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Add me to the list of fans. Well reasoned, fair minded and descriptive: I put great stock in EZ's reviews. Hope there's a thousand more.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

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Congrats, EZG! How much XP is that worth?

Daron Woodson
Abandoned Arts

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Your body of work, the embrace of an entire community...Thilo, you sir are just as large a part of why this all works at the very publishers producing the material itself.

Here's to the next thousand!!!! Congratulations my friend!!!!

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As a Publisher - thankyou! As a customer - thankyou! As a fellow gamer - thanks again for making books better by talking to the publishers!

You do this community, both fans and authors, a major service and one which should be recognized.

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I am touched and humbled by the support and kind words, all of you!
Also: Joshua, good to see you on the Demiplane of Gaming, up and in good spirits! :)

I'd indeed be honored by a custom-title, but I guess that remains up to the folk of Paizo to decide. Anyways, I'll continue to make reviews as long as people like you read them and show me that they are not in vain.
More coming next week, with some luck also a big one or two among them!

Regarding my output: Being a fast typer and reader with a very good memory and bouts of insomnia is really all there is to it. I handle my two jobs and reviewing by disciplined scheduling and using every free minute I don't spend with friends, reading academic papers or, of course, my lady. ^^

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All the praise is well-deserved here, End! Congrats and thanks from me as well, as a publisher and a gamer, for taking the time necessary to not only read all of that material but to comment voluminously on it in an insightful manner. Cheers!

Shadow Lodge

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Endzeitgeist - we at TPK have nothing but high praise for all of your efforts. For starters, it is a seemingly thankless job to review so many products, and there should be many more reliable reviewers, but sadly there is not.

Your feedback was instrumental in bringing our little publishing outfit from complete hackdom to that of a legitimate third-party publisher. For that alone, we cannot thank you enough.

Best regards for 2013, and here's to a thousand more!

-Brian & Co.

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Thank you so much!

@TrickyOwlbear: 11th hour will see some action in my next campaign - I jsut can't get rid of that one! Hope we'll see some modules by you again!

@TPK Games: Thank you so much for the kind words - you guys have made progress in leaps and bounds and created some truly stellar pieces! I'm still totally stoked about the "Bleeding Hollow" and all the other books and supplements you'll create!
After my purse has recovered from Razor Coast, I plan on checking out your monster-book, though that still will take some time.


(Also: Any chance to get a custom title? TPK Games have a point there - with Joshua recovering from his stroke, we are a bit of reviewers and apart from being awesome for me, this would perhaps incite others to write good and informative reviews...)

Agreed, a custom title would be appropriate.

@Endzeitgeist: Any chance of a couple of reviews of some of the larger Paizo books. While I realize that it would be an enormous undertaking, I am also interested in your take on books like the APG, UM, UC, ARG, etc and I imagine it would help calibrate your reviews with what Paizo puts out in the minds of many other potential customers.

Either way, keep up the good work. I know you've driven more than one sale and have turned me onto things that I would have otherwise overlooked.

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Caedwyr, I'd love to do the Paizo-books as well, but the thing is - these would take me A LONG time. To give you perspective: Fluffy "big" books like the Midgard CS, Rappan Athuk etc. take me upwards of 20 man-hours to do. All of which I do in my spare time.
And crunch-books take longer: SGG's Masters of Time, for example, took me more than 10 hours, multiple readings, checking other releases etc. to properly judge. RiP's upcoming Heroes of the Jade Oath required, in total, more than 40 (!!!) hours of work, spread over multiple weeks.

If you do the math, you'll realize how much time actually goes into sucha reviews: 3x reading, writing the draft. Letting it rest, read it again, modify it. Let it rest again, modify it again. Then post/submit it (takes longer than you'd think - getting the artworks, proper linking).

Paizo's "big" crunch-books would take about 50 hours, perhaps even longer, to properly analyze. Per se, that would be possible, but the thing is: A) I started doing this to give 3pps spotlight and separate the wheat from the chaff. B) I get complimentary copies of a lot of pdfs and these always are priority over books I buy - that's the one benefit 3pps have for sending me reviewer's copies, since I never let my verdict be influenced. Since I don't get any paizo-books as comp copies (mind you, I don't expect to and gladly go to my FLGS to buy them), it would be unfair to invest that much time at the cost of people who actually support my reviewing. Additionally, the big books are owned by many people already, so no idea how useful reviews of them would be. Investing that much work into reviews no one reads would honestly gall me.

If you're interested in "short takes", here's my run-down:

APG: The forming moment of Pathfinder-identity. Not a perfect book, but pretty damn close. One of the best crunch-books I've ever read, if not the best. My impulse would be to give this 5 stars + seal of approval - before analyzing, mind you.

UM: The magus rocks, as do some variant rules and archetypes. Bardic masterpieces, for example, rock. The rest is a clusterf**** of a bad magic system (words-system), power-creep (spells), etc. all in all a massive disappointment. If I had to rate this one, 2 stars would probably be my verdict, as I disallowed about 80% of the content in my home-game.

UC: I love the gunslinger, though the class is not particularly power-gameable.. Ninjas are op when compared to the rogue imho. Samurai need more Paizo/3pp-support. Several of the style-feats are horribly broken. All in all, a mixed bag, possibly a candidate for a verdict between 2.5 to 3.5 stars, depending on what an analysis would yield.

ARG: I loathe the concept of introducing races sans rhyme or reason. To add them to my game, they have to bring something new to the table and actually have a space in the world, a cultural impact. Since xenophobia is a theme in my games (think "The Witcher" with regards to how humans treat non-humanoids or even other ethnicities...) "weird" races have a hard standing with me. Per se I applaud the idea of the book, but honestly, I don't consider the creation-rules that well-balanced and this book another instance of slow power-creep, though in a lesser extent. Personally, for me this is not particularly useful, but since it is for other play-styles, I'd probably go for something between 3 and 4 stars. Lower (or higher) scores always are a probability, depending on what my math would yield.

Hope that at least gives some inkling!

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This is a very useful post. Thank you for the quick reviews.

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Well summed up. Makes me want "Insta-End" reviews off your gut reactions ^^

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I'll throw in my 2 cents of thanks for all your reviews. You inspire me to write more reviews. I can attest to the amount of time that goes into a well thought out review. That is the very reason that I do not have more reviews up. Between working 2 jobs, family and volunteering I have very little spare time.

Also, I just watched a film that made me think of you. The 1994 film, The Crow. I don't think I have watched it since high school. The last time I saw it, I had the same haircut as the little girl, Sarah! Also, I'm currently at school with a guy stationed at Spangdahlem, which also reminds me of you. Unfortunately, he's not a gamer.

I hope that you are well! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to all of us!


Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4; Contributor; Publisher, Legendary Games

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You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, and Legendary Games greatly appreciates your thorough and detailed (and, happily, POSITIVE) reviews! They are never just "yay, like" or "boo, don't like" but always are well thought out and give a reader a good idea of WHY you think a product is good or not so good.

Slow clap for you, my friend. Slow clap for you. :)

Thank you so much, Jason!

Also, thanks Itchy: Funny, but "The Crow" is probably one of the movies that set me on my path. Spangdahlem is near Trier I think - interesting. A friend of mine is currently applying for a job there, so if I'm lucky I'll get around to the area. Pity that the guy is not a gamer - there are many around in Germany, though, especially among metal-heads and goths. (but that may be my subjective perspective.)

Your reviews rank btw. among the rare ones that I also consider relevant for my buying interests and I'm always glad if I see one of them up.


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Kvantum wrote:

We need to get End a custom title here, people. 1000 good, in-depth reviews is a massive achievement, and of service to both the community, and probably to Paizo's sales rates on PDFs as well.

I don't personally have an idea for one just this moment, but he deserves to be recognized.

Runelord of Evaluation?

Damon, this title would be the ultimate awesomeness-cake!

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Endzeitgeist wrote:
Damon, this title would be the ultimate awesomeness-cake!

I can happily jump on that Runelord of Evaluation bandwagon for you EZG!

As the first such Runelord of Evaluation, all those that follow in your footsteps could get (number) Runelord of Evaluation. ;)

That would be quite awesome and a great idea, Turin!


A most deserved title my friend....

Sovereign Court

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Whenever I've been looking into a product, if you've reviewed it, it's pretty much the deciding factor as to whether I make the purchase or not.

Congrats on the achievement!

Thanks so much for the trust and kind words, zylphryx!

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