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This is going to be AMAZING!


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Thurston Hillman wrote:
I'm finishing it up this week. It'll then go on to the necessary art and layout components. No ETA on that side yet, but just wanted to provide the update.

I just squeed myself. Thank you Thursty!

I wish that were still true. We have not seen a Starfinder AR update since December 7, 2018. All six volumes of Dawn of Flame have been released but no AR update yet. Not a complaint, just correcting the facts. I’d love to play DoF and have SFS players begging for it. I also know Thursty is doing Thursty things and he doesn’t disappoint, so whatever the delay is, I’m sure it’ll be worth it.


As a Witchwarper Platyparian, I totally support this! Water mammals may have a galactic rivalry, but we can unite in support of Dan! Hell, you can call me a Platyparidan, in honor of Dan!

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Dan, on behalf of the Platyparians of Absalom, it has been a pleasure having you with us. As a fellow champion for the acceptance of Platyparians into the Starfinder Society, your work has been noteworthy and appreciated. Thank you for all you have done for us. The "oohs", the "ahhs", the laughs, and of course, the incredible insight that you brought to your show for species all across the Pact Worlds, the Veskarium and the universe writ large.

Thank you, Dan. Your presence on the stream will be missed. I hope to see you at Origins or some other con I can attend to give you that high five and welcome you as an honorary Platyparian!

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As somebody who has neither the time nor the talent for painting these, I am ECSTATIC! I love the PF Battles and if the SF Battles are the exact same thing, I will throw all my credits at them!

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Tonight’s game was a blast to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginner box run.

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Platyparians! With bonus to treat and save vs disease, because platypus milk is a thing! https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-43415998

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Can confirm links are expired.


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Lao Sho Po is destroying the Second Seekers is what I gather from the logo. Possibly a dataphiles reference in the name as well? Maybe Historia 6 is now a follower of Lao Sho Po and is now a bad actor? Very interesting possibilities.

Also, the distinct lack of Platyparians disturbs me. Platyparians should be acknowledged as a species and we should be admitted into the ranks of the Society!


Changing the scan result would be a CRB update. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done in the guide. I’m just pointing out that including the the stat block avoids going against or creating errata for the CRB.


Thurston Hillman wrote:
Dracomicron wrote:

I loved the 1-31 practice of having variable DCs based on the size and level of the party, as well as building scaling success into the checks.

Having a check that succeeds on an "Average" success (which could be DC anywhere from 19 to 22 based on the party's specifics, but have a superior effect if they hit the "Hard" number (from 24 to 27).

That. Do more of that.

Do people agree with this sentinment? I've had a lot of feedback in PMs/messages/conventions that points me to believe that GMs prefer all their DCs listed inline in a scenario.

So, I'm curious as to what the prevailing majority would like to see... ok, maybe not here. Might be a good opportunity for another thread if someone cares to create it!

YES, YES and YES! I LOVE this. It makes GMing so much simpler. My first experience with this was running 1-99 and seeing it again in 1-31 just solidified it as superior in my mind.


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Thurston Hillman wrote:

I'll see what I can do about the starship file and making some quality of life adjustments. Keep in mind the timing on doing all these updates coincides with a bunch of other things (conventions and major releases), so while I appreciate the desire to (and would personally really like to) make a bunch of quality of life changes, it can't come at the expense of our schedule.

Anywho, keep the feedback coming, but don't want people to come with pitchforks when not all these requests don't make it in.

(Temporary Expectations Manager)

Another request for the possible starship compendium is the PCU value of the ship weapons for the sake of responding to scans. It's not horrible, but the current ship stat blocks have the weapons as 1-liners anyway.

PORT: Weapon of Mass Doomstruction (20d20) Short (50)

Some GMs look this up in their prep and have that info ready to go. All too often, it plays out more like this.

ME: I got a 27 computers to scan the enemy ship

GM: Ok, looks like you are 15 above the DC so you get blah blah blah and, uhh, hold on, let me get my CRB out and start looking up the PCU values of all 5 weapons to compare them and sort them in my head
(5 minutes later)
GM: You know what, this has the most dice, so this is the weapon you learn about.

Meanwhile, the rest of the table is now utterly bored.

You can't force good GM prep, but you can take small measures that don't increase (except with multiple in arc, usually) the number of lines required in the stat block.


Arc Riley wrote:

I absolutely love these flying pawn bases, if you have access to a 3d printer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2256013

Aaaaaaaaaand I’m printing this right now. Just in time for CogCon on Friday. Thank you for that!


Glen Parnell wrote:
I have run each book of Dead Suns 1-4 and All of Against The Aeon Throne in a store setting. Each book takes 2 4-hr slots. I somehow manage it every time...

This is our mileage exactly. We do two slots per book with people walking away talking about how much fun they had...

With one exception. One group I’m running Dead Suns for averages 8 - 10 hours per part per book, for 24-30 hours a book. Lots of tangents and RP, and it’s great because we play in a private room at a bar and grill. Unlimited soft drinks, full service food, plenty of booze; it’s fantastic!

I would love to see Starfinder Wednesday done on location from Origins since the first day of Origins is a Wednesday. Maybe interview some of the players and GMs, bring Thursty on the show to torture us with a tease about the 2-00 special, Tonya can talk about OPF at the con, etc. Could just be a special format for that episode that could then be repeated for PF at GenCon.

I know I’d certainly be happy to demand Platyparians in person!

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I’ll just let my name tag speak for itself, now that I’ve had a chance to listen to the show.