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I'm trying to set up Roll20 for my group to run Devastation Ark.

However, unlike other APs - This is one where there were issues with encoding the PDFs. Now, I'm trying to extract maps/images for Roll20 and I'm unable to get anything from them.

Is there any chance that the images can be released for VTT use since the module isn't available for Roll20?

How to make a roll20 table

Print screen, copy paste into paint, drag file onto roll20 isn't pretty and may have gotten me xp for ko ing a few graphic arts majors , but it works.

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So, with the latest AP Drift Hackers having this same problem, and getting a re-issue to fix it, is there any chance we can have this for the Devestation Ark books as well?

(apologies for Thread Necromancy)

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