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(apparently I'm a fan of Paizo making more money)

Raise your hand if you're a Society GM who uses pawns.

My Venture Captain makes his own scenario pawns. I've seen players create pawns for mounted characters. I regularly see GMs using the Pregen pawns. And since most of my miniatures are fantasy themed, I lean more heavily towards using Starfinder pawns. While Pathfinder Society never released pawns, I think Starfinder Society might be the right place to try.

Would pawns created for Starfinder Society interest you?

(Mind you, I don't work for Paizo, so I don't know if this is even feasible, but I figured we could have a discussion)

Some questions to consider:

  • What types of pawns interest you? Ships? NPCs? Creatures? Or just, "the Boss"?
  • How often would you like to see them released? At the end of each Season?
  • Would you be interested in a standalone release of Venture Captains, Faction Leaders, and other prominent NPCs?
  • Should reprints of Alien Archive pawns be included?
  • How much would you be willing to pay for Society pawns?

    And, while we're at it, let's do a poll! Be sure to "like" the decision below that best corresponds with your thoughts ^_^

    I'm curious what everyone has to say.

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    For various reasons discussed in this thread, I would be interested in some sort of Society pawn release.

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    For various reasons discussed in this thread, I would not be interested in purchasing Society pawns.


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    I would almost take this a step further, make a season primer. This would be a different product that one Paizo currently produces so it might be even less feasible than the pawns.

    What I would like to see is a "folio" for season 1 year of the scoured stars. What this would contain:

    All the new races: 2 I am aware of.
    All the new items: Not sure of count.
    Season Recap: Could Zo! be reporting it?
    A single sheet of pawns for relevant ships/characters, sticking to those things that are unique to SFS, and not printed in other sources.

    I think this could be done in a book the size of of a player companion, plus a card and a cover.

    Player companion current price: $11.00, player companion plus a sheet pawns ~$15.00?

    A yearly release around Origins - new season starting?

    Also possibly upon release of the guide give open access to all the seasons items/races in the primer per normal other sources rule. Allowing you to gain access to items that might be more useful on a character that did not play the adventure in question.

    I know development cycles for books are longer than for SFS adventures, so the release at Origins would probably be a pipe dream, but 3-4 months after the season ended possible? Since this would be mostly reprinting what was already produced.


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    Yes, I would be interested in Starfinder Society Pawns.

    Pathfinder Society DID actually release a pawn set. I have it.

    Copaxi and Morlamaws have art, they should have pawns, too...especially since they can be PCs.

    There are a score of great NPCs that have art. They should have pawns, too.

    Some villains are Society-specific (like the Jinsul) and having their pawns would be a huge benefit.

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    Right now, I spend time miniaturizing art, printing it, and sticking it to foam sheets in roughly pawn-shapes and -sizes for enemies like the Jinsuls who I could never hope to have a miniature for.

    The time and money I spend doing that, for just a few pawns, is certainly worth paying for an actual published product.

    EDIT: oh! And Skittermanders. Would love to have pawns for those recurring characters. The foam ones I made are getting worn and bent after repeated use.

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    I too would love SFS pawns! I currently print my own on cardstock, using bases I bought on Amazon designed for holding thinner cards.

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    I should use pawns more, but I don't prep enough.

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    ...says the 4-, almost 5-Nova GM ^_^

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    I would love a set of Starfinder Society Pawns!

    I made my own Skittermanders and Copaxi art, but I don't always have the time to draw up minis.


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    I'll throw my hat in the ring and say I'd love to see that set as well, it would be super awesome to be able to have my players have a pawn for Copaxi or Morlamaw!

    I usually bring pawns from my Alien Archive or Core Set for my players who are playing unusual races so they feel they have the correct pawn, and my players appreciate that :)

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    Not gonna lie. I would probably buy it.

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    I'm not a big fan of pawns; they just can't handle the abuse of being tossed around a table, shoved into a Crown Royal bag last minute, flicked with a pencil by a PC celebrating landing the killing blow even though the GM has said "go easy on my stationery" (yes I'm talking to you, Jerry) and so on. The edges get frayed, the white backgrounds get stained and groaty, and I've lost more than a few to spilled liquids (which seem to happen more often at gaming tables than eating tables, somehow?)

    In a perfect world, I'd vote for some proper Starfinder minis over pawns. That said, the cost of minis is a real factor these days. Like the range of the Ninja Division Iconics, which are like, $40 for 4 minis, or something else way outta my price range. (To say nothing of the other, ah, 'issues' with that line of products...)

    As it stands now, I prefer to use existing D&D or Pathfinder minis and telling my player to use their imaginations, over using pawns.

    Plus, finding a reasonable stand-in is sort of a fun mini-game for the GM: grab some medium spiders for jinsuls, some old thri-kreen for shirren, and so on.
    ...ok, maybe it's only a fun sort of mini-game if you stand back and squint.

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    ... I don't have those destructive experiences with pawns. They last just fine. They're also a very nice compact solution for me.

    That said, I dunno how to do SFS pawns. There's a lot of overlap with other sets (pregens in the core set), so I don't think you can really come up with enough unique pawns to justify a marketable product.

    On the fan side on the other hand, since a lot of the pictures have been blogged, it should be okay to make a printable document with easily constucted paper pawns.

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    I just make my own as they're released, its not very difficult though I would like to make a nice die-cut.


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    I really like the idea of a "Season 1" set.

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    I think my ideal would be the art printed as pawns as an additional page in the scenario, at least for anyone/thing that doesn't already have a pawn in the purchasable sets.

    My current method of making them is to print on sticker paper and apply to chipboard. I use the various coloured stands that Paizo sells.

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    I absolutely love these flying pawn bases, if you have access to a 3d printer

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    I would like to see a set of pawns for each season.

    I really enjoy my PFS Pawns and I use them quite often.


    Arc Riley wrote:

    I absolutely love these flying pawn bases, if you have access to a 3d printer

    Those are awsome. Would have saved me the work of designing my own bases to go with the pawns I make. I am experimenting with 3d printing starship minis too due to the general dearth of options out there.

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    I like the idea of a Season 1 pawn set. If it works like adventure path pawns we wouldn't get they until the season is over. :(

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    wolaberry wrote:
    I like the idea of a Season 1 pawn set. If it works like adventure path pawns we wouldn't get they until the season is over. :(

    It still would be helpful for the future...

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    wolaberry wrote:
    I like the idea of a Season 1 pawn set. If it works like adventure path pawns we wouldn't get they until the season is over. :(

    It'd have to be after each Season is over because sometimes the art isn't out until then, but I'd think that'd be doable.

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    I would love to see a Starfinder Society Pawn set. I've been using the existing pawns for the scenarios but stumble when I get to creatures created especially for Society play. If Paizo doesn't think it's economical to do it, I also really like GM Numbat's suggestion of including a page in the scenarios with pawns laid out for easy printing.


    Arc Riley wrote:

    I absolutely love these flying pawn bases, if you have access to a 3d printer

    Aaaaaaaaaand I’m printing this right now. Just in time for CogCon on Friday. Thank you for that!

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