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I really hope alignment is still going to be functional within the system in some regard as I can't see Outerplanes/Planescape adventures working without it. Not to mention I love the quirks of picking up a sword that has bad vibes and one player knows for a fact that it's evil while another thinks it's just +5 jealousy-invoking sword.

Splitting the books between players and GM is a bit annoying because I'd rather every player have the tools on hand to run the game instead of having the excuse of "Woah woah I can't run the game I don't have the game runner book!!"

Please please please revise the PF2e character sheet too. The current sheet is fully and without a doubt not too crash hot at the table and 4 A4 sheets is a bit much to juggle.

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So good it made sure people who have never played Pathfinder get to experience trying to use Paizo's website!!


It would have been way cooler if Tiger Stance and Gorilla Stance had the same type of requirement. Paizo why avoid something like this??

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Yep, it's better than a spell. But that doesn't mean the Wizard can't pick it up. :)

"I would like to Scare To Death the minion by informing it that I have prepared Power Word Kill"

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Hopefully the 5 in the box will be enough.

I'm being pedantic, but isn't there only 4 according to the artwork found at: this link.

Specifically this one.

Now if you'll excuse me I must return to my mashing of F5 at the dice page.

CrystalSeas wrote:

All you would need to buy separately would be dice sets, which are readily available at your local gaming store or here in the Paizo store.

I can't see the Beginner Box Dice anywhere. Unless you mean I should buy 5 different coloured dice sets and pull them apart?

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Please please please PLEASE sell these dice sets, reference cards & character sheets separately. Don't make me buy 5 separate boxes :(

I don't know what this topic is really about, but generally I approach Game Mastering as "What can the players do?" as the start of the adventure. Like, sure some GMs are like "Haha, I made this rooms only locked door inaccessible because the key is 20ft up in the air! Now they have to go through the entire dungeon to get it"; turns out the player picked the ladder gnome race with the summon ladder spell and brought a bag of holding full of ladders which immediately becomes a problem with the system ruining this amazing ladder dungeon.

I mean, when players have more options do you think the game gets easier? Haha- fat chance! Oh you have flight and xray vision and the strongest hat item in the game? Cool; now you get to go to the heart of the abyss and fight Abraxas on the back of a Tarrasque. Quit your whining, what did you think was going to happen after you got all this stuff?

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I much prefer how monsters work now in PF2e. They feel quite powerful and able to harm the players pretty consistently. I like that as a design philosophy.

When I'm in the kitchen I make sure the knife is sharp and I am just more careful with it, as opposed to making sure its blunt and using it carelessly.

I much prefer it this way, if they can continue to make new classes and features that always just sit equal to or below the Core Rule choices I will be very happy.

I also feel like people pursue new content simply for "stronger than the existing material" reasons- always looking for the bigger number. Tsk tsk.

I imagine they are still treated with a lot of suspicion and contempt in most parts of the world. Maybe players annoyance with a new race mirrors the social pushback within a fantasy game or something? Haha oh hum...

Don't worry though, the orcification will occur.

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Cafe Latte - Item 1
[Uncommon] [Alchemical] [Consumable] [Elixir]
Source Your Local Barista
Price 3sp 5cp
Usage Held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activate 1 minute (Interact)
This rich and fragrant brew gives you a new found zest for life and places you in a perky mood. You gain a +1 status bonus on any checks related to remaining awake, keeping watch or working over long periods for up to 3 hours.

Saving Throw Fortitude (DC 11); Onset 1 day; Stage 1 Addiction (3 days); Stage 2 stupefied 1 and you become irritated if you haven't drunk Cafe Latte within the past 4 hours (3 days); Stage 3 stupefied 1 and drained 1 and extremely irritable and nervous unless you have drunk Cafe Latte within the past 4 hours.

A lot of the time people chase the dream of the 1-20 game and I feel like there's good reasons why most games and the data we collect from them suggest this to be true.

- All games start at level 1 (even though there's nothing in the book stating this must be the case), so large data sets are always biased towards any lower level being more popular.
- Games that start and end at a single level are not that popular or people have never heard of it.
- Some people run e6 games where players never go over 6th level (or something similar)
- Most adventures are written within the scope of a material plane and with localized events (not designed for Plane Shift or True Resurrection screwing everything up).
- Assuming EXP is used in most games, groups tend to last a few months playing once a week (when the stars align) and starting at level 1 they usually will burn out before higher levels.

I usually end up hanging around 6th-12th level for most of my games and it's a great medium to play in. I usually only ever play a 20th level 1 shot at most and even then it's just a whacky combat with gimmick characters.

That said, most of my experience has been with 3.5/PF1e and that system was always problematic with higher level stuff being suffocatingly cumbersome. Maybe PF2e will break this glass ceiling...

Yes they have to be small, and in some cases must be tiny, and fit in a pot.

For everything else, there's Wyrwood and Ghoran.

Gorbacz wrote:
gnoams wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Wait, there ever was a first edition?
Wait, they released a second edition?
Well, you're posting in its subforum, so it looks like they did!

This is a forum? Where do I buy my individual toe socks from then??

Meanwhile back in the thread...

There's definitely a lot to love about the system. I think the general 3 action rule is a winner far and above anything else at this point. Very easy to keep track of and very easy to adjudicate. All the classes feel robust and interesting and everyone can bring something to the table, even at higher levels. The gold/magic item system is gobsmackingly good and I will be using it retroactively to every other D&Dish game I end up running.

The only thing I feel the need to gripe about is how wordy some of the rules and explanations are. After a year of playing/running the system I don't think anyone really knows how to use a shield (I continued to use dents for about 6 months!) and there are some very strange "if then but" corner rules you have to remember but only if you cross referenced several different parts of the book simultaneously. Glares at the vampire statblocks

Even with all its warts I believe this system will grow and polish itself into an amazing format to run things. I can't wait to see where Paizo chooses to take it.

Did PF2e solve the problem in 1e where no one knew how to jump over a 10ft pit?

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I really don't agree with the idea that the real mythology creatures that Paizo release are a disservice or harmful to the original source material or culture they are derived from. If anything, they expose a wealth of hidden culture, charm and knowledge to people who might never have been able to experience it.

It is the melting pot of world I love, multiculturalism is a beautiful thing, I want to see all that it has to offer and I never want to be stifled with boarders, let along imaginary ones under the false pretense of 'protection'.

Yep, the Shove is now the drag for the purposes of the mechanics. It feels very weird and in a lot of cases requires a lot more rolls to successfully pull off.

It's important to also see that mobility in general in PF2e is more open, not every creature has Attacks Of Opportunity and creatures can Step 3 times in a row to get behind safety.

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I really like the way Pathfinder 2e deals with the power scale. I like how things are basically level vs level with a bit of wiggle room for mastery in a certain domain. It really makes executing ideas and monsters far faster and more fluid as a GM and also signals to the players that there is danger on the table.

The idea that a monster that is way above their level is somewhere in front of them actually makes them play the game differently. There isn't a "just have a bigger number!" game of trying to brute force everything. It puts the fear back into players who know that if they fight something, one or several of them will die doing it. I love that.

On the flip side monsters that are below their level are pretty much dismissed with an almost always instant critical handwave. Players get a lot of satisfaction in having such power to basically dictate what happens- and I don't even need to roll dice in some situations, the outcome is immediately obvious.

Both these elements speed up play and make the game less about "I hope I roll good" and more along the lines of "I hope I pick my battles". I much prefer this type of play not only from a mechanical stand point but also from a storytelling stand point. Long gone is the era of "you will win if you -build- your character powerfully".

I hope more role playing games use this style of play, I think PF2e really is onto something with their new system.

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ikarinokami wrote:
I think it would take a very very long time for any dwarf to trust a goblin. it would be like asking a lion to get along with a hyena. Dwarves as a race are inherently conservative, and for much if not all of their history they have been at war with goblins.

Despite only making up 5% of Player Characters, Goblins start 80% of the orphanage fires.

*Crosses Dwarf arms*

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"Negative Energy" and "Negative Damage" work differently.

Or I could just cast Disrupting Weapons on my dagger and stab you to health.

I imagine it is a case by case basis.

But also a Ring Of Sustenance and Necklace of Adaption bypasses most of this for even the most ordinary person.

RE: Alignments of outsiders; idk play Planescape then.

Please just release an art book with everything in it. :)

The level 1 spell from Gods & Magic pg 107 Befuddle does not have a Saving Throw type listed or have it mentioned in the description.

I will do my part by running all of The Fall of Plaguestone online with an isolation party!

I hope everyone makes it through this safely.

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Garretmander wrote:
As someone who largely ignored potions in PF1 other than 'hey emergency fighter backup', what was their price scaling in PF1?

Click the "in this side by side comparison!" text in the first post.

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So I was going over my current campaign that's soon to move to PF2e and I noticed that a lot has changed for gold cost, however one thing has caused me a great deal of irritation has been that potions and scrolls basically cost the same as you can see in this side by side comparison!

So my question is, how come my fighters baby bottle is now the same price as the wizards quadratic formula? Potions are basically better than scrolls as far as who can use them (anyone) with no skills required.

Is there something about PF2e's gold/item cost that I'm not understanding? Please point it out for me.

A level 3 outline, Ranger with the Barbarian dedication (Frog Animal Instinct)

Str 16
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 8
Wis 14
Cha 10

Martial Disciple (Athletics)

Cliffscale Lizardfolk
Razor Claws

Skill feats:
Quick Jump
Cat Fall

Class Feat:
Hunt Prey
Monster Hunter
Barbarian Dedication
Iron Will

General Feats:

Bonus Feats:
Combat Climber
Breath Control


As a barbarian I would go with the Frog Animal Instinct path because its totally on point.

Climb up places and frog’s tongue people. I'm pretty sure the tongue can be used to grapple/shove people around. Don't quote me on that, just demand it from your GM.

If you don't like the tongue idea, go Fury instinct and just claw people, use the terrain to your advantage because you basically have a climb speed. You should also be pretty good at grappling stuff. You can also go for the precision damage feat with the Rangers hunter ability which works nicely assuming you don't fight any constructs or oozes.

You can also fall back to using a bow at any point which is always nice. Good luck with your chameleon tongue puncher!

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You want to install Bluestacks and within Bluestacks install Pathbuilder 2.


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redrazors.pathbuilder2e&a mp;hl=en_US

Have fun! It should look like this.

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3 action economy makes things fast and fluid

Everything is determined almost entirely by level vs level, extremely easy to adjudicate. Players basically instantly kill anything 10 levels lower or run away from anything 10 levels higher.

Building a character is (slow and dumb) easy to choose customization without creating massive power differences between players characters.

Page 600 - 601

The item "flametongue" is sometimes spelt with a space between the words "flame tongue"

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Jader7777 wrote:
Pants boy
This is not a new Iconic, it's young Valeros (the Iconic Fighter). Just FYI.

Please stop besmirching pants boy. He has a full career ahead of him with an actual real class.

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I don't want the flavour text to go away.

I think flavour and fluff should have its own section in the spell list, similar to how monster stat blocks have a separate section for Description/Ecology.

Maybe if it was listed somewhere in italic text, something like this:

Current presentation.
Separate presentation.

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I would feel bad killing a shiny Kobold.

This... seven... nine... twelve step process is why I completely hand wave crafting rules. This page is totally amazing though and definitely makes the rules clearer, especially the end table chart; because I read the crafting rules about 4 times before slamming the book shut and needing to take an aspirin.

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I can't stand not looking at it any longer!!

Special shout out to my two favourite new iconics:

Nethys grandma

Pants boy

In most general cases Toughness will get more use in play.

If you think the GM will throw Doomed and Wounded at you however, go with Diehard.

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Regarding what specifically effects what; I also noticed this wording on the wall spells, which to my frustration are all separated into their own special little individual spells.

Wall Of Fire wrote:
You raise a blazing wall that burns creatures passing through it.
Wall Of Ice wrote:
You sculpt a barrier of ice that blocks sight and, once shattered, freezes foes.
Wall Of Wind wrote:
You create a barrier of gusting winds that hinders anything moving through it.
Wall Of Stone wrote:
You shape a wall of solid stone.


Fire effects any creatures
Ice effects any foes
Wind effects any thing
Stone ain't effect nothing

Obviously Game Masters will be able to arbitrate what each wall will do in any given circumstance, but the rules are a bit capricious if you try to follow them directly as written.

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All magic in general was limited a fair amount. I like some of the changes but others I'm no so thrilled about. One thing I do like is that the really really terrible effects that were basically save or die still exist, but only as critical failures.

Another thing I feel that casters always forget to factor into their casting is their Focus Spells. These are always cast at the highest slot and come back with a 10 minute refocus. Basically casters now have their big feature/trump card ability available to them every single combat encounter.

Wizards have always been a very technical class with a lot of their 'over powered problems' coming from particular players. While martial characters have definitely been improved I still can see the invisible, flying wizard fireballing things with broken impunity.

It's a real pity everything isn't together in one place. I assume there is some licencing issues with some art works. If something does appear in the future I would happily jump on it; I am already smitten with PF2's art so maybe we'll have more luck there?

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Just enjoying reading the Bestiary 6 and I am gobsmacked with the excellent art and design that went into these creatures and I was wondering, has Paizo released all it's art in a book that I can put on the coffee table for guests to enjoy?

The Shackles has a lot of sunken lost societies and a cultural melting pot due to its high traffic and a lack of established city states.

I imagine the Eye is somewhere between Arodens death and the death of the previous civilization along with something falling from orbit that caused the storm.

You could also implicate the storm as part of the plans of the Aboleth to release a natural disaster on the 'land folk' to wash them into the sea for new slaves.

But a really simply hand wavy idea is that it's just an oversized portal to the Plane Of Air.

Unless your players are going to get to mythic levels of play beyond level 20 I wouldn't worry about it because it's basically a big o' death vortex of DO NOT TOUCH.

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Vic Ferrari wrote:

Yeah, using "Half-Stone" instead of "Bulk" is much more aesthetically pleasing for a fantasy world.

I never buy that smelly argument. If they wanted it to be a exercise in a e s t h e t i c s then they would of created entire different measurement systems along with days and seasons and volumes and portions.

"I hope you have your Ponfanks of water ready for the Zoot-tow Blam we'll be travelling, it should take several Aleyoopahs but we're hoping to cut a few Mergurgles with secret a route. Remember that the cart can only carry Yubyubs of Goinkeets excluding your Bag Of Prangangaranga (Translator note: Prangangaranga means Holding)"

No one ever said "10 kilometers to the Lake of a million liters" and flipped the table because of their 'immersions' breaking.

I still use the correct measurements at the table because players already hate remembering arbitrary values to swords and hats, let alone trying to use a inferior <10% of the population measurement standard.

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So, I was running a game this one time, in which I had a succubus to mess around with, and one of the PCs ran up and grappled her.
On her turn I said: "Alright, we are grappled. We both have the grappled condition, with you being the grappler, so I-"

"No actually, there's only one character with the grappled condition in this edition"

"Hmm... lets go back to Pathfinder one for this okay?"

Feats were explained to me as 'talents'. But there's a lot of word salad thrown around in TTRPGs.

I also had a real struggle with 'attack roll' being more like an 'accuracy roll'. I love how PF2 now calls it 'strike' which defines it a bit more.

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Yes please!

I'm guessing 90% of PF players are yankees so it probably won't happen.

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I have a feeling some of my gripes would be solved with an online SRD.

Basically creating a character takes a while, you have to jump around a lot to find what you're looking for, especially for a spell caster (Even with the mighty ctrl+f function). It doesn't feel as fast as Pathfinder 1s character creation.

I don't know if the problem is that things are too modular or that the races HP is only listed between flavour text on the race page above the art work.

I do like the skill system thus far. I feel like DCs are much easier to estimate as a GM and the 3 kinds of success make things more interesting.

Yes, ran a bunch of society games too. Stopped playing because everyone migrated to 5e.

It's always been troublesome.

Sort of. 5e is very flat and lacks a lot of personality, but it's very easy to homebrew so I often steal content and ideas from PF SRD for it. 4e I wasn't allowed to play (which is why I played PF)

I'd like the game to just run faster. Pathfinder doesn't feel 'fast' it feels 'math'.

This may be difficult to come at with fresh eyes, but Table Top RPGs are disgusting to try to 'get into'. I know people who play every new board game that comes out and they don't play D&D type games because they are 'too difficult and weird'. These are people who play Terraforming Mars, Betrayal: House On The Hill and Settlers Of Catan; they have the ability but lack the impetus and it's all D&Ds fault, not theirs.

Less accessible, I don't know how that's possible but lets say the core rule book is only written in sanskrit cyphers I would burn it all and never come back.

I am still struggling to learn PF2s system. I've read the book for 5 hours and managed to run a quick an dirty session with some other interested people- I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.

PF2.5 (Lite Edition)

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If undead don't have to be evil I also demand room temperature fire elementals and civilized bugbears and every other postmodern whim of fancy I come up with.

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