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Glad that people can finally see this book and see what we've been up to behind the curtain.

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Hmmm, portrait please, with a two column approach as it looks so much cleaner than trying to go with a three column in portrait...not to mention once I manage to get the rest of the world on board with the rabid requests for print product in will already be laid out better, lol.

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I can say this much, make sure when you contact a publisher that your presentation, or pitch, is short and to the point. Long enough to express the intention of what you are wanting to do without becoming bloated to the point of being overkill. I tend to try and remind people
that while your material is dear and loved to you, to a publisher seeing it fresh, they have no emotional attachment. And they already have things on their plate, with more waiting to be seen as well. The pitches that can be presented in the format that will catch interest and make a publisher want to see more is the one that will get your foot in the door, while not forcing someone to stop and spend an hour reading your sales speech, as to be honest, those are the ones that lose my interest very quickly.

4-500 words, clear and to the point. If it is a story give me a reason to want to read the story, if it is a new rule or concept sell me on needing it...if it is something a publisher is interested in putting out, they will ask for more information, a more indepth pitch, more material, samples, etc.

As stated already so many of the 3PP publishers are just a couple of people making it all happen behind the curtain, so time is valuable. Not trying to sound rude or anything, it is just the reality of things.

Good Luck!

Joshua "KTFish7" Gullion PDF development

P.S. And for the record, yeah, we're currently taking submissions.

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I would love to see more material from this collection of talented people put together branch outside a little farther, like perhaps into the spandex 4/color world of supportive material for Mutants & Masterminds from Green Ronin perhaps. Seems like a natural fit, given the connections there Owen, lol.

Perhaps a Bullet Point series expanding upon powers, or new tactics/weapons/gear....heck, I'd even love to see a fully fledged now character from time to time (The world always needs new villains, just saying). I dare say I know you know a couple of artists who have an affinity for superhero art, lol.

As far as staying within the standard fantasy? How about re-exploring the concepts of chaositech, and its descendant fleshcrafting?

Hybrids and crossbreeding perhaps...we've all got the owlbear, but when was the last truly cool amalgamation "thing" that stuck? Why?

What about giving those who ride the more exotic mounts as much attention as the dragon rider? Griffin riders perhaps? A full cavalier archetype could be built there. Or a tribe of goblins taking advantage of a particular sub-line of hill giants, harnessing them with howdahs and riding them into battle...stop laughing, lol. I'm not saying a full blown 30-45 page book here, but easily a handful of pages with storyline, some feats and combat tactics, rules for the "mount" and such....besides, you know as well as I do the idea would make for a great Jacob piece of art :P

As always, Thank You Owen for listening to your readers and fans, know matter how far off the rails we fall sometimes, lol.

P.S. Oh, and because I ask every time you do this....Kragnar. Stats. Or perhaps even could we be lucky enough to see him return with more wares to ply the coins from our pockets?

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There will be more on the way, am finally getting back in the swing of things and trying to catch up.

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Rick Hershey reached out to many of his friends in the industry to put together a bundle totaling 118 products, for the extremely excellent price of $25. That right, 118 products, $25. Value on the individual purchases put this at over $500, so this is a great deal, filled with excellent material. LINK

Just for the sake of easing the listing of what is all involved, the following comprises what is contained:

Legends of Steel - Barbarians of Lemuria Edition Reg. price: $15.00
The People of the Pit Reg. price: $10.00
A Necromancer's Almanac: 2012 Reg. price: $9.99
A00: Crow's Rest Island Reg. price: $6.99
A00: Crow's Rest Island for Fantasy Grounds II Reg. price: $8.99
A01: Crypt of the Sun Lord Reg. price: $6.99
A01: Crypt of the Sun Lord for Fantasy Grounds II Reg. price: $8.99
Angry Flowers! Reg. price: $0.99
B01: Under His Skin Reg. price: $6.99
BASIC01: A Learning Time Reg. price: $6.99
Breakin'Wild! Reg. price: $1.50
C01: Alagoran's Gem Reg. price: $6.99
Call to Arms: Archer's Arsenal Reg. price: $2.00
Children of the Hammer Reg. price: $5.00
CLASSifieds: Apostle Reg. price: $2.00
CLASSifieds: Eldritch Conjuror Reg. price: $2.00
CLASSifieds: Pyromancer Reg. price: $2.00
CLASSifieds: Striker Reg. price: $2.00
CLASSifieds: Wolfsworn Reg. price: $2.00
Cooking With Class Reg. price: $7.99
Creature Monthly Reg. price: $7.00
d20pfsrd presents Open Gaming Monthly #4 Reg. price: $2.99 presents Open Gaming Monthly #1 Reg. price: $0.00 presents Open Gaming Monthly #2 Reg. price: $3.00 presents Open Gaming Monthly #3 Reg. price: $3.00
Dark Talents: Cambion Feats for Shadows over Vathak Reg. price: $2.00
Dark Talents: Dhampir Feats for Shadows over Vathak Reg. price: $2.00
Deadlands Noir: The Tenement Men Reg. price: $3.99
Detective Carnacki’s Serial Killers of Vathak Reg. price: $3.00
Hall of Bones Reg. price: $4.99
Madame Mombi's Forbidden Tomes Reg. price: $2.00
Modern Item Cards Reg. price: $2.00
Monkeys On Juice Reg. price: $0.99
Order of Black Earth: a player faction for Shadows over Vathak
Reg. price: $3.00
Publisher's Choice - Basic Racial Portraits (Fantasy Males) Reg. price: $5.00
Publisher's Choice - Classic Adventure Covers (Multi-Colored Modules)
Reg. price: $3.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Catfolk Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Fetchlings Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Feyborn Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Grippli Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Hauntlings Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Minotaur Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Ratfolk Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Saurians Reg. price: $2.00
Return of the Drow: Alternate Racial Traits & Race Traits Reg price$1.99
Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Stormpunk Character Primer Reg. price: $0.00
Rogue Glory Reg. price: $9.99
Shadows over Vathak Reg. price: $39.99
Shadows over Vathak World Map Reg. price: $0.00
Skill Talents Reg. price: $3.00
Spelldancer; Revised Reg. price: $9.93
Steampunk Musha Explorer's Guide Reg. price: $0.00
Tales of Rosuto-Shima for Steampunk Musha Reg. price: $3.99
The City States of Vallinar Reg. price: $0.00
The Dread Codex: Goblin Chronicles Reg. price: $4.99
VTT Maps: Vikmordere Ship (below deck)Reg. price: $1.99
VTT Maps: Vikmordere Ship (top deck)Reg. price: $2.99
VTT Maps: Vikmordere Ship (top deck,heavy snow)Reg. price: $1.99
VTT Map! s: Vikmordere Ship (top deck, light snow) Reg. price: $1.99
[PFRPG] - World Wonders Reg. price: $1.99
[PFRPG] Gemstone Generator Reg. price: $1.50
[PFRPG] Mor Aldenn Creature Compendium Reg. price: $3.99
[PFRPG] Mor Aldenn Setting Guide Reg. price: $9.99
[PFRPG] The Haunting of Soldragon Academy Reg. price: $5.00
Supporting Roles: Commander & Centurion Reg. price: $3.00
Supporting Roles: Swashbuckler Reg. price: $2.00
Tome of Missing Magic for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Reg. price: $19.99
Coins of the Realm: Gold Reg. price: $1.00
Fantastical Currencies - Dark Kingdom Edition Reg.price: $4.00
Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Vol. 2 Reg.price: $4.00
Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Master Set 1 Reg. price: $5.00
Hard Boiled - Church and Funeral Documents Reg. price: $4.00
Hard Boiled - Church & Graveyard Miniatures Reg. price: $4.00
The Roleplayer's Leechbook Reg. price: $4.00
LandEscapes: World Map 01 Reg. price: $4.00
Sir Reginald Lichlyter's Wine & Spirit Emporium Reg. price: $4.00
Ghost Stories Collection Reg. price: $10.00
Tavern Menus: Fantasy Sample Menus Reg. price: $4.00
Tavern Menus: Wild West Saloons Reg. price: $4.00
Tavern Menus: Dwarven Dinner Reg. price: $4.00
Condition Tokens Reg. price: $1.96
Haunts and Horrors 2nd Edition Reg. price: $9.93
Horrors of the North Reg. price: $4.00
The Mask of Shinmo Reg. price: $4.00
The Spellweaver PFRPG Edition Reg. price: $9.99
Superior Synergy: Fantasy PFRPG Edition Reg. price: $8.99
Madam Mombi presents: Superstitions & Cottage Myths Reg. price: $4.00
Ancient World Player's Guide Reg. price: $3.95
Faith & Demons: The Rising Player's Guide Reg. price: $7.95
Mercenary Breed: Hastilion Expanse Compendium I Reg. price: $7.95
Mercenary Breed: Hastilion Expanse Compendium II Reg. price: $7.95
CreatureDaily.Com Paper Miniatures Vol.1 Reg. price: $2.00
The Perfect Storm(PerfectStormFGG)Reg. price: $4.00
Pestilence: The Book of Disease(PestilenceFGG00)Reg. price: $3.99
Storm Bunny Presents: The Ghost of Ashenwood Road(SBP1)Reg. price: $1.00
Secrets of the Sea Kingdoms(SDSup01)Reg. price: $26.00
Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition(SNGFC01)Reg. price: $4.00
Fantastical Currencies: Dwarven Treasure(SNGFC02)Reg. price: $4.00
Tavern Menus(SNGTM01)Reg. price: $4.00
Tavern Menus: Pirate Food & Spirits(SNGTM02.pdf)Reg. price: $4.00
Bits of Darkness: Caverns(TAB0102)Reg. price: $5.25
Bits of Magicka: Pocket Items(TAB0302)Reg. price: $4.50
Call to Arms: Tomes of Power(tomes)Reg. price: $2.00
Dwellers in Dream: Five Original Fey-Themed PC Races Reg. price: $19.99
Vathak Times Subscription (12 Issues)Reg. price: $12.00
1 on 1 Adventures #13: The Pearls of Pohjola Reg. price: $6.00
Advanced Adventures #10: The Lost Keys of Solitude Reg. price: $7.00

If and as more becomes added to the bundle I will do my best to add them here.

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Thilo! It is good to be back my friend. I am looking at my post and realize I an a little rusty at the coding, lol..

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So...finally getting back to reviewing, and I decided to kick off with Will McCardell's latest addition to the world of 3PP material.

The possible potential for this concept is an excellent addition to the spell-chucker for so many reasons. Coming here after I got the review posted I find that a pricing guide has already been added in web enhancement format, there are already apeirons showing up in other product, as well as the hilarious Apeiron Stave of Ape Iron.

Two things
1.There will be a second book. Not asking, telling you. This is a great idea, and this can't be one that is allowed to be forgotten. There will be a second book. Not asking, telling you. This is a great idea, and this can't be one that is allowed to be forgotten.
2.One of the things I dearly love when it comes to the look and feel of material from SGG is that you take so much pride in your format and layouts. Your product looks then supply the pricing guide needs to be properly included in [b]The Genius Guide to More Apeiron Staves[/i] (what? You thought I was joking, more, get back to

Seriously, Will, this is impressive. The mark of a great idea, and solid design are when you leave people wanting more.

Well done Sir, well done.

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Mwahahahaha.....guess what I am working on tonight? That's right, I've got the first of the finalists adventures through the edit stage and ready to go into layout. What? You thought I forgot about everyone?

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The support from the publishers for this is incredible, but I want to throw some serious love for those folks helping whether they are pledging to help or are helping to spread the word, I got nothing love for what if going on here. And yes, for the record, I am right there with those out there wanting to see End! get to the big lets keep driving to help those this whole thing started for and get funding covered for getting them and home and covering the necessities...from there, let's get to work on helping get End! here.

Seriously, I want to see Thilo get the chance to see GenCon with his own eyes. Anyone with as much passion for the 3PP community, with as much love for gaming period, deserves to walk into the single largest playground for us big kids :). Not to mention, let's face is, those of us within the ranks of publishers, designers and writers is would be pretty freaking awesome to finally get him to whip out the official stamp of approval on one of our books to take back to the office wall....admit it, now that I have said it, I'm not the only one who wants that framed book on their wall am I?

My friends, I hope we all find the road to GenCon this year.

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Thilo, getting you here would make the cost worth it my friend, it would be truly awesome to toast a drink with you my friend, and yeah, I am thinking I no there would be some folks wanting to get your official stamp of approval lol.

And I am going on the record here stating it, regardless I have ever done as a reviewer, at the end of the day, there's only one true reviewer in my opinion for this community. Thilo has built what can only be called an immensely impressive library of material. His reviews have led many of us through the marketplace in finding treasures we may have never known, helped us avoid products that were perhaps not so stellar, and been there with advice and thoughts for the publishers and designers to make sure they continue to grow and learn. He has improved the face of 3PP in ways that have changed for ever how we look at these products.

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wraithstrike wrote:
Where can I get more information about this adventure?

Wraithstrike, the following link will take you to the product page for the original trilogy Link

And this one will take you to new project Kickstarter

Jadeite & Curmudgeonly - Noted and added to my short list of things to be Thanks!

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That's right folks, AAW has jumped in to the deep end with their first Kickstarter offering. A compiled expanded edition of the Rise of the Drow trilogy.

Rise of the Drow Kickstarter

3 time Ennie award winning cartographer Todd Gamble will be bringing with personal touch to the full color gorgeous maps, adding in many new sections as the material expands and grows.

Jonathan Nelson and Stephen Yeardley co-authored a solid, epic storyline and decided to invite along some friends when it was time to revisit the project for an expansion.

With a host of authors on board including Brian Berg, Owen K. C. Stevens, Robert Gruver and Jason Stoffa the sheer weight of new material and sections being added to the trilogy alone are going to provide enough material to fill another 100 pages.

With plans to bring an board familiar names as well as a new fresh faces in regards to art, we'll also got a few surprises in store as to artists we are wanting to work with for this book.

And no, that's not all we have planned my come check it the campaign, hit us with a million questions, and let's see enjoy this ride together!!!!!!!!!!!

Rise of the Drow Kickstarter

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Your body of work, the embrace of an entire community...Thilo, you sir are just as large a part of why this all works at the very publishers producing the material itself.

Here's to the next thousand!!!! Congratulations my friend!!!!

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Yeah, I rolled the bones on this one and serously came up better than it could have been. Basically the part of my brain that was affected was the section that deals with written writtuage and reading...there are some side areas I am workin on still, but I really did get lucky.

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I do in fact "Live!"

Its looking like I am getting out of here today and back to the house... Am looking to install software to allow me to get back to reviewing this backlog I'm building.

Again my friends, I Thank You All!!

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Thank You all for the kindness and words counragenemt.. The prognosis os good, therapist beievieve I will recover a great deal.

Again, I Thank You for reminding my why I an happy to be part of such a great cumunnity.

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Wow...the mere mention of sitting down to an evening of certain company's games makes my mind hurt, and yet I can't think of a time, even once, that I felt the need to let my inner fiver year old out and run to the respective forums for these games/companies and stick my tongue out just to prove I can do it.

Bravo, for accomplishing...nothing.

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Review up here and on DTRPG...

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Excellent review End! Got this one on my list to get to also...

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Excellent review yourself End! I was wondering what you had thought of this one, amusing we both reviewed this tonight.

1 person marked this as a favorite. very very late the party on this one, but review is finally up, and this is an awesome book to say the least.

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Orthos wrote:
An adventure in which the players are removed from their bodies - by magic, by possession, or by some other method - and hijacked by an outside force; they must cope with life as a ghost or similar entity while trying to stop their body-nappers and get themselves back to normal =D

Now this could be an interesting fact it sparks a few thoughts that demand some further developing......OK, Jonathan, mark me down as five adventures on the burner now....dagnabbit...I am never going to see the sun

Orthos wrote:

An underwater adventure. Explore the ancient ruins of sunken civilizations, mer-creature metropolises, and the aberration-ridden darkest depths of the sea.

I actually have an interesting location setting planned for an upcoming project that involves a subterranean sea, and a great deal of the encounter is planned for underwater. Filled with quite a few of the denizens of nightmarish evilness one would expect from the darkest depths of a sunless sea....mwahahaha

Orthos wrote:

An adventure involving time-travel as necessary to the plot.

Only if we can talk Owen into moonlighting,, seriously, this would be really cool to look into, and there is certainly a wealth of really cool material already out there in regards to specific time settings, depending upon which direction and how far we wanted to go with the time jumping. I actually ran a campaign at my own table years ago that crossed the whole time/space boundary constantly by merging a Fantasy D20 with a SuperHero and a CyberPunk campaign, with the sould of the characters making the transition to members of their bloodlines, fully aware that they were shifting...was really hard to keep track of, but a lot of fun to play.

Owen wrote:
I'd love to see an entirely urban set of adventures, all set in the Great City of fantasy (which could be moved to Haven, Greyhawk, Absalom, or whatever Great City the GM is using).

OK, let's open with Thanks for dropping by Owen, the idea that you'd be interested in seeing us do something, very cool. The idea of doing an urban campaign, not so far off from a few things we have in the fire actually, so this one I could easily see coming to fruition sooner than later, lol.

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Not only was I pleasantly surprised to see that the first map has now been updated with markings for the haunts, traps and encounters...but the second maps CG effect has been replaced with a much more cohesive 3-dimensional map. Very impressive and well done.

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I owe everything I do today to you. Point blank. I started reviewing because of your reviews. I kept doing it because of your encouragement. Those reviews led me to where I am now...

You take the time you need bro...take all the time you need. This community will miss you more than I think any of us can express properly, but we'd rather wait for your return than continue to have you fall apart.

You have my email if you feel like talking my friend.


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Only just recently (as in like a few days ago) played my first game of Munchkin. How I managed to survive as a gamer this long without ever experiencing this insane game before I am not sure. Hands down one of the funnest evenings I have ever had playing a game with friends.

Am already a convert and addict, have been planning my next purchases to increase our on hand deck size. Can easily see the hunt for promo and special cards becoming a new obsession!

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Nothing I love more than having my integrity challenged by another reviewer simply because they happen to have a different opinion than mine. Always a good way to say Hi.

Owen, congrats on knocking that hurdle out of the way.

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well crud...I'm already a fan, lol. But I will repost this on my wall to help spread the word.

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Personally...I don't see what the hubb bubb is all about...I don't care who ya wanna curl up next deserve the same rights to be miserable as the hetero's do when it comes to sharing a last name or raising somebody else's

and yes....that is dripping with sarcasm...

Dale, much kudos to you for picking a side, standing on it, and not letting your concerns convince you to do otherwise...bravo!

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liked, shared, and sent out the call for friends to jump in and help, Good Luck!

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Fabius Maximus wrote:
I, too, recommend Rite Publishing and Super Genius Games, as well as Open Design and Dreamscarred Press (if you are into psionics).

Aarrgghhh, Wolfgang and Shelly are gonna kill me, I can't believe I left Open Design off of the list, lol. And yes, quite right, if you are looking for the definitive word on psionics in regards to the Pathfinder ruleset, Dreamscarred Press is the place to look.

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spent the evening out with some friends having a few drinks, discussing the finer points of mahga-mahga, lol...that poor the time I was done explaining this game I had built up a crowd around the table all trying to figure out what I was talking about...ah, good times.

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I am always curious as to why a group or GM makes the decision to stick to "official" material, as opposed to utilizing the vast amount of excellent design available from other companies. Obviously it depends entirely upon a personal choice, and I promise I am not trying to judge, I just find it curious is all. A great deal of the individuals designing 3PP material do in fact have their names within several "official" Paizo products, and technically speaking, Paizo themselves were in fact a 3PP at one time, producing game material for 3.5 that evolved into the Pathfinder game system.

I would look into Rite publishing for a massive amount of source material as well as adventures, and the excellent Kaiden setting (Think old school KaraTur brought up to speed, and shot full of awesome). Perhaps Super Genius Games for an immense amount of cool new feats, spells, traits and such...

I can understand a GM wanting to limit the sheer amount of classes, as it can get overwhelming to just open the flood doors, but there are some fantastically designed potential additions to a game just waiting to be discovered.

A quick rundown of the companies I personally would recommend looking into (all of which I do believe offer some form of free material to let you get a look at what they are doing)

Super Genius Games
TPK Games
Raging Swan

Also, there are two free e-magazines, Pathways by Rite publishing, and Wayfinder (not sure who handles them. Both can be found by searching Paizo's site, and they are both free, and filled with highly useful stuff that will give you a great look into the design chops of a lot of folks.

The thing I tell folks to remember is, even Paizo supports 3PP, which is one big stamp of approval as far as its credibility to the game table.

Joshua KTFish7 Gullion

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How about addressing the Craft and Profession skills in the same manner that you took on the Leadership feat? Give those two skill groupings a reason to exist for more players, as often times they are simply overlooked as being nothing more than a waste of skill points.

And am so going to have to second James Martin's suggestion of a weather mage, love the concept.

And perhaps, finally, we can see a revisit to a particular enterprising goblin, whom we still have no statblock for. Just a quick collection of goodies, perhaps a Krazy Kragnar's roadside sale kind of thing.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
KTFish7 wrote:
Review up here and at RPGNow, another solid addition to the Bullet Point series.
I just want to say that I love that review. I'm definitely getting this in a few days when I have the cash.

Eric, glad you liked the review, and am thinking nobody should have to wait for Bullet Points, so I bought you a copy. Check your email, should be the info and such.

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Review is up here, RPGNow and NerdTrek, great character guys, seriously creepy.

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and game tables everywhere...the Titan Goblin miniature was known!!!!!!! Oh, this is so win.

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Review here, RPGnow and at NerdTrek. And of course, not reading through this thread of comments before reading and reviewing the PDF, you can ignore my request for a bloodline, as I see that has already been granted, lol. I would love to see those Hero lab files if they are going to made available to the rest of us though, just saying.

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Review up, and I Thank You gentlemen.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Am planning a mass catching up on reviews over the next day or so, so expect to see more soon.

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Dale, I feel like an idiot for not making that connection, lol, have updated the review to remove disparaging remarks regarding the crossed out spell. I can't believe it didn't occur to me that that was the reason behind it.

I Thank You for the chance to review your work Dale.

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I keep throwing moneys at the computer screen but book isn't getting here any faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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More Shadowy Goodness.......if this is anywhere near the level of what you presented to us with the critter book for the Shadow Plane, then count me amongst those waiting impatiently for its release.

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It took a great amount of strength to do what you've done here Nic. Allowing others to help you clean up this mess so you can get past it was the right decision, and as long as you hold to that inner strength, those who feel the need to continue to fan the flames of turmoil will get bored, and get over it. Congratulations on your re-emergence, and welcome back.

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I still can't believe I became the Governator!

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I'll answer this one as Jonathan and Todd are off locked away working on the next batch of goodies.

The layout is undergoing some tweaking, and will include the addition of an NPC index at the back of each adventure module, and further changes to layout and look will depend upon feedback.

And all PDF's are planned to be released with Hero Lab file support.

Thanks for the interest and the questions!

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OK, I really need to spend some time digging through all of my favorite 3PP's catalogs...I didn't even know this was out there, lol. Got it now though, and with Hero Lab files, sweet!

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Review posted here and at RPGNow. I Thank You for the review copy, and strongly suggest to folks if they are running any kind of nautical adventure, pirate themed or not, to take a look at this collection. There are some seriously useful spells in here.

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I was referring to payday, lol

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So happy to see the AaW material here on Paizo...

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