori Reading wrote:


"Right. I should have expected that. Obviously, thinking things through is not my forte."

"You seem to have done a good job so far. You took three students into a jungle, and then came back with all three in good condition, did you not? Give yourself some credit, Professor."

Ori Reading wrote:
"Wait...are you kidding me? All that is in my file? HOW? For that matter, why on earth would the Headmaster hire me as a teacher knowing I was barely older than the students, emotionally unstable, and possessed by a giant angry nature spirit?!?"

"Sometimes the best teachers are your peers. Headmaster Ryo thought you were close enough to being a student for that to count." Keaton explains. "Also, background checks are simple matters for a High Seer."

Ori Reading wrote:
"And that's pretty much the whole story. At least the summary anyhow."

"Well that matches what your file says. Okay, the part about it breaking free most recently isn't in there, but you catch my drift I'm sure."

"You'll have to explain the details a bit better than that, Professor. My brother doesn't like anything less than full explanations."

Ori Reading wrote:
"Professor Antairus? Do you...ummm.....have a minute?"

"Of course. Come in. What can I help you with?"

Aanandareavekki wrote:
Keaton Antairus wrote:
I feel like I've just been used -however vaguely- as an example.
Not you, so much, as your less than forthright older brother. There might be just the tiniest hint of bad feelings lingering there....he's kept some pretty big secrets over the years, you being only one of them.

You've got that right. How he managed to keep a wife and three kids a secret is beyond me. The rattle I found in the living room one day does make more sense now though.

Just be sure to hit him right in his card holders. :p

I feel like I've just been used -however vaguely- as an example.

lynora wrote:
Last I recall Keaton had asked him whether he wanted to be set up with a tutor, I think he replied in the negative, but can't be sure. So I think the answer to your question is yes he did get the room.

Yeah, he got the room.

"Then I can arrange the room tonight if you cannot wait."

Ghalen Kiln wrote:

"Umm. I need to figure some things out. Learn my limitations. Learn how to control my abilities. I need the space because I can alter my size...I'm not entirely sure of all of my abilities yet, but I need the room to try them out. The privacy is for my own peace of mind. Innocents need not be hurt in the process."

"We can certainly arrange that. We have a teacher who specializes in private tutoring for special cases if you would like."

Ghalen Kiln wrote:

"It's been, well, school. But it has not been particularly unpleasant.

I was wondering if you could suggest a place where I could train and meditate, thats a very large space, and private. Privacy and space are key."

"We do have several spare gym rooms that are for the practice of more... unpredictable abilities or private training for those who want it. I can set you up with one of the bigger ones if you would like. May I ask why you need such a space?"

Ghalen Kiln wrote:
Comes around the corner, finding Mr. Antairus, but seeing he's already talking to a few people, he waits his turn.

Keaton ushers the students to another room before turning to return to his and spying Ghalen.

"Mr. Kiln! How has your first week at Avalon been?"

"I can clear everyone for the expidition. If Mr. Blackadder is not available, Ephebe Sunwake or Krays Blackscale might be able to fill in. Both are excellent healers."

"Ah, would you three kindly excuse me for a moment?" Keaton asks as he goes to the door.

"Good evening Professor Reading. Dare I assume this meeting has something to do with our last discussion? I hope things have not started to turn dire."

GM Fireclaw wrote:
Both Tyrrin and Ehos bow deeply to the Professor when introduced.

Keaton bows in return.

"The Headmaster actually just finished up with another student. He should be able and ready to talk to new students. I am sure you two will enjoy your time here at Avalon."

Fei, of the Sun Soul wrote:
After a few minutes of walking, the young monk stops before a door in the Administrative wing, and knocks respectfully.

The door opens.

"Hello, Fei." Keaton says politely. "Bringing in some new students?"

"Thank you for telling us about this, Professor Reading. We will do everything in our power to help him, rest assured. This school is here to help our students after all."

"We might be able to put him in stasis if things get really bad. If he's already half in a coma or worse... I'll use any free time I have, and alert the Headmaster so he can help too. Having a High Seer in charge of the school has it's benefits."

"From what I've hear you have been doing a fine job. Keep an eye on him and make sure he get's to the infirmary if things start to go bad. At least you won't be mixing up which gods come from which regions and what they do or do not hold power over."

"Hmm, 'Book of Forlorn Blood'... I can't say it rings a bell. Considering my previous condition you would think something like that would have come up. I'll look into it as well, and let you know if I find anything."

"That is... unusual." Keaton admits. "We have an index for our library that allows you to search for books by key words, but if he's looked he'll have exhausted most search words. The indexes of other libraries might not have the same level of usefulness as ours though."

"Then obscure references are they way to go. If our library doesn't have any, then surely others across Agartha might. Our students don't know this but the library has a portal to all of the other libraries in the world. You may use it in your research."

"So you're looking for something that might not be what it is? Looking for references in the library, even obscure ones, could be helpful."

"Well, it would depend on the project. What are you helping the student with?"

"There are not, though some of the classes we offer do delve into the history related to their subject, like my Theology class. Here is the list I handed Mr. Kiln just a moment ago if you would like to look it over and pick the classes that interest you. You did a much better job with these forms than some of the parents that come here to enroll their students. If I may ask, and it is not too rude, how did you manage it with hands?"

"Yes. Now, let's see about a schedule and a proper room." Keaton says as he looks at a map on the wall and the forms in his hand. "Here we go, Room 210 is close to just about all of your classes. Here's your schedule. You can get settled into your new room if you want, the next period isn't for a a while. You'll hear a bell when it starts."

Ghalen Kiln wrote:
"Ahh, yes Mr. Antairus. Just here for the paperwork you spoke of."

"No problem." He says, opening a drawer and riffling through it. "Wish he'd keep this drawer more organized... Ahh, here we go." With a victorious smile, he hands the papers over to Ghalen. "The class list and explanation about each one is a rather new addition, but helpful nevertheless. Just fill out the forms and we can get you into classes as soon as the next period starts."

Ghalen Kiln wrote:

"Well I suppose I should go see about getting enrolled here. Nice to meet you Shephord."

With that he excuses himself, and heads to the hallway.
"Headmaster's office, please."
The floor lights up and shows him the way...

"Ah, Mr. Kiln!" Ghalen hears, turning to see Keaton hurrying down the hallway. "The Headmaster is out at the moment, and has asked I step in for now."

Following the arrows, Keaton goes to the Headmaster's office and enters, surprised to see a cat and already there.

"Are you Jen? I was told there would be another new student waiting for enrollment. I am Keaton Antairus, Theology teacher and Vice Principal hear at Avalon."

"Well, Mr. Kiln, let's see about that room." Inviting the Axiomite as well, Keaton leads them both into the school, showing them how the school can lead them around if they need to get along on their own. "The cafeteria isn't open right now, and the cooks have started taking precautions against midnight-thieves, but you can probably still get some food. This will be your room for the night. If you don't have any questions, I'll see you in the morning to go through the necessary paperwork."

"Antairus. I am Keaton Antairus." He says, holding out a hand. "I'm the Theology professor and the Vice Principal."

My computer decided that no, I could not get on the internet. Sorry for the wait.

Ghalen Kiln wrote:

"Is there no open enrollment then? I can come back when enrollemnt is available."

He turns to leave, then stops.
"I do not wish to learn this to be powerful for powers' sake. I merely wish to understand how it's possible, and other things your school may have to offer."

"We are always accepting new students. But, as you can by looking at the sky, it's been a stressful night and it is late. We can put you up in one of the temporary rooms for the night if you wish, or you can go down to the tavern and enjoy the drink one of our students is paying for."

Ghalen Kiln wrote:
"Hmm. Well did said person learn here?"

"For a time, yes." Keaton relents, eyes on the celestial event. "But not what made it capable to change the sky."

Ghalen Kiln wrote:

Oh forgot that too...

"Oh, sorry for interrupting" seeing the other person there.
"Well, for knowledge's sake, I suppose. Rumor at the town is you all had something to do with the sky changing. If it's true, I want to learn from people that can do that. It would seem despite what I've heard from the fearmongers, this place has much to offer the inquisitive mind."

"While we have much to offer the inquisitive mind, we were trying to stop the person behind the sky's changing, and that person has since fled." Keaton replies neutrally.

Ghalen Kiln wrote:
"Hello, I am interested in enrolling here. Who should I speak with?"

Sorry for not getting to this already. As far as I know, I'm still out front talking with the Axiomite.

"Well, I currently am the person to talk too. May I ask what reason you have for wanting to enroll here at Avalon Academy?"

Velvarmisan Shephord wrote:

Hands copy to Professor Antairus

"The gestalt mind has acknowleded this treaty as valid, and has sent representatives to those factions that appear to be the most advanced, both technologicaly and/or magically, as these will be the most likely places for stability. I am instructed to enroll as student and, if nesssicary, instructor, to observe and assist with this transition."

::Brother, I think we have allies.:: Keaton sends to Ryo as he reads over the treaty. ::Strong allies from... back before Agartha was created I think.::

"Velvarmisen, I think you're going to like it here at Avalon. From what I've been told, we need someone who can teach the students about space, the Dragon Empire, and why they aren't falling off the planet."

"The Headmaster is busy at the moment. I am the second-in-command if that will suffice, and can make decisions in his place."

::Keaton, could you get that? I'm meeting with almost everyone in the cottage.::

::Alright, keep me filled in.:: Keaton sends back, waiting for his last student to leave before heading to the front gate an opening it.

"Good evening, I am Professor Antairus, vice pricipal and Theology teacher. How can I help you?" He asks Velvarmisan.

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