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I'm running an air/fire kineticist in Agents of Edgewatch right now, level 7 about to hit 8. He doesn't hit as hard as the monk and fighter do every round, but he isn't afraid to use his big powers like the sorcerer is. I have him built around mobility, hit and run tactics. Flying Flame is a must for sure. The ability to hit multiple targets in a crowded room without harming your team is so helpful. He does make use of weapon infusion and versatile blast. Basically whatever damage type I need, or need to avoid, I got it covered. I'm pushing that medicine skill and do a pretty good job of filling in for a cleric without going wood or water element. Though to be fair everyone in the group is using the medicine skill to help fill the role of a missing healer.

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1st picture is obviously a luchador, and the 2nd picture is they're manager/hype-person.

Any chance we see the Grioth as a playable race? C'mon gargoyles were introduced as a playable in the Advanced Race Guide way back in 1E and Grioth are just basically space gargoyles.

Wow...just wow. These were such a huge let down. The layout on these is so horrible. You can't just hand out a set of cards to the captain, pilot, etc. You have cards printed double sided but with different information on either side and not even related information at that. You might as well just print random captions from the rulebook on card stock and throw them in a pile on the table for everyone to dig through. Hopefully those of you getting the PDF, (I bought the actual cards) can make better use of these. Unfortunately my physical copies will be collecting dust on the shelf.

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I need Starfinder tales novels and/or Starfinder comics. NEED!

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Will we be able to "Form Voltron!"?

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Witchwarpers: The floor is lava!
Everyone else: Aaahhhhh, the floor IS
lava, aaahhhh!

By far my favorite Starfinder Iconic design.

Does anyone know what the speeds are supposed to be for the races detailed in the "Citizens of the Star Empire"? It's seems to have been left out.