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I was hoping to get some clarification/advice on a rules question. The soulknife in my Rappan Athuk adventure just picked up the Blade skill Wing Clip. Here's the rules as written:

"Wing Clip: As a standard action, the soulknife may make a single melee attack against a single creature. If he hits, instead of dealing damage, the vibrations in his mind blade damages the creature’s ability to move, rendering it unable to move for a number of rounds equal to the soulknife’s Strength modifier (minimum 1). A successful Fortitude save negates the effect. The DC of this save is 10 + the soulknife’s base attack bonus."

It doesn't seem to have any limitations in terms of creature type, HD, or anything. The adventure has the party up against a party of specters and the soulknife is gonna wanna wing clip 'em, but it seems strange that this power can work on an incorporeal spectres. Maybe this is a case of me not attending to the RAW, which doesn't give any limitations, so I should just shut up and be a good storyteller and let it happen, but I'd love any thoughts on this. Are there any limitations on the power? Can you use it on an ooze, construct, ghost, zombie, gaseous creature, etc? Thanks.

Feeling kinda dumb, but am I the only one having trouble reading the "overland" hex map 0E? For example, Izamne (awesome by the way!) is located at hex 13R, which is a blank space. Even Ques Querax (listed at 3H) is just a blank spot. I was assuming that these locations fell on the passage routes at the "major and minor encounter areas) outlined on the map. Am I not reading it right? Are all those mysterious extra 0's on the map (i.e. 0, 00, 000) throwing me off?
Any help is appreciated!

I had preordered the Advanced Race Guide from Amazon a couple of months ago and it was just cancelled from Amazon for being unavailable. It's not even listed as being for sale at this point and is instead you have to sign up for an email when it's available. I love ordering Piazo stuff and I live shopping at Amazon, just worried about what's up. Thanks for any info.

Anybody else having trouble with their preorders from Amazon.com? I had the Pirates players guide and Distant Suns preordered and they both were cancelled for being unavailable. I love ordering Piazo stuff and I live shopping at Amazon, just worried about what's up. Thanks for any info.

I have a question about this class. First off, I'm stealing the Investigator talents to use as rogue talents form my Pathfinder detective ala rogue. I was never pleased with the special abilities of the Rogue Archetype: Investigator or Bard archetype: Detective, so these investigator abilities are a great fit to help my rogue be more detectivey!

So here's the question, for the Investigator ability: Expert

From the PDF wrote:
Expert (Ex): The investigator’s keen mind and analytical skills allow her to become a great expert in any field to which she particularly applies herself, enabling her to outperform even those with the same amount of knowledge and training she possesses. A number of times per day equal to 3 + her Int modifier, the investigator may roll two d20s when making a skill check, using the best value of the two dice to determine her check’s result. However, the investigator may only use this ability with those skills she gains a bonus to from a feat (such as Skill Focus or Deceitful).

My question is: Does the Expert ability extend to skills that have bonuses associated with traits (racial, regional and/or Adventure Path based) as well or is it intended for feat only skill bonuses? Does an elf get the bonus for having the racial keen senses ability (Perception +2) and does my Carrion Crown detective get the bonus from Expert on his “Teacher’s Pet” trait, which gives him a +2 to Knowledge: Local?


Might be a question that’s already been answered, but here goes:

When a monster/nature’s alley, etc, is summoned next to an enemy, does that enemy get an attack of opportunity? I couldn’t find anything to say that a newly summoned creature provokes an AOO, but given that a player in my game is a summoner I just wanted to get the message board’s expertise.

Thanks in advance.