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Just enjoying reading the Bestiary 6 and I am gobsmacked with the excellent art and design that went into these creatures and I was wondering, has Paizo released all it's art in a book that I can put on the coffee table for guests to enjoy?

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So, I was running a game this one time, in which I had a succubus to mess around with, and one of the PCs ran up and grappled her.
On her turn I said: "Alright, we are grappled. We both have the grappled condition, with you being the grappler, so I-"

"No actually, there's only one character with the grappled condition in this edition"

"Hmm... lets go back to Pathfinder one for this okay?"

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So I've got a few technical questions about the Paladin's divine bonded mount. I had a bit of trouble finding a direct answer about it because it basically says "See: Druid Animal Companion"



You hit level 5, you choose the divine mount and then you summon the creature.

- Does the paladin have to choose a mount specifically? Can it get a snake or a bird?

- Is that creature a summoned creature or is it native to the material
plane? If yes...
- Can the creature be dismissed/banished?

- After arriving does it just exist forever until it (or the paladin) dies?

- Does it poof and disappear on death? If yes...
- Does it leave behind anything it was carrying?

- If the Paladin is 30f away from the companion and then re-summons the creature does the creature leave behind it's carried items and appear next to the paladin like some sort of rapture?

- If the creature dies, the paladin has to wait 30 days before he can re-summon it, is this the same "Smokey" "Whisky" "Buttercup" or "Balderdasher" I have grown to love and cherish forever or is it a different one?

- The creature gets an int score of 6, how does this affect its tricks/general handling of the animal?
- Does it still work on Handle Animal checks or is it treated like a cohort?

- At 11th level it gains the celestial template and is treated as a magical beast, does this interact with any of the previous questions?

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So according to Radiance's description it changes to the weapon of the Paladin that picks it up.

http://www.archivesofnethys.com/MagicArtifactsDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Radianc e

If a Paladin of Erastil picks it up does it become a bow immediately? Can it change back into a longsword? Does it work just like the Transformative weapon enchantment? Could it become a compound bow?

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A quick one;

This spell

and this feat

Do they work together or is that little one off "only" in the spell a no-no?

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I didn't think this would come up but a PC is going to attempt to proxy the next encounter through his animated object construct made out of stone with a small group of earth elementals. He has already figured that they would view it as one of their own but I'm not so sure about it. It just occurred to me that animate object is basically the transmutation version of animate dead.

What do you guys think?

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So recently in my game players have been trying to get more hit points (especially the wizard) because they feel scared knowing that a single crit might drop them. Normally I make them roll for HP or take half the hit die but I was considering letting them have the full hit die just so that the world is a little less scary. They're currently level 4.

What sort of changes does this make to Pathfinder? Should I also have the enemies get their full HD total? Does this change any particular feat or mechanic later on?

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So feats are great, everyone loves them. Except at character level up. My group absolutely hate having to make 1 feat choice out of the hundreds of feats, they literally sit there looking at the feats and become paralyzed with indecision. It doesn't help that all the feats are mooshed together in one fat repository in the core rule book, that's combat, magic, crafting, high bab, high stat, improve feat, skill and racial feats that aren't coherently arranged.

Is there a simple, sorted format for feats available somewhere? Like for example if I had a rouge player that is only interested in skill feats is there a print out I can give him of JUST the skill feats and for the fighter can I have a print out of JUST the combat feats and for the wizard a print out of JUST the magic feats etc?