Fall of Plaugestone - DC to Identify Violet Breath?


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What would the DC be for someone to identify the poison (Violet Breath) used in the first part of Fall of Plaugestone?

I have an alchemist in the party and I'm sure he will want to try to figure out what was used.

I would assume the DC would be based on the level, but I can not find one listed for Violet Breath in the module and it does not seem to be listed elsewhere.


P. 9 of the adventure indicates that this is a level 5 poison, if I understand the stat block correctly, and it's uncommon, so I'd expect the DC to be 22. Would you agree? (I'm still new to this system. This will be our first game.)

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Good call on the level, not sure how I missed that.

This is my first time running PF2 as well, and I have played one session.

I may bump it up to Very Hard since it is Virulent for a total of 25.

Thanks for your help, this gives me a good place to start.

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