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The section on the Wizard's spelbooks reads:


You start with a spellbook [...] The spellbookcontains your choice of 10 arcane cantrips and eight 1st-level arcane spells. [...]

Each time you gain a level, you automatically add two more arcane spells to your spellbook.

This means that when my wizard gets to 2nd level, their spellbook will have 10 cantrips and 10 1st level spells. So far so good.

But a couple paragraphs below, the same section reads:

If you’re creating a higher-level character, it’s usually easiest to assume you always picked new spells of the highest level possible. At an odd-numbered level, this means that in addition to your total of 10 cantrips, your spellbook holds two spells of your highest level and four spells of all lower levels. At an even-numbered level, it means you’d have 10 cantrips and four spells of every level.

...according to this wording, if I create a 2nd level wizard, their spellbook will have 10 cantrips and just 4 1st level spells, which doesn't make a lot of sense as it's less spells than a 1st level wizard.

I guess that the later paragraph could use a bit of copyediting, something like mentioning 10 1st level spells in the spellbook.

On a similar topic, the number of cantrips that a wizard can prepare each day is somewhat hard to find in the current edition of the text. It's mentioned only once at the "Arcane spellcasting" section, but I would really really really appreciate if that information would be repeated at the "Cantrips" section, and at the "wizard spells per day table".

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Tier 5–9: You gain the benefit of heriosm

"Heriosm"? What's a "heriosm"?

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baron arem heshvaun wrote:
That, and as I pointed out, in non gaming literature Asmodeus is Hell's ambassador to France. So there's that.

Remember, nobody expects the Spanish inquisitors!

Michael Brock wrote:
We already have Core Rulebooks translated into French. The contract is still pending with the Spanish/Portuguese translation company and it is doubtful that the Spanish CRB will be available in time for Gen Con. If it was, I certainly would have offered it.

Bummer. On the bright side, that sounds like the Core books will be ready on time for PaizoCon UK... fingers crossed.

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baron arem heshvaun wrote:
Did anyone notice the Spanish and French games being offered?

Yes, yes I did.

And I get a bit angry at the fact that francophones are getting a translation of the PFCRB before us Spanish-speakers.

C'mon, Mike, if you want stuff happening in Spain you gotta promise us books too!

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Spells are cast from your mind. Scrolls are read from paper. Let me quote:

'Core Rulebook' wrote:
To cast a spell, you must concentrate.
'Core Rulebook' wrote:
Casting Defensively: If you want to cast a spell w­ithout provoking any attacks of opportunity, you must make a concentration check (...) to succeed. You lose the spell if you fail.
'Core Rulebook' wrote:
Activation: To activate a scroll, a spellcaster must read the spell written on it. This involves several steps and conditions.

Since reading a scroll doesn't involve concentration (you're just reading), you cannot make concentration checks, and you cannot cast defensively to avoid losing concentration.

Also note that scrolls do not waste the spell if your reading is interrupted:

'Core Rulebook' wrote:
A spell on a scroll can be used only once. The writing vanishes from the scroll when the spell is activated.

If you want to house-rule reading scrolls defensively, that'll be fine; but I don't think RAW allows for that.

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Thanks for the answers. Seems that the version of pcgen I'm using has a... particular... definition of spellcaster.

HaraldKlak wrote:
This might get problematic. Not so much with arcane strike, based on A), but feats such as deadly aim should work the same way.

Well, Deadly Aim doesn't work on splash damage, because its bonus to damage only applies to ranged weapon damage rolls (and splash damage is constant AFAIK).

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7 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Double question:

a) Can an alchemist take the Arcane Strike feat? (assume a non-multiclassed alchemist). The prerequisite for this feat is the "ability to cast arcane spells", and I'm not sure if that wording applies to his ability to prepare extracts.

b) Assuming the answer to (a) is yes, or assuming a multiclassed sorcerer-alchemist: Does the damage bonus provided by this feat apply to the alchemist's bombs? (they are supposed to be ranged weapons, right?) Does the damage bonus apply to the bombs' splash damage? What about the splash damage of a honest-to-the-gods flask of alchemist's fire?

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Another fan of PCgen here. As a GM, the ability to have that obscure rule of that obscure archetype right there, in the player's sheet, is golden.

Yeah, it's buggy and you have to do weird incantations to edit charges on wands, and doesn't have every book yet, but I still love it.

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Laruuk wrote:

It's going to start in Galorion's distant future, about 7,000 years from the time in the current setting.

There are Airships that utilize trapped elementals for flight and maneuverability

My starting plan is for the PCs to be hired by the Pathfinder Society to find the Staff of XX (Wand YY, Orb of ZZ, or whatever). I haven't picked a module to repurpose, but I have some ideas and it will eventually be found in the recently rediscovered lost city of Tumen.

When they find the Staff of XX, it lets off a brilliant white light and they are instantly transported to present-day Galorion. Then I'll lead them into one of the APs - probably RofR or CotCT - with the real goal of finding a way home.



You subscribe to everything, so I assume you got a copy of Distant Worlds somewhere. So:

* Have the PCs fetch parts for a MacGuffin needed for the steampunk spaceship to actually launch
* Get ship loadout, schematics, allow them to craft whatever they think they'll need
* Set (solar) sail to whatever planet you want them to
* Random encounters... IN SPACE!
* One of them "random" encounters is a group of outsiders materializing into the Material plane. Battle them while the ship's engineer is shouting "Oh noes! There's this big wibbly-wobbly swirly thing that's headed straight towards us! It may be a planar rift!"
* So the ship is falling into present day Golarion's atmosphere and, hey, how did the air elementals get out of the engine?
* We just crash-landed in Varisia and, oh look, the MacGuffin is now totally broken. I'm sure we'll find the broken bits and a plane navigator when we reach level 16 and end this AP.

Steampunk spaceships. Nothing can go wrong with them.

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OK, so I just forgot to read the bit about the ability being an immediate action. All clear now. Thanks! :-)

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Hi all,

Question, short version: Can the Sidestep feat (APG) be used more than once per round?

Long version: One of my players is consistently using the Sidestep feat with success, repositioning himself to flank enemies and get out of reach when fighting 3-4 enemies. In those cases, it's not clear if the feat can be used more than once per round. Allow me to quote the Sidestep feat on the PRD:

Whenever an opponent misses you with a melee attack, you may move 5 feet as an immediate action so long as you remain within that opponent's threatened area. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If you take this step, you cannot take a 5-foot step during your next turn. If you take an action to move during your next turn, subtract 5 feet from your total movement.

Note the wording on the trigger: whenever. Does this mean that a TWF missing twice allows for two immediate 5-foot movements? Shall I, as the GM, bastardly optimize the order of my attacking monsters as to impede the player's movement?

Because, if the feat can be used more than once per round, we can desing a stupidly efficient means of mass transit with this. I shall name this the Goblin Sidestepping Train:

* Get a few thousand goblins. Strip them of their dogslicers and chain then to the ground in two parallel rows, leaving room inside for the "carriage".
* Get a mount with the sidestep feat. Yeah, it takes three feat slots, so get a ranger companion animal or whatever. Somehow pump its AC up to 20 add DR 1/- to it, with adamantine barding maybe.
* Position the mount between the two rows of goblins and...
* ... let the mount be attacked by the first bare-handed goblin. 19 times out of 20 it will sidestep their attack, advancing 5 feet. The remaining 1 time out of 20, the goblin in the other row will make an attack.
* Rinse, lather, repeat. The sidestepping mount will keep sidestepping until all adjacent goblins miss their attacks. This can easily happen once every 20^6 times, or even once every 20^8 times.

In other words, one can expect the train to travel a billion feet per round until all adjacent goblins miss. That's 31 million kilometers (or 19 million miles) per round, folks. Which is one hundred times faster than the speed of light.

I don't have any problem allowing my PCs to sidestep more than once per round, but I do have a problem with feats that can be used to turn goblins into particle accelerators.

Your thoughts?

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Remember: no-one expects the Cheliax inquisition!


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Do read:

Particularly the bit that says:

PRD wrote:
A witch's familiar can learn spells from another witch's familiar. ....... Most witches require a spell of equal or greater level in return for this service.

So, no gold. Spell exchanges, services and quests, yes. Spell-exchanging meetings, yes.

Instead of ink, familiars spend just time learning the spell, if that's what you're asking.

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Heh, the whole idea reminds me of this old CRPG, "Exile: Escape from the Pit"...

Cotterpin wrote:
Only thing I can think of offhand is that the PCs aren't supposed to be in this prison. They're prisoners, for sure, but somehow the transfer schedule got mixed up, sending the PCs behind cold iron bars (and putting a truly dangerous being in light security at the same time…)

Or maybe they were guarding a prisoner transfer and, guess what, it's just much cheaper to let you escort the prisoners into there, and close the door after the whole bunch of you guys.

Or maybe they're in a holy penitence quest. There are folks with weird fetishes in Cheliax.

Thanis Kartaleon wrote:
• The prison is built to securely contain powerful and influential creatures. So, you need a reason why the PCs can get out now.

Because the creatures inside the prison are busy killing among themselves. Demons trying to kill dæmons, dæmons trying to kill demons, no-one is actually looking for an exit.

Thanis Kartaleon wrote:
• How do the PCs get geared up again?

If there are any kind of lawful evils inside, they're going to set up camps, cities, industries and shops. Chaotic evils are going to raid and steal supplies from there.

Make use of crafting, add some "get me some dæmon bile for my magic research and I'll pay you with equipment" quests.

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I Fully agree with King of Vrock.

That said, I'd rather climb down the accursed wall. If the player succeeds in the Climb checks, I'd be happy to say the PC jumped down with no stealth penalty.

Didn't succeed in the Climb check? Whoops, you didn't land where you expected to. That's a -5 to stealth if falling less than your speed, and now roll Acrobatics to see if you take damage and end up prone.

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Personally, I don't think a witch will fit the stereotype of necromancers. I mean, wiches are good, but mostly as party debuffers. They cackle and have an evil eye and cook children for dinner, but they don't raise undead armies.

I suggest an Oracle. More specifically, a Haunted Oracle of Bones, follower of Pharasma. Kinda a "grey" necromancer. Or a Juju Oracle cursed with Tongues (Abyssal).

Raise skeletons at 1st level? Check. Abilities and spells to control life and death? Check. Coolness factor due to having spirit souls around you all the time? Check.

As a GM, I like when players are more interested in the flavor than in optimizing and min-maxing their characters. And an Oracle lets you have lots of flavor.

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ShannonTheCat wrote:
I want to play a Gnome Summoner with a lot of emphasis on crafting and making weird things that will make my DM cringe.

First off, play with, not against, your DM. He's got enough trouble reading through the Carrion Crown adventure path and knowing the rules for the most used stuff.

So you want a Summoner? OK with that. That makes stuff? OK, then get plenty of Craft(whatever) skills, and item creation feats. Then do your homework, read the rules on crafting both mundane and magic items, and do not ask your DM for stupid stuff that isn't covered there.

I mean that. The rules are out there, in Paizo's PRD and in d20pfsrd. DMs don't like people who ask about the rules instead of reading them. Make life easy for your DM.

This goes double for summoners, because they will effectively play three characters: the summoner, the eidolon, and Summon Monster I. Get character sheets for the summoner and the eidolon, and print out the monster stats for your favorite Summon Monster I vermin. If you don't provide stats for the summoned monsters, the DM will have to stop the action, search for them, he'll get angry, the other players will get bored, then angry, then nobody will remember their initiative turn. A Summoner can seriously lag combat in large parties (of 6 characters or more).


That said: if you want a character that creates weird stuff out of nothing, consider dumping the summoner and playing a wizard, specialized in Conjuration(creation). Ever wanted to craft a glass dagger out of thin air? Now you can!

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Alchemist don't do spells. Metamagic feats/rods apply to spells. No, you can't empower an extract.

If you want injections, start with the Touch Injection spell. Flip to the magic items section of the core rulebook, and create an item allowing for 3 touch injections per day or whatever - you'll have a price for the item and whatnot.

If you want better potions, you'll have to rely on the alchemical discoveries Enhance Potion and Extend Potion.

You could create metamagic "alchemical rods", or infusors, or whatever you want to call them, but it should be a house rule. Use them whenever the alchemist prepares his daily extracts, max 3 infused extracts per day, same price as metamagic rods.

Want an alchemical version of Infernal Healing? Flip to the magic chapter of the core rulebook, look for "independent research" of wizard spells. Feel free to house-rule independent research of alchemical extracts with the same guidelines.

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IMHO, followers of Abadar shouldn't bury their dead but, instead, build a tomb overground.

OK, OK, I know you don't have enough material to build a mausoleum because you're out in the wild. You should build an overground , outdoors sarcophagus out of clay bricks or, at the very least, out of stones. Lay a brick/stones floor, drop the body there, build up the sarcophagus.

Have everyone in the ceremony place at least one brick (or stone), and say: "May your child find comfort in his afterlife home, as he found comfort in his home city"

Have everyone put a gold coin sandwiched between the bricks. "May your child find prosperity in the Grand Vault, as he found prosperity in life"

As you may know, it's Pharasma and not Abadar who decides where sould go in the afterlife. Pharasma and Abadar don't seem to have a bad relationship, so feel free to drop a reference to that when putting a golden key as the finishing touch: "Beloved [dead's name], may with this key the Reaper helps you find the way to your fate. May with this key you open the doors to the Grand Vault".

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CrackedOzy wrote:
my group got into a little argument over how to divide up the treasure.

As a GM, it is your duty to sit back and enjoy the show. *grin*

It is *their* duty to decide which method they use to share treasure (if any), what to do with in-party thieves and greedy ones (why is everyone looking at the rogue?) and so on.

Seriously, this is one moment you as a GM can relax. Just make sure they roleplay during the discussions.

Panguinslayer7 wrote:
As a DM I just tell them what they got and let them figure it out. They're adults, they deal with it quickly or I have time to sit back and nurse my beer.

That's the spirit :-)

Besides, younger, XP-hungry players tend to get over with the loot quickly so they can go kill more monsters.

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james maissen wrote:
And why can't you grapple huge monsters?

Wait a second there. 3.5 had rules about not grappling creatures two size categories (or larger) than the one initiating the grapple.

I've just re-read the PF rules about grappling, and it seems that's gone... PF grapplers can try grappling any creature size.

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At lower levels, potions of enlarge person will be nice (which will grant an effective +2 to CMB, plus ability to grapple Huge creatures.

At higher levels, I guess Beast Shape III is a nice choice. You get to become Huge, so that's +4 CMB, and can try grapple Colossal creatures. Plus, lots of legs to prevent tripping and being overrun.

In other words, tell your party buffers to prepare the buffs you want. And remember not all high-level monsters are that big.

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Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
I don't know the adventure, but why not mend the key?


the key was shallowed by a shark. Along with the owner's internal organs. By now the shark must have left the Korvosa port and be in high sea.

For low-level characters, that means "irrevocably lost". PCs are supposed to get either the key or the sutff inside, but... things deviated from the ideal course of action, resulting in a hilarious session :-)

Alitan wrote:
I take it no one has contacts with the local Guild of Thieves?

Assume yes. Now, how much does that cost?

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Dragonamedrake wrote:
There are also spells that give a competence bonus on the next skill check. Add in Aid another and Masterwork Lockpics and your rogue should make it easy enough.

True, there's good ol' Guidance. So, taking 20, +7 Disable Device skill, +2 masterwork thieves' tools, +1 guidance = 30. Done!

'Chobemaster' wrote:
The plain wood one might not justify a DC 30 lock, so maybe here we're talking about a masterwork sea chest with the metal bindings?

Hey, if the Curse of the Crimson Throne AP book says it's DC 30, then it's DC 30. And if it doesn't list a price for the chest itself, then the chest itself is not masterwork. Hey, complain to the authors of the AP :-P

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MendedWall12 wrote:
Are they carrying the chest to the locksmith, or making the locksmith come to the chest? Is the locksmith a Profession (other)? Or is it an NPC from the local thieves guild? Any particular reason they don't just want to bash it open?

It's a sea chest they carried to a safehouse. They won't crack it open because their only tool for doing so is the Str20 enraged half-orc barbarian, who will probably smash anything valuable into pieces.

In case you're curious, it's

Devargo's chest with the ambassador letters, from Curse of the Crimson Throne: Edge of Anarchy. Poor Devargo (and his key) got fed to a shark.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Invest in Masterwork tools and get an apprentice to aid another for another +2?

Masterwork tools will do, as the PCs are lvl 2 and still haven't bought masterwork equipment yet. Still, that'd be a 20+9 vs DC 30.

But the "aid another" bit has a problem. The rules for skill checks specifically say:


In cases where the skill restricts who can achieve certain results, such as trying to open a lock using Disable Device, you can't aid another to grant a bonus to a task that your character couldn't achieve alone. The GM might impose further restrictions to aiding another on a case-by-case basis as well.

So RAW don't allow the aid another's +2... but I might allow it if the party rogue and ranger spend a couple of hours tinkering at it.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Might be you want to go the way of the spell caster, just so they have to absorb at least a few gp penalty.

The PCs are level 2... the estimated money to be spent in knock spells is.... *punches numbers into a calculator*... 400gp (probabilistic expected number of castings: 20/3 or 6.666). That's quite a financial hit at this point in the campaign.

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Hi all.

Background: my group killed a baddie, destroying a chest key in the process. The Disable Device DC for the lock is 30; the party rogue taking 20 ends up in a puny 27. They don't want to smash the chest open.

This is in Korvosa (big city), so there should be a few locksmiths able to open it.

(I could go the magic way and charge my PCs 60gp per casting of knock... which requires a caster level check at +13 vs DC 30)

Now, the question: How much gold should a locksmith charge for opening a DC 30 lock?

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j b 200 wrote:
One issue that I'm having though is what to do with the PCs while they are between dungeons etc.

I've been GMing a few sessions of the Jade Regent campaing - lots of overland travel in there.

What I did was, for each leg of the travel, interleave one session of encounters on the road. Either random encounters, patrols, bandits, other travellers, other (evil) travellers, snake oil sellers, very small side quests, natural disasters (forest fires), and whatnot.

I highly suggest you do the same: 3 weeks of overland travel should equal one session of "road encounters". Less, and the players won't have the feeling of "we've been travelling for quite some time"; more, and the players will bore to death on the road.

Furthermore, by syncing the start and end of the travels with your sessions, adding or removing characters from the party becomes easier. Don't fret if some of your travel encounters don't fit in a session.

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RonarsCorruption wrote:

Heh, music box of mentos. *ahem*

First, I see that you have no commas in your price, which is wrong, and second, I see that you have capitals in your spell requirements. Which is also wrong. A little more attention to detail would have been a good idea. Then you italicize "unconsious", and later "rage" which is reserved for spells.

Geez, I guess I'll have to pay more attention to these teeny-tiny details.

RonarsCorruption wrote:
But what really killed you, I think, are two things. One, the "at GMs digression",

Yeah. After submitting, I felt l'Esprit de l'Escalier lurking over that matter.

A hint to all: don't hit "submit" just after you got your item. Think it over even if you think you got it right.

RonarsCorruption wrote:
and two, the ability to transfer class abilities about, willy-nilly.

Yeah. Wanted to do some ring of spell storing but for extraordinary abilities. Needs too complicated mechanics that don't fit in 300 words, or are way too complicated to be fun and balanced. :-/

RonarsCorruption wrote:
Particularly spells. 3rd level spells might not break the game too much, but that's fourish (assuming the whole party listens) castings of cure moderate wounds every day, for free. That's a little broken.

No, the item works once per day, not once per day per creature. Power (and price) should be in par with ring of spell storing, given all the drawbacks I put into it.

I didn't expect the judges' comments about this being a SAK, though :-(

RonarsCorruption wrote:
Oh, wait, and you misspelled "Mage's Lubrication".

No I didn't :-P

Thanks for the comments :-) And somebody tell Neil to stop posting judge reviews and get some sleep!

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Neil Spicer wrote:
IvanSanchez wrote:
Music Box of Mementos

*SAK. Wow, what a long list of conditions.

*Leaves stuff open to GM discretion (which is never a good idea).

Seems I was right in my guess - overcomplicated and "GM discretion = bad". Things to remember, that's for sure.

Neil Spicer wrote:

*I read this title as "Music Box of Mentos."

*That would have been infinitely more "flavorful."

And you managed to turn it into a joke item. LOL! :-)

Also, I now see what a daunting task is to provide feedback for the items. Kudos to the judges and to Neil for replying to this humongous thread!

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Damien McGurrell wrote:
A kingfisher is a type of bird and hold breath is a special quality listed in the Bestiary. :) Cheers for the read though.

Heh, my english vocabulary of animals seems to be incomplete yet :-)

And, see how hold breath has a "(Ex)" just after it? It's still an Extraordinary ability :-)

Also note you're dealing with items that PCs will (or would) wear and use. I'd rather not use terms that appear only in the bestiary stat blocks.

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benjover wrote:
Gibber Bane

I'd rather see something that would apply to a witch with the animate hair hex. Also, looks like silence-in-a-can.

Gio wrote:

I would like you guys to be as harsh as possible with your comments

Starsong Harp

OK, harsh it is, then.

Don't use weasel words, such as the "often" in "this harp is often made of black star sapphire". It either is or isn't.

Spell names need to be italized. Also, the shooting performance bard ability.

Consider dancing lights and endure elements as requisites. In fact, I think you've got your requisites wrong. Tiny hut? I mean, tiny hut?? What does tiny hut do in this item? A 3rd-level spell used just to raise the temperature doesn't seem right.

The terrains and monstrous physique bit looks to me a) overpowered and b) swiss-army-knife-y.

What is dream feast? I can't find that in the PRD.

Grand Lodge

*puts on wannabe-judge hat*

I hope no-one will take my opinion harshly...

Matt Banach wrote:

I see two things: one, the use of entroposphere versus sphere; two, an item with "entropy" in its description should affect lawful and chaotic creatures, not items' hardness.

Cheapy wrote:

I'm guessing Swiss Army Knife!

Astrolabe of the Mesmerizing Heavens

IMHO, Fascinate-in-a-can, plus... formatting errors! Spell names need to be italized, and please, please use line breaks.

Michael Cummings wrote:
Swifttouch Gloves

Backstory is an auto-reject, pal...

the Haunted Jester wrote:
Shard of the Pilfering Leech

Spells and conditions should be italized. Besides, I think "ioun stone in fancier form". And we got like 40 kinds of iouns already.

Damien McGurrell wrote:
The Kingfisher’s Cloak

What's a Kingfisher?

The killer for me is the "The cloak grants the user the hold breath special quality". Hold Breath is not a "special quality", it's a extraordinary ability. If I were a judge, I'd stop reading there.

yarb wrote:
Scabbard of the Scallywag

Double-check your grammar before submitting!!:

«the wielder acts as if under the effects feather fall»

Grand Lodge

So, at 292 words, here's my Music Box of Mementos:


Music Box of Mementos

Aura faint enchantment; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 10000 gp; Weight 1 lbs.

This ornate clockwork music box plays a chirpy tune when activated by opening the lid. If a willing creature holds the box near her ear and concentrates on the music, she will replay an experience previously stored in the box, as if dreaming it vividly.

The maximum length of the stored memento is 3 minutes. When replaying an experience, the recipient is rendered unconscious and able to feel only the recorded memento. The replayed experience includes sight, sound, touch, smell and taste (except if the creature who stored the memento was blind or deaf). Once initiated, if the recipient wants to end the replay prematurely, she must succeed at a DC 25 Will save.

If the memento includes the subject being affected by a condition, that condition will affect the recipent, and once the replay has ended, will linger for double the length of the memento. Possible conditions are: blinded, confused, cowering, dazed, dazzled, deafened, exhausted, fascinated, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, shaken, sickened, staggered or stunned.

Aditionally, if the memento includes the subject casting just one memorized spell of up to 3rd level, the recipient will be able to cast that spell one round after the replay ends. The box can grant this ability only once per day.

At the GM's discretion, extraordinary abilities such as a barbarian's rage can also be recorded, replayed, and used while the memento is lingering.

Replacing the memento with a new experience requires 15 minutes, and successful DC 25 Disable Device and DC 15 Spellcraft checks. Only experiences no older than one hour can be recorded.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Memory Lapse, Mage's Lucubration; Cost 5000 gp

My guess at why didn't it make it: in my effort to make the item interesting, I complicated the mechanics too much. I added the ability to record and replicate extraordinary abilities, but if I wanted to balance things, I would have sttepped over the 300 word limit.

The wording I had in mind was along the lines of


If the memento includes the subject casting just one memorized spell of up to 3rd level, or using just one extraordinary ability that can be attained by a creature with up to 5 HD or character levels, then the recipient will be able to cast that spell or activate that extraordinary ability.

Point being: 5th level barbarian rage powers re OK. 6th level barbarian rage powers are not. Unfortunately that wording put me over 300, and resorted to the "At the GM's discretion" line, which I think was the trigger for rejection.

Regarding the item itself, I didn't want to make something that PCs would want. I wanted something that GMs would want as a MacGuffin. Note the complete lack of backstory, as this item screams "rich people own a couple of these to remember important events in their lives".

About the price: as this is just a fancy ring of spell storing, so I used that as a base.

In retrospect, I'd better left out the stuff acout conditions, and put some limits to the extraordinary-ability-in-a-can effect: level (or HD) cap, and same creature type (humanoid, construct, etc).

I would like to know if I'm right at my guesses or not.

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Well, looks like it's time to congratulate the chosen few, then breathe in, then breathe out, then wait for the critique-my-item thread.

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Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

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Gluttony wrote:
A group like this can be... Amusing.

A group like that is good. A group like that is the R in RPG. Without that, you get a hack-and-slash game that is much less fun for everyone.

Compare to my group: a ragtag bunch of Varisians, with accent on "Varisian". Money-driven scoundrels who are used to live on the road pickpocketing everyone in their path. I'm thinking that

the Warding Box, during the Visions of Jade, will impose a Geas

upon a few PCs so they can be properly railroaded into the AP. I know their characters would rather cash the treasures and spend it on alcohol and women than travel north.

Gluttony wrote:
the obituaries topic seems to indicate Tsutamu as one of the biggest causes of PC death

Tsutamu is only a problem if the party splits. And he's not that powerful: I buffed him up with some extra samurai levels to compensate for some 2nd level PCs, but the party barbarian finished him off in the 1st combat round due to one of those criticals that deal 30+ damage.

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Hhhmm. Maybe you can expand into an additional side quest:

I'd rather put a crown-of-fangs and cheliax warlord subplot as the trigger for the GMs - remember the crown is the cause of Ileosa turning eviler than evil. The intrigue of kidnapping girls screams "Cheliax" to me. You might need to add a dungeon to uncover the plot and recovery of the daughter, as is done with other subplots (undead, thugs, etc).

Grand Lodge

I like the idea, but you might need to retrofit a few things, namely:


  • The Gray Maidens aren't introduced until Seven Days to the Grave (2/6). They are supposed to be non-existent during Edge of Anarchy (1/6). There are no gray maidens during the riots, and Sabina herself is not yet one. As far as I'm concerned, the GMs are created when Ileosa takes the throne, and not before, as the king would have forbidden it.
  • Maidens are supposed to be selected from existing military groups. Why that interest in a 17yo girl?
  • You'll need to swap Zellara's head with either some GM paraphernalia, or with some trinket of the daughter. I'm thinking in a lock of her hair.
  • If the PCs suspect of someone in palace having kidnapped the girl, why at all risk going there for the reward (and the introduction to Cressilda)? You'll need to railroad your PCs into Cressilda some other way, IMHO.

It's a cool idea, but you might need to tackle those issues :-/

Grand Lodge

First, the decision to stay or go is yours, as a player. Anyway, if you decide to get a new player, I guess that the AP you're in puts you pretty much a few hundred miles of cities. Stay with the caravan and roleplay the issue until you can get a new PC with

a horned helmet.

Stubs McKenzie wrote:
We both worship Desna.

Hhhmm. So Bob, a Desna-ian, killed a winged creature. Not cool. Then again, WNPC is most likely not a Desna-ian itself. And revenge isn't in Desna's book. Hm.

I think your gnome should commune with Desna and pray for guidance. I suggest you tell so to your GM, and also

pray that Bob won't be so cruel to non-explicitly-hostile NPC, and pray for him to learn that.

Then, secretly keep one casting of Oracle's Burden ready at all times, tell your GM that you'll cast it upon Bob whenever he kills/harms in a similar context.

Did I say "you'll cast"? Sorry, I meant "Desna's curse will be inflicted upon him too". In my head, that's how Oracle spells should work in this scenario - no explicit casting if your GM knows that, and no spellcraft checks from other PCs. And becoming blind after wronging the teachings of an oracle of your deity? I'd take that as a godess's way of telling me to change my ways.

Ultimately, if Desna (your GM) feels you're right, Bob'll be cursed, and he'll probably despair and repent (I guess). If Desna (GM) thinks the WNPC death was right and just, your curse spell will fail; your PC should realise that as "Bob wasn't that bad after all to the eyes of Desna".

I see this as an opportunity to actually roleplay the PCs instead of rolling dice. And I, as a GM myself, love the opportunities that intra-party confrontations like this one offers.

Also this puts the burden of the decision off you, and onto the shoulders of the GM's interpretation of in-game faith. He's the one that should worry and work towards party balance and everyone having a good time.

Grand Lodge

Clark Peterson wrote:
[pat fellow judges on the back]

(casts mage hand)

There, there.

Grand Lodge

Matías Torino wrote:

Kilt of the Centaur Form

Slot -; Price 17,800 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Nitpicking: this should use the Belt slot.

Matías Torino wrote:

Twice per day the wearer of this kilt can, as part of a charge or run action, activate it to assume the form of a centaur [...]

The polymorph effect takes place at the end of his movement and before making an attack,

The second sentence has no meaning if I Run instead of Charge. You can safely skip "before making an attack".

Matías Torino wrote:
and lasts for up to 7 minutes.

Can I dismiss the effect, then?

Grand Lodge

Anthony Adam wrote:

Competition Quill

A roc's tail feather cut to take on ink for use as a writing implement.

And I guess it'll only work if you're using golden dragon tears as ink :-)

Grand Lodge

GoldenOpal wrote:
(a.k.a Fan of the Gypsy Queen; I’m curious if use of the word ‘gypsy’ is un-PC. Thoughts?)

Don't think Gypsy. Think Varisian. As in "Fan of the Varisian Dancer". Much more Golarion-ish.

This might be nitpicking, but I would also change:

GoldenOpal wrote:
This works as the hypnotism spell (Will DC 16) except as noted. 5d6 HD of creatures are affected. The casting time is 3 rounds. The duration is concentration.

This works as hypnotism, except that 5d6 HD of creatures are affected, the casting time is 3 rounds, and the effects last as long as the user is waving the fan in sight of the affected cratures.

GoldenOpal wrote:
A carrier with at least 5 ranks in

You're not just carrying the item, you're using the item. You're not a carrier, you're a user.

Grand Lodge

+2 DRaino wrote:
This unpolished brass buckle can be affixed to any belt or sash [...] grants a +3 competence bonus to all of its wearers charisma-based checks, except bluff, for which the bonus is +5.

IIRC, the judges said something sometime about restricting int/wis/cha items to the head slot, and str/dex/con items to the belt slot. A hood would have been cooler IMHO.

Anthony Adam wrote:
Whispering Sandkeys

Unfortunately I think this would fall into the "didn't do his homework looking if the idea has been executed before" pile: -of-opening

Grand Lodge

So, I had this item idea after I submitted, but anyway I don't think it would have made it:

Bracers of the extra fingers
Aura: Faint transmutation; CL 1st
Slot: Wrists; Price 800 gp; Weight 1 lb.


Each of these bracers is adorned with five wide metallic segmented rings, each of them closing with a clasp. When both bracers are worn and all clasps are closed, the wearer can animate the rings, bending them outwards and forming a shape not much different from a metallic hand.

The extra fingers allow the wearer to grasp and hold items on them, as if she had two more hands. Passing an item from the extra fingers to the wearer's hands (or vice versa) is a swift action that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity.

The extra hands cannot be used to wield weapons or shields, nor can magic gauntlets or rings be worn on them. Dispel Magic or similar magic (DC 11) will cause the fingers to retract as rings and drop any items.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Mage Hand; Cost 400 gp

There were a couple of expansion options - throw in Cat's Grace as a requirement and you get a +5 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks, or throw in Bull's Strength and get +2 on grapple checks, or throw in Magic Fang and gain two claw attacks. Combine these and write a table with all the prices and random chances of each type of item, and all that. Get too carried away and you're above the 300 word count.

And it's an useful item for low-level adventurers - no more worries about why you make me carry the torch and have only one useful hand, or carry a couple primed acid vials or thunderstones or whatever. The low price is justified because it's basically a nerfed version of a permanent mage hand.

And there's where the problems begin - I feel the item is spell-in-a-can-ish. It doesn't do much more than mage hand.

The main problem I see is that the item is... bland. I focus on the item and cannot see wonderful adventures. I cannot imagine the bracers on top of a fireplace and an old man saying to his grandchildren «These are the bracers of the extra fingers back from my adventuring times I'm so proud of». I can only see a raggy adventurer carrying an extra torch. It doesn't spark my imagination. It's useful, but not enticing.

It lacks mojo.

And that's why I think this item wouldn't have made it to Superstar level.

Grand Lodge

My only regret is that, a few days after I submitted, I started having this feeling of knowing why the judges will shred my item to little pieces and throw them in the "reject" bin.

Well, until the 24th there's always hope :-)

Grand Lodge

I told my PCs to build characters without telling each other and the party is something like:

Varisian fighter/sorcerer
Varisian rogue
Halfling rogue
Elf rogue/ranger
TWO half-orc barbarians.

That's right, three rogues, two brutes even with the same feats, and no divine caster. So far they've survived a couple of sessions (just about to enter Brinewall)

Grand Lodge

Shadowborn wrote:
You joke about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a last minute flood of entries that are magical lacy undergarments and adult toys. Some people just don't do well with figurative language.

Don't forget about chainmail bikinis - a true classic.

Grand Lodge

Two diagonals = three straights.

If you prefer, assume one diagonal = 1.5 straights, then round the total down.

Grand Lodge

I just have to say, PCGen has been a lifesaver for my pregens:

First, we have a Cavalier, with goblin dog and all. Add the Wolf Cub trait and the Lead from the Back goblin feat, which works wonderfully. This character presumes he's the best, strongest fighter, while really the only good thing he does is being in the back and shouting others to fight.

Next, a Bard, or whip-wielding warchanter. Add the Rude Songs trait, and the Battle Singer goblin feat. Y'a know, the standard goblin warchanter.

Then, a bad-ass dog-killer Ranger. Because piling up dogs as the ranger favoured enemy, plus the Dog Killer, Horse Hunter feat and Dog-sniff hate trait, means that you as GM can put more dogs in the boat. Lotsa more dogs. Because dogslicing is fun.

And last but not least, the toad-licking Witch. I added the Combat Distraction feat (event though she doesn't meet the prerequisites) and the Foul Belch trait, which she claims is her magic breath. You know witches commune with their familiars in order to gain spells, right? And that this is the Licktoad tribe? Well, this particular witch learned at a very early age that licking a toad would allow her to see glimpses of the future and shoot fire out of her fingertips. So she licks a toad. Every morning. For one full hour.

These characters were made quite hastily and, sadly, I didn't work on their background a lot. And I suck at writing goblin songs. And, what's worse, I added medium-sized bows and slings instead of small-sized ones, so adjust the damage output accordingly.

Also, PCGen doesn't play well with the Witch spells, so that's why she has a spellbook listed. Remember, witch spells are stored in the lickin' toad.

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