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So our Winners of the luckiest unlucky competition are:
APOPHIS1989 with the highest average roll of 11.71428571 across all twelve days. It seems lady luck does favour you... slightly.
Our very late comer, Applied_People, wins the highest average placing, coming in 7th on his only roll!
Because of how late Applied joined, I will be giving a prize to the person who came second after him in terms of highest average rolls.
Hellder placed at 9.25 on average for the full 12 days!

I will try and get some PM's out to you fine folks shortly to discuss your prizes.

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Our leader is now Hellder win an average of 12 and place of 8.5.

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Nedreow is still right where he was.

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Nedreow maintains his status!

M Nerd 1/Geek 2

I really struggle to play evil characters. Sorry

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Whoops, I missed a few days.

Our Highest luckiest least lucky person is Nedreow with our highest placing of 7.6666 and our highest average of 13.8333

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Bhampton rolled an 18! Keeping him in the position of luckiest least lucky person! Average of 16
He has also now edged himself into the average highest placing at 6.6

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Now that I have actual information to work off of:

Bhampton is currently our highest average rolls without a win sitting at 15.5. lucky roll tomorrow by Nedreow could easily see them overtake though, sitting at 13.5 currently.

Uncle Teddy however is our highest average placements without a win at place 5.5

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Rednal wrote:

Current Offers:

Taig: 12 winners across 12 days, up to $12, multiple products from various publishers allowed
Rednal: 1 winner on last day, up to a $20 product from Drop Dead Studios
Whack-a-Rogue: Any Interjection Games Class PDF to the first person to roll a 1 in Taig's drawings
Legendary Games: The Last Shall Be First - Random draw from all nat 1's at contest end go into a random draw for a print book. Anyone who finishes in solo last place gets a PDF
J4RH34D: The Luckiest Least Lucky Person - person with the highest average non winning rolls after the full event, as well as the person with the highest average non winning placement at tned of the event if it is a different person.


Current Entrants (in order of applying):
Dale McCoy Jr (Requests reroll and prize given to someone else) 
Uncle Teddy 
Fabius Maximus 
Jason Nelson (Is he in or just making an offer?)
John Napier 698

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Where is Rednal? We need to update his list :P.

I'll try get to it now

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I hope it goes well Taig, and that the recovery is swift and painless.

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M Nerd 1/Geek 2

If we are talking super powers, I would just want knowledge. Lots and lots of knowledge.
With enough knowledge you can make pretty much anything possible.

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taig wrote:
J4RH34D wrote:

Taig, do you have a google drive so I can give you Edit Permissions but keep everyone else on viewing only?

Nice Spreadsheet. I will explain things once you have access

I do. spaws1000 at the ol’ gmail.


So I have given you Edit Permissions.

I have left the names of everyone that participated last year.

You will note an ugly looking thing at the bottom of the sheet.
If you copy a dice output from the boards and paste it in there for each day, each person's roll for that will automatically update.
I didn't do one for the rerolls. You can do that manually as there should not be too many of those.

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Taig, do you have a google drive so I can give you Edit Permissions but keep everyone else on viewing only?

Nice Spreadsheet. I will explain things once you have access

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taig wrote:
J4RH34D wrote:

Please put me on the list again this year, and I will be running the same deal I did last year.

The luckiest least lucky person* over the full twelve days will get something from me, amount is still up in the air at this point unfortunately, but I will finalise before the rolls start.

*The person with the highest average roll that has not won anything.**

**I may extend this to the person with the highest average placing without a win as well, depending on if they are different people.

Taig, would you like me to set up the google sheet for you again this year?
I can make it a bit more user friendly, and should be able to get it to accept text copied off of the messageboards and check the results.

Thanks for the offer, J4RH34D! I'll take you up on it, if it's not too much trouble for you.

No trouble at all

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Please put me on the list again this year, and I will be running the same deal I did last year.

The luckiest least lucky person* over the full twelve days will get something from me, amount is still up in the air at this point unfortunately, but I will finalise before the rolls start.

*The person with the highest average roll that has not won anything.**

**I may extend this to the person with the highest average placing without a win as well, depending on if they are different people.

Taig, would you like me to set up the google sheet for you again this year?
I can make it a bit more user friendly, and should be able to get it to accept text copied off of the messageboards and check the results.

Might I suggest a kinetecist perhaps?

Your damage is tied directly into your level so you will always be able to do damage.

Stat array 15 15 12 11 11 11

Play a Hobgoblin or Merfolk.

Stat Array:
Str 12
Dex 17
Con 17
Int 11
Cha 11
Wis 11

If you go for an Earth Kinetecist Hobgoblin you can get really really good defenses, especially if you go expanded element into water.

You have basically no item dependencies, a really tough defense, and some really awesome utility.

If you want to sacrifice some tankyness for utility you can go expanded element into air or aether.
If you are worried about being able to hit your blows, look at an element with an energy blast rather than physical so you hit touch AC.

Lets have a look at a build:

Tanky Tank Earth Kinetecist 6

Base Stats
Str 12
Dex 17
Con 17+1=18
Int 11
Cha 11
Wis 11

Burn, 3 points into Elemental Defence. Elemental Overflow gives you +2 Dex and +2 Con

AC = 10+4+whatever armor you want. DR 5/adamantine
HP = 8+5*5+6*5 = 63

1 Anything. Maybe get tankier.
3 Anything
5 Extra Wild Talent (Elemental Whispers)

Only important Utility wild Talent for what I am showing you is the one at 6. (Elemental Whispers Greater)
You are after an Earth Wysp.
He will give you +5 to hit.

Your Main Blast is:
1d20 +4(dex) +2(Elemental Overflow) +5(wysp)+ 4(bab)
1d20 +15

Damage is (3d6+3(base blast) +4(elemental Overflow) +5(con))*1.5
Average of 33.75

You are CR6 on your own. And are told you should be able to fight CR 12.
Average AC for CR12 is roughly 27.
You hit that on 12's. You could get weapon focus blast to gain another +1.

If you want to go for an energy blast element rather your to hit stays the same.
Damage drops to:
(3d6+(1/2 con=2)+4)*1.5 = avg 24.75 minimum 13
Average Touch Ac at CR12 is 12. You hit on 2's.

Oh, and all of this can be at 120ft range with an extended range infusion which you can be doing for free.

Basically, you are very difficult to kill. Can have very consistent damage output, and have some pretty nifty utility with no item requirements

Eoghnved wrote:
I'll have to take a look at some of these ideas to see which one will get closest to the goal. Other than that, I'll probably just have to hang up the dice bag and end a hobby I've had for over 30 years.

Don't hang up your dice.

Have a look at play by posts if the IRL group isn't working.

First things first though, I would suggest speaking to the GM and asking what about your sorcerer was too weak. Find out what is actually going on. Find out why the GM seems combative.
Try sort it out OOC, because honestly this seems much more like an OOC issue than an IC issue.

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13. Play a wizard

13b. Spells. Just spells

A nice way to remember it that I saw was this:

If you roll 1d6 + 5 your random number is not 1->6 +5.
It is 6->11. As such you take the whole random number (6->11) and empower that.

I believe it is an option you have not linked.

C. (10d6 + 10) x 1.5

You want to be evil?

Don't kill the characters. Make them your play things.

Pull a sneaky on them and have a non evil creature cast dominate on someone.
You might enjoy the challenge of constructing a villain that is not evil. Neutral is best for this.

Boost the DC as much as you can. Kitsune sorcerer, heightened dominate, you can hit a rather high DC for them to make. Persistent spell is great here too.

I have seen builds that get the DC into the 40's and require a reroll take worst.

Bonus points if you have the person that hits them with this be early on in the dungeon, and help them out until they get to the end, and then turn on them and have them kill each other.

I play a paladin in our shattered star game.
He fell for a girl from sandpoint and needed a job. So when she signed up for the society, he followed.
He is very protective, going out of his way to look after his companions and the people he meets.
Him and his now wife have spend vast amounts of wealth rebuilding underbridge and building orphanages and schools and temples.

It is easy to flavor front liners as people who are protective, it fits the role well. An option that I have not tackled the role from yet is someone who hates pain, a big softy, but knows they are better able to take it than others. A gentle giant so to speak.
Focus on grapples and the like and disable that way.


You adopt a defensive stance that allows you to absorb and redirect hits.

Prerequisite: Diehard, Endurance, base attack bonus +4.

Benefit: While using the total defense action, fighting defensively action, or Combat Expertise, you can forgo the dodge bonus to AC you would normally gain to instead gain an equivalent amount of DR, to a maximum of DR 5/—, until the start of your next turn. This damage reduction stacks with DR you gain from class features, such as the barbarian’s, but not with DR from any other source. If you are denied your Dexterity bonus to AC, you are also denied this DR.

Invulnerability (Ex)
At 2nd level, the invulnerable rager gains DR/— equal to half her barbarian level. This damage reduction is doubled against nonlethal damage.

This ability replaces uncanny dodge, improved uncanny dodge, and damage reduction.

The invulnerable rager gets its DR from a class feat. Therefore it will stack.
It wouldn't stack with say adamantine armor though.


An idea that could be interesting is to go for a single level in kinetic knight. It lets you dump int and still get combat feats that require Int with Con. It also means you will never be without a weapon.

Stalwart does not stack with crane style.
To use stalwart you have to forego the dodge bonus. That means you can't gain an additional +1 dodge bonus because you are not gaining a dodge bonus for it to be in addition to.

baggageboy wrote:

Here's the description of the demoralize portion of intimidate from the d20PFSRD:

Demoralize Opponent
You can use this skill to cause an opponent to become shaken for a number of rounds. This shaken condition doesn’t stack with other shaken conditions to make an affected creature frightened. The DC of this check is equal to 10 + the target’s Hit Dice + the target’s Wisdom modifier.

Success: If you are successful, the target is shaken for one round. This duration increases by 1 round for every 5 by which you beat the DC. You can only threaten an opponent this way if it is within 30 feet and can clearly see and hear you. Using demoralize on the same creature only extends the duration; it does not create a stronger fear condition.

Fail: The opponent is not shaken.

Action Demoralizing an opponent is a standard action.

Retry? You can attempt to intimidate an opponent again, but each additional check increases the DC by +5. This increase resets after one hour has passed.

I suppose the question of whether the DC goes up on subsequent successful checks is debatable. To me it seems like it only increases on a failed check, but I can see it being interpreted both ways.

Yes there are consumables to undo the damage of intimidate to a psychic caster, but it doesn't prevent it which was my point. This isn't so bad if it requires a standard action to do. Basically you each trade standard actions until one of you runs out of resources or chooses to do something else.

Logical spell is nice and is pretty much a necessity for a psychic caster, however it's tough to use if you have an opponent who really wants to shut you down. Most psychic casters are spontaneous so you have to use a full round action to use metamagic. Well, if I want to shut you down I run up next to you and intimidate you, what can you do now? Well you can't step away and use metamagic, you can't take a move action to focus yourself and cast defensively, so unless you have it in a rod, and have a extra hand free, you...

"Retry? You can attempt to intimidate an opponent again, but each additional check increases the DC by +5. This increase resets after one hour has passed."

It does not say if it failed you can try again, just that to intimidate someone again you gain a +5 to the dc.

One thing I have noticed in most of my games is that the AP's don't seem to like dropping items for casters. You don't often find a meta magic rod or the like.
This can cause issues in a pure "You get what you can use best" loot distribution system.

The one saving grace is that caster's typically don't need quite as many items. You can play an effective caster with basic protection items and a stat headband.

Your character sounds like an absolutely fantastic character to share a table with.
Besides, having slightly less "normal" approaches to repentance opens up some great doors for RP.

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My characters don't identify by what their class is, but rather what they do.

Tink is a ratfolk crafter in a mythic game. He would introduce himself as a collector, merchant, and purveyor of all things arcane. He is a Wizard x Summoner Mythic Archmage

Jimmy would introduce himself as a caravan guard come pathfinder whose main goal is to protect those who he cares about. He is a paladin.

Clarice wouldn't introduce herself as anything special. She does talk to her scythe though, and it responds. She is a reflavouring of a bladebound/kensai magus. (the scythe is only a scythe in look. Does normal damage for a rapier I think. So it is a rapier, that looks like a scythe)

Harrold would say he is an old man who used to hunt in the woods, and learn't his way around treating ailments with herbs. He is actually an alchemist.

Trytton would have introduced himself as someone who fights with the oceon. He is a water kinetecist.

Gran't' would say he was a guard and a craftsman, out for revenge against the orcs that ransacked his clan's mine. He is a geokinetic knight.

Jo, The Cabin Girl, would probably introduce herself as whatever you wanted her to be. Making it obvious her specialty is in manipulating people. She is a Kitsune Sorceress.

Sana would say she is a protector of those who were enslaved, and a fighter for their freedoms. She is a cleric.

Basically, none of my characters could easily be placed into a class by what they "do". In all honesty that is fine too. What the character is capable of, (in terms of mechanics and in terms of what the character would want to/is willing to do) is far more interesting and important than what the character sheet has down in the class line

UndeadWookiee wrote:
J4RH34D wrote:

So how does Cleave synergize with Vital Strike, can you use Vital Strike on the cleave attack? Or do you use 1 step lower? Say you have improved Vital Strike, then when you cleave you just use regular vital strike?

I can also see uses of adding in Improved Reach as well while large and wielding a greatsword... so many possibilities

When you cleave you do vital strike of one step lower.

So with Vital Strike, you just get normal Cleaves.
With Improved Vital Strike you get Vital Strike on all your cleaves.
With Greater Vital Strike, you get improved Vital Strike on all cleaves.

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Its more that if the guy is trying to do something like this, bloodmoney only being known by a runelord probably does not bother them overly much.

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Something that I think is great that you can do...

Cleaving Vital Strikes OF DOOOOOOOOM

Required Feats:

Power Attack
Prerequisites: Str 13, base attack bonus +1.

Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.

Great Cleave
Prerequisites: Str 13, Cleave, Power Attack, base attack bonus +4.

Vital Strike
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +6.

Improved Vital Strike
Prerequisites: Vital Strike, base attack bonus +11.

Greater Vital Strike
Prerequisites: Improved Vital Strike, Vital Strike, base attack bonus +16.

Two-Handed Weapon Trick
Cleaving Smash
Additional Prerequisite(s): Cleave, Improved Vital Strike, Power Attack

Goblin Cleaver (Combat, Dwarf)
Prerequisites: Str 13, Cleave, Power Attack, dwarf.

Orc Hewer (Combat, Dwarf)
Prerequisites: Str 13, Cleave, Goblin Cleaver, Power Attack, dwarf.

Giant Killer (Combat, Dwarf) (this one is not strictly needed)
Prerequisites: Str 13, Cleave, Goblin Cleaver, Orc Hewer, Power Attack, Strike Back, base attack bonus +11, dwarf.

Cleave Through (Combat, Dwarf)
Prerequisites: Str 13, Cleave, Power Attack, base attack bonus +11, dwarf.

Be careful that you cannot take Power Attack at level 1.

Feat Progression:

1: Open Normal Feat
2: none
3: Power Attack, Cleave
4: none
5: Goblin Cleaver
6: Vital Strike
7: Great Cleave/Orc Hewer
8: none
9: Great Cleave/Orc Hewer (whichever not taken at 7), Open Bonus Feat
10: none
11: Open Normal Feat
12: Improved Vital Strike
13: Cleaving Smash
14: none
15: Cleave Through, Open Bonus Feat


The fantastic thing about this is that you can cleave everyone your size or lower within your reach, and apply improved vital strike to all of the attacks, and can 5ft step after the first hit.
Your opponents no longer need to be adjacent to each other.

This synergises amazingly with vital strike, as you want to make yourself large, which lets you increase your reach, and damage dice, so you can potentially hit up to 24 people with improved vital strike.

You can fit greater weapon of the chosen into this build too. To be honest I am not sure how greater weapon of the chosen synergises with cleave.
You can probably also fit in the greatsword divine fighting style.

But here you have a warpriest who can deal really good damage to single opponents via greater vital strike, and can do INSANE damage to mobs of opponents by hitting all of them with vital strike, and at 17, improved vital strike.


You might be slightly behind a full attack in damage against single opponents, but you should do more damage against multiple opponents.

Kinetic knight
Gives you con instead of int when qualifying for combat feats and gives you combat expertise
Does cost you a bab though but you can always have a weapon with you

I would say the way to work this is that you ignore the stance to start with.
Make an attack and calculate your normal bonus from strength as per your other feats and such, and then apply the stance.

Dragon ferocity is not actually technically a multiplication, it is an addition.
"increase your Strength bonus on unarmed strike damage rolls by an additional one-half your Strength bonus"

So you would apply dragon ferocity, and then double. As far as I can tell by raw.

If you decide Dragon Ferocity is actually a multipicative effect, then it would be 0.5+1=1.5 x bonus for a total of 2.5 x strength mod.

Give the dragons bite the grab ability.

It can then rebite the pc every round to grapple it again for the round.

Another way to think of it, is that the 2 burn for snake is actually 1 born for the built in extended range, and 1 burn for the extra manipulation of the blast.

I think haremlord's response is pretty clear though. They cannot be used at the same time, which means snake has to increase the range itself.
This also makes sense to me as extended range is a pre-req for snake.

I think a planetar is a spectacular choice as it has level 8 cleric spells, as well as a bunch of very very nice buffs that it gives out to the party.

M Nerd 1/Geek 2

I have no horse in the DR race. I just want to explain my feeling on this whole thing.

Raltus, nobody wants to feel like we are bullying you changing the rule. I truly just want to know how you reach the conclusion you do.

I have been reading and rereading the section on DR. If you read through that section and change the specefic thing that bypasses the DR into a placeholder like "A" or "B", it makes things clearer.

For example:
Some monsters are vulnerable to A, B, or C damage.

Others are vulnerable to D, E, or F.

Some monsters are vulnerable to G. Any weapon with at least a H magical enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls overcomes the damage reduction of these monsters.

A few very powerful monsters are vulnerable only to I —that is, magic weapons with at least a J enhancement bonus.


I fail to see how any of those examples are functionally different from each other.
That's what is confusing me.

I want to be clear that I have ZERO issue with a houserule that says that DR/epic is not overcome by non mythic means.
However to me it is clear that this is a houserule. And like all house rules that have the potential to greatly change the way characters are built, the players of those characters should be made aware of the house rules So that they can make sure to take them into account while building their character.

Don for example, I doubt would have spent a mythic feat to bypass DR if he had been told it wasn't going to do anything against the DR a large number of our foes are going to have.

That is my issue here. The rules have been changed from the norm, and you have experienced this being a contentious issue before, in your irl game and when running this previously. I think you should have brought up how you were going to manage this rules interaction in order to manage people's expectations.


It is too late to go back and change this with regards to this DR issue, but if you have any rules that you interpret differently from the norm, or that you have had arguments about with players before, perhaps we should sort that out now before incomes up in game?

This goes to everyone, players and Raltus. If you interpret a rule differently from how most people do, let's put it on the table and figure out what's going on.

One that I know is contentious to many people is that I believe that you can maximise the dice on an eratic demiplane to guarantee a 1 round:1 day ratio.

I think that one of the great features of the kinetecist is causing you problems.

Most classes in pathfinder have very wide ranges of effectiveness and optimisation.
They have very low floors and very high ceilings.

For example you can build rage lance pounce barbarians and do some of the best damage in the game, or you can not do that and be a lot less effective.
This I feel is because most of the damage comes from decisions you make in building the character, what totem/feats/weapon/etc you use.
You can completely screw up a barbarian or make an insane damage dealer.

A kinetecist on the other hand has most of it's damage hard baked into the class. It has a very high floor, and a lower ceiling.

So if the floor of the kinetecist is higher than the rest of the party is optomising to, you have issues.

Franz Lunzer wrote:

Armor absolutely does increase with level, just like pretty much anything else in the new system.

It has to, to keep up with the increases in attacks.

A Fighter 20 has at best an attack of d20 + 20 level + 7 STR + 3 prof + 5 magic = +35

A wizard 20 has at best an AC of 10 + 20 level + 5 DEX (probably less) + 3 prof (if heavily investing) + 5 (item or mage armor) = 43

So that fighter has to roll an 8 or better to hit the wizard, critting at an 18+.

Those 200 goblins level one would have an attack of around +5 yeah.

The Crit blog does not detail if a natural 20 is still an automatic hit, but it surely isn't a crit in this case (as it has to meet or exceed the DC/AC), so damage against that wizard would be 10d6? about a quarter of the wizards hitpoints or so.

I missed that AC scaled with level. That makes things quite interesting.

Unless 20's auto hit it is impossible for 200 level 1 goblins to threaten a level 20 wizard . Which does actually make a lot of sense if you think about it, the wizard being able to summon tidal waves and call meteors from the sky... It kinda makes sense those goblins don't achieve much.

If we can get the gobo's to a +23 bonus, then we suddenly can start threatening the wizard again, so when is that feasible?
If they are fighters, and depending on when "Certain strike" becomes available we would only need a +13 bonus to be able to deal some damage to the wizard.

Why are people saying that a horde of 200 goblins firing arrows at a wizard won't be a threat?
Ignoring the fact that even in the current edition the wizard laughs at that with wind wall or other options.

I know level will be tied to stuff like attack bonus, but I don't know of it increasing AC. Have I missed something?
Statistically with 200 goblins you will have 10 rolling nat 20s.
Assuming these are decently armed goblin archers we could be looking at a final result of 25-ish, if they are level 1.
I am not sure how common wizards in full plate will be, but an ac of 25 on the wizard does normally require some investment. Or have I completely missed a bunch of stuff?

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I really really like that this thread is being used for it's intended purpose (with a few attempts to derail that have been summarily shut down).

I am really happy that this thread is still going, and to see people talking about what they like, rather than just what they don't has put a smile on my face once more.


As to what I am liking from the blogs:

Sorcerer! I am loving the concept behind the sorcerer, and the idea that different bloodlines get different kinds of magic is something that I never knew that I needed.

Resonance. I love the base concept, and what they said they were trying to achieve (reduce book keeping). I will not talk about the current implementation though

Cool and flavorful small magic items. I absolutely love that these are being codified. I try to do this kind of thing for my players already so to see it in a book is nice.

There are plenty of other things I am liking, but these are what came to mind quickly.

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I live in South Africa.
Our government has been so lax about keeping our power infrastructure in shape and scaled for the population that we went through a 2 year period where the government was having to cause scheduled blackouts to stop the whole grid from being overloaded.

I know that my house was without power for 8 hours a day, during peak hours, every day, for at least 6 months.

I would think about granting each blade some aspect of control over its realm.
So the Blue blade would allow you to fly, and possibly act as something like a lyre of building. Allow people with the blue blade to change the physical world, so that it is an artifact in it's own right.
Allow the Red blade to cast geas or dominate monster or the like.

Perhaps have each blade allow only minor access to the abilities unless the wielder actually sacrifices the corresponding ability scores,

So allow the red and the blue to do what is explained above, but say, if the wielder of the blue blade sacrifices 1-2 of every physical ability score they can do something incredible. Like completely reshape the landscape within a 100 mile radius.

The wielder of the red can sacrifice mental ability scores to do something like cast a geas on an entire city, or some mass manipulation of souls.

When they are combined you can completely reshape reality to your wim, but you have to sacrifice all your ability points.

The important thing here is that it is not ability damage or anything like that. Your base ability score becomes less. So if you had STR 12 and you use the blue blade you now actually have a STR of 10.

M Nerd 1/Geek 2

I am slightly lost though, have all the signal fires been lit?

M Nerd 1/Geek 2

Getting this on my recents so I can keep track.
Still planning

M Nerd 1/Geek 2

Shweet. So long as you are willing to drive us together...

I need to think more on my options

M Nerd 1/Geek 2

So my options are nicely open, shweet. We also need to think about why our party ends up working together, and why they stick together. Unless I have completely missed the plot and we are not going to be working together?

M Nerd 1/Geek 2

Beyond classes I mean party roles.
We have a frontline who will be a passable gunner in starships (melee vesks are hard to be useful in starship combat, at least I struggled with mine.

Ranged operative could end up with a large skill repertoire but probably best suited to gunner or pilot?

Mechanic lends itself to engineering or science officer.

Solarian video star lends itself to Captain quite well, in terms of roleplay and stats. Wanting to be center stage and might have a decent enough CHA to bull off diplomacy.

The Mystics can kind of do most things cant they?

That leaves most things covered I would think. Depending on Solarian build we might be lacking someone to support our vesk in melee, at which point I might need to do a melee option to back them up, which puts me at Solarian, Operative, or Soldier I think.
I am not too keen on a soldier, Solarian could be neat but a str based solarian is somewhat lacking in out of combat usefulness. That I think leaves a melee operative.

That is of course unless our Vesk is happy being the only thing running at the scary monsters.

Have I missed anything or completely missed the point anywhere? Thoughts?

M Nerd 1/Geek 2

What is the party missing? Technomancer might be best, focus on Int and Dex? Maybe...

What is the party missing? Technomancer might be best, focus on Int and Dex? Maybe...

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