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Rick Hershey reached out to many of his friends in the industry to put together a bundle totaling 118 products, for the extremely excellent price of $25. That right, 118 products, $25. Value on the individual purchases put this at over $500, so this is a great deal, filled with excellent material. LINK

Just for the sake of easing the listing of what is all involved, the following comprises what is contained:

Legends of Steel - Barbarians of Lemuria Edition Reg. price: $15.00
The People of the Pit Reg. price: $10.00
A Necromancer's Almanac: 2012 Reg. price: $9.99
A00: Crow's Rest Island Reg. price: $6.99
A00: Crow's Rest Island for Fantasy Grounds II Reg. price: $8.99
A01: Crypt of the Sun Lord Reg. price: $6.99
A01: Crypt of the Sun Lord for Fantasy Grounds II Reg. price: $8.99
Angry Flowers! Reg. price: $0.99
B01: Under His Skin Reg. price: $6.99
BASIC01: A Learning Time Reg. price: $6.99
Breakin'Wild! Reg. price: $1.50
C01: Alagoran's Gem Reg. price: $6.99
Call to Arms: Archer's Arsenal Reg. price: $2.00
Children of the Hammer Reg. price: $5.00
CLASSifieds: Apostle Reg. price: $2.00
CLASSifieds: Eldritch Conjuror Reg. price: $2.00
CLASSifieds: Pyromancer Reg. price: $2.00
CLASSifieds: Striker Reg. price: $2.00
CLASSifieds: Wolfsworn Reg. price: $2.00
Cooking With Class Reg. price: $7.99
Creature Monthly Reg. price: $7.00
d20pfsrd presents Open Gaming Monthly #4 Reg. price: $2.99
d20pfsrd.com presents Open Gaming Monthly #1 Reg. price: $0.00
d20pfsrd.com presents Open Gaming Monthly #2 Reg. price: $3.00
d20pfsrd.com presents Open Gaming Monthly #3 Reg. price: $3.00
Dark Talents: Cambion Feats for Shadows over Vathak Reg. price: $2.00
Dark Talents: Dhampir Feats for Shadows over Vathak Reg. price: $2.00
Deadlands Noir: The Tenement Men Reg. price: $3.99
Detective Carnacki’s Serial Killers of Vathak Reg. price: $3.00
Hall of Bones Reg. price: $4.99
Madame Mombi's Forbidden Tomes Reg. price: $2.00
Modern Item Cards Reg. price: $2.00
Monkeys On Juice Reg. price: $0.99
Order of Black Earth: a player faction for Shadows over Vathak
Reg. price: $3.00
Publisher's Choice - Basic Racial Portraits (Fantasy Males) Reg. price: $5.00
Publisher's Choice - Classic Adventure Covers (Multi-Colored Modules)
Reg. price: $3.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Catfolk Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Fetchlings Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Feyborn Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Grippli Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Hauntlings Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Minotaur Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Ratfolk Reg. price: $2.00
Racial Ecologies: Guide to Saurians Reg. price: $2.00
Return of the Drow: Alternate Racial Traits & Race Traits Reg price$1.99
Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Stormpunk Character Primer Reg. price: $0.00
Rogue Glory Reg. price: $9.99
Shadows over Vathak Reg. price: $39.99
Shadows over Vathak World Map Reg. price: $0.00
Skill Talents Reg. price: $3.00
Spelldancer; Revised Reg. price: $9.93
Steampunk Musha Explorer's Guide Reg. price: $0.00
Tales of Rosuto-Shima for Steampunk Musha Reg. price: $3.99
The City States of Vallinar Reg. price: $0.00
The Dread Codex: Goblin Chronicles Reg. price: $4.99
VTT Maps: Vikmordere Ship (below deck)Reg. price: $1.99
VTT Maps: Vikmordere Ship (top deck)Reg. price: $2.99
VTT Maps: Vikmordere Ship (top deck,heavy snow)Reg. price: $1.99
VTT Map! s: Vikmordere Ship (top deck, light snow) Reg. price: $1.99
[PFRPG] - World Wonders Reg. price: $1.99
[PFRPG] Gemstone Generator Reg. price: $1.50
[PFRPG] Mor Aldenn Creature Compendium Reg. price: $3.99
[PFRPG] Mor Aldenn Setting Guide Reg. price: $9.99
[PFRPG] The Haunting of Soldragon Academy Reg. price: $5.00
Supporting Roles: Commander & Centurion Reg. price: $3.00
Supporting Roles: Swashbuckler Reg. price: $2.00
Tome of Missing Magic for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Reg. price: $19.99
Coins of the Realm: Gold Reg. price: $1.00
Fantastical Currencies - Dark Kingdom Edition Reg.price: $4.00
Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Vol. 2 Reg.price: $4.00
Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition Master Set 1 Reg. price: $5.00
Hard Boiled - Church and Funeral Documents Reg. price: $4.00
Hard Boiled - Church & Graveyard Miniatures Reg. price: $4.00
The Roleplayer's Leechbook Reg. price: $4.00
LandEscapes: World Map 01 Reg. price: $4.00
Sir Reginald Lichlyter's Wine & Spirit Emporium Reg. price: $4.00
Ghost Stories Collection Reg. price: $10.00
Tavern Menus: Fantasy Sample Menus Reg. price: $4.00
Tavern Menus: Wild West Saloons Reg. price: $4.00
Tavern Menus: Dwarven Dinner Reg. price: $4.00
Condition Tokens Reg. price: $1.96
Haunts and Horrors 2nd Edition Reg. price: $9.93
Horrors of the North Reg. price: $4.00
The Mask of Shinmo Reg. price: $4.00
The Spellweaver PFRPG Edition Reg. price: $9.99
Superior Synergy: Fantasy PFRPG Edition Reg. price: $8.99
Madam Mombi presents: Superstitions & Cottage Myths Reg. price: $4.00
Ancient World Player's Guide Reg. price: $3.95
Faith & Demons: The Rising Player's Guide Reg. price: $7.95
Mercenary Breed: Hastilion Expanse Compendium I Reg. price: $7.95
Mercenary Breed: Hastilion Expanse Compendium II Reg. price: $7.95
CreatureDaily.Com Paper Miniatures Vol.1 Reg. price: $2.00
The Perfect Storm(PerfectStormFGG)Reg. price: $4.00
Pestilence: The Book of Disease(PestilenceFGG00)Reg. price: $3.99
Storm Bunny Presents: The Ghost of Ashenwood Road(SBP1)Reg. price: $1.00
Secrets of the Sea Kingdoms(SDSup01)Reg. price: $26.00
Fantastical Currencies: Kingdom Edition(SNGFC01)Reg. price: $4.00
Fantastical Currencies: Dwarven Treasure(SNGFC02)Reg. price: $4.00
Tavern Menus(SNGTM01)Reg. price: $4.00
Tavern Menus: Pirate Food & Spirits(SNGTM02.pdf)Reg. price: $4.00
Bits of Darkness: Caverns(TAB0102)Reg. price: $5.25
Bits of Magicka: Pocket Items(TAB0302)Reg. price: $4.50
Call to Arms: Tomes of Power(tomes)Reg. price: $2.00
Dwellers in Dream: Five Original Fey-Themed PC Races Reg. price: $19.99
Vathak Times Subscription (12 Issues)Reg. price: $12.00
1 on 1 Adventures #13: The Pearls of Pohjola Reg. price: $6.00
Advanced Adventures #10: The Lost Keys of Solitude Reg. price: $7.00

If and as more becomes added to the bundle I will do my best to add them here.

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Thanks for posting about this!

Nice bundle! If I may be so bold as to ask, is this for charity? And how long is it available for?

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The Silver Prince wrote:
Nice bundle! ..... And how long is it available for?

Ditto! :D

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DOT for great interest!!

Here's what they posted/sent via mails so far:

Fat Goblin Games HP wrote:

A New Hope
My name is Rick Hershey. I've worked in the game industry for over 12 years now, doing illustration, graphic design, cartography, writing, game design, publishing, and much more. I love this industry, I love making games, and I love the people I've worked with over the years.

I have an amazing wife, Tristan Hershey, and four wonderful children (Mya, Marilyn, Madilyn, and Ricky). Shortly after my wife and I were married, she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and all our hopes, dreams, and plans were altered. For the last six years we've struggled to fight her disease (which also has given her constant kidney stones, rhumatoid arthritus, anemia, and a mini-stroke) while raising our children and trying to better our lives. I support our family on freelancing and publishing as I need to be home daily in case she is

The NEW HOPE BUNDLE is a means for my family to get the start to prosper we would of had without her disease. It's a means to overcome the debt from her illness and to start a new life with a chance to succeed.

What We Need & What You Get
When you purchase the NEW HOPE BUNDLE you get tons of pdf books from your favorite publishers, including the bulk of Fat Goblin Games products. That is hundreds of dollars of gaming goodness for a small price.

The money we earn goes directly to the Hershey family and will allow us to pay off bills, move to a better residence, and help eleviate the burden this disease has caused.

In addition, a portion of the money raised will go to establishing a non-profit group to help aid other game designers, writers, artists, and members of the game industry in their times of need.

The Impact
Working in the gaming industry doesn't make most of us rich. I work hard to provide for my family as well as producing fun content for my own products and those of my clients. By purchasing the NEW HOPE BUNDLE you will remove an immense amount of stress from my family and allow us to worry about important things such as my wife's ongoing health and our children's happiness.

Other Ways You Can Help
There are many ways you can help, if you get the bundle or not. Please take a moment and share the link to this bundle on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. There are buttons at the top to make this even easier. Post in groups, on forums, and tell your friends. Make a big deal about this bundle and the value of these products and how everyone can help a family of the gaming industry.

Fat Goblin Games Facebook wrote:

I wanted to talk a bit about the non-profit that will be founded with some of the bundle money. The non-profit (we are thinking of calling it the GameAid Foundation) will be set up to generate donations and funds to help the various members of the gaming industry when hardship falls on them. Everyone knows that most of us will never get rich in this industry, but many freelancers work hard to bring incredible games and content to the games they love. A lot of the game designers, writers, artists, cartographers, editors, etc. have medical conditions that prevent them from getting traditional jobs, have spouses or loved ones they are caretakers for, or might just find themselves in a situation where they don't have the means to get out of the hardships they are facing.

The non-profit will be set up with a board of industry professionals who will go over cases where applicants are asking for help. Some of this help might be very small, some of this help might be an emergency and require funds immediately. Regardless, we will hopefully be able to meet those needs.

Funds will be generated by doing similar bundles like "The New Hope" bundle, and rely on donations from other publishers. Sometimes we might offer products donated to the non-profit written by professionals just to raise money. Sometimes we might call on the fanbase for very specific needs.

No member of the non-profit will be payed for working for the non-profit. We hope to have everything donated to get it set up (such as a website) and Rick plans to offer all his design and art abilities to each project that is needed. We want all the money to go to those who need it, so they can keep making games we love.

That is a worthy charity indeed. I know how such conditions can effect people, seeing as how I had to take a break from college and drop two awesome campaigns I had going earlier this year because of similar problems in my own family. I totally can lay down $25 to help you guys out, the books are just a bonus! I'll have to check and see if I have enough in the bank, but depending on how much I have, it may be next week before I can help out. I'll also try to spread the word so you can get as much help as possible. Just continue being the awesome people you are!

I am just waiting for payday to come along. I can certainly see how medical bills can adversely affect individuals. I know we spent two years paying off the wife's surgery and we had insurance.

Hey guys at Fat Goblin Games, I finally got around to purchasing the bundle and it looks great! Hope my $25 helps, along with my prayers. I'm considering donating more to get some of my friends the same bundle, just because my old dragon heart strings were pulled by the goal behind this. Plus, it's an awesome deal anyways! Just keep doing what you do best and this gamer is more than happy to help throw a few GP your way! Best of wishes to you! (Also, where's more Vathak and Wolfsworn support? :), )

Wow, just realized the poor grammar as I posted this. Ah well, it's dragon nap time anyway.

Thanks everyone for all the support. The bundle will end at Midnight tonight, so if you still want to pick it up you still have some time.

And please share with others you might think would be interested.

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