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1 am i seeing it right that now even the oldest and mightiest sragon can o ky reach a size class of huge?

2 is there any “canon” about dragons being able to have a nom standard alignment or changing it during their life? Example a golden sragon becoming lawful neutral. If so are there any side effects to this?

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I've currently got a group using playtest rules and switching to 2E in august.
One of my players brought up the arcane trickster and using rays in combination with sneak attacks.

Now my question is is there anything known already about this? Or can it work at all with how rogues will work (is that maybe known already)

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Is there any info out yet how those three will be treated? If they are their own races or if they will be handled like half elfs and half orcs?
(as they are halfbreeds themselves imho it would make most sense if they are treated the same...but then again they got the most differentation from their "base races" more so than half elves and half orcs).

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Did I understand everything correctly?

Bonuses are now:
untrained +0
trained +2 + level
expert +4 + level
master +6 + level
legend +8 + level

Or am I wrong somewhere?

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I've ot a question. A player of mine gave me an idea to combine an adventure I lvoe with an AP I also like much.

In details its the adventures surrounding falcons hollow and the kingmaker AP.

Still though I'm drawing a bit blanks on how a combination could be done there.....later on you are so strong when you have the kingdom that you will just march through the first few falcon hollow adventures. and in the beginning I could not fit it in :/

So asking: Does anyone have an idea there?

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The playtest saw quize a reduction in skills. And with podcasts underway iam wondering if there is any info already on which / how many skills amde the final cut?

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As far as I remember it was mentioned once that the difficulty table is going to change a lot.

Is there any info already on that one? Or how it could look?

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Is there any info if the skill list will be expanded?
(time and again during the playtest it felt as if some skills were missing. Especially during times when a monster was to be identified that was not a natural animal, but something else like a drow,...)

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While doing a bit of a conversion I just noticed soetthing about mage armor.

its highest incarnation gives +6 to ac, +0 to tac and +5 to saving throws.

Still though I noticed that that is quite weak vs. what other characters at that level could get. Even compared to light armor.

If I take a studded leather and give it +5 (with legendary quality) I would get an AC of: 10 and TAC of: 8. (not taking proficiencies into account there).

So I'm wondering aside from being a gimmick is mage armor worth anything at all? (as seemingly even light armor bests it without the player giving up a limited resource for it).

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After looking up things in the core rules I noticed that there seems to be a massive difference in regards to size (pf1/pf2).

In the past size usually modified your to hit, damage and ac and also stats for characters.

But now it seems (aside from enlarge spell) size does not do anything at all but telling you how much space you occupy?
(aka the races don't have any modifiers and also no combat modifiers,...).

Or did I overlook something there?

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I'm currently in a discussion with a player of mine about at which level a mage could possibly destroy a city wall (either stone or wood or darkwood) and destroy buildings / towns.

Most notably this is about pure damage output not via special spells like clouds that kill living beings,... .

Is it known how much hit points(and DR/durability) walls / buildings have? (stone/wood) ?

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As the title says. Iam asking due to a player of mine who plays a sorcerer and dipped into fighter to use a bow instead of magic for 90% of the encounters. He told me he felt dansgewise ubderpowered compared to bows then i myself started calcing

If i take first level. Lets say chars have 18 in strength/int/cha. The mundane guy uses a bastard sword
And lets say we use avg damagr each disregarding crits.

This means then mundane at first level:
Lvl 1: 8 damage per turn thus 24 total
High level with a +5 sword and 3 damage peoperties:
6d8+3d6+7 for attribute. Thus: 40 damage per action so a total of 120

The caster:
Level 1: Endless resource: 1d4 thus 2
Burning hands (strongest spell i found) 3d6 thus 9

High level i took meteor shower and csme at sround 100 damage

One can argue about them being aoe there. Still though single target wise i disnt see anything stronger
Meaning the spell damage to a single target can be almost 1/3 to 70%
Of what mundanes can do (without using up one of their four daily uses)

So as thr title says. Is there anything iam overlooking or are damage spells just not worth the time to learn them any longer?

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Iam currently in a discussion about the sorcer r trained skills pre and post recent updates.

In the pdf it seemingly stands that he is automatically trained in all bloodline skills Iam sure in rhe print d book i didnt see that nor is it on hero labs that way.

Now the question is: pre change how many skills did the sorcerer have trained at level 1?
(If really 5+4+int. why was it reduced)?

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I've run a few level 1 sessions now and did also some calcing.

First: Don't misunderstand me, I'm liking the new rules (most of them) so far. But for the monster stats I couldn't understand / get to the why.

When I looked at the monster stats I was baffled by the +7 to hit for wolves and other similar Cr 1 creatures. In essence if we took an average fighter (str 16) he would to be at level 3 to be at the same +7 total to his to hit. I was quite surprised there (quite experienced wolves so to say^^)

Then I compared the +7 to the usual +1 to +4 for the chars in my group and also the AC of the group (usually 11-15).

thus statistically and also in praxis the wolves had a very easy time hitting wehile the chars had troubles beating the AC 15 of the wolves.

With the wolves hitting that easily while having such high defenses I had drop a default scenario of mine for wood adventures....attacking low level chars by a pack of wovles (4-5) as the wolves would overwhelm any party (thanks to hitting extremely easy while being hard to hit).

sooo with the background dwon to my question: Is there any known reasoning behind why the former +4 for many CR 1 creatures is now +7?

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As there are some situatoins where you can get a skill rank in the same skill during character creation I'm wondering if that means you have to choose different skills each or if taking the same skill twice means you become expert in it?

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A the title says. Am I overlookiing something or is that a thing of the past?

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I'm a few char creations and sessions in and going to post in this post all things I notice (and using new posts in this thread to update what I notice and then add it here). Games are 2x falcons hollow online, 1x kingmaker online

Character creation:
It looks neat and nice so far. A bit to get used to with the attributes part, but fast non the less.

One point that is strange is backgrounds. You gain blacksmith and can gain quite good money doing that job....but on the other hand you can be completely untrained in crafting meaning you can't craft but you can make good money as a blacksmith.

Maybe one single skill related to the background should become trained thus (similar for hunter/scout there). Thus the skill where you get the feat for.


Wolves feel off. They are pack creatures but in their current incarnation with +7 to hit roll they.....are better at fighting than a level 3 fighter (in terms of hitting things I mean). That doesn't feel right. The +4 from the past seemed more like it to me there.

This works quite good so far. Surprisingly good even. Ppl are good in the trained skills and quite bad in the untrained ones. Similar for combat and hitting things.

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So my first group is on its second session, a second group to follow with a first session.

I found a few things that are confusing me a bit.

1.) Wolves
They are CR 1, have +1 strength and an attack of +7?
I would have expected them to have +3 or +4 being expert or master appropriately in biting but +7 really took me and my players by surprise. It does seem a bit high especially in combination with the +1d6 damage speciality of theirs (pack attack).....which means a high propability of a dying pc if 2 wolves attack one.....while another is near enough.

Is there anything I'm overlooking with the wolves and their +7 there? Or is there any special reason there that they have that high of a bonus?

2.) Attack of opportunities:
Am I seeing correct that ONLY fighters now can do them? (and those taking the appropriate fighter feats).

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As the subject. Are there any classes that during their progression add ability points?

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After a player comment today I tried to see if I can build the enforcer from the alien archive, but I found a few problems there.

The AC is higher than expected and they have create darkness as offensive abiltiy.

Now I'm a bit confused there:

AC: Is this an oversight? it would work IF the ringwear wouldnt have a max. +2 bonus for dex as far I saw. Or did I overlook something there? (max. I come up with is EAC 14 and KAC 16 not 16 / 18).

Create darkness: It is not part of the player character racial traits, nor do I find anywhere how they could get it. Thus I wonder: Do only NPC drows have it, can player chars also get it? Or is this a discrepancy in the book?

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Iam a bit confused about the two size systems. Currently we have vehicles using
Normal sizes and great beasts using starship sizes (while being as large as gargantuan for normal sizes). What iam now confused about is where does one start and the other end?
Thus when indesign a vehicle or creature for my game when should i use which size type? (Ship/normal)


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Ism wondering wjat options sre to take down a starship if you have none yourself.
Boarding came to mind. Then gm spproving targetting the ventilation dhaft,.,.,
But still i wonder if it is possible to habe weapons capable of damaging starships on normal vehicles or moved by characters (akin to heavy char wespons,...)

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I'm wondering if my impression from the core book is correct: Do the pact worlds (as an entity) and many others only hold a single star system each? (with the exception of the atzlanti empire?)

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I'm currently in a bit of a discussion for a homebrew class and would need a bit of input on the basic idea there (as currently the players are bit divided there on if it still feels pathfinder like).

As example for the basic idea lets take a criminal.the basic idea is a generic class there which gains general abilities on even classes and talents on uneven. the talents though are specific and chooseable each like choosung betweenanilities for an assassin or a thieves bonus to pick locks, ... thu more or less profession specific abilities).

In the discussion with my players we werent sure if it still feels pathfinderlike or not that way (so to say generic classes vs. specific profession classes like assassin & thief)?

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Wühle preparing for a new campaign where I plan on using falcons hollow as a rival city for He characters own
I noticed I had troubles starting it out using the kingdom rules (or i am too unimaginative)

Did anyone ever stat the village out using the kingdom building rules?

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When I read a bit about the licenceses for PF and SF I got the impression, that it is quite uncomplicated to use either system and put sourcebooks or rule modification books out for them (please correct me if I'm wrong there).

What intrigues me the most there though is...for digital media like computer games I've read that they are not explicitely mentioned in the licenses there. Are they also allowed the same way as books? Or does that work differently?

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The writeup states that the solar manifestation sheds a dim light.
Still though you can choose perfect darkness as a colour.

Does that one also shed something (I can't fathom light though).?

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I'm currently in the process of preparing for a modern day campaign. As such I'm creating a few classes for my players to choose from.

One of those would be a (university) student.

What I'm not sure about is what skills to give as class skills and would need a few suggestions there.

What I currently came up with is the following:

Bluff, Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge (All), Linguistics, Profession (All), Sense Motive, Use Device (Technological)

Use Device (Technological) is a bit of a split up in that skill between magical and technological devices (later is computer, strange tech, ...).

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I'll put the following into spoiler tags but I would be interested if it is explained anywhere WHY kreeds father went ashen pale after he visited that place:

The lumbermill outside of falcons hollow where the lepra colony has settled and even clerics disappeared from

The caravan to Falcons hollow has been traveling for over a week now coming from the north west of Andoran and traveling eastwards.
The 5 merchants have hired a few adventurers due to the dangers of the area (some of which only for part of the way though) and also
offered other travelers to travel with them so that the dangers of the darkmoon vale can be faced with superior numbers.

All of you have been with the caravan for a few days by now and according to the merchants it is now only one more day until you are in falcons hollow.
As it has already become night it was decided to rest onece more and make big fires as the caravan stopped just a bit to the south of the offsets of the famed darkmoon wood.
Not even 15m to the north of you the canopy of tree starts already with all trees being quite tall and of different types, even a few very strange looking trees with a blackish
bark are standing there which are even more massive than their brethren.

The nightsky is quite beautiful with not a single cloud obscuring the stars above. The wind you feel is light and still relatively warm and a full moon is shining downwards.
The carts and horses are a bit away from the fire with the fire place being between them and the forest. Some of the merchants are already sleeping in the carts while others
eat their soups and are exchanging stories about their travels. They seem very nervous though as the whole day the howls of wolves could be heard from the forest as if the wolves
were following you but that is surely impossible as no wolf in its right mind would attack such a large group.

I would need perception rolls from all

Here a few start preparations. I plan starting later this week (thursday+ so that we can finish the discussion here first). Before that here needs to be cleared if any of the characters know each other.

Like I stated in the recruitment thread it is the easiest that all characters arrive with the same caravan at falcons hollow (we will start shortly before the arrival about 1 night before still in the woods). Thus the question is primarily do the chars know each other from before that or do they know each other from the caravan? (a few could have joined the small merchants caravan even 2 days earlier)

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I'm looking for players for a darkmoon vale campaign which is primarily play by post.

The game will be held via play by post (I'm currently deciding between 2 possible solutions there 1 is a wave like solution and another a more forum like solution). In between it is possible that there are also IRC sessions (but that depends on time,... and would only be in between if at all the primary goal is a play by post session).

Races: Core (all paizo published) and rift publishing races are allowed (this also includes the dragon species tainim). For other races approval would be needed.

Classes: Core, advanced classes,.... (only thing I have a dislike for are the more technological inspired classes which need approval to be in).

Start level: 1. HP rolls for all levels are maxed.
Traits, drawbacks are takeable (got ultimate campaign).
Alignment: All takeable with only one requirement: No autokills thus characters should be able to work together.
Heirloom items: Possible but need background reasons,... (Info: Heirloom items are start-magical items that serve as plothooks also. They can be got for free but are gm approve. For example tainim and other monster races can get an item that allows them to attain a humanoid shape as else they will have problems entering cities until at least level 3 in the case of tainim).

Rulebook limitations: Currently none in place as I got quite a few and can buy what I need.

Place: Darkmoon vale with the campaign there being played.

Tools: I'm going to use 1 wiki/forum for progress and infos and a possible additional forum (forum or wiki) or forum/chat hybrid (wave) for the game itself.

As a few warnings there: The play by post should be relatively fast thus more than 1 post per day. Additionally I'm coming from the storytelling section of games so the game will be slower in pace than normal "only" rpg games and more interactions there for haggling,... (additionally I'm more used to IRC games than play by post).

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Hi I hope this here is the right forums (not sure if it is or if I need to post at the (currently down) hero labs forums).

I wanted to ask there if the Pathfinder RPG Campaign Setting #11 also incorporates the half succubus template or not.

(got the idea to ask here as it is not a hero lab producer product but a product form paizo if I got it wrong where to post best there pls let me know tnx)