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Dark_Mistress wrote:

10000 Chaotic Bursts

10000 Magical Bursts
Do you still have links to them?

No, but I do have the .pdfs. Email me at calvin.roach@gmail.com and I'll send them to ya.

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I would like to see more Races as well...

I'm thinking some old school spelljammer style races...

neogi ? mindflayers , beholders , space minotaur?. which could also lead into some additional supplements that go along with the distant worlds info that was released..

but alas... more races....

new space type feats for those that travel between worlds and systems...

Feats/items/spells/anything for paizo's Magus.

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Curses (for the bestow curse spell)

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I could make use out of a Bullet Points that's a collection of interesting traps, mundane or magical. Or, to play off of KTFish7's suggestion, "Purified Spells" a collection of spells that are normally very evil that have been modified to serve the forces of good.

I'll second the SGG product based world if it means I an get the Genius Guide to Fire Magic! ;)

This one?

By the way, since I read your Races Revised: The Kobold Kings, I wouldn't mind more books on the Dragonfolk. What are Dragonfolk you readers may ask? You will have to buy the product & find out. :P

Cheapy wrote:
This one?

Yes, that one. I love fire magic!

Personally I love the concept of the Dragonrider, but I think it needs some help to truly be great. I'd love to see more bullet points done for Dragonrider stuff (and yes I know there's already one for Dragonrider feats).

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I'd like to see a Weather Mage made. Perhaps Hurricane Mages or Tornado Mages, or maybe a disaster mage? Something that combines the chaotic nature of the weather with the sheer destruction of the sorcerer?


"Cinemagic" - cinematic magic, like the Fireball feats for implosion and knockback. Nothing says "puny fighter" like a fireball that sends you hurtling through the air! Ideally, this would be in a format that allows the new ability to be applied to any spell of a given type.

A way to apply magic weapon abilities to weapon-type spells. "Flaming Magic Missile," "Thundering Scorching Ray," and the like.

Scrying feats.

OOOH yeah, haunts! I love me some haunts! And make them high level!

And dang it, I just thought of another .pdf I'd love to have. D'oh!

Jeremy Smith wrote:
DragoDorn wrote:
Bullet points for Psionics Unleashed
I support this.

Seconded! (Or is that thirded?)

I'd love to see something for Two-Weapon Fighting, though that could be difficult with it already being insanely feat intensive.

I love the magic missile bullet point, so maybe some other spell-specific types. And whoever suggested Animal Companion bullet points is right on there too.

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My vote goes to Channel Energy. Love the ability and the possibility of making it cooler or more useful would be awesome.

I would like to see it cover:

1) Races. Not new races but race-specific feats, traits, equipment, and spells/similar abilities. I really like a character that has options to be more racially motivated with his build.

2) New types of masterwork weapons that do more than add +1 to hit and a few hit points to the weapon. I would rather see something like this: dwarf - +1 damage, +3 hit points; elf - +1 to hit, +1 to disarm, +2 hit points' halfling - +1 to hit, +5 feet range increment; orc - +1 to hit and damage but no bonus hit points, non-orcs are unable to wield without proficiency (make it exotic). These are not necessarily the exact ideas, just some interesting ways to make each racial weapons more interesting.

3) Feats that modify feats. For example, feats that are specifically meant to be used with Elemental Spell feat.

4) New ways to use old skills. Maybe some feats that require the use of skills. Maybe some feats that open up more options with skills. Maybe just new ways to use old feats and skills.

5) New feats specifically for each school of magic to enhance that school. Maybe do something similar to domains, mysteries, and other ways magic is broken down.

More performances for the bard similar to the ones in Ultimate magic where you get give up a spell or feat to get a performance.

Well I found some website that had 4 TSR books that were like 1600 pages of compiled magic items from various D&D books, dragon magezine/dungeon that was pretty intense. Would love it if yall had something like that, on a smaller scale sense paizo hasnt been around as long as some of the D&D stuff. I love magic items was honestly quite disappointed when i read UM & UC and they didnt have MORE MAGIC ITEMS lol. Say cool named weapons/armors, or new abilities for weapons or armors I've never heard of.

And as silly as this sounds just a book about crafting. So we can finally have a definitive answer when someone asks. "um if i take crafting-bow how many arrows could i craft if in said amount of time be it 1 hour 8 hours a week etc." This generic crafting BS they've had since 3.0 really needs to be revamped hardcore. Thats all ty time for bed and work soon T_T

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Maybe variant summon monster and summon nature's ally lists? (accessible with a feat?)

Ooh, that's a cool idea.

I was recently looking at adapting some Nyambe domains, one of which was the Birds domain, and realized that on the d20PFSRD site, there are enough avian creatures of each CR that you could make an entire Summon Nature's Ally / Summon Monster list out of avian type creatures (especially if you included stuff like the Strix or Dire Corbies or Avoral Agathions or Vrock Demons, which are kinda/sorta avian-ish).

I'd imagine that an insect / vermin list or a reptilian / saurian list would have a ton of entries as well, more than enough to replace a 'standard' summoning list.

Bob_Loblaw wrote:
5) New feats specifically for each school of magic to enhance that school. Maybe do something similar to domains, mysteries, and other ways magic is broken down.

Another cool one!

Augment Summoning is extremely cool, for the summoning Conjuror, but I've yet to see a feat for one of the other schools (or even for the creation-focused or teleportation-focused Conjuror) that's as much of a 'must-have.'

+1 for:
spells feats
animal companions
channel energy
ARG-like new stuff for SGG races
variant summoning lists

Alchemist discoveries
Feats for familiars
Feats for animal companions/bonded mounts
Magister feats!
Paladin oaths!

If you will, I offer to write something of these myself! XP

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How about addressing the Craft and Profession skills in the same manner that you took on the Leadership feat? Give those two skill groupings a reason to exist for more players, as often times they are simply overlooked as being nothing more than a waste of skill points.

And am so going to have to second James Martin's suggestion of a weather mage, love the concept.

And perhaps, finally, we can see a revisit to a particular enterprising goblin, whom we still have no statblock for. Just a quick collection of goodies, perhaps a Krazy Kragnar's roadside sale kind of thing.

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Oh right I forgot about this but the option for more White necromancy spells for the good arcane necromancer as well as maybe a sub school for good necromancers.

KTFish7 wrote:
And perhaps, finally, we can see a revisit to a particular enterprising goblin, whom we still have no statblock for. Just a quick collection of goodies, perhaps a Krazy Kragnar's roadside sale kind of thing.

This. I also would like to see additional animal companion stuffs, and more attention to the elements other then fire. Can I get some sonic love here?

Additional thought - Spellbooks - enchantments, materials, etc. just stuff to make them a bit more interesting.

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I am very much enjoying The Genius Guide to Relics of the Godlings that I bought recently. One thing I remember from the reviews that were posted was a request for more templates about how to build your own relics/legendary items. I concur.

The pdf templates cover staves and weapons (generic). I’m thinking bullet points might be one way of giving us more templates for say:

• Armor
• Shields
• Rings
• Wondrous Items like: boots, masks, crowns, helms, robes
• Specific Weapons such as: tridents, dwarven thrower warhammers, black blades

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Just had another idea. A Shadow Knight in the same theme as the Shadow Assassin only more martial minded.

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I wonder if the bulletpoint series could do a single archetype?

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I really liked the idea behind "12 Alternatives For The Fighter's Bravery Class Feature," and I would like to see more PDF's along those lines, things that allow more specific options for certain class features. It would be especially handy if these alternatives did not interfere with archetype selection, giving players even more options. These would be even more interesting if they replaced specific higher level class features, so players could continue to modify their characters as they level up, rather than being fairly stuck with an archetype loadout at level 1.

I would also like to see more options for wizards who take an arcane object bond rather than a familiar, more options for spell-less rangers, more ways for spellcasters to make their spells unique, and I second the call for new types of masterwork items, feats to enhance certain schools of magic, and making spellbooks more interesting.

I would like to see:

1. A product that increases support for 3PP races. Racial feats, spells, class bonuses, etc... The ARG boosted core, I'd like to see something boost 3PP (almost all of them). Think Boggle, Half-Ogre, etc...

2. The same for 3PP classes, there's not enough classes where 3PP races get to take something else on a level up, not even the Godlings. How fun is it to grab a fun 3PP race and make it a godling... but I'd like the support.

3. How about an Undead book/supplement. We don't have templates, but what are the chances of creating some undead-like playability here? I think it's an un-mined field in PF.

4. A group and I were talking about 4E skill challenges, and how it's a revolutionairy concept. PF has already cleaned up the skills. Is there a chance you can develop a supplement that is just about using, organizing and perfecting a skill challenge in PF? (or similar concept)

More to come...

I'm another for 0HD playable bugbears. I really prefered the way they looked in 3.5 edition too.

Grand Lodge

I'd like to see bullet points for:
- alternate familiars (my girlfriend's been looking for a PF conversion of the platypus)
- alternate racial abilities for ARG creatures (namely the vishkanya since it got no love)
- more feats for spells (both divine and arcane)
- an alternate evil bard archetype (something along the lines of the harbinger from 3.5 where it gave opponents penalties to attack and AC, did negative energy and level damage when it sang)
- HD creatures with 0 HD base race stats (bugbear, owlbear, balor, pit fiend, erinyes, various dragons, etc)
- multiclass feat synergies (wizard/bard, cleric/rogue, paladin/cleric, monk/fighter, etc)
- feats that give skill synergies
- more overpowered feats

Regional equipment for regions that haven't been covered yet. Pathfinder (so far) has been mostly European and Far East. How about arms, armor, and equipment (mundane and/or magical) from:
Middle East (Arab, Persian)
India (Mughal, Delhi Sultanate)
The Americas (Triple Alliance, Inka, Mississippian/Cahokian, Pacific Northwest)
Oceania (Aboriginal Australian, Maori)

What is my fav? Dragonrider feats. I really liked that product so any expansion was awesome.

What I would like to see... Something dealing with options for wildshape. Many would say that druids are too powerful, and I'm not wanting to debate that here, but they get iconic shapeshifting. Maybe what I should say is shapeshifting. There is so much fantasy literature around this concept that I'd love to see the SGG take on the idea of it. So yeah my vote goes with shapeshifting.

oh or dragonmancers :)

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Now that I've got a copy of it, I'm really liking the Death Knight. However, I'd really like to see various races get bonuses for taking it. So for a bullet book, let's get more favored bonuses for SSG specific classes. Starting with the Death Knight.

I'd like to see one with more skill uses. Sure, GMs can do that already (and should), but it'd be neat to have some ideas (with sample DCs) for thing skills could be used for that aren't already listed in the main rules, both in and out of combat.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

I'd like to see something for the Magus (Paizo's Magus).
Having played one recently I am warming to it greatly and so am looking for any and all options available from 3PP for it. The more the better! :)

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

ulgulanoth wrote:
I wonder if the bulletpoint series could do a single archetype?

Depending on the size of the Archetype, you could probably even fit 2 or 3 into a Bullet Point.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Third-party support for existing classes might be cool. Like... alternate favored class bonuses for the third-party psions, artificers, death knights, shamans, and so on. Sort of like what the ARG did.

Additional request, mostly due to a significant increase in caster types recently (due in no small part to some of your Bullet Points). More Arcane Discoveries, including one that requires Master of Magic Lore for a bonus on ALL Knowledge checks. I've noticed it's remarkably difficult to make a know-it-all wizard type without spending practically all your skill points, and that kind of sucks. And while I like the idea behind the Academician, I don't want to drop Arcane Bond (thanks to the Necromancers of the Northwest and their spell book option for arcane bonds).

havoc xiii wrote:
Just had another idea. A Shadow Knight in the same theme as the Shadow Assassin only more martial minded.

I will give them my money

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The Big Book of Beating A$$: SGG Edition.

Collect all the bullet points into a bundle incorporating any errata.

I dunno if it'd fit in the Bullet Points series, but I'd like to see some Anachronistic Adventures variants of NPC classes. Like maybe a "citizen" class in place of the commoner and modern day versions of the aristocrat, expert and warrior. I think you'd be able to cover it in one page if you abbreviated things, not having a full class write-up.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
I'd still love to see some sort of Genius Guide to the Kitsune project.

I would buy this book, or one covering any of the Tian nonhuman races.

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Another thing I would like to see is a random table of when magic goes wrong. Sorta like what you did with Argonax the Mad, but for spells. It would need to be a optional rule but it would be neat. I always felt that was one of the things missing from DnD/Pathfinder. For now I plan to use Argonax list slightly modified.

Did you still want those two charts I have?

I think a book on the shield spell would be a perfect complement to magic missile book.

Basically, you could turn any shield property into a feat for the shield spell and war-wizards would love it. That would be my "cinemagic" idea on a single-spell scale. So, to find something more... unique and flavorful...

I didn't see it, so I apologize if it already exists, but I think the Bullet Point format would be great for some combat quick-reference documents. Grapple, Concentration, Trip, Disarm, etc. Not just a table of rules but a description of what's going on. Some of these rules are used so seldom that it can bring a game to a halt figuring it out. (Shadowrun did this recently, but you still had to reference the books for all modifiers.)

It'd be nice to see a list of alternate spell uses as well - Prestidigitation instead of a shower every morning, etc.

Archetype summoning lists would also be welcomed - include the baby/dire bears for the Bear Shaman, for instance.

There are a ton of other great ideas already here, and I'd love to see them as well.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Curses (for the bestow curse spell)

Yes this, especially if the curses where more about wicked interesting flavor curses.

Liberty's Edge

Spell template feats, as per Arcana Evolved would be my #1 pick. For any 3PP supplement, actually. :)

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Doc_Outlands wrote:
Basically, you could turn any shield property into a feat for the shield spell and war-wizards would love it. That would be my "cinemagic" idea on a single-spell scale. So, to find something more... unique and flavorful...

Oh, that's a hot idea. Something similar for mage armor and armor properties could be interesting as well, perhaps as part of an archetype, or a dwarven rune-wizard PrC or something funky, in addition to a feat option.

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