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Can't agree more! Love the game! Thanks for making it and keep it up!

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Gotta say my wife and I have played the first 3 intro scenarios and, while we've won all three, they've been crazy tough! While I hear that people don't like the difficulty, I've found it kind of exciting and brag worthy when we're able to survive! We did them all with arcanist, the inquisitor and with either the summoner or the shaman as a NPC/third player for backup. We just finished The Wardstone Patrol last night and it felt like there were henchmen every turn and the Elven Entanglement was even worse with those damned stumps- felt like we had EVERY animal in the set come up in that one. In short, maybe because we lived, we've walked away having a ton of fun and feeling like we've accomplished something rather than just easily taking care of business (something I sometimes feel with RotRL). Hope it gets better for those who aren't having fun yet.

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Just finished reading the DropBox PDF for the 2 session's you've had and just wanted to say that it was great reading it and bravo for your dedication! Can't help but admit I'm pretty jealous! Look forward to seeing how future sessions play out!

I love the card game and will be happy to plop down some cash to pick this one up- particularly for solo play! My buddy and I are just about to start The Hook Mountain Massacre, and I'd love to start the adventure path again with some new characters! Bring it on...

I like the look of that dragon/crab dude! Very samurai. And since we don't know what he is, I hence forth name him Dragon-Crab Dude(TM)...
Not sure about the long necked bird-creature, or why it would be underwater, but hell, these books have all rocked and I can't wait to pick this one up too!

I'll buy it anyway! Good luck and look forward to seeing it when it's out.

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I started my lads at 2nd level. Had 6 PCs (3 players, 2 characters each) and started them with a paid mission to explore and map the Mouth of Doom for a guild of mages seeking the healing fountain rumored to lay hidden within. Post clearing, the Mouth became a hermitage for the guild and a home base for my PCs. Good luck, it's a great adventure!!

Shem wrote:
I can't wait until my poor unsuspecting PCs get to the temple.

I followed the words in the book and played it hard, which I recommend. We all had a blast and it was a battle we'll not soon forget. Now it's on to rescuing the survivors, raising the dead, and figuring out who's dumb enough to go back down!

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Well guys, it happened! I had mass deaths and a very near TPK this weekend! Wanted to share with fellow RA fans- hey SPOLIERS, so beware.

My players (6 PCs, all 8th level) made it to the Upper Temple (level 4) after about 20 sessions in and around Rappan Athuk- including extensive adventuring in the Mouth of Doom and some trips in the Gut. We’d previously only lost one PC, but that was due to meta-plot not directly related to RA, so I don’t really count it. And then they strolled into the Temple… Not rested, some wounds from a previous fight, only partially buffed and all hell broke loose.

The guys (a psionic vitalist, a soul knife, a witch, stonelord paladin, rouge, and monk) managed to take Zehn down in one round, and stared to cut swaths through the acoyltes and clerics. The vrock summoned its brother and the numerous clerics began to heal each other, and the tide began to turn… After 4 or 5 rounds, the masses of evil humans and demons were defeated and the group all alive, but then Nadroj and his spectre posse road on in and began level draining… And damn does energy drain suck! Particularly when you’re being held by Black Tentacles, which crushes your limp body when you fall… The spectres also took a round or two to finish off some dying acolytes and priests that rose as spawn during the extended fight…. Look reinforcements for the baddies!

The rouge and the vitalist both were slain by specters and rose as spawn during the fight, and Nadroj slew the witch and the soul knife to stop them from mucking about. The witches intelligence use of her familiar and the chill touch spell kept it fluid as spectres fled in a panic, but wasn’t enough to change the outcome. The paladin was eventually knocked out and lay bleeding, but stable, while the enlightened monk/psionic fist PRC, managed to finish off the surviving spectres one by one and ended the fight as the only man standing with 4 negative levels and his 5 friends all around him… Now it’s up to seeing if the monk and paladin can get themselves out of the dungeon and raise their companions.

I know in the book it says that this is the combat that legends are made of, and I just wanted to thank the Frog God frogs and say that for my group it really was 25 rounds of crazy, finger nail biting terror and excitement. Thanks guys! It was a blast!

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Backed for 65 bucks, bring on the adventure! :-)

I'd back for as many of the physical books (and associated PDFs) as I can afford. Not really interested in the other stuff, i.e. dice, coins, robotic monkeys, etc., but you'll get my cash for the books!

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Backed at 65 bucks. Good luck!

David Jarvis 182 wrote:
I'm still planning it.. LONG way to go before that stage, but I'll keep everyone posted.

No worries, I'll wait, and keep my money balled into a good throwing ball...

I'd back to get a soft cover or hardback, but I agree with you, David, I'd much prefer a hardback! When does it launch? I wanna throw money at you!

That would work for me! And I'd defiantly back at the hardback/print + adventure level.

Personally, I'd love adventures/campaigns/adventure paths, etc. One of the things I love about new settings is seeing how the authors manifest their world in adventures. Looking forward to backing.

Prince of Knives wrote:
There is that whole thing where they're immune to Fort Save effects that don't also affect objects.

Maybe that's what was bugging me... Since Wing Clip targets a "creature" and it has to make a Fort save or be frozen in one spot, it sounds like undead would be unaffected, but things like constructs, oozes, mist monsters, etc, would be effected.... Sound right?

Andreas Rönnqvist wrote:
Hope that helps.

Andreas, that helps a lot! Thanks, I just wanted to make sure that there were no limitations regarding stuff that isn't all nice and solid, i.e. incorporeal stuff, oozes, evil fog monsters, stuff like that. Sounds like the power is NOT bounded by any physical characteristics of the target, right?

I was hoping to get some clarification/advice on a rules question. The soulknife in my Rappan Athuk adventure just picked up the Blade skill Wing Clip. Here's the rules as written:

"Wing Clip: As a standard action, the soulknife may make a single melee attack against a single creature. If he hits, instead of dealing damage, the vibrations in his mind blade damages the creature’s ability to move, rendering it unable to move for a number of rounds equal to the soulknife’s Strength modifier (minimum 1). A successful Fortitude save negates the effect. The DC of this save is 10 + the soulknife’s base attack bonus."

It doesn't seem to have any limitations in terms of creature type, HD, or anything. The adventure has the party up against a party of specters and the soulknife is gonna wanna wing clip 'em, but it seems strange that this power can work on an incorporeal spectres. Maybe this is a case of me not attending to the RAW, which doesn't give any limitations, so I should just shut up and be a good storyteller and let it happen, but I'd love any thoughts on this. Are there any limitations on the power? Can you use it on an ooze, construct, ghost, zombie, gaseous creature, etc? Thanks.

Yup, forgot Thunderscape, which I liked quiet a bit! Thinking about pulling the concept of an insect forest with Entomancers into my games!

Have you checked out the aquatic materials/world from Cerulean Seas? It's here on Piazo too. Amazing races/classes/feats/items/etc, and full of flavor- I know it doesn't fit into your above list, but you said sailing and if you'd want a "continent" for your world under the waves, this stuff might float your boat!

My sympathies and condolences to his family and all who knew him.

Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:
I'm actually doing the exact same thing (d20Pro conversions).

Hey Doctor Fever, sent you a PM about sharing materials!

Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:
The back of the Cyclopean Deeps HC has the 'powered by Hero Lab' logo...are there HL files available for CD? If so, I'm all over them!

You know I read the same thing and wondered this too! Bring on the files, it'll make the d20Pro conversion less of a headache!

As I said above, I got my book yesterday but did NOT get any email warnings, except the email that said they just finished mailing the subscriptions yesterday. The email was a kickstarter update and said "...please let us know if you do not have them within a week." So I'd not panic until next week or so...

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Andreas Rönnqvist wrote:

Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone that Akashic Mysteries is being polished in layout and we hope to have the subscription and first release ready real soon! :D

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

Just finished reading the Paths of War compilation I picked up at GenCon and really liked it! Can't wait to pickup the next book! Thanks guys.

Got my books yesterday as well and really looking forward to re-reading Cyclopean Deeps. The books look great and, once again, I am pleased and impressed. Thank you Frogs! Looking forward to Cyclopean Deeps 2!

brvheart wrote:
While I would pay for more FGG content also, there just are not enough of a demand for it so I can hardly blame them for dropping it.

I hear you. Still stinks though! I too got into d20Pro because of Rappan Athuk and have really gotten a lot out of it. I'll support the Kickstarter and keep looking for new material from what ever source, and when we finish Rappan Athuk (ha ha ha), I'll start converting other stuff. I've had my eyes on taking some of the RA guys down into the Cyclopean Deeps....

brvheart wrote:
That is part of my issue. I originally got d20Pro to use the Material from the RA kickstarter. However, they have stated that they will not be doing any more VTT support in the near future...

That stinks. I've loved using the Rappan Athuk stuff and would gladly pay through the nose for Slumbering Tsar. Also suspect I'll feel the same about Sword of Air. But I've also done my own maps and creatures and it is a hell of a lot of work. I'll back it because it's a great system and will keep the fingers crossed for more content, from what ever source.

Not to go off topic, but I might give Fantasy Grounds a shot, I had wanted something to run a Fate game on, where it would be easy to post Aspects, images and such, much less tactical, etc... Might give it a shot. But for Pathfinder d20Pro rocks! And thanks for suggesting the manual dice fudge- I've used that a few time too!

Hey KainPen, if you have any power over there, I'd be happy to up my support for more converted content! :-) I already gots all the Frog God stuff that's out, but would always love more already set up materials to use and loot.

brvheart wrote:
I am trying to understand why I would back this for more than $5 as I backed the last one and have a full license.

Personally I'm backing at that to get the extra content and add a couple of openings for players, right now I'm at 3. But also to help support them. I bought the program 2 or 3 years ago and have used it monthly since then and it's kept me gaming when distant would have made that impossible (have buddies in Egypt, Germany and Virginia), and want to say thanks and to encourage them to keep coming up with new and innovative stuff (hex maps! fog of war! better ability damage integration! etc). That's my two cents!

Backed at 50 bucks!

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I'm running a D20Pro online game with 6 PCs and have run about 22 sessions. I started the group in the city of RIddleport and had them paid to provide a room-by-room map of the Mouth of Doom, focusing on finding the healing fountain on the bottom floor. Took 5-6 sessions to clear that mini-dungeon, which then became the base of operations for a mages guild (Cyphermages) and a base of operations for the group. They were then paid to check out the exits (Teleportals and the Gut) which led them to Rappan Athuk. By this point I've got meta-plot stuff driving them on, two NPC friends have been geased to go deep into the dungeon, so the PCs are chasing them, and a paladin is having visions about Orcus, etc. So no more paying for exploration, it’s become personal.

I've used medium XP and some side adventures to break stuff up and the guys are 9th level and have a decent amount of treasure, but not too much. They're currently on the 3rd level of Rappan Athuk and looking at level 4.

One other thing, I didn't really like level 2 of RA, so I substituted the Thassilonian labratory from the Shards of Sin adventure, but I kept some of the NPCs and scenary peices. That also helped me ground the place in Varisia and make a case that the upper levels had a place in history.

Thanks Skeeter! Looks great.

David, debates on what qalifies gritty and cyper-punk not withstanding, I am very exicted to hear this and will buy and/or back as soon as it rears its head!! Thanks!!!

This year will be my first GenCon (after gaming for like 25 years!) and me and a buddy have signed up for True Dungeon. I hope our experience is as epic as yours (even if it's by accident!)

Bravo! Can't wait to read it and as Shem said, I've got em all and have enjoyed each and everyone!


Hey Silver Prince,
The adventures really do rock! I did the subscription service from Drive Thru RPG a couple of years ago and have loved everyone- complex and rick stuff. The Kickstarter (which I also backed) was to put all 12 adventures into 3 hardbacks that breaks it into the 3 acts with some revised content- for examples introducing eladrins as a PC race for PF, changing the Asimars into Devas (as a PF race), etc). And don't forget that the first adventure (Island at the Axis of the World) is free on Drive Thru RPG. A fine (and free) way to start!
The most recent Kickstarter update is that the 4th Edition hardback for Act 1 is 99% done. They're not the fastest moving, but I'd expect the first Act (Adventures 1-4) for PF to be done in another few months. Check out the Kickstarter page for "ZEITGEIST AP hardcover compilation (Pathfinder & D&D 4E" for a list of things that are/will/have been added to the compilations- they had some mini-adventures, digital tokens, new art, etc.

Can't wait to see/read it Jeremy! Thanks! It'll be a great way to get more psionic NPCs in my adventures.

You guys is evil! Every time their above ground I gently remind them of the ominous well in the north of the graveyard. One day they'll take the plunge!

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brvheart wrote:
Looks like we are going to lose another one. Oh the pain!

Yeah, I was looking at the Well again and initially was like, "Hell, my players can take this! They're some seriously heavy hitting 8th-9th level guys." Then I kept reading and my smile faded. Then my joy was gone and I saw the horror, and was all "Nevermind. They are NOT ready for this."

Opps! Sorry Bill! I had been keeping my eyes open so I could use my RA and CD refund/gift certificates, so grabbed it up as soon as I saw it. Hope I didn't cause any issues!

Looks like it's on the FGG site! Just ordered my copy. Thanks guys, looks great!

Hey Doc! Bravo for picking everything up and giving it a whirl! It's a great game. One thing to remember is that it might take some time to figure out what your party can handle based on who and what they are, thus never be afraid to pull a second wave of enemies out of your pocket if they wipe the floor with your goblins and thugs, and also don't be afraid to have a helpful NPC or group of town guards ride over the hill to a party that's outmatched (sometimes the best plot twists and side stories arise out of situations like this)! I still have to do this after years of storytelling, "Crap! They toasted that T-rex in 2 rounds, how about a surprise charge by a mated pair of triceratops!!"

As a proud Kickstart backer and a reciever of my stuff, thanks Jeremy! Love the book and love having it in my campaign! Thanks to everyone at Dreamscarred.

Bill Webb wrote:
Jeff. I have him answer in riddles a lot

That's how I played it Bill and I liked the way it felt! Gave nice, accurate, but riddle-ish responses, for example referring to the Intellect Devourer on level 6A by saying:

“Within the black pyramid that has no entrance, lays a trapped creature, frozen in time. This small master has the ability to save you from your rival, although it too will field an army and seek new territory.”
So it told them where to find the critter (important for meta-plot reasons), that it can help them, but also that it’ll try to eat someone's brain as well.

Bill, liked the new survey format (or maybe just new to me!). #84 or something like that. Can't wait for Northlands.

Thanks Bill.

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