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The Snow White Kickstarter launches tomorrow 7-9-2014!





As a source of both fascination of what is "beautiful and good" as well as events viewed as "grim and forbidding", fairy tales have fascinated both the old and young over the centuries. Whether a cautionary tale about avoiding wrong-doing, the triumph of right over wrong, the worth and value of perseverance and endeavor, or any other series of extraordinary events in an unreal world, there is good reason why they are known as "wonder tales." From all of these ideas, "Snow White" is one of the very best examples, with its ebb and flow of who has the upper hand, the most cruel of villainess, the stoutest of defenders, and the wished-for happy ending, this tale offers intrigue, devious plot twists, cheer-out-loud moments, and a chance to immerse yourself in a faerie world of rich content. Here at AAW Games, we look to bring you all this and more as Aventyr experiences its very first folkloric fantasy!

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Classic fairy tales are some of the greatest inspiration for a great Pathfinder game. I'm anxious to see what adventureaweek.com does with a well known theme!

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I'm really looking forward to this edition of the awesome Snow White adventure. I can't wait to see what extras get added too!

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This should be a treat of an adventure. As a fan of classic fairy tales, I am really looking forward to Snow White!

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I'm really excited to see this project on a roll! I really dig the idea of a new twist on a classic Hessian tale, and I'm really looking forward to finding out what dark tales I can draw my players into with this adventure.

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This harkens back to all of our first stories from Appendix N, adventures from the Brothers Grimm. And after backing Rise of the Drow and receiving such a phenomenal product, I can't wait for this one!

This is going to be so awesome.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as the early bird rewards will likely go fast!

I loved the two Snow White adventures you guys made! That said, what is different about this book, other than being a print compilation? Is there any extra content, more artwork, ect.?

The Silver Prince wrote:
I loved the two Snow White adventures you guys made! That said, what is different about this book, other than being a print compilation? Is there any extra content, more artwork, ect.?

All of the above!

The (imminent) launch will show off quite a bit, so be prepared for when the Kickstarter gets going later today to see what all goodies Jonathan has packed into this project!

Sounds great. What time do you anticipate the Kickstarter going live today? Thanks.

Humm, this reminds me of Seanan McGuire's book Indexing. Very interesting...

Technotrooper wrote:
Sounds great. What time do you anticipate the Kickstarter going live today? Thanks.

Keep your eyes peeled! It goes live at... I don't know, but I'm hoping I can get in on the early supporter rewards!

I am quite excited about this one! I supported Rise of the Drow (which Wow'ed me) and now that I've read EZG's and Meghan Robertson's reviews, I'm planning to support this one.

It's live folks! Get those early bird pledge levels while you still can!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adventureaweek/snow-white-an-adventure -for-pathfinder-rpg-and-dan



I think I'm backer number 15. I'm not sure. The numbers are going up fast! Either way, I'm an early bird!

Got my early bird hardback.

Snagged a hardback early bird-style :)

Yes! Thank you guys for your awesome support! I'm so excited for this project. :)

WOW! We are already at $8,000!

You folks really want that bloody fairy tale! :D

$6000 away from funding in less than 24 hours. This may not fund in 24 hours, but it looks like it will fund before the end of the weekend (if not before the weekend)!

I haven't received my Rise of the Drow Hardcover yet. I pledged at a level to get everything I want (including add ons). I'm taking it on the faith that the Hardcover will be quality! I know that the Kickstarter hasn't reached all the add ons yet, but now I don't have to change my pledge later.

For whatever that's worth - I believe in this book, loved the original modules and I know some of the planned stretchgoals. And thanks to a bill refund, I could snag an international hardcover. :D

Thank you all for your support!

@Itchy-- We're waiting on the final softcovers (player's guide, prologue, epilogue, B&W softcover) to arrive so we can start shipping larger orders. I'm fulfilling the entire Kickstarter out of a garage by my lonesome so feel free to email me anytime for an update on your order (jonathan--at--aawgames(dot)com) Thanks! ;)

All of the single hardcover orders have shipped for Rise of the Drow and you can check out a preview video of what's inside here on Youtube:


@AaW: I just reread my post and my tone makes it sound like I have a bee in my bonnet. :( I don't, though. Communication has been very good on the RotD Kickstarter. I know WHY I don't have my copy yet, and I am patient.

My statement about not getting my hardcover copy yet was meant to contrast the fact that I'm pledging for a Snow White hardcover on faith in the quality.

I've only been mildly disappointed in one hardcover gaming product I have bought.Even with that one, the contents were so amazing that I overlook the fact that the cover is less durable than my old college textbooks (some of which I still have and even still read!).

@EZG: Although I love living in the US, I think it would be awesome to be stationed in Germany, so that I could game with you and provide a "within the US" mailing address for the Kickstarters you support.

Make sure you guys get in on the fantastic contest running on our Adventureaweek.com Facebook page. We're giving away free RPG goodies every single day. Today is a print Kobold Press book.

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